Halpask Zwelfsyn

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Halpask Zelfsyn
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolf
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 25
Aliases Halp, Pas, Pask
Nameday 1st Sun of the 1st Astral Moon
Occupations enforcer, fisherman, sailor, shipbuilder/naval architect
Patron Deity Llymlaen
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Halpask Zwelfsyn is a Roegadyn Sea Wolf who is currently adventuring throughout Eorzea. He was found adrift at sea with amnesia, and initially made his way as a sailor and shipbuilder before enlisting in the Limsa Lominsan ranks. A member of the Knights of the Barracuda, he was on reserve for five years following the Calamity and recently has returned to active duty.




Alignment: Chaotic Good

Marital Status: Single

Server: Balmung

Sexuality: Unknown


Halpask has a streamlined physique.

Attire: most often found wearing brass spectacles and a doublet vest; the rest is up to chance

Birthmarks: the skin along his ribs and the sides of his thighs is flecked with motley shades of lighter and darker grey than his skin in an ash-like pattern

Eyes: heterochromic: left, orange-yellow, slit pupil; right, green-yellow, round pupil

Facial Hair: moustache & beard combination akin to older Sea Wolves

Hair: charcoal with platinum blonde highlights; shaved on the upper sides into a chevron pattern in back


Physique: His physique is smaller than most Roegadyn men, being not only particularly short but also comparatively slender, which is not saying much given the average size of a Roegadyn man. Halpask is particularly lean, with a body most suited to swimming.

Piercings: nose ring, gold; ears are pierced and occasionally adorned

Scars: symmetrical scars on his jawline; two on each side

Skin Tone: grey akin to statuesque marble

Tattoos: stripes from his cheeks to his jawline in a purple-to-white gradient; ornate geometrical designs along his ribs and the sides of his thighs in orange, red, and yellow

In-Game Screenshots


Halpask is a dutiful and well-intended fellow who prioritises his obligations above himself. His promises are worth his weight in gold. However, to have him make a promise is rare, as the conditions under which he speaks to others is rare. More keen to be an observer, Halpask often sits aside socialising parties rather than directly within them. While not antisocial, Halpask very much displays a speak when spoken to attitude. He believes in earnest that just about everyone around him is smarter than he is, which is something that he revels in and gives him will to live and learn.

He would not consider himself particularly spontaneous, and yet is keen to travel with any excuse, be it by land, sea, or otherwise.

His favourite pastime is reading, despite his class and job pursuits having no relationship with books.



Coming from a life of disciplined harpoon and spear use at sea, Halpask was a natural after joining the Wailing Barracks. Every now and then his land legs lapse and he falters, but he wields the lance very much as an extension of himself.

Meanwhile, Halpask's background as an enforcer and relationship with the Platinum Mirage helped provide a foundation for his pugilism.

  • Lancer
  • Pugilist
  • (needs updating)
  • (needs updating)
  • brute force
  • loyal
  • obedience to a fault
  • quiet nature causes distant behaviour


  • boats
  • complimenting people randomly
  • deserts
  • forests
  • great chefs & great food; fine dining
  • harbours
  • friends
  • reading
  • peace & quiet
  • physical contact
  • smart folks
  • beaches
  • fighting (the figurative sort)
  • liars and other general deceivers
  • making people feel bad
  • water
  • amazing swim speed
  • naval architecture
  • reading
  • becomes an affectionate drunk
  • wears facial hair like an old folk because he feels like an old folk inside
  • Colour: wine




Details about Halpask's family are currently unknown.


Being new to the land, so to speak, Halpask has yet to form any particularly intimate connections, although he's gotten himself a handful of acquaintances.


Details about any enemies are currently unknown.


Common Rumors

  • "Fella's always sittin' at the waterside, fishin'."
  • "He's a shipbuilder. I see him working on hulls every now and again at the Oak Atrium."
  • (in Limsa Lominsa) "I've seen a Knight with a similar tattoo around, before."
  • "That sailor's always helping out the dock workers when he comes and goes."

Moderate Rumors

  • (in Limsa Lominsa) "He's an ol' knight... haven't seen him in uniform for a while, though."
  • "He's younger than he looks; I remember 'im before the beard."
  • (pre-Calamity) "I've never seen him spend time at liberty. He sticks with his crew."
  • (when in Ul'dah) "That one, he works at the Platinum Mirage, doesn't he? I think I've seen him hanging around there."

Rare Rumors

  • (in Limsa Lominsa) "He's built a few of our navy's ships, I believe, or at least planned 'em out."
  • (when in Ul'dah) "I know him—he gave my friend a little extra encouragement to pay his debts."
  • "What's up wit' that weird eye, 'en? Is he a Roegadyn or a Miqo'te?"

PC Rumors

  • ((feel free to submit any))


Halpask's history begins in media res. Adrift at sea, he was taken aboard a fishing boat after the sailors spotted him. Nursed within, by the time he came to, he hadn't the slightest recollection about who or where he was. He hadn't forgotten the skills that would make him a useful member of the crew before they docked, proving himself a fine fisherman, harpooner, and sailor in general. Obedient and quiet, he was told to stay aboard, and so he sailed for a while in the company of the same sailors. He bonded with one Sea Wolf in his crew more than the others. She was the one who gifted him with a new name: Halpask, both for his motley grey birthmarks and for being found hullside in the Sea of Ash; Zwelfsyn, as he surely had to be a son of the twelve to have survived drifting unconsciously for as long as he did. The cast gradually came and went, but Halpask stayed, wary of the land and clinging to what was familiar. He honed his skills of carpentry on the boats that he worked on; he fished and speared daily.

Following, the disbandment of his hullmates, left with nowhere to go and with nothing but his skills and his gil, Halpask sought purpose by enlisting in the Knights of the Barracuda. As he moved up the ranks, he interrogated many a merchant ship for pirated wares, and he was darn good at finding as much. Obedient, and not one to ever contest orders, Halpask was in good regard. This seemed irrelevant during the Calamity, at which point he was sent out with the rest of the Barracudas.

Immediately post-Calamity, Halpask was one of many members placed on reserve. He left to spend his days in Ul'dah, seeking out some sense of community or purpose, yet couldn't bare to be faced with the freshly traumatic imagery of the Limsa Lominsan navy nor city. He avoided his previous companions, reading their letters and storing them without responding. He stumbled into the Platinum Mirage, where Hammond Holyfist gave him the first pep talk since his most motivation times spent with the Knights of the Barracuda. Charmed, Halpask studied under him, eventually working for the Platinum Mirage. His position: seek out those who are indebted to the casino, and provide them an ultimatum to paying their debts with brute force. He was good at it.

Gradually, having saved up his gil across the years, he began returning to the sea, offering his services as a protective mercenary on merchant ships. Five summers after the Calamity, Halpask finally lit his curious spirit aflame; the curious spirit he had never been allowed to have in his youth. If nothing else, he would proceed through life for his own self-betterment, so that he might help others.

As if the world knew that he needed a direction and a push, Halpask received post from the Traveling Templar Free Company, inviting him to a "Starlight Speed-Meeting" event and fundraiser for those displaced by the Calamity. Understanding that Llymlaen, goddess of navigation, had her eye on him, he left his steady work at the Platinum Mirage for Gridania, where he joined the Wailing Barracks and fine-tuned his skills of harpoon and spear.

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