Gwenaelle Devareaux

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Gwenaelle Devareaux
Spellslinging Songstress

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Name Day: 23rd Sun of the First Astral Moon.

Deity: Halone, the Fury.

Citizenship: Ishgard.

Residence: The House of the Spring Star.

Occupation:Teahouse proprietress; songstress; adventurer.

Relatives: All deceased.


Race and Clan: Half-elezen, half-hyur.

Gender: Female.

Height: Six fulms.

Weight: 190 ponze.

Eye Color: Pale green.

Hair Color: Coral.


A polarizing and fascinating figure in Ishgardian society, Gwenaelle embodies elegance in all affairs, indulging the fantasies of all enamored with the art of song and the beauty of spring. A history of tragedy and triumph as her mother's greatest shame and a singer of undeniable talent have provided her with a remarkable ability to present herself as the perfect companion, a woman with such a gentle touch that all ills and ails are forgotten when safe within her arms. In all circumstances, Gwenaelle is the generous benefactor and the sympathetic listener, easing the deepest concerns of a confidante with sweetness and charm. Her remarkable ability to empathize is near as fascinating as the capacity in which she seduces and disarms: though blighted by the circumstance of her birth, there are few who would slight her based on the quality of her blood.

Despite her many kindnesses, there is an undeniable edge of melancholy to Gwenaelle that is not easily shaken, persisting as a deep suspicion and wariness even in her brightest moments. A life of conflict and cruelty has weathered away at her optimism and left her bereft the hope that she might know the happiness that all young women desire. Though she knows she is beautiful and has mastered using it to her advantage, her impression of those who appreciate it is often that they would know her as little more than the enchanting artiste she plays the part of. Her penchant for duplicity seems a defensive put into place to staving away intimacy out of fear that she might be swept up by another's charms, swiftly made use of and cast aside when she is no longer of interest or utility to them.

She has found that secrets hold the most value to her because they can be so readily used to strike deeply and decisively against an unkind lover when she has found herself most egregiously wounded by them. Though the idea of love is an appealing one, she would not wish being ruined by it for anyone and manipulates the circumstance to her own advantage, garnering trust and affection while keeping each individual's weaknesses in the mind for the moment they double cross her.


Tall, svelte and oft striding with certain purpose and poise, the great beauty that Gwenaelle is so renowned for is representative of a smitten aesthete's dreams and Ishgardian society's estimation of all that a lady should be. Her comely features favor the ethereal nature of her elfin blood in high cheekbones tapering to a soft jaw and dainty chin, but more arresting than the lushness of her lips or her august profile is the chartreuse splendor of her eyes. Coral-colored tresses play in gentle waves down the graceful slope of her shoulders, left loose to fall well past her waist in healthy curls, and her ears barely break their flow with their soft points.

Depending on the circumstance, Gwenaelle drifts between playing the part of the gracious host and the picturesque gentlewoman. Her finery is impeccably made when she favors the face of the ever smiling lady, donning flowing chiffon gowns of subdued green, vibrant blue or soft pink that have been accented with fantastic embroidery of birds in flight or blooms in spring. The cut of her garb draws attention to the beautiful curvature of her hips and slender waist and presents a pleasingly feminine figure in tandem with a flattering neckline that emphasizes the lovely lines of her decolletage. Her fingers are long and elegant, well-manicured nails ever adorned with floral iconography.


Virtuosity. As a talented musician herself and a patron of the arts, Gwenaelle supports the talents of others.
Romance. Her heart has been broken many times, yet foolishly persists in craving the same blissful agony.
Children. Gentle, innocent souls, she envisions herself with a large family of her own.
Devotion. A devoted heart is an honest heart, and an honest heart never lies.
The Fury. As all good citizens of Ishgard, Gwenaelle reveres the Fury for her strength and beauty.
Flowers. All things that are good and right in the world should have flowers.
Tea. There are few things more soothing for the soul than tea and a good friend.


Distance. No part of Gwenaelle seeks distance, whether it be personal or emotional.
Ambivalence. Sureness is the mark of success.
Apathy. A man who does not care at all is not a man worth living for.
Prejudice. Suffering a lifetime of such indignity has been enough. No more.
Heat. It's simply too much.
Humiliation. Pleasure at the expense of another is sheer cruelty for the sake of it.
Spicy Food. Dreadfully over seasoned! Wherever is the depth of flavor?


Always the artist. Never caught in a moment of weakness.
A skilled blade. Do not let her beauty fool her - this rose has thorns.
An excellent liar. Unfortunate but necessary.

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Astorelle Vaudelaire ( ) ( NPC ) - The Hypnotizing Harpist
As scions of broken houses, women of remarkable beauty and entertainers of astounding renown, it was not in the greatest of Astorelle's favor that Gwenaelle found herself when she enchanted Ishgardian society with her song. Intense years of rivalry and antipathy rendered them beyond reconciliation until Astorelle found herself with child and without the means to give him the world he deserved. Without hesitation, Gwenaelle provided. She has since become her closest companion and confidante, softening her often severe and unsmiling manner to protect her from the many injustices her half-blooded status welcomes.
Tristophe Noirterel () ( NPC ) - The Broken Bard
Once a rake known for his authentic and raw poetry and his sonorous voice, the many tragedies of the Dragonsong War struck down his young paramour and his newborn son. Years passed and he became grim and forbidding, abandoning the arts he had learned for practicality and the comforts of engineering, a talent that was both predictable and reliable. As the father of Astorelle's child, his investment is equal parts the efforts of Gwenaelle and guilt: she will not for an instant let him forget the part he has played and what his child is owed.


Nalleux de Mercier ( ? ) - The Forlorn Knight
Brought together by a not-so-chance meeting in the House of the Spring Star, Gwenaelle knew upon first conversing with Nalleux that there was more to him than met the eye. Enchanted by his romantic manner and gentle touch, she soothed the melancholy that had risen within him at the end of the Dragonsong War and was left with a new appreciation for wearing her heart on her sleeve. The time she spent with him is among her most cherished of memories, though as in all things, the hope that all that she felt in that moment was real is a dim and failing flame.
Camille de Mercier ( ) - The Gentle Lady
Driven from the confines of her teahouse by a sudden and unexpected case of restlessness, Gwenaelle fled the entertainment district and stumbled across the young Lady Camille de Mercier by happenstance when browsing the market. A kind inquiry soon became conversation and conversation then became an adventure from merchant to merchant, comparing fabrics and finery frivolously. They began to exchange letters shortly after Gwenaelle determined that she would leave Ishgard for a time to embark on a grand adventure of a different kind.
Aurelais Monteliard ( ) - The Long Lost Lover
Gwenaelle's infatuation and devoted admiration of Aurelais Monteliard is well known to all who she cherishes deeply, though less known is how cruelly she jilted her and left her behind in search of the next conquest. Though her heart can quickly be brought to fiercely beating by her, the grief that she left in her wake has left her unable to reconcile with her thoughtlessness. Some things are not meant to be.


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Patron of the Arts: As a talented musician herself, Gwenaelle can appreciate the talent of another as few can. Her particular eye for rising stars ready to arrest the attentions of all who look upon them has soon seen her taking them beneath her wing for the sake of preserving the many glories of performance and entertainment. As a mentor and benefactor, her resourcefulness and devotion to task has made her an integral part of the lives of those who choose to follow her.

Keeper of Secrets: Though the ill repute associated with her family name has long been forgotten for her efforts and her teahouse boasts pristine standing in society, playing the part of the gentle companion and sympathetic ear has granted her a power over others that sees them loosening their lips far more freely than they aught to. She has little quarrel with the exchange of information - for the appropriate price, of course - and has taken to stealing secrets as a swan has to water.

The Lovelorn Lady: Overwhelmed by the desire to flee Ishgard after being cruelly jilted by a lover, Gwenaelle has outlined a contract for a guard to accompany her from the three great cities of Eorzea all the way to far flung Kugane. She asks nothing of them but that they relish the same chance at adventure and freedom as she and go where she goes: what that means for the future, no one knows.



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