Devereau Beauregard

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Ishgard.jpg Devereau Beauregard
"Does not the plight of beauty call out to you...?"
Purveyor of Beauty
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Ishgardian
Patron Diety Oschon, the Wanderer
Age 58 (hates admitting it.)
Marital Status Married
Height 7 fulm, 0 ilms
Weight 190 ponz
Orientation Pansexual
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Where ever he may be, Devereau Florentin Beauregard is a man who is seldomly defined by his surroundings. Enshrouded in eccentricities and decadence, it seems he has little regard for the standards of any given nation. Not one to mask his passions and fervour, he often warrants a few curious (or confused) stares. Even so, he carries himself with a dignified air, tranquil and observant in nature. Upon approaching him, many find he has little qualms with shedding this calm demeanour for flamboyant pomp and circumstance in response to casual social interaction. Regardless of the man's modus operandi, most would agree that his actions are generally lofty and kindhearted, and a reliable source of entertainment in the destinations of his wandering.

For anyone who manages to wade through his flowery drivel and poetic speech long enough to force him to provide some personal information, he may be known as an artisan. The precise sort of artisan seems to be unclear; the most common responses being that he is skilled as a carpenter or as an alchemist. The one absolute is that the man has a distinct passion for creating weapons, artful implements of war. Though he much insists that he is of a pacifistic nature, willing to use words over steel, he takes his profession very seriously. His love for creating tools of equal parts practical useability and artistic definition is unparalleled. Most inquiries for work seem to be rejected, as if he holds more care for works of passion over source of income. As such, most everyone who bears one of his armaments has compelled his inspiration with a tale of which he chooses to imbue into his artistic creations.

As overbearing as the man may be in appearance and speech, one thing is for certain: he is much more concerned of his company than himself. Most find themselves hard pressed to extract specific information from the man. Even when questioned of his (painfully apparent) heritage, he will often reply that is home is but where Oschon wills. Stalwart insistence, perplexing limericks and an unnerving smile seem to dissuade most from pressing such topics.


A painfully vain man, he often has a well kept, neat appearance, though no less outlandish. He bears voluminous lavender tresses that reach slightly beyond his shoulders, accented with rolanberry hued highlights to coincide with the ear adornments he is so fond of. Great care is taken into maintaining this artificial colour and "messy" look. Extremely defensive over the specific hue, he does not hesitate to correct those who would label the shade of violet incorrectly.

A heavy amount of cosmetics are worn each and every day, sharing complimentary shades of violet in a sweeping curtain upon his eyes and coated upon his lips. Concealer and blush is applied to further accentuate his prominent, sharp facial structure. Though he is gaunt and showing degrees of age in the form of severe dark circles beneath his eyes, he is of the mind that it in fact lends to his dramatic presentation, as opposed to hindering it. As the scar upon his right cheek is exceedingly deep and pronounced despite its age, he does not bother to mask it. He is, however, not partial to attention being brought to it.

His overall form is long and lithe, bones protruding upon his slender frame. Upon inspection, it would seem he has relatively well formed musculature, but this may be mostly as a result of his sheer lack of weight. The tone of his skin is extremely fair and pallid, devoid of notable blemishes or hair.

These details are usually not clear, as he usually found in vast bounties of rich fabric, favouring regal, high saturated colour and elaborate designs. There is a distinct androgyny to his clothing style, occasionally sporting skirts and revealing clothing. When pressed on the topic of style or corresponding orientation, he is very insistent that beauty transcends gender. One tying factor between all of his clothing choices is their sheer extravagance, despite the climate or occasion.

His stance and gait are no exception. Extremely expressive, it almost seems as if he is driven by a melody only he can hear, dedicated to a graceful performance. Often half-lidded eyes and swaying movements make him appear almost hypnotized, lost in a dream world of his own creation. A melodic, tenor voice lends to his narration, flighty notes and tones giving life to his poetic utterances.

Most would just beg he take things seriously for once.


Benevolent by nature, he is a gentle, kind hearted man. Though he gravitates toward solitude, he is by no means unable to socialize. He favours more intimate interactions, as he tends to pay a great deal of mind to all whose company he chooses to keep, ensuring all are seen as equals. His modest and unbiased nature in approaching new faces is made all the more outlandish, in stark contrast to his appearance.

Often times he becomes rather carried away with the idea of love and beauty, and comes off as extremely flirtatious. In reality, he finds all sorts of discovery to be exhilarating, approaching people and work alike with the same overbearing enthusiasm. As a result of being so preoccupied with everything around him, he tends to neglect himself. A high possibility as to why he remains so gaunt.

In the same chord, his compassion tends to be quite sincere, and as such, holding a great deal of close intimate relationships tends to be incredibly taxing upon him. As he wished not to harm or hurt others unwarranted, becoming overwhelmed is a large threat. Instances of him seeming to vanish even from those he holds dear for unannounced, lengthy periods of time are not unheard of.

When he speaks, he speaks with every part of his body. His eyes reflect his true emotions, as expressive as his lips prove to be. A pantomime of hand gestures and a mirroring posture tend to follow suit. Even in the most trivial matters, he chooses to act with passion and desire.

Though he is an entirely emotional and expressive individual, it is exceedingly difficult to spurn him to anger. It seems only a few very specific triggers will spark this sort of reaction, very few able to attest to the way he handles himself in just such a situation.

Snarky retorts are a completely different story, of course.



A pacifist by nature, he vastly prefers the pen to the sword. His understanding of combat and various styles thereof is rather extensive however, predominantly as a result of many years creating weaponry. Though not often demonstrated, he has a relatively solid grasp on how to utilize most every style of weapon he works to create, at least from a fundamental standpoint. This knowledge is typically used more often as a defensive mechanism, allowing him to focus upon evasion...when not avoiding combat completely.

Unknown to most all, he is extremely adept with the usage of daggers and various toxins. Preferring to hold the mind of a strategist, he believes that efficiency and minimalistic approach are best taken, should confrontation need occur. This, paired with the allure of intimacy, finds him quite taken with this particular style. As stated, most would be none the wiser to this particular talent, as blade is only brandished in extreme scenarios.



  • Honesty
  • Lavender
  • Elaborate clothing
  • Warm climates
  • Passionate people
  • Wine
  • Intimacy in many forms
  • Conversation and well-formed debate
  • Bright cosmetics
  • Solids and high saturation colours


  • Avarice
  • Thoughtless action
  • Overconfidence
  • Blatant disregard of situation/others
  • Dulled/faint colouration
  • Scratchy fabrics
  • Confrontation
  • Brash and curt language
  • Gratuitous violence


  • Reading historical texts
  • Studying various weapons/fighting styles
  • Writing and journaling
  • Observing nature
  • Artisan work
  • Meditation and spending time in solitude




Arienne Beauregard (Mother, deceased) - A rather demure woman, she often remained soft spoken and simplistic in her purpose and conversation. However, for those would hear her, she bore wise thought and kind succor. A very pacifistic woman, she spent most of her life dedicated to caring for those injured in servitude to their nation. She was well learned in the arts of alchemy, drawn to the healing aspects that may be offered through natural remedies. She treated all flowers and plants she need use with the same reverence as she did every other living being. As a result, she tended an expansive garden, sown with an assortment of seeds from the reagents she utilized. Much of Devereau's kind hearted tendencies came from the love and teachings bestowed upon him from his mother.

Florentin Beauregard (Father, deceased) - Florentin was a joyous, extravagant man, full of passion and duty. Though he did not serve as a knight, he dedicated himself to Ishgard through slaving upon necessary provisions needed to allow their ranks strength. Both a skilled carpenter and blacksmith, he would spend much of his time crafting lance and blade for his nation. Though he was filled with much enthusiasm, he did not offer much time into empathy. Instead, he favoured respect, always urging to find value in the views of others, for most conflict could be avoided through understanding. However, he saw the merit to raising steel in defence, as one could not expect all to see with reason. In honour of the respect and duty his father taught him, he continued to carry on his craft, albeit in his own unique manner.


Crisiet Liautroix -

Allienne Sorel -

Kyrie Rosareaux -

Trisselle Ganathain -

Yhur Luitfrid -

Eugenie Merriweather -

Martiallais Heuloix -



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PC Rumors

  • "Oh! Mauve man! 'E uh... 'e got punched... in the giblets... by a cactuar... why've ye got two 'eads like 'at Mamool Ja folks were talkin' 'bout...?" (Annouille Andouillant while embarrassingly inebriated)
  • "Devereau Beauregard is gorgeous to look at and speaks with nobility, but I fear his true motives are hidden in a language that many and the more naive cannot understand. Although not outwardly a threat, mayhap it would be wiser to take his company with caution and not to get too lost in how stunningly beautiful his eyes are." (Trisselle Ganathain)
  • "Hm. Madness comes in many forms, you know. Let him be." (Crisiet Liautroix)
  • "The man looks every bit as marvelous in War Wolf blues as he does in his usual lavender hues." (Ciel Sauveterre)
  • "Lord Devereau? An interesting fellow, and a great host. But if I were to describe him in a few words, it'd be: "mad, mad, and more mad." ((Leon Greymoon))
  • "Mr. Devereau Beauregard...ah, even his name is poetry in itself! Oh! Uhm...he's nice! A distinct follower of the Wanderer, eloquent and verbose. Each phrase of his is as flowery as the lavender he is fond a Bard, it makes me particularly envious." (Leanne Delphium)



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