Guldthota Syhrdoenwyn

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Guldthota Syhrdoenwyn
"Nothing I take my axe to ever gets up again."
Halone's Hand
Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolves
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Guardian Halone, the Fury
Age 24
Occupation Bodyguard

Basic Info

A short, blonde Roegadyn with a sharp tongue and even sharper axe. As a former pirate (and slayer of countless) it isn't easy to gain her trust, but once you do, she is loyal to you - for better or worse. She can always be tempted with treasure. She will do almost anything, with a great enough incentive. An accomplished warrior, she currently spends her time between the Gold Saucer, learning to shoot straight and her own private garden where she grows all manner of plants. Some say she has the healer's touch, an odd thing for a warrior, but that's just a vicious rumor. Mostly she prefers to crush skulls, break legs and get booty.

Name: Guldthota Syhrdoenwyn

Nickname: Guld/Guldy/Delicate Flower (for White Mage)

Height: 6 fulms

Skin: Pale Grey

Hair: Ash Blonde

Eyes: Lake Blue

Build: Strong and Healthy

Sexuality: Bisexual



She never had many friends growing up, as she lived in relative isolation for many years, so she may come off as aggressive and straightforward when you first meet her. She definitely isn't afraid to speak her mind. Once comfortable around you she soon loosens up. She is fearlessly loyal to her friends, but it can take a long time before that title is earned. She can be incredible cutting and sarcastic with her remarks (you've been warned) but enjoys a good laugh.

The sea always reminds her of home and she spends many evenings in a tavern with a cold pint in her hand. She also enjoys being out in thunderstorms and feeling the rain against her skin. She hates spiders (almost to the point of it being an irrational fear) and is intolerant to hot climates. She doesn't suffer fools gladly.

She isn't afraid to crack some skulls (and some dark part of her definitely enjoys it) but tries to avoid pointless aggression. She smiles a lot more often than she used to, and that could be the fact that she is older and less aggressive than she used to be. She also has a much softer side to her - but that isn't a side many people get to see.


Guld was born out on the Rhotano Sea and was brought up in Outer La Noscea and raised single handily by her father, Syhrdoen Haemrhanthsyn. Her mother, Guldwyb Abaraskwyn, died in childbirth. When her father saw his daughter's golden blonde hair, he named her his 'Golden Daughter', Guldthota. He regarded her as his greatest treasure, worth far more than the precious metal she shared her name with.

Her father did the best he could to raise her and for the most part they were comfortable. Her father made good money as an accomplished woodworker, fixing ships and making furniture. Unknown to his daughter (though as she got older she figured it out) he also acted as a fence of stolen goods, mostly jewels and treasure, that his young love (Guld's mother) brought back from her raids.

Syhrdoen taught Guld all he knew; carpentry, botany, fishing, how to swim and to wield an axe for more than logging trees. Everything, or so he thought, she would need to survive. It became apparent she had the potential to use the axe in battle rather than simple as a woodworker and so he encouraged her to do just that. Over the years she became confident in her skills with an axe, she still preferred peaceful methods of conflict resolution, spending time alone, just being surrounded by nature and the wilds.

They lived by the ocean so the smell of the sea was never far away and for reasons unknown, especially as she grew older, she became angrier and discontented with her quiet life in Outer La Noscea. She longed to escape, to adventure and to see more of the world.

When Guldthota turned eighteen her father decided to confide in her the truth of her birth. Her mother was a pirate and captain of her own ship. He knew that she had done some pretty terrible things in her lifetime, but never asked for the details and had loved her regardless. She was beautiful and she was treacherous, like the sea upon which she sailed. And though she had died, there was something of that darkness in her daughter. He advised that while she was young she should go out and see the world, get some experience and have an adventure.

When she was eighteen she left to sail on the Ocean's Cry. Her Captain was a Highlander named Gerald Morganach, an old friend of her Father's. Unsurprisingly she took to it like a duck to water and over the course of a few months, there was almost no trace of the soft hearted girl who lived in the wilderness. It was here she met her first love, her first real friends and although she was initially mocked for her short height, managed to earn the respect of most of her crewmates. There were a few raids, a lot of gold and some fistfights, but never anything she couldn't handle.

On her third year aboard the ship, during a terrible storm they were attacked by forces unknown. Thinking it was yet another pirate raid, Guldthota ran up to the deck, battleaxe at the ready. It wasn't pirates, it was something worse. Guld saw her own dead mother's image, conjured by some sea siren and watched helpless and entranced as countless Sahagin beastmen slaughtered her crewmates and friends. It was only seeing her first love slaughtered in front of her eyes that managed to snap her out of the spell. That was when she first experienced the Blood Rage. Men, women, beastmen, it didn't matter, all who stood before her died that day. Unfortunately that also included some of her friends. When she snapped out of it, she was locked up in the ship's hold and wasn't spoken to again until they arrived at Aleport Docks. It could've been an hour or a week, because time no longer meant anything to her. Captain Morganach said he didn't know what kind of beast she had hidden inside herself, and while she may have saved the ship ultimately it came at too high a price, the crew wasn't willing to have her back. She said she understood, and collected her personal belongings, the gold and jewels she was entitled to and left for home.

When she arrived the residents of Bronze Lake informed her that her father had passed away shortly after she left. They checked on him when he didn't come into town to collect his monthly supplies. They said they buried him in the traditional Sea Wolf way, at sea. Guld thanked them. After that she spend a lot of time alone in her childhood home, totally emotionless and drained. She found she could no longer remember the face of her father, no matter how hard she searched her memories. She found the objects in the house strange and unfamiliar and she asked herself, did I really grow up here? The place was clear in her mind, but the events and the details were lost.

It was after that she started to experience the nightmares. They were infrequent and she could never remember them, only the endless fog that seemed to seep into the waking world even after she opened her eyes. It took months before she started hearing the forest again. The spirits, their whispers were what led her to get a good night's sleep, they chased the nightmares away and offered precious respite.

It was after this she set off to Coerthas Central Highlands, and to pray at Halone's shrine. Surely, if anyone could help her tame the beast inside herself it must be the Fury herself. Though the fury offered no vision, the meditation did offer some respite. She spent a whole month up in the freezing mountains with only her thoughts for company. She concluded that by training her body she might also be able to discipline her mind, control this beast and maybe reclaim her lost memories.

When she returned to Limsa Lominsa, she enrolled in the Maelstrom. She was assigned Camp Overlook with the Red Swallows due to her pirate history and was quickly integrated into their group. However, having only needing to deliver reports up there once a month she also took a few odd jobs in Limsa Lominsa, mostly assorted mercenary work. It was here she met treasure hunter Logan Lamort, whom she worked for on and off for a few moons assisting him with his aetheric and primal studies. She also engaged in a relationship of less professional nature, but their work slowly pushed them apart before it developed into anything serious. She also met S'demyx Tia while training one day in Lower La Noscea. Using his sword and shield techniques he quickly bested the larger and unprofessionally trained Roeg. Eager to learn more about these techniques the two ventured to Ul'dah and she enrolled in the Gladiator's Guild. She was quite smitten with the Tia, but never spoke of it fearing rejection and the loss of a friend and eventually they lost contact. It was around this time she took up botany again and weaving as a hobby, finding trainers for the art in the massive city of Ul'dah. She still tries not to go out in the day though, and misses the smell of the sea.

Since turning twenty three Guld has been seen a lot in Ul'dah, spending a year studying wtih the Gladiator's Guild to better develop her Sword and Shield techniques. During this time she also worked as a courier and a bodyguard, through which she met a very wealthy lady and was for some time employed protecting her household and vast fortune. The relationship was complicated and though she enjoyed her time there, ultimately the job wasn't for her - Guld knew a fellow pirate when she saw one. Sensing something was amiss but not wanting to pry into her affairs, she chose to leave (after all Guld has her own demons to deal with). She still visits occasionally, as she grew fond of the older woman, but whether that is for company or a lack of gil is debatable.

For a long time after this, she cut contacts with all her known associates and entered a state of total isolation. The reasons for this are known only to a select few. When she returned she moved into the Cliffperch residence in Ul'dah.

Recent Events

These days her axe is still for hire and she still has an insatiable lust for treasure. She has also taken up studying herbology and is especially interested in poisons and tea (though not together). She spends a lot of time in the Gold Saucer, trying to win big (and mainly to distract herself). She still misses the smell of the sea. If you have need of her services there are many ways to find her, if you know where to look that is...


Likes: *Gold, Jewels, Plants, Nature, the Sea, Hot Springs, Rain, Thunder, Trees, Crystals, Tea and

Dislikes: *Spiders, Arrogant Fuckwits, People Who Are Too Nice

Hobbies/Talents: *Herbology, Breaking Legs, Strong Swimmer, Gambling

Weaknesses/Faults: *Gold, Treasure, Her Hot Temper, Foul Mouth, Gambling


- Red Swallows (Outer La Noscea), Maelstrom, she is a Second Storm Lieutenant

- Gladiator's Guild, where Guld spent time studying sword and shield techniques

- Branded, who reside at Cliffperch



Guldwyb Abaraskwyn: (Mother - Deceased)

Syhrdoen Haemrhanthsyn: (Father - Deceased)

Gerald Morganach: Adoptive Father and Former Captain


Cecilia Woods: An aspiring bard, very much like a sister to Guldthota. They first when Cecilia came into the Carpenter's Guild to see about getting her bow repaired. Appauled by the lack of craftmanship in the bow she was asking to be fixed Guldthota crafted her a new one free of charge. They have been close ever since. Now whenever Cecilia needs her bow repaired she always asks Guldy first.

Eyriswyr Helbthorsyn: The old Ferris Wheel. They first met coincidentally both thinking that The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak would be a super fun place to adventure. As they devled deeper into the caverns however, they both discovered two things, one that the caverns were infested with spiders and two, they were both stupidly afraid of spiders. Guldthota thought he was a bit simple at first, but using his healing magic enabled her to fight on and overcome her own fears, and eventually they made it back out of the spider-infested caverns. It was after this she came to greatly respect him and what a kind heart he has.

S'demyx Tia: This Tia is one of the few people who could best Guld in single combat. Of course this did little for his already overinflated ego, but Guld sensed an opportunity. She suggested they could both learn from each other's very different battle technqiues (her favourite part of these training meets in the trip to the pub after). He insists that he is the teacher and she is the student and she humours him, enjoying his company.

Brynhilde Wulf: Bryn brings out the best in Guld. They were once very close and Guld still refers to Bryn as her "Shield Sister" (as they both trained in sword and shield techniques). Guld was worried her self inflicted isolation would have had a negative impact on their friendship but Bryn welcomed her back to Cliffperch with open arms.


Paerlwyn "Rita" Guldbloewyn: Rita (as she was known) and Guld had a rather exciting affair, a typical case of inappropriate employer-employee affections. In the beginning it was mutually beneficial, as the older woman had much of what Guld desired - fortune and comfort. Eventually and unexpectedly love blossomed and (surprisingly) Guld did manage to confess her feelings for Rita, but soon afterwards got scared of her own emotions and left without so much as goodbye. She often wonders how the older Roegadyn is doing, if she is taking care of herself, if she is lonely, but has decided it is best to leave her former lover alone. Guld doesn't know how she would face the shame of returning, for now.


Easy to Overhear

"The Limsan? I heard she works as a bodyguard in Ul'dah for some rather unsavory characters." - Limsan Dock Worker

"Good with an axe? Oh aye. She loves trees. Little birds too. I've never seen a finer logger-- what was that, sorry? A BATTLE axe?" - Experienced Wood Worker

Moderately Difficult to Overhear

"I heard she once broke a man's legs just for looking at her funny!" - Barkeep at The Drowned Wench

"I hired her to retrieve some precious gems stolen from me. She did an excellent job. They never found the bodies." - Satisfied Ul'dahan Merchant

Extremely Difficult to Overhear

"I heard she moonlights as a healer, wearing nearly nothing and prancing through the forest on the back of a unicorn. No, I am being totally serious!" - Disgrunted Counjurer

"Listen, friend. I am not being funny. She could kill you with her hands just as easily as with some tea. She's dangerous." - Al Mhigan Refugee

"I heard she killed her lover with her own hands - she practically tore him apart. Duskwright he was, from around these parts. Not just him too, half the bloody crew on her ship! At least, that's what he former Captain said - c-come to think of it I haven't seen him for a while..." - Retired Gridanian Navigator

Character Connections

You may know Guldthota if you:

- You are a devote of Halone or practice the arts of the Warrior

- You visited Outer La Noscea ten to five years ago (this was where Guld grew up, she left four years ago)

- You were a fence for stolen goods, or a purchaser of said stolen goods

- You are a goldsmith who has hired couriers or bodyguards in the past, mostly around Ul'dah

- You work for the Maelstrom, where she is a Second Storm Lieutenant

- You are affliated with the Gladiator's Guild, where Guld spent time studying sword and shield techniques

- You were a pirate (Guld sailed on a ship called The Ocean's Cry for three years)

- *NEW* You have need of home remedies, herbs or poisons

Other Notes