Fio Arasgain

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 Fio Arasgain
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Lominsan, Wolf Tribe
Age 22
Height 5'4"
Weight 120 ponze
Occupation Garlean Infiltrator
Name Day 21st Day, 6th Umbral Moon
Birth Name W'Seckhi Brahz



With a casual glance in his direction, Fio would seem like a rather refined male with a taste for fine clothes. He wouldn't seem to pose much of a threat, especially for somebody so small in stature.


Short and slender, Fio is small for a Miqo'te male. He has long, blonde hair that's kept in immaculate shape with a handful of alchemically produced hair products. It's not cheap, but that's the price of beauty. His sky blue eyes often have a jovial, yet polite look to them. The pale skin of the male is rather soft to the touch, like somebody who hasn't done a day's hard labour in his life. This is especially evident when looking at his small, girlish hands. There are no callouses, despite being a swordsman. His face bears a feminine cut to it, while his lips are frequently upturned into a smile. Fio is always seen wearing a pair of black-framed glasses. If you've seen him stumble around without them, it's pretty obvious why he needs them. On his right eye, there is a small scar which he claims to have gained from an Ixal on a job. He has a small, silver hoop in each ear that he's been unwilling to part with. Most of the time, he won't even take them out in a fight!


On the surface, Fio is a chatty, flirty man who enjoys the finer things in life. He can be very easy to get along with, provided you're not a Miqo'te. His politeness and manners stem from a strong desire to leave the tribal life behind, as well as the views of tribal Miqo'te as 'savages'. He is frequently trying to make connections in this shifting landscape so that he can further his own goals and that of the Garlean Empire. Because underneath the façade is a man hell-bent on seeing his dream for Eorzea come true: to see it unified against the Primal threat, be it by sword or by diplomacy. And to see the Miqo'te brought into a proper society where they can cast off their 'outdated' tribal system.

When on a mission for his true employers, Fio changes. He's no longer the man to joyfully flirt with any nearby males, but turns into a focused individual with eyes only for the job. His determination is admirable, but it has lead him to do some truly terrible things. But in his mind, it is all for the greater good. Thankfully, he hasn't had many ill effects from being a member of the shattered XIVth Legion, unlike others. Others would be prone to post-traumatic stress disorder, high suicide rates, and nightmares. Fio just gets the odd nightmare.


Fio takes to combat like a fish to water. While he is generally careful not to mess up his appearance, a fight is one of the few places where he'd totally disregard that and go for the kill. His primary choice of weapons is a greatsword he uses to devastating effect. He's brought the weapon to local fighting tournaments before with mixed results. What he often keeps under wraps, however, is that his limited thaumaturgic abilities are being used to plumb the depths of forbidden knowledge to try and increase the devastation he can carry out with that blade. While fighting with his greatsword, Fio also wears a suit of medium or heavy armour, depending on the occasion. His helmets are modified to have lenses put in so he can actually see properly in a combat situation. Often, the man will stow things such as his glasses, a dagger, or a flask in those crafty little pockets for whenever he needs them in a pinch. In this style, Fio will attempt to cleave his opponent in two, or shear off a limb with his sword. Or maybe even a head.

The Miqo'te is also competent with a pair of daggers. When he does opt for this faster, more nimble style of combat, he'll often choose armour to match. Either leathers, cloth, or what ever he happens to be wearing that day. Could be casual clothes with a loose shirt, a fully tailored suit, combat leathers, or even a pretty dress. Without the encumbrances of metal, his fighting takes on an acrobatic approach, much like dancing or gymnastics. Fio will often use his strong, Miqo'te legs, as well as tail, to devastating effect with their help in speed, jumping height, and balance. He often goes for repetitive stab wounds, or slashes across weak points like the back of the knee. He's not averse to slitting the odd throat when approaching from behind.



  • Pretty Clothing - He's got expensive tastes when it comes to clothes. A pretty dress or fine suit will grab his attention faster than most other things.
  • Garlean Empire - While he doesn't voice this for obvious reasons, he's a loyal soldier of the Garlean Empire. He sees them as Eorzea's saviours and the ones who can uplift the Miqo'te from their savage ways.
  • Men - And he's not shy about hiding it, either.
  • Fine Food - Food is not just fuel to this man, but a delight to be savoured.
  • Thunderstorms - There is something about the booming thunder and driving rain that puts him at ease.
  • Order, Hierarchy - To this man, it gives him purpose. And keeps society in line.


  • Mathematics, Counting - He flat out can't do basic math, and is barely able to count higher than what he needs his hands and toes for. He's grown to dislike both of these things. He'll often try to pass them off to other people.
  • Miqo'te - In the past, he could be quoted with saying they're all 'thieves, whores, and liars', but they're growing on him. Or he just sees them as a means to an end. Could go either way.
  • Nunh - These are in a class all their own. While he'll refrain from voicing outright hostility most of the time, he does slip occasionally.
  • Beast Tribes - These are the root of most of Eorzea's problems in his mind.
  • Corruption, Lawlessness - He cannot abide either. Order must be enforced at any cost.


  • Cooking - He loves to get behind the stove and whip up a meal that's absolutely delicious.
  • Cross Dressing - Don't judge.
  • Blade-play - There's just something about handling a blade, be it a dagger or a greatsword, that draws this man to the craft.


  • He's willing to do or say almost anything to get a person of authority to look favourably upon him.
  • He craves order. Being without a strict hierarchy in place drives him mad.
  • Fio's favourite food is rolanberry cheesecake.
  • His favourite bath product scent is lavender.
  • When in bed, Fio will hog the sheets. Don't fight it. Shut up.



W'Brahz Tia - Father. He was the Nunh of Wolf Tribe for the years in which Fio and his two blood siblings were conceived. He eventually lost the Nunh position when he was maimed in the fight. He lost a leg and gained a few scars, but still lives to this day.

W'Syrhla Rhiz - Mother of Fio, W'veylah Brahz, and W'tehka Tia. Sister of W'Brahz Tia. She's head over heels in love with W'Brahz and refused to mate with any other Nunh after his downfall.

W'Tehka Tia - The eldest of the three siblings, he's stuck with Wolf tribe and aids them in fending off the Garleans. Fio looks up to him. Showed no ill effects from inbreeding.

W'veylah Brahz - The middle child of the three siblings, she's still with the tribe. She's currently with child. She's shown no ill effects to the inbreeding.


W'majha Shikhu - Fio was a slow child. Majha was the assigned caretaker to help Fio grow. Today, the two maintain a close relationship. Majha will still occasionally twist Fio's ear when he's being naughty.

W'zota Tia - He frequently fought off the other kits who would attempt to bully the vulnerable Fio with naught more than his fists. Fio is thankful, and hangs around Zota quite a bit. He even calls him 'Brother' due to their close, but platonic relationship. If it wasn't for Zota saving Fio's ass, Fio would hate him today.


Beast tribes. To a lesser extent, other Eorzeans.


  • "I'm really more of a dog person." -Fio, in regard to getting a pet cat.
  • "Here's your damned pay. Try not to blow it all on hookers and materia." -Fio, filling in as paymaster one day in Limsa Lominsa.


Common Rumors

  • "I'm pretty sure that man is stupid or something. Or just an asshole. Every time he buys something, he just puts a bunch of gil on the counter and hopes it's enough."
  • "He's usually chatting up somebody for some reason or another. Either that, or drinking. Does he even do anything around here?"
  • "He won't flirt with Miqo'te. Not unless he's really, really drunk."

Moderate Rumors

  • "I heard he works for the Maelstrom. Probably intelligence or something. Not that he has any."
  • "He checks over his shoulders from time to time, as if expecting somebody."
  • "I heard that one used to be a lady. And a right bitch of a one, too."

Rare Rumors

  • "I tried following him, once. He was able to lose me in a back alley with little effort!"
  • "Somebody got violent nearby. I could have sworn I saw him palm a dagger out of somewhere. In a fine suit, no less! Who fights in something that well made?"
  • "I overheard somebody say that cat was inbred. Mother and father were brother and sister, or something."

PC Rumors

Feel free to add them if you've got them!

  • "He's a charming fellow with some intriguing work in applied Aetheric studies, and it's always nice to meet someone else interested in miqo'te liberation!" -- L'yhta Mahre
  • "For a member of the Maelstrom, he certainly appreciates the finer things in life. Perhaps a little too much." -- Coatleque Crofte
  • "It is a grave mistake to believe Fio is without a dagger. Ever." -- Jancis Milburga
  • "Met 'im a few times. Nice guy on th'surface, but.. eh. Idunno. Th'guy just strikes me like he's always up t'somethin', watchin' an' observin'. Somethin' we both learned from th'tribe, I think." -- Val Nunh
  • "A thoroughly confusing person. He takes the notion of 'under cover' to a whole new extreme." -- Coatleque Crofte


Birth to Age Twelve

W'Seckhi Brahz was born to W'Syrlah Rhiz and W'Brahz Tia (Nunh at the time). She showed no physical deformities and was in good health as she grew. In due time, they figured out that Fiona was 'slow'. She was slow to pick up on things that other children had already mastered. Such as walking, talking, and running. She was finally able to walk around age five and talk by seven. It wasn't until age ten that she could read. She had been given glasses the year before, so they likely played a role in helping her read. Mathematics never came to her. During those early, formative years, she was bullied relentlessly. W'majha and W'zota defended her when they could, but neither could be around her all the time. In those times, she only had her doll for security.

Due to Wolf tribe's location on the border of Imperial territory between Ala Mhigo and Gridana, they were constantly fending off Garlean incursions. W'seckhi would frequently be scared by these and be brought to tears. One night, during a raid, she was so frightened that she got out of bed and ran as far as she could. It took her weeks of aimless running. Eventually, she reached Ul'dah. The twelve year old girl was half starved, only eating whatever she could steal on her way to the desert city. While there, she was taken in by a mercenary company and taught how to fight. She didn't give them her name, so they gave her one. 'Fiona Arasgain', the moniker she'd proudly wear for the next ten years.

Age Twelve to Age Seventeen

First, she helped cook and clean for the mercenary company. Then aided in the maintenance of weapons and armour. She was being trained to be one of them, to fight for gil. It wasn't long before she was sixteen and had started taking jobs with them. The girl frequently fought with a pair of daggers. She made use of her Miqo'te nature to outflank and eviscerate her opponents. For that year and a half, life was good. Coin was abundant. And the mercenaries kept her in good company.

Days before the Calamity, the company went to deal with a minor beast tribe incursion. Fiona was told to stay back, since somebody had to watch the base with a couple of the other young recruits. When the Calamity struck, Fiona was huddled in the merc base with three other recruits. Pieces of Dalamud rained from the sky, bringing death and destruction to all below. The bulk of the company never made it back. Fiona and the others exhausted the food stores waiting. But eventually, they had to part ways in search of food and a new place to stay. Fiona immediately blamed the beastmen. She was distraught. Lost. But she knew who had to pay for it.

Roughly two months after the Calamity, Fiona saw herself taking odd jobs for gil. Those jobs never made a difference. Not against the beast tribes, nor in bettering the lives of the common person. Then she heard about the Garlean forces. They were here to put a stop to the primal threat, or Eikons, as they called them. Seeing this as an opportunity, she crossed the lines and enlisted in the XIVth Legion, ignoring the common consensus of Eorzeans who regarded the Garleans as tyrants.

Seventeen to Twenty-One

A couple years later, Fiona was using a greatsword as a Second Cohort Miles. She was regularly seeing a signifier who also had training and experience as a chirurgus and alchemist. Whatever experiment the two were concocting was kept clandestine from anybody but the two. It turns out that Fiona was desperate to be Fio, a male. This matter was tearing apart her mind, and the signifer was intent on helping the poor Miqo'te. They spent the next few years performing for that inevitable leap.

During this 'waiting period' in which Fiona was preparing her body with alchemical tinctures, she was promoted to centurion on the basis of Gaius van Baelsar's policy of merit over birth. It had caught on in some of the lower ranks of the Legion, evidently. She was given a new assignment in Limsa Lominsa. Pose as a Maelstrom soldier and oversee certain espionage operations across Eorzea. Not all of them, or even the majority, but some. They mainly revolved around Limsa Lominsa, Ul'dah, and Gridania. Fiona used this opportunity to 'adventure' a bit and earn favour with the Maelstrom, where she was quickly promoted to a Storm Lieutenant. Her background in soldiery didn't hurt, either.

Twenty-Two and Onwards, Post Archon

After Operation Archon, all contact with Castrum Meridianum halted. Fiona was stranded and without a Legion to report back to, she ran to ground and shored up her role as a Maelstrom officer. She still gathered intelligence and safely stored it out of habit, but it was unlikely to be going anywhere soon. She continuously beat herself up over not seeing Operation Archon coming, even though she knew nothing of Ultima. She or her subordinates weren't even the ones watching over the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, but she blamed herself, regardless.

Weeks had passed and she had gotten over the loss of her hero, Gaius van Baelsar. She was without direction, without orders. Even her contacts had gone silent. Fortunately for her, the signifer had gotten hold of her once more with great news. The experiment would proceed. It would be extremely painful, but Fiona didn't care. She booked some leave from her job with the Maelstrom to go to Ul'dah and meet the signifer one last time. And to hunt down any leads on her agents. At first, she'd snoop around to make sure they didn't go native. Then, she'd pose the questions as missing persons reports in hopes the local authorities turned up something.

Fiona went through with the experiment. She emerged just as she had always wanted. He simply shortened his first name to 'Fio' and left it at that. It would likely be the last time he'd see the signifer and sent him on his way back home to Garlemald. After all, he had work to do in shoring up his connections and preparing for the inevitable return of the Garlean Empire.