Fabebe Fabe

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Fabebe Fabe
New Fabebe 1.png
Small but mighty!
Gender Female
Race Lalafell
Clan Plainsfolk
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Place of Birth La Noscea
Guardian Halone
Age 28
Marital Status Dating Connor Tavarin
Occupation Aethertide Ventures, Aegis Branch
Alignment Ascendent


Fabebe is a Plainsfolk Lalafell standing at, according to her, 38 ilms (it's actually 37.6, but what's a little rounding up?). She has mildly suntanned skin, long, pointed ears, green eyes with slit pupils, and brown hair that's been cut to above her shoulders. Although her body is naturally on the chubby side due to her race, she's also muscular thanks to many years of sword training and physical activity. She's usually seen in a suit of heavy armor, and until recently, she was also usually seen in her Yellowjacket uniform. On the few occasions that she dresses casually, she usually wears a green hempen vest, blue hempen pants, and plain leather shoes.


Fabebe is abrasive, short-tempered, brash, and generally not a very pleasant person to be around. She cares little for politeness, privacy, or frivolous customs and will gladly wave her physical power around to threaten anyone who dares to get in her way. That doesn't mean she's a cruel person, though—she would never harm an innocent person and has vowed to use her skills to protect others... not that she has any problems with finding a reason to get into a fight, anyway. She has an ego inversely proportional to her size and will more than gladly challenge anyone who thinks she's not strong because of her size. As she's proven time and again, her size has little to do with her physical strength and can, in fact, be beneficial when facing slower, clumsier opponents.

Despite her closed-off, feisty personality, Fabebe cares deeply for the few people who manage to penetrate her strong outer walls and become her friend. Her current personality, in fact, is a result of her desire to avoid losing more people close to her; as a result, she rarely lets people in. Those lucky few who are in, though, can expect a loyal, headstrong friend to protect them no matter the cost.


Keep in mind that this section is mostly for reference. Please ask OOCly before saying your character knows about information given here unless it is in the Rumors section below.

Fabebe was the first child born to a farming family in the southern part of La Noscea—the second child, a little boy named Manaru Zadaru, was born when Fabebe was nine. Her life was fairly uneventful until a powerful landowner took possession of her family's farm and several others and started demanding ludicrous "taxes" in exchange for protection from thieves and the like. The family likely would have been famished and impoverished had it not been for a family of Sea Wolves who took up residence nearby. They saw the farmers' plight and came up with a solution: beat the landowner senseless until he left them alone. The Roegadyn took the Lalafell families under their wing, and Fabebe quickly became enamored with their lifestyles. Because of this, to this day, Fabebe proudly claims that she was "raised by Sea Wolves."

Thanks to her "second family," Fabebe gained a passion for fighting. With help from her combat-savvy Sea Wolf family, she slowly graduated from playful spars with sticks and chunks of wood to actually training with metal swords and shields. Her ultimate goal was to join the Knights of the Barracuda in order to protect her family and others from injustices and crimes like her family had faced. Unfortunately, when Fabebe was nineteen, the Calamity struck, nearly destroying her family's livelihood and taking the lives of her father, her little brother, and many members of both her Lalafellian and Roegadyn extended families. The massive loss hardened Fabebe, and the once-welcoming girl turned into a closed-off woman who was even more hotheaded than before.

A year later, more determined than ever to learn to protect those close to her, she traveled to Ul'dah to train with the Gladiators' Guild and hone her skills with the sword and shield. After two years of training, satisfied with her progress, Fabebe returned to La Noscea to join the Yellowjackets. She served the La Noscean area for four years before leaving the Yellowjackets for reasons only fully known by her superiors to enter negotiations with Aethertide Ventures.

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Fabebe was a member of the La Noscean Yellowjackets until recently. She is currently a member of Aethertide Ventures.


Bear in mind that any rumors here may be true or false.

Common Rumors

These are rumors that are easy to overhear in their respective areas.

  • "That Lalafell Yellowjacket? She's adorable. ... Er, just don't ever say that to her if you wanna keep your kneecaps." ~A Limsa Lominsan resident
  • "That girl's all bark and no bite. I've never actually seen her follow up on a threat." ~A Limsa Lominsan resident
  • "She beats up bad guys! She's so cool!" ~A La Noscean child
  • "Fabebe? We trained together in the Gladiators' Guild. Good fighter, bad attitude." ~A gladiator about Fabebe's age
  • "Knew her as Fabebe the Fierce for a while. She gave up a perfectly good career at the Coliseum. Still dunno why. Maybe she's insane." ~A Coliseum spectator in Ul'dah

Uncommon Rumors

These rumors require a bit of digging to overhear.

  • "Fabebe didn't always used to be so... abrasive. The Calamity changed her, though. You know how it is." ~A La Noscean farmer
  • "Yeah, she left the Yellowjackets recently. Or maybe she got kicked out. They said something about an 'investigation.'" ~A Yellowjacket

Rare Rumors

You'll only hear these rumors if you have the right connections with the right people.

  • "Fabe's plan is completely mole-brained. Who's gonna believe that she just decided to quit the Yellowjackets to join some suspicious caravan? Any shite-brain could tell that she's spying." ~A high-ranking Yellowjacket

Player Rumors

Anyone is free to add a rumor here. Just put the rumor followed by your character’s name.

  • "If you've need of an opinion on something, that woman's bound to deliver. Just be aware it may not be phrased to your liking, or to anyone's for that matter." - Vi Lindon
  • "She's more than capable as a warrior. I think she takes things a little too seriously, however, and doesn't allow herself credit where it's due." - Khyran Oisin
  • "There's c-certainly no one I'd rather have at my side in a battle...! And she's quite fun t-to spend time with at the pubs, too, ehehe~~" - Defiant Bride

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