Frejyalen Ruyalen

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Frejyalen Ruyalen
Foreign Witch & Lorekeeper

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Name: Frejyalen Ruyalen
In-game: Queen Frejyalen
Age: 25
Race: Lalafell
Clan: Mountainfolk
Orientation: Heteroromantic; Asexual
Marital: Engaged to Rahdias Zephyr
Deity: Nymeia, the Spinner
Nationality: Ruyalen
Occupation: Lorekeeper of The Alizarin Order
Alignment: Neutral Good
*Artwork by Senseh

At a glance... The first that most would notice is her stature; Frejyalen is above-average in height for her usually diminutive race, with a poise that only accentuates this fact. Though she appears to be a proud and regal woman, she is quite approachable and honest, with a keen eye that is always pondering on the words and body language of others. She prefers to keep herself refined and proper, with her snowy white hair braided loosely behind her head and her face adorned in the traditional painted symbols of her people. She loves wearing lavish jewels and fine silks for special occasions, but her greatest accessory is her enigmatic smirk.

Ceremonial Paints: Depending on the time of year, Frejyalen's dark, dusky skin will be adorned with different ceremonial markings from Ruyalen culture, the most common colour being dark red. The style and colour is dictated by the calendar of moon & sun cycles.

Voice: Contrary to her stately appearance, Frejyalen has a soft voice with the thick mountain accent of her upbringing. Add in the strange epithets of her people and her speech can take on an other-worldy glow.

Clothing: Frejyalen typically wears long robes or jackets in dark jewel tones, detailed with bright metal trinkets or embroidery in gold and silver. She pays handsomely for superior & unique craftsmanship. Collecting trinkets and baubles is one of her vices, and many of her favourite pieces (crafted by her fiance) include bones, crystals, and found objects.

Compassionate, Refined, Curious, Optimistic, Faithful
Character Theme: Heartlines by Florence + The Machine


  • Nymeia, her patron goddess.
  • Her family, her culture, and close allies.
  • Mysticism/Magic.
  • Loitering in the garden with a cup of tea & a book.
  • Riddles, play-on-words, mind games.


  • Unnecessary cruelty.
  • Over-restricting rules.
  • Racial/cultural discrimination.
  • Rudeness/Tardiness.
  • War & The Garlean Empire.


  • Her weakness in Thaumaturgy/Folk magick.
  • Her people being forgotten.
  • Abuse/mistreatment.


  • Smokes Tobakk regularly, drinks occassionally.
  • Indulgent in food/desserts.
  • Will splurge on books, plants, & knick knacks.

"A many great things remind me of home… the mountain ranges, the smell of hot tea, the cold breeze from the north sweeping through my hair. Yes.. my kingdom was more to me than a place I would one day rule."

Upbringing in Ruyalen... Amidst the treacherous mountain ranges of Northeastern Coerthas lies the Ruyalen Kingdom, built into the hard stone of the mountainside. Though a small, compactly-built kingdom, Ruyalen was relatively self-sufficient; beneath the towering rocks were the valley fields where they grew a majority of the food and materials they needed to survive isolated. They were a generally peaceful people, with little investment in the war brewing between Garlemald and Eorzea, but still they traded the mystic tea leaves and Tobakk grown in their fields to merchants and militants passing through. These crops were said to aid in the healing of open sores and wounds.

Lady Frejyalen Ruyalen was the crowned princess of the royal family that ruled the Ruyalen Kingdom. She had little exposure to the outside world, and her understanding of politics through-out the Realm is all second-hand knowledge from her tutors and Master Waaruna Yugen. The few stories and folklore she'd heard from other cultures was through merchants traveling through their mountain routes for trade, and the stories had always fascinated her. She yearned to travel the Realm someday, but she knew that her place was in her kingdom with her people, and she did not resent them for this.

The Zephyr family were close allies and friends of the current royal family, their sons growing up in the kingdom after their family's banishment from Ishgard. The trio were inseparable, the eldest of the two boys becoming a personal guard of the future queen. The youngest of the boys, Rahdias, showed great affection for Frejyalen beyond that of a childhood friend or attendant. Though their closeness was no secret to the people, no formal courting was discussed at that time. It was not until their Exodus from Ruyalen that the two developed their romantic relationship, and after the following years together in Ul'dah, the two were engaged.

Trained by tutors and her Preceptor in the ways of her culture and their beliefs since birth, Frejyalen was in-line to become the Witch Queen of the kingdom after her month-long coronation ceremonials. However, those ceremonials were never completed- During the fall of Dalamud, the Calamity, a great piece of the moon fell upon their kingdom. With their homeland mostly destroyed and many of their citizens dead or wounded, the Ruyalen people were forced to emigrate into the city-states for relief and protection from any further aggression from the Garlean empire.



A New Life in Ul'dah... While most of the Ruyalen refugees settled in Mor Dhona, Frejyalen and her Guard set out for U'ldah. There she was to study under the Thaumaturges of the Arrzaneth Ossuary, in the hopes that she might gain a higher propensity for not only thaumaturgy, but the folk magic of her Witch Queen heritage as well. After two years of training with lack-luster results, Frejyalen left the Ossuary to instead seek the council of their Amalj'aa ally known as Kazagg Chah.

Kazagg Chah sparked a new interest in Frejyalen- She drank in all that she could of the Amalj'aa's beliefs and culture, documenting her experiences and curating her first published work on their deep-rooted spiritual practices. With Rahdias and Keyu by her side, they delved deeper into the Amalj'aa's culture, visiting the few other tribes who were more open to outsiders and documenting the unknown histories of Thanalan's tribal people. Frejyalen began to feel a calling to this cause; she wanted to continue her work all across Eorzea, and to do the same with the teachings of her own people, much of which could not be salvaged after the destruction of Ruyalen.

They knew what the relam needed- A cultural library and group of researchers, all dedicated to the same noble cause! Even as the world moved into an era of destructive technology and abandoned its faith, they would do all they could to keep the lesser known cultures alive. She only hoped that more would join their ranks in due time, but in the meantime they continued to compile the beginning of the Alizarin Order's cultural archive.



The Order & The Chalet... Three years passed, and they began the search for a place to grow their free company, The Alizarin Order. After months of searching, they got word of an abandoned boarding house in Wellwick Wood, for sale by the Order of Nald'Thal.

"Through the cobwebs and dust, the foundation seemed to have stood strong. Deep down, Frejyalen felt a strange kinship to this place. She looked back at her comrades, her gaze falling upon the bloody foot prints she’d left on the moss-covered steps. It was as her mother had taught her - That which you desire from The Spinner must be paid for in your blood. Frejyalen knelt down, dipping a metal-tipped finger in the bloody print. Murmuring a Ruyalen folk prayer under her breath, she used her blood to draw their sacred symbol of warding in the doorway."

That place became the resting place for members of The Order, aptly named The Chalet of Epiphanies; a quiet, enlightening place where one can drown themselves in the deepness of Eorzea's many cultures and forgotten histories. The Order is currently working to build up their collection and assign expeditions to responsible researchers. Frejyalen is the Lorekeeper who lives there on the grounds, as do many of The Order's savants and guardians, and The Chalet also hosts a Tobakk lounge that provides relaxation and spirits to the many travelers and scholars that come there for study.


According to Ruyalen's Folklore...

  • Witch Queens are the spiritual leaders of Ruyalen, either married into the royal family or raised by it.
  • It is the Witch Queen's duty to protect the kingdom and its people from the harm or influence of Voidsent.
  • Ruyalen folk magic and lore focuses on divination, wards of protection, cleansing rituals, and sensing the Voidal Aura. Frejyalen's abilities, however, are weaker than that of her mother and grandmother.
  • The royal family of Ruyalen has held a high propensity for sensing Void energy and channeling aether.
  • In Ruyalen Folklore, wolves symbolize cunning, family, and ferocity. The howl of the mountain wolf is a sign of good luck, driving away the Voidsent. Their scavenged bones are cleaned and hung above doorways to ward off Voidsent/negative energy.
  • In the Ruyalen texts there is folktale titled "Zte Oko"; It depicts a giant ahriman that stalks the northern mountains, carrying off livestock and unsuspecting travelers in the dead of winter nights. It is a common cautionary tale told to children and wanderers, with many elders of Ruyalen claiming to have actually seen the horrific Voidsent.
  • Depending on the time of year, the Ruyalen people paint their dusky skin with different ceremonial markings. The most commonly used colours are red, purple, and sometimes white. The style and colour is dictated by the calendar of moon & sun cycles.

Some of these rumors may be untrue or speculation.
KEY: ♥ Family & Close Comrades | ♦ Legion Allied | ● Acquaintances | ✘ Offensive Persons


Rahdias Zephyr: The childhood friend and fiance of Frejyalen; as children, they were tutored together in the Kingdom of Ruyalen. As adults, they developed a monogamous romantic relationship. Post-Exodus, Rahdias is a Savant of the Order, studying the Amalj'aa of Thanalan, with an interest in their culture as well as their healing disciplines.

Keyu Zephyr: The childhood friend and brother-in-law to Frejyalen; Saved as a child by the former Witch Queen Heraya, Keyu swore to serve the Ruyalen Royal Family when he was of age. As the crowned princess's personal guard, few know Frejyalen better than Keyu. After the Exodus from Ruyalen, Keyu has become a Guardian, using the knight training passed down to him by his father to protect the Savants of The Order.

Ayra Sagramore: A foreign woman who came recently to live in Eorzea; found near-dead on the doorstep of The Chalet, Frejyalen took her in and nursed her back to health. Ayra became a Guardian for The Order, and the two have since become very close confidants.

Giganziel Talres: A Savant of The Order, and boarder at The Chalet; entered into a mutually beneficial business arrangement, but have since become useful allies to one another.

Miounne Rondelet: An axe-wielding Guardian looking for a paycheck and a place to rest between drinking binges.

Artemyra Tem: Frejyalen met this fledgling bookworm while visiting the Arcanist's guild for some book donations. Seeing the young lalafell's sincere love and care for these tomes, Frejyalen offered her the opportunity to be the Assistant Lorekeeper at The Chalet.

Keroa Mosuke: Upon their arrival to Ul'dah, Frejyalen and her Guard came into contact with this strange miqo'te woman at the Ossuary. The woman, who possessed a strange Void-like aura about her, warned Frejyalen that the training she sought would not be found there, and offered to teach Frejyalen herself should she choose to meet with her again.

Kinono Kino: After finding a flyer for The Order posted up at the Arcanist's Guild, Kinono and Frejyalen spoke briefly about her interests in voidsent and demon hunting. Frejyalen agreed to host Kinono at The Chalet should she be interested in Ruyalen's history with the Void, as well as their other texts regarding the subject.

A'shtola Oya: Having met at the Quicksand one night, A'shtola offered kind words and help to Frejyalen after a rude encounter with a local.


◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!

    "She's not from any o' the city-states, but some o'er place. Likes the finer pieces in my collection, she does." - Ul'dahn jewelry merchant
    "The Ruyalen family are good people. Leave 'em be." - Momodi, Proprietress of the Quicksand
    "Ooh! I seen that one, very tall 'nd proper-like! Ne'er did see a lalafell quite like 'er from 'round here. Always has a piece o' coin fer the waitin' hands, yes. Sometimes she stops t' talk, just cashul conversation and the like, yeh know. Why, jus' th' o'er day I seen her wit a couple'a miqo fellas.." - rambling Ul'dahn beggar

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!

    "Lady Frejyalen was a student of the Arrzaneth Ossuary after emigrating to Ul'dah, but has since moved on to more primitive teachings. She still frequents the Ossuary to study and teach those interested in using thaumaturgy for self-defense. It is the way such magicks were used by her people, she says. If you are interested, I could send for her." - Cocobuki
    "I hear she owns a library somewhere in th' mou'ains." - Miqo'te housekeeper
    "What does the Order do, eh? Well I've jus' joined 'em, so I really couldn't tell yeh. The're givin' me a place t' rest m' head, so ther's that." - Miounne Rondelet

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!

    "I don't know how she does it, but Lady Frejyalen seems to inspire the people around her to do their best and push ahead. It's eerily similar to the stories I've heard about a certain hero-king back home... I still have much to learn if I want to be like them someday." - Ayra Sagramore
    "Yes, she has visited the Warleader many times now, and meddles in the affairs of the Brotherhood. He trusts her. I do not." - Loonh Gah
    "There's supposedly talk among the beast tribes of a lalafell fitting Frejya's description. 'Beware she who walks the land, draped in the fur of wolves, for she can bend the wills of wolves to do her bidding.' Sounds like a load of crap if you ask me, but maybe I'll go ask a few questions myself." - Giganziel Talres

Many more screenshots can be found on Frejyalen's IC blog

RP Information

I will RP most walk-up encounters, plotted encounters, or spur-of-the-moment one-shots.
Ask about mature or NSFW RP, as I prefer to keep Frejyalen's progression rather carefree & vanilla.
I will not RP permanent character death, imprisonment, rape, or physical/sexual abuse plots. I am also not looking for any consensual sex plots or romantic relationships for Frejyalen, as she is in a committed engagement.
■ If an aspect of RP makes you uncomfortable, please let me know. If I'm uncomfortable with a specific theme, I'll let you know up-front.
RP Hooks
The Alizarin Order: Any members of the Alizarin Order may walk-up or /tell for RP for any reason, as we are all part of the same company. For more information about The Alizarin Order, please see the FC Wiki.
The Chalet: Any visitors to The Chalet may walk-up or /tell for RP, so long as I am available for it. The Chalet (FC house) is ICly located outside of Eastern Thanalan, OOCly - Lavender Beds, Ward 9, Plot 11.
Ul'dah/The Ossuary: Frejyalen is a former student of The Ossuary in Ul'dah, and can often be found wandering the city, grabbing a drink at The Quicksand, or borrowing tomes from The Ossuary.
Thaumaturgy/Folk magick: Frejyalen is a practitioner of Thaumaturgy and Ruyalen folk magick, which includes wards, shields, and basic healing practices. She is always happy to teach people about her folk magick, but she is also just as eager to learn new methods of thaumaturgy and other magick forms. She sometimes teaches thaumaturgy as a self-defense at The Ossuary (by appointment only).
Northern Eorzea: Frejyalen's homeland resides in Northern Eorzea, so any tribes, villages, or cities located in the Northern reaches of Eorzea may know of her homeland or know of their emigration to the city-states. Please ask me for more details if you plan to use this hook.
**Beast Tribes: If your character has a personal connection to, or interest in, the beast tribes, I would love to work with you on a long-term RP project regarding this!!
Astrologians: Frejyalen has a lot of interest in learning Astrology; if your character is a knowledgeable Astrologian, feel free to /tell me for a long-term RP!
Other Types: Astrologians, scholars, white mages, goldsmiths, alchemists, researchers, history buffs, students, weavers, tea drinkers, street vendors, performers, travelers, - All of these are the types of characters that Frejyalen would have common interests with. This would make it relatively easy for a random walk-up or a one-shot.
Please don't take it personally if I am not interested in the same type of RP you are; I'm very picky about what and with whom I will RP because Frejyalen's personality, connections, and character progression is more specific than my other characters. Also, I have a very busy life schedule that changes all the time; please do not take it personally if my IRL schedule gets in the way of our RP at times, and sorry in advance for the inconsistency that sometimes brings.
Time Zone/Server
■ Balmung
■ Typically available on weekday afternoons or weekends
Additional Information
Some additional places where you can find information, photos, etc pertaining to Frejyalen.
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That which you desire from The Spinner must be paid for in your blood.