Soliloquy Tavern

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Est. 5th Sun, 3rd Astral Moon, 1572, 6th Astral Era

Location & Description

Soliloquy stands, prim, but easy-going, gazing out over the silver waters surrounding the shade dappled Lavendar Beds. Upon entrance, it seems like a straight-forward enough tavern, but a left turn and a flight of stairs take you to the real gem the building is hiding. Down below, pieced perfectly together is Soliloquy's stage and she welcomes all who'd have her underfoot.

Soliloquy is located in the Lavender Beds, Subdivision 4, Southwest Aetheryte, Plot 41
Soliloquy Tavern Menu


Proprietress: Xenedra Ambreaus


Xenedra Ambreaus - Dancer, Songstress, Musician, Storyteller, Actress
Kari Illderthane - Songstress
Tyriont Gaidal - Violinist, Singer
Zanin Briggs - Storyteller, Drummer
Kyri Sagitta - Dancer


Soliloquy began as an idea bouncing around between a group of friends. They had big plans in the beginning, a theater troupe and a play to start them all off, but when no one stepped up to take on the role of leader, they let the idea drift off into oblivion for a while.
Enter Xenedra Ambreaus, freshly free from the disbanded Eorzean Guard and bored out of her mind. With her feather duster of revitalization, she dusted clean the idea she and her friends had had all those months before and began to take steps toward actually bringing the concept to life. With the help of one of the aforementioned friends, Myllor Aurelion, she was able to purchase a long abandoned building in the Ward District of Limsa Lominsa and began the process of gutting the cobweb farm and building it anew. (Special thanks to Gospel Gestalt: carpenter and Endemerrin Rosethorne: electrician!)
In what seemed like no time, her work was finished and the grand opening came and went. However, not long after, the red ball of death in the sky, Dalamud, started to become an ever closer looming threat. Literally. As a member of Limsa Lominsa's Maelstrom Company, Xenedra was constantly pulled away from the tavern and so the doors were closed not long after they were opened. Then, during the doomed Battle of Carteneau she and many others disappeared, presumed killed by Bahamut's Mega Flare.
This left the tavern in the sole ownership of Myllor. Rather than liquidate it and its assets to make back his investment, however, he chose to reopen and run the tavern in Xenedra's memory. For the past five years, with the help of Xenedra's hired bar wench, Abaigeal Causland, Myllor has kept Soliloquy going. Recently, with the return of Xenedra (and the other missing Grand Company members), activity at the tavern has picked up once more and the dream is once again on the rise.

Closed Indefinitely