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"Conjurers are not the only ones capable of granting succor. Who remains behind once that healer realizes nothing more can be done, and the deathly ill or wounded are left to their fate? No, a part of my task is to sing those ailing souls to their rest and grant them peace enough to let go of their worldly fetters. 'Tis the least I can do when others turn away." ~ Ciel Sauveterre

For more stories and screenshots follow: Ciel's tumblr


Ciel Sauveterre grew up in Gridania, the only child to a ranking member of the Wood Wailers and a Conjurer. She started some of her earliest years as part of a chorus for various festivals and faith events. While her upbringing was mostly peaceful, it came with certain expectations. A born Hearer, she was destined to become a part of the Conjurers' guild, something which never sat quite right with her, and she would later have an arranged engagement to one of her father's Duskwight subordinates, Theirremont, when she became a teenager. Although the latter arrangement was determined by her parents, she took well to the young man she would be given to and friendship blossomed into her first love, a complete opposite of what might be anticipated from similar tales.

Theirremont mysteriously broke off their engagement one morning before dawn, while Ciel was still asleep. He slipped his ring from her finger and stole into the Shroud, come to find out later that he was working with poachers. Confused and worried, she ran off to find him and learned of his ties, but by the time she found him it was far too late. The poachers had gone after a creature deemed sacred by the Elementals. Most paid with their lives while others fled. Theirremont stood his ground and struck the final blow to the beast, but his own light would fade beneath the canopy while wrapped up in Ciel's arms.

As a witness, and for failing to stop this crime, she was marked by the Elementals and her Conjury was sealed. She fled the Twelveswood with only her robes on her back, her voice, a dropped bow taken from a fallen poacher, and the young coeurl kitten Theirremont had given her as an engagement gift. It never occurred to her where or how he could have afforded such an extravagant gift when he was caring for his ailing mother in his spare time.

Her departure from the Shroud was 2-3 years before the Calamity was even a concern in anyone Eorzean's mind.

After several days of following the road south, Ciel ended up in the arid climes of Thanalan and beheld the domes and towers of Ul'dah in the distance. It meant a new life, a very different one than any she could have imagined up until then, but it also meant opportunity. She would later send word to her parents of what happened, but it would be a long time before she returned to Gridania for fear of the Elementals' wrath.

She signed on with the Immortal Flames. It would place her on her new path, introduce her to new comrades, and provide her with experience she would need to survive, and she would quickly toughen herself to the world they introduced herself too. The tender green leaf of the Shroud learned to survive in this new environment, and she gradually distinguished herself among other members of the free brigade through cooperation, effort, and bringing much needed boosts to morale when they were needed. She found reward placed in her hand, and rank upon her shoulders as time went on, but this path, too, would have its end.

The Battle of Carteneau.

She watched as Dalamud slowly crawled closer and loomed ever larger in the sky. She had to have felt the same despair as anyone else at the reckoning of it all, when a hopeless war lay spread out upon the field before her, and beneath the red-burning sphere which would surely crush them all. Most of her assigned unit, the Wulfegard, was annihilated in the conflict, and those who survived perished under the crush of falling Allagan debris and flames. In those last moments, desperate, she sang out for salvation and clung to a wounded man in armor until everything blurred and vanished from her awareness.

Fast-forward five years. Somehow, Ciel found herself right back at the beginning of her path, in the Twelveswood. While silence greeted her, the old tension of the Elementals remained yet felt distracted by the damage sustained in Dalamud's fall. Arriving in Gridania, she learned that her father died trying to defend their home from Imperial incursion, and her mother took her own life in the aftermath, after losing her husband and fearing the death of her only daughter. She had no anchors remaining there, and placed herself back on the road at Oschon's whim that she might fully know the realm and all the world that is Hydaelyn.

Since then, though she has grown older in spirit and wiser in the world, she has held the belief that her patron guides her where, and to whom, she is most needed; to lend her bow, her voice, and succor in any way she can without the aid of Conjury.

(For more history, see the story post The Long Road Home)

Ciel is a gentle woman in spite of her experiences before and since the Calamity. Having been raised by loving parents, with open eyes and an open mind, she lacks the haughty, self-important bearing witnessed in some of her brethren, and she is usually open to meeting and befriending people from all races and walks of life. Diversity is life, itself, and everyone has a place in it.

Although she tries her best to understand others and their motives, if she believes she has been deceived, it can be extremely difficult to win back her trust. It can take time to fully win her over, and this insecurity can be cause for confusion on her own part and lead to closing herself off emotionally, which only compounds what might seem like a self-imposed solitude.

Regardless of her personal reservations, she will often go out of her way to help others where and when it is needed, and spending so much time on the road has done much to keep her so open. As such, she has no tolerance for injustice or for those who would abuse the weak, and those who do will find this normally calm woman's temper.

Italic - Outer Self (Shell Personality)

Bold - Core Self (True Personality)














Other Notes


  • Walking through the Twelveswood.
  • Stories, spoken and written.
  • Singing.
  • Understanding, and being understood.
  • Sweets, especially pastries and cakes.
  • Stargazing.
  • Cultivating plants and new trees.
  • Meeting new people, but especially other Elezen. Wildwood and Duskwight, alike.
  • Meditation.


  • ...Those stupid reindeer suits. You can't get her to wear one even if your life depends on it.
  • Being alone for long periods of time.
  • People who can't lean a little closer to the soap.
  • Bullies.
  • Having to take a life, even out of necessity.
  • Yaks...


  • Father: Josseloux Sauveterre - A talented lancer and instructor with the Wood Wailers. While he had retired from active duty ten summers prior to the Calamity, he felt obligated to aid in the defense of Gridania against Imperial incursion. He lost his life in battle.
  • Mother: Pienne Sauveterre - The one from whom Ciel inherited her gentleness. As a Conjurer, she was the first to encourage Ciel to enroll with Stillglade Fane. Distraught over the loss of Josseloux, and believing her daughter lost at Carteneau, Pienne fled deep into the Twelveswood and took her own life.

The Wulfegard

Wulfegard was the name of the Flames unit she was assigned to prior to and during the Battle of Carteneau. Aside from herself, all other members of the unit were presumed to have been wiped out during the battle and/or Bahamut's attack. Characters marked as Presumed Deceased can be taken up by anyone willing to play them. This list is under construction.

  • Morithan Wulfegard (PC) - Commander of the unit and the the one responsible for giving it its name. A Hyur Highlander of advanced age, an honorable "knight" if there ever was one. Live by the sword, die by the sword.
  • Chavi Banzai (Presumed Deceased) - A Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te, U'Chavi Tia, known to the Pugilist's guild as Chavi Banzai, the Screaming Fist. Quick to laugh, and even quicker with his fists as well as his feet. He became known for flying off the top rope of fighting rings, running up walls, and doing backflips.

Everyone Else

Disclaimer: The notes below are purely in character and are not influenced at all by OOC, or how well I know anyone outside of RP. If you're not listed here, it's nothing personal. Either I've forgotten for some reason or your character hasn't made enough of an impression yet for Ciel to form an opinion.

  • Aerostein Epitaph - Ciel considers Aero a good friend and is grateful for his assistance with setting one of her ghosts to rest. She would do anything in her power to help him if he needed it.
  • Jaques Guillaume - Vaughn's other half, though she doesn't know him quite as well. He's gruff and serious, but his intentions are just.
  • Jonathan Grayve - A Duskwight and former knight with a knack for invention. Although it took some time before she had enough of an understanding of who he was to fully invest her trust in him, the two have become inseparable and begun discussing possibilities for the future.
  • Kaine Merloup - The charming Captain of the Raven's Claw. Counted among her most trusted friends, if Kaine ever needed her help with anything he would have only to ask.
  • Kale Aideron - Kale and Ciel have often clashed due to misunderstanding, but circumstances have left her a great deal of respect for the Hyur. When the chips are down, he will make the tough decisions for everyone's sake. She would trust the man with her life.
  • Oni De'phor and Raiden - A young Hyur and his unlikely, and often unseen, companion. Hopefully he and Raiden are staying out of trouble, and Raiden is leaving enough cake for everyone.
  • Vaughn Antain - As beautiful as he is talented, Vaughn is a dear friend. His concern for the lives of others sometimes caused their paths to cross, and now Oschon has led Ciel to Vaughn's door that they might work together more closely.
  • Yvelont Navarre - She met this gentleman following a brief, rained-out performance in Gridania one day and instantly found him familiar, but she could not place why. Bits and pieces of scattered memory clarified that familiarity amidst recurring dreams of Carteneau. As a Conjurer, his was the last life she tried to save. He is a trusted friend.

Other Connections

You may know, or know of, Ciel if one of the following is true:

  • She was one of two performers at the First Annual Royal Ball. If you were there, you might have seen or heard her sing.
  • She frequents the taverns in the three main cities, sometimes simply to relax and watch people, other times to sing for the small audiences they offer. Most often, she can be found at the Quicksand.
  • She has also become a regular at Coffer & Coffin tavern nights.
  • You lived in Gridania or were associated with Stillglade Fane up to two years prior to the Calamity. She may have had some old friends there. Feel free to send me a /tell in game if you're one of them.

Common Rumors

  • "Elezen lass? Eyes like emeralds, hair as white as mountain rime? Aye, I've seen 'er. They say she's got a heavenly voice, but I've yet to hear it for m'self."
  • "Aw, she's a sweetheart. Might be in her best interest, anyroad, if she did more to secure that shirt o' hers, lest she draw attention she's not wanting, if you know what I mean." -Wymond

Moderate Rumors

  • "I've... I've heard she rides a coeurl. How does anyone tame such a beast to be ridden like a chocobo??"
  • "She was singing at the Quicksand one evening and I offered her a cactus flower as a tip for one of her songs. I don't know what it was, but she seemed... not ungrateful, but kind of sad for it. You'd think I put a dead sparrow in her hat or something, for as reluctant as she was to take it." -- random Tia botanist

Rare Rumors

  • "Used to be a Conjurer, that one. She left out of Gridania about a year or two before the Calamity, then disappeared for five..."
  • "I heard this beautiful voice one night while I was on patrol in the Wood. Couldn't find the source at first, but there she was sitting beside the waterfall, bearing her soul to the night. I'm afraid I startled her... could've been an Ixal for all she knew. She dashed for cover when she heard me coming." -- A young Wood Wailer
  • "That one is an angel of death. She arrived amidst a rain storm, not long after grandpere fell ill. Mayhap it was a mistake inviting her inside to dry off and rest the night. She asked to play her harp for grandpere, as payment for the hospitality. ...He passed on by sunrise, albeit peacefully. The lass left before anyone else awoke, and with nary a sound..." -- Nervous refugee
  • "Strange coincidence, but she reminded me of someone else who enlisted with the flames some seven summers ago. Same first name, but different family name... couldn't possibly be the same person." -- Immortal Flames recordkeeper
  • "She's in the Quicksand often enough. It looked like a fight was brewing - yet again - a couple suns ago, and she shouted twice to try and get people to take it outside. Imagine my surprise later when some of the patrons who had been sitting right by her came up to the counter with cracked wine glasses! No other table saw this happen with theirs..." -- Momodi

PC Rumors

((Feel free to add!))

  • "It's been a long while since I had the chance to speak with Miss Wulfe. I should see to doing something about that." Warren Castille
  • "A bard, aye, she is that. If that woman is just a poet, though, then I'm the bloody emperor of all Eorzea. That woman is in possession of a keen philosopher's mind and callouses on her fingers from strings far more taut than a harp. I imagine many a man who disregarded her as a songstress has wound up with a look of surprise being the last expression he ever wore." - Corbeaux Baptiste
  • "Miss Ciel? Yeah, I know her. She's so pretty and graceful. Also to note she has a great taste in style. I'm dieing to hear her sing too, she's really talented I hear." - Aerostein Epitaph
  • "Have you not heard her songs of virtue? Her voice brings light to the darkest dungeon. I should know, I've seen her crescendo physically tear monsters apart." - Dresden Voltaire
  • "Truly.. Miss Ciel.. I.. don't think I've met anyone like her! She sits by her harp so.. elegant, her voice gentle, her singing soothing, and never fazed by so many surrounding her! I was.. very much startled when I once saw her... pet, though. ..Eh? 'What pet?!' N-No! It's nothing!" - Mylene Wharf
  • "Ciel? She's awesome, that's all I'm gonna say. She's skilled with a bow from what I hear, and she's hell'uve attractive. She's also a pretty promising songstress." Oscare Iono
  • "Ah, she's just...nice, yeah. I...Twelves, I 'ave more to say, if I bloody knew 'ow to word it..." - Kale Aideron
  • "Ciel Wulfe. It is two names. 'Ciel' is friend and family. She is smaller and quiet. 'Wulf' is my mommy. She is strong and love. Ciel Wulfe is not these people. She is 'Songstress.' She is magic. She is mystery. Not find her with Ciel and Wulf before. Very suspicious. She has secret." - Flickering Ember
  • "Quick, efficient, and doesn't bat an eye that I'm Duskwight. Has even taken one as a lover. What's not to like?" - Jaques Guillaume
  • "Ah, lady Ciel! She's sung some very lovely songs at the pilgrimages. She seems to collect very odd men though. Like mister Kage." - Ojune Wajune
  • "Beautiful, elegant, with a voice like the sweetest honey. She was born for what she does." - Berrod Armstrong
  • "Lady Ciel is one of the most skilled archers I've ever had the pleasure of working with. And a quick wit. I am most honored to know her." - Vaughn Antain
  • "She has made so many pilgrims and travelers smile with her performances. For the Twelve, at the grand ball galas; even in close company. I am very blessed to have her sing a very special song, just to me. When she is only looking at you, knees simply go weak. It is not just a show, either. I see her care and attention to her beloved when he comes to watch her sing. Lady Ciel is very aware of her beauty and is honest with it; the inside shown out." - Jancis Milburga
  • "Did you know she hosted many of the shows with Master Telluride? I think she has inspired many other bards not only with her music, but with her wardrobe. Maybe she will reveal who creates such art for her to wear to go along with her voice." - Jancis Milburga

IC Quotes

Llaine Tetheros - "You're very concerned about the bat getting in between your breasts, aren't you?"

Ciel - "If I wanted anything crawling in between them, Miss, I would date more often."

On the subject of love: "'Tis a potent drogue, to be sure. Once had, one wonders how they ever did without it. And then the withdrawal pains once 'tis gone... which leave one wondering why they ever thought it was a good idea to begin with."


  • She does not discuss Thierremont. (see The Long Road Home, linked in the Writings section)
  • Her hair used to be much longer, but she cut it back to her shoulders right before leaving Gridania after Thierremont's death. Some cultures hold that the cutting of one's hair symbolizes grief, but also a rite of passage or letting go of something in one's past.
  • She named her coeurl mount Mille Feuilles. Not only is it the name of her favorite Gridanian dessert, but it also means "Thousand Leaves" or "Many Layers". She thought of the name after she noticed the way the ridges on the couerl's neck and limbs looks like overlapping layers, or leaves.
  • She is a mezzo-soprano.
  • Ciel is a very pious person and can often be found in places known to be sacred to the Twelve. She will sometimes collect small tokens as offerings for when she goes to these places, leaving them at whatever might pass for an altar, for each has their place in the grand scheme of things and should be paid their due respects. Among her favorite things to collect are nuts, seeds, and fresh plant cuttings - anything she can cultivate and offer to Nophica, the Matron - and she will happily accept these things in lieu of gil or other tokens of wealth when she sings in public.
  • Her family name is actually Sauveterre, which translates similarly to "safe haven". She took the last name Wulfe for a while as her way of honoring the first Company she went with to Carteneau, the Wulfegard. To the best of her knowledge, all other members of the Company died that day.
  • Ciel still carries the bow she earned when she actively served among the Immortal Flames, and of course she's given it an appropriate name: Star-crossed Serenade.

This section contains any stories related to this character, and anything written ICly.

  • The Long Road Home - Only a few months after returning to Gridania from her five year absence, Ciel must deal with some pieces of her past.
  • Tea with Menphina - A visit to the Sanctum of the Twelve results in a quiet heart to heart with goddess of love.
  • Saint of Starlight lyrics - A version of Santa Baby modified to fit the themes of FFXIV. Performed at the 2014 Starlight Ball
Gridania-transparent.png Ciel Sauveterre
Ciel HRPC Profile2.jpg
Gender Female
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Gridania
Age Mid-late 20's
Height 6'1"
Weight Never ask a lady this question.
Eye Color Emerald
Alignment Lawful Good
Patron Deity Oschon, the Wanderer