Ilwe'ran Hlaiwa

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Ilwe'ran Hlaiwa



CURRENT ALIAS... Ilwe'ran, Ilwe, Ran, Harya, Antë'ra, Ara

BIRTH NAME... Ilwe'ran Hlaiwa

RACE & CLAN... Miqo'te - Keeper of the Moon

GENDER... Male

AGE & NAMEDAY... 38 (27 after some spell failure)




NATIONALITY... Aïwenorian

CLAN... Nossë

CURRENT RESIDENCE... Lavender Beds (Ward 8, plot 41)

OCCUPATION... Fashion designer

DEITY... Nirë, Guardian of Truth and Observation

HEIGHT... 5 fulms, 2 ilms

BODY SHAPE... Lean and fit


Demeanor : Ilwe’ran isn’t the kind of man who will naturally go seeking others. He’s used to be alone or accompanied by his Clan and can seem not really easy to approach in the first place. Yet he never brushes away anybody, always polite, respectful and calm he will listen people who talk to him and remember most of things about them. Collected and with a good nature, it’s really hard to make him waver and irritate him. He will always prefer discussing over fighting. For him, every woman is a lady and every man is a sir; he doesn’t care about hierarchy or such things. He’s a gentleman and will have the same attitude with a lord or a prostitute.
He often offers to help in any occasion, thinking that it’s normal for the human kind to help one another. He never asks anything in return but will appreciate being remembered for what he did. He will not seek for help unless it’s necessary; he prefers finding solutions by himself and can be stubborn if people try to force their way of thinking on him.
Let alone in the battlefield, Ilwe’ran never gives order to anyone more interested to know what those around him really want. He often asks questions to understand more about people and eorzean’s traditions and culture. He won’t talk about himself and his past unless it is to a close friend.
Spirituality : Ilwe doesn't consider any of what is called "gods" as such. While learned to be humble and respectful of the others beliefs, he considers any of those not as being some deities but more as being some guardians having an aetheric form of some sort and being able to interfere in the Realm when necessary or called. This belief was reinforced when he woke up in Eorzea and had to face a new religion with Twelve different “gods”. Due to what he knows about those Twelves, his education and deduction, he considers them as the guardians protecting Eorzea, but again, not as gods. As it is, Ilwe is sure that every place, every tradition, talk about some of those guardians and it’s one of the reasons why he likes so much to read about legends and History. That’s also one of the reasons why he doesn’t believe that something such as Destiny, Fate and other things saying that everything is written and the human beings don’t have any influence on their life. While he wouldn’t force someone to think like he does and usually avoid the topic, wary of its consequences after some IC problems, he can’t stand when people try to force on him their religions and beliefs, he will try to change the topic of the discussion and eventually leave if the person persists.
Habits : Due to his origins he can seem odd to people sometimes. He crouches when he feels the need to or when there are Lalafells around, even in the middle of a gathering. He sighs often and doesn’t understand why people tell him it’s rude.
Since he was blind in one eye for a long time, he relies often on his nose and ears to gather information.


Children : Ilwe'ran's dream always was to have be father and he spends a lot of time playing with children in general.
The rain : While the weather is not stormy, Ilwe'ran likes to sit and to read next to window while it rains.
Fruits : The only thing Ilwe'ran ever asked to his clan was to give him some fruits. Since then, his brother, Aghamyr, comes every day with new fruits for him.
Stargazing : Taught by his clan when he was young, Ilwe'ran can use the stars to find his way in his homeland. While he doesn't know much about Eorzean's constellations for now, he does like to simply watch the stars at time.
Aïwenor : Ilwe'ran's homeland. While the island where he comes from is considered as cursed, Ilwe'ran loves this place and likes to journey in the desert to discover some new ruins.
Books : Ilwe'ran reads a lot, mostly books about legends, fairy tales and historical events.


Lies : Ilwe'ran just can't stand lies in general. If you don't want to say the truth, keep silent.
Discussions about Destiny / Fate : Ilwe'ran thinks of this as being a way to manipulate people and to limitate their possibilities. For him, there is no such a thing like fate or destiny and people are free to rule their life as they want to.
Crowded places : Due to his sensibility to sounds and smells, taverns, markets and other area where people crowd are for him the worst places to be.
His memory problems : Following the failure of a treatment meant to dispel a curse, Ilwe'ran lost around ten years of his memory. While he had a few flash for some times, he's now unable to remember anything anymore, leading him to have to learn back everything he knew about the people he met in the past as well as the events which happened during those ten years.
Thunder : Since the curse have been lifted and he woke up without his memory, Ilwe'ran is scared of thunder. The sounds itself puts him in such a panic that he usually freeze and can't move until the storm is gone.
Lack of respect.
Violent and short tempered people.
Being woken up suddenly.


Craft : Ilwe'ran is well known for his ability to design and crafting clothes. For long he worked in a cabaret, creating some next jewels and outfits for the dancers.
Hunt : As any of his Clan's members, Ilwe'ran hunts for his food. He can be seen hunting in the Shrouds from time to time, often accompanied by some other members of his Clan.
Aether Manipulation : Ilwe'ran's real talent is to use and to manipulate aether to create some protections, wards and illusion. Being the Harya of his Clan, his duty is to keep Aïwenor's and the Den's ward up.


Body : Like most warriors he takes care of his body; he doesn’t have a really marked musculature but yet he’s not someone to pick a fight against. He’s smaller than most of Miqo’te male but that doesn’t seems to bother him at all. He always has a warm temperature even under the the coldest temperatures.
Skin : He would say that his skin is blue but most people would say grey. As he did fought a lot along his life, he has some light scars on his body. He has a deep and large scar on the upper part of his left leg, due to the unfortunate encounter with a sand worm.
Hair : His hair is light blue and tend to becomes white under the sun while the tip of his ears are pitch black. He keeps his hair and beard short. His lion tail has the same shades, let alone the tip which is dark blue.
Eyes : He used to not be able to see with his right eye which had led him to be extremely sensitive to sounds and smell. Though, with the help of his former mate, he managed to recover and is not anymore blind. His left eye is dark blue which seems to be its natural color while the right one looks like having a slightly lighter shade.
Distinguishing Features : He would tell you that he doesn’t have any, yet he has a darker stripe crossing his face and a black teardrop in the middle of his forehead, both being some tribal markings.
He also has what looks like a tattoo on his right arm. While it could seem at first for anybody not sensitive to aether that it's only some other tribal marking, it's in fact a rune stopping his body from deteriorate.
Scent : He doesn't really let anybody getting close enough to him so you can have a real idea of it. Yet, you can catch a glimpse of it, his scent reminds one of the warm sand of the desert. You can also smell some really light scent on his clothes, like some unfamiliar oil he may use on his weapon or armor.
Voice / Accent / Speaking style : Ilwe'ran is always talking with a deep and soft voice, he isn't the kind to lose his temper quickly nor to shout on people. As he is not Eorzean native and is still learning the language, people can find him slow when he talks and he sometimes misunderstand things. He has a slight accent, this kind you rarely hear and wonder from where it comes. He sometimes uses his native languages with his Clan, in this situation he speaks faster and seems more at ease.
Clothes : He manufactures his own clothes and doesn’t have any preferences. He changes his style often depending of his mood and what he has to do. Every time he dyes some fabrics, he simply keeps the ones he likes and uses them later for his own clothes though he tends to appreciate more purplish colors.
When he's doing some more official works or when he visits some new customers, he tends to wear some more upstanding clothes and glasses while he doesn't need them to see.
Jewels : Ilwe wears one ring made out of the horn of the prey he killed during his Adulthood Ceremony. He dislikes wearing wristlets or necklace.


He has been fighting since many years and is a shrewd tactician. He’s used to leading people, gives short orders during the fight and expects people to obey without discussing. He will always take his time to explain new situations to a fresh warrior and will never leave them alone, sharing what he knows to avoid unnecessary troubles.
The Battle of Cartenau left him blind of an eye and he had to learn back everything he knew before his injury. He’s a fast learner and uses sounds and scents as well as his intuition to make his next moves.
Even if he can be see most of time with his bow, he and his Family members manipulate the aether by tradition. When he’s not shooting some arrows from behind, keeping some safe distance between his opponent and himself and using some aether to enchant his arrows, he will ask the help of his familiar to support the others.

C H A R A C T E R   S H E E T

Ilwe'ran Hlaiwa - by Fyrielle



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“Ilwe'ran is the kindest I've ever known. He's given me a place to find myself and my home. I will stop at nothing to make sure that he and his family are safe; and that my friendship with him lives on forever. His clothing and house designs are simply the best.” - Kage Kiryuu
“Yes, yes he is naturally quiet. Master Ilwe'ran is a very good listener. He hears more than words. You can ask about his family; it is his favorite topic. I think of him very fondly, for my part.” - Jancis Milburga
“He is a masterful tailor; I have a little plush that looks just like a bright-eyed chocobo from him. Just puts so much life into fabric.” - Jancis Milburga
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Romantic Attraction Attraction Platonic Love Family Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure
R E L A T I O N S   (NPC)

F'anya, F'elia, Lindë, Olv'a and Alma Hlaiwa ( ) - Children
F'anya (Age : 11) : Daughter of Ilwe'ran and F'leya Hlefha she was raised by her for seven year before Ilwe'ran happened to know about her existence. Rejected by her mother who was scared by her natural aetheric abilities, she grew up mostly alone with her sister as only company. Extremely shy and timid when Ilwe'ran adopted her after the death of her mother, she is now learning to have some more self confidence. Attached to her father, she tends to run to him if anything happen and to follow him where he leads while holding his tail. Ilwe'ran spends a lot of hour to teach her how to control her gift, they can often being seen together with F'elia as Ilwe'ran teach them or read them some stories.
F'elia (Age : 7) : Daughter of T'lemar Tia and F'elya Hlefha. Ilwe'ran adopted her along with F'anya after the death of her mother. On contrary of her sister, she was raised with love by her parents. Not having any aetheric ability, she now has to learn everything and spends a lot of time training with F'anya aside of her lessons with Ilwe'ran. Cheerful and always finding some new games, she's always dragging her sister along everything she does.
Olv'a & Lindë (Age : 3) : Twins of Ilwe'ran and Helin. While Helin disappeared without any word, taking with her the twins, Ilwe'ran thought of never seeing them again. Lead in the Coerthas without knowing why, Ilwe'ran discovered that they were under the care of some Elezen for some time. Ilwe'ran still doesn't know exactly how those people found his children but he intends to discover the truth.
Alma (Age : 2) : First child of Ilwe'ran and Carina Hlaiwa. She is a lovely little girl who looks just like her mother while having dark blue hair and eyes.
Antë Hlaiwa ( ) - Mother
Ilwe’ran’s mother. She was the leader of the Family. She gave birth to five sons but only Ilwe’ran survived more than one year. Maybe because of that, she over-protected Ilwe’ran and took care of him like he was her most precious treasure. Always fair, never lying, she taught him respect and made him the man he is now. She died not long after the Tear of Dalamud fell onto Aïwenor. The sickness which curses the Family since eons suddenly grew stronger, killing many people, even her. Her last words were to order the Family to find a new place to live.
Fëa Melehtë ( ) - Foster Mother
Former member of Hostar's Council, she was one of the most influential women of her Clan before Sholtë casted the Council away. Discovering Ilwe'ran's situation while he was sequestered within Sholtë's manor when he was young, she took upon herself to offer him a home, making him her son so he would be allowed to remain within her Clan's territory. After Sholtë managed to take over the control of the Hostar's Clan, she ran away in Aïwenor with the rest of the Council and their followers. Now adopted by Nossë's clan, she tries to help Ilwe'ran to face his responsibilities, being one of his most precious advisor.
Ethany Melehtë ( ) - Childhood friend
Sholtë's daughter, she was with him when this one secluded him in her manor, during that period, she taught him how to use Aether allowing him to call a familiar. Manipulative, selfish, and caring only of her own well being, her behavior toward Ilwe'ran changed over time until they splitted. She was the one who kept Parma for seven long years without saying and even if he’s not spiteful, Ilwe’ran cannot forgive her silence. After disappearing from his life for some times, she suddenly appeared again, at first to try to steal Parma, then to help Ilwe'ran to escape from Sholtë's jails and to prepare some medicine for his Clan.
Sholtë Melehtë ( ) - Ageless alchemist
Talented alchemist, violent and manipulative, Sholtë likes to have some power on the other people. While being an outcast forty years ago, she managed to climb the social ladders until becoming the one leading the Hostar's Clan. Her relationship with Ilwe'ran and his Clan went from bad to the worse. She tries to have her hand on Parma and even though her motives are unknown, it's clear that she is the descendant of some old Nossë's bloodline which could explain a part of her behaviors.
F'leya Hlefha ( ) - Former mate
Ilwe’ran's supposed to be deceased wife. Not long after moving in Eorzea with his Family, Ilwe’ran met this young Seeker at the Paladin guild. They found some love in the middle of their perpetual fights for everything. F’leya was as airhead as Ilwe’ran was calm and collected and their relation was more ice and fire than anything else. It’s in order to protect her that Ilwe’ran was injured during the Battle of Cartenau, when he woke up a few day after, Aghamyr and I’silmë told him that she went to the battlefield. She never came back.
A few time before losing his memory, Ilwe'ran had the bad surprise to meet her at Gridania. She tried to kill him, saying that he wasn't suppose to be alive and that error must be corrected. It appears that she eloped with her lover during the war while she was pregnant of Ilwe. She was killed some times later by Ethany, leaving alone her two daughters : F'elia and F'anya.

R E L A T I O N S   (PC)

Carina Hlaiwa ( ) - Enda
Carina was one of Helin closest friends before he met her. Before Helin disappearance, they were already good friends, enough for Ilwe'ran to offer a room to Carina within the Clan's house. Learning some more of her situation regarding her sisters, Ilwe'ran offered his help to try and find Sharada, but their attempt to solve Carina's problem were stopped dead track by what happened with Helin.
While he nearly succumbed to grief, she came to his help and managed to pull him out of the nightmare which was slowly but surely leading to his death. Her constant presence, kind and caring, helped him to slowly recover from the loss, and deeper feelings grew little by little, without him understanding how. Taking care of both him and his children, Ilwe'ran needs her presence by his side as much as his family. He considers her as the only person able to light his path during the dark days and would do anything for her.
After some time, they became more intimate and are now married. Carina gave birth to their first child, Alma, a few month after their wedding.
Jancis Milburga ( ) - Reliable priestess
Ilwe'ran met the conjurer during some celebrations meant to reunite the Seekers and the Keepers under the same eclipse. Since then their path crossed enough for him to appreciate the quality of the caring woman. While he came to know about the Pilgrimage she organizes each month, he offered his help and it's now common to see him guarding the procession and discussing with Jancis after the end of the ceremony. Following Helin's disappearance, Ilwe'ran asked Jancis her opinion and advices, since then she proved to be a reliable person who helped him several times.
Rhea Zaheela ( ) - Frank and knowledgeable
Ilwe'ran met Rhea while helping a free company to save someone from some crazy Moogles. Extremely frank and straightforward, Ilwe'ran took a liking on her right away, appreciating to find someone who wouldn't try to soften the truth if this one would be unpleasant. He doesn't know her enough yet to consider her as a friend but she already gave him enough proof showing that she's someone he could rely on when it comes to work.
Kage Kiryuu ( ) - Little guardian
While Ilwe'ran's meeting with the Lalafell was completely unexpected (This one reaching to stroke his ear after a few minutes of discussion), he understood quickly that the young man could become a real friend. As Kage didn't seem to have a place to stay around Gridania, Ilwe'ran offered the refuge of his Clan's house and since then the Lalafell can be found often in that place. Slowly, Ilwe'ran's relationship with him his changing, he tends to seek for his presence when he leaves somewhere, both to reassure his little friend and because he feels somehow protected by his guardian's nature.
Jaques Guillaume & Vaughn Antain ( ) - Indefectible friends
While the circumstances pushed him to keep his distance for a while, Ilwe'ran knows that he can always count on Jaques and Vaughn to help him when the worst happen.
Cliodhna Eoghan ( ) - Surprisingly caring
While Ilwe'ran thought that his relationship with that hyur would remain professional, she reached out several time in his direction, at first offering him some small gift, then later her support while he was seeking for some solutions for the Twins. Ilwe'ran is still unsure up to where she can trust the woman, but he appreciates her care and presence.
Keroa Mosuke ( ) - Mysterious masked person
While being at first the one who seemed to need some help as staggering during the Annual Uld'ah's ball, she was the one who ultimately helped Ilwe'ran and Carina, offering them a place to rest while Carina was too tired to teleport back home. While observing her, Ilwe'ran couldn't help but to notice the way she had to rub constantly her stomach, how she was looking around as being wary of something and her sensitivity to aether.

Romantic Attraction Attraction Platonic Love Family Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure


Nordo Hlaiwa
Nordo Hlaiwa ( ) : Age : 48 - Deceased. Bounds with the Family : She's the eldest, Tië's mother and Ilwe'ran's aunt. Outlook on things : She has much experience and only shares this when appropriate, thinking that people have to make their own mistakes to appreciate wisdom. Attitude : Usually calm, she's wise and likes to offer her help and advices, always with a smile. Mannerisms : Slow and precise gestures.
Tië Hlaiwa
Tië Hlaiwa ( ) : Age : 34. Bounds with the Family : Nordo’s daughter. Outlook on things : Very much believes you should tell people before they make a mistake. Attitude : She does not suffer fools gladly, but would gladly help anyone, and her advice is always given weather it is wanted or not. She can be quite pushy when she wants something to be done her way. Mannerisms : Stern and somewhat superior.
Mavra Hlaiwa
Mavra Tecil ( ) : Age : 33. Bound with the Family : Ilwe'ran's half sister, she was part of the Tribe. Outlook on things : Duty is more important than feelings. Attitude : She decided to help Ilwe and Helin to take care of the childs they adopted. She will treat every problem using what she knows, casting aside her feelings when it's necessary. Even if she can seem cold in the first place, she's sensible and reaches out easily. Mannerisms : Calm and fluid.
F'elona Hlaiwa
F'elona Palar ( ) : Age : 32. Bounds with the Family : Morn’a’s wife and Yana’s mother. Ilwe’s deceased wife’s sister. Outlook on things : Quite positive, she tends to take the Family out of what they are use to, giving them her Seeker’s point of view and knowledge. Attitude : A very down to earth, nurturing woman with a fatalistic outlook and making do with a smile. Mannerisms : Smiling and cheerful.
Métima Hlaiwa
Métima Mirwa ( ) : Age : 30. Bounds with the Family : Naira’s best friend. Has a crush on Eccai’ra. Outlook on things : She is focused on appearance and will always grade people by that. She has a good heart but thinks maybe others could try a little harder to look better. Attitude : Standing out, she likes when the eyes of people stops on her. She’s Naira best friend and tries hard to take her out of her shell. Mannerisms : Is always looking for the right pose to accentuate her looks.
Naira Hlaiwa
Naira Lairë ( ) : Age : 28. Bounds with the Family : Métima’s best friend. Outlook on things : Unsure of herself and her opinion, she always try to see the best in everybody. Attitude : Overly shy, she tries to not attract attention on her, she is happy in Metima’s shadow. Mannerisms : Everything is minimal and close in so as to not draw attention. She finds a book is an excellent way to avoid interacting.
Milmë Hlaiwa
Milmë Lairë ( ) : Age : 25. Bounds with the Family : Ilwe’ran’s cousin. Outlook on things : Actions speak louder than words. Attitude : She can often be seen with Eccai’ra as she’s a nice hunter. Usually silent, her words are often likes arrows that strike the bullseye of the issue. Mannerisms : Fluid and does not waste her self on unnecessary movement or gestures. If you look at her eyes they probably say the most and are measuring things they see.
Caurë Hlaiwa
Caurë Palar ( ) : Age : 23. Bounds with the Family : Orphan, she has been taken cared of by Nordo. Outlook on things : Open, trustworthy and inclusive, she sees the best in folks and likes to show them. Attitude : Curious on everything, she likes asking questions and chatting. Being an Orphan and outgoing she treats most as her friend from the start. Mannerisms : Hugs, giggles and gestures wildly.
Hyarna Hlaiwa
Hyarna Tecil ( ) : Age : 16. Bounds with the Family : Orphan, Mar'to's sister, she has been taken cared of by En'to. Outlook on things : She saw her whole family dying from sickness and has now a dark conception of life where death is present at every corner. Attitude : Really silent, she tends to stay alone, liking a lot En'to's presence and the way he teaches her. Mannerisms : Precise gesture that doesn't let any place to anything useless.
F'anya Hlaiwa
F'anya Hlaiwa ( ) : Age : 11. Bounds with the Family : Ilwe'ran's daughter, F'elona's niece, F'elia's sister. Outlook on things : She was really shy and easily scared when she was adopted and is now learning to get more self confidence. Attitude : While she tended to run away and to hide when something difficult was happening, she now tends to seek for her father and to tag along with him instead. She loves her sister dearly and tends to stay with her most of time. Mannerisms : Slow and unsure.
Yana Hlaiwa
Yana Palar ( ) : Age : 9. Bounds with the Family : Morna & F'elona's daughter. Outlook on things : She's a princess and everybody in the Family is there to please her. But not Ilwe, Ilwe is her prince and she will marry him when she will be old enough to. Attitude : Cheerful, she tries to order around everybody but stops and apologizes when she's scolded for that. Mannerisms : Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh !
F'elia Hlaiwa
F'elia Hlaiwa ( ) : Age : 7. Bounds with the Family : Ilwe'ran & Helin's adopted daughter, F'elona's niece, F'anya's sister. Outlook on things : Everything is nice ! Especially when it sparkles, is pink or is unicorn's shaped. Attitude : Cheerful, she takes every situation in a positive way. She loves her sister dearly and is always by her side when she's not tagging along with Helin. Mannerisms : Wide gesture and exaggerated expressions.
Almarëa Hlaiwa
Almarëa Palar ( ) : Age : 2. Bounds with the Family : Morna & F'elona's daughter.


Morn'a Hlaiwa
Morn'a Palar ( ) : Age : 37. Bounds with the Family : F’elona’s husband and Yana’s father. Outlook on things : Taking your time is the best way to appreciate life. Attitude : He doesn’t seems really social at first sight but is melting as soon as he sees his daughter. Mannerisms : Morn’a’s gesture tends to be slow and precise, he’s always taking his time for everything. Having a serious face most of time makes people misunderstand about who he really is.
Ara'to Hlaiwa
Ara'to Lanu ( ) : Age : 35. Bounds with the Family : Ilwe’ran’s best friend, they grew together. Eccai’ra’s brother. Outlook on things : Easy going, likes his like the way it is, though prefered it when they were young and he and his friends did everything together. Attitude : Usually silent, he’s more lively when Ilwe’ran, Morn’a and Hwest’a are around. Mannerisms : Alone he will just be in the background and scratch something as if thinking. With his friends he will join in the fun and become much more animated.
En'to Hlaiwa
En'to Tecil ( ) : Age : 37. Bounds with the Family : Ilwe'ran's cousin. Hyarna's & Mar'to's tutor. Outlook on things : One of lifes thinkers and often that can take weeks or years to reach any conclusion. So best find something that lets you think and be alone to hear yourself think. Attitude : Will always want to get back to his alone time after whatever someone wanted is done. Mannerisms : You often think he is not listening, or if he is then it is not you he is listening to. He will hardly ever start a conversation.
Eccai'ra Hlaiwa
Eccai'ra Lanu ( ) : Age : 27. Bounds with the Family : Ara’to’s brother. Hwest’a’s best friend. Outlook on things : If you are not having fun, then you must be asleep. Attitude : Outgoing and likes to have fun in any occasion. He has a witty fun comeback for everything. Though he does not know when the fun is not appropriate. Mannerisms : He likes to joke in any occasion and in any topic. He tends to understand that he’s going too far only after getting some exaggerated possibly painful reactions.
Hwest'a Hlaiwa
Hwest'a Mirwa ( ) : Age : 27. Bounds with the Family : Eccai’ra’s best friend. Outlook on things : Life is there each time you get up, so just find something to do each day and don't sweat it. Attitude : Following Eccai’ra when this one is not hunting, listening others conversations when he's away. Hwesta isn’t a leader. Mannerisms : Lots of shrugs and waiting to get to the bit where they do something, or equally at ease waiting. Whatever.
Mar'to Hlaiwa
Mar'to Tecil ( ) Age : 19. Bounds with the Family : Orphan, Hyarna's brother, he has been taken cared of by En'to. Outlook on things : Even with the tragedy his family has to go through, he tries to smiles over things and to teach his sister how to do the same. Attitude : Calm and reserved, he listens a lot and tries to help the other men of the Family to do their duty. Mannerisms : Calm and precise.

A   S I M P L E   L E T T E R

Lost Memories 1.png  Lost Memories 2.png

“I was born and raised in a place we name Aïwenor. Let’s say it’s a far away desert where sand dunes act like sea waves. You can say my early years was happy, as every member of my Family I learned how to call for my familiar and everything to survive there. I don’t really remember my father, Mother said he had to leave for his duty but he never came back. I don’t really miss him, I got a brother, Aghamyr and a sister, I’silmë and life was happy enough for me.
Things really changed the day when a part of Dalamud fell on the desert. I told you that the dunes where like waves, it’s because they are bathed with Aether and they react to this. The Teardrop’s aether opposed the one of the desert. In the end waves changed onto tempests and the sickness which was cursing my family since eons Increased its potency and killed a part of us.
Mother ordered us to leave, that was her lasts words and since nobody else could really do it, I leaded the Family away from Aïwenor. After some long weeks of walking, we ended in Eorzea and decided to find a place to settle.
This was seven years ago. Life could have been nice, I enrolled in Ul’Dah’s Paladin order, we found a hunting ground for the Family, I met a Seeker, and married her. But the Empire attacked and I choose to fight with a part of the Family members. Some died, some were crippled as I was and my wife vanished. Our hunting ground was destroyed when Bahamut was set free, since then we’re still looking for an substitute
I don’t have strong memories of the past five years, I got to learn back everything I knew since the world is not the same when you have only one eye. I had to take care of my Family, it took me a lot of time. I think I was lonely.
And now… I’m happy and it’s mostly because of Her. For sure I still have many things to do, but I feel better than before and ready to accept what will happen next.”
Ilwe’ran Hlaiwa

For the third time I read that piece of paper which fell from a book and for the third time I asked myself if I was completely naive, blind or having forgotten half of my past at the time I wrote it. I sat at the desk of my workshop and turned the paper pensively in my hands, folding and unfolding it, when Helin came inside the room. I smiled to her, she imitated me and I looked at her walking to me, still amazed by the fact there were so many things said while none of us even pronounced a word. As I was watching her coming closer, she giggled and added some extra wiggles to her pace. I chortled softly as she stopped by the other side of the desk, I had to hold back from jumping to my feet to embrace her.

Ilwe > Need something ?
Helin > Well a kiss, and a hug and then I’ll tell you about the bit on the children’s bed that has come loose. The girls were playing at being babies in the crib.
Ilwe > Oh, I certainly can take care of all those tasks.

I stood up with a smile and circled the desk to join her. Taking her hand, I pulled her gently to me and kissed her while wrapping my arms around her waists. She welcomed me into her arms and returned the kiss. Then with a smile and a lingering hold of my hand she walked to the door. I opened a drawer and placed the note in it before following Helin, there was no need for her to know about this. She spared me a look, slowing her pace so I could catch up and I trotted to her, leaving my questions behind.

The task Helin needed me to accomplish didn’t took so long, but the girls wanted me to read a story and then to play the prince they could save from the nasty dracofrog. It’s pretty late that I returned to my office to work some more and ran into the piece of paper while I was seeking for another pencil. I read it again, forgetting about the layout I was drawing and sighed. Understanding that this will haunt me until I could say what I was thinking about it, I rolled the layout and put it back on its place then picked some white paper and a bottle of ink.

To the one I was before and who seemed to have forgotten more than me who he truly was,
It’s been a while that I didn’t have to directly face something coming from you. I’m not talking about the girls, my work or some parts of myself I’m still discovering that you left to me as a legacy.. I’m talking about facing something more direct as your handwriting on this small piece of paper.
When you disappeared and all that what was left of you was me, Helin was courageous enough to sell everything that was yours. Your belongings, your clothes, your tools.. Even the house where you and her were living. The firsts months were a trial for all of us. Between me, not being the same, having forgotten everything even her - or rather never having met her - your vanishing, and her pregnancy.. There was a lot to overcome and even with her support and her love, it is still hard to deal with some of the things you left unfinished.
I admit I often wonder what kind of male I could have been during those ten years and you don’t really help me to have a good opinion of what I became. Even my nightmares often turn around you stealing away Helin.. On those you are possessive and tend to be violent if you don’t have what you want. Of course, that is only the result of my own fears and the time Helin needed to notice that you and me aren’t and will never be the same. But still, I don’t have a good opinion of what you did about who we are.
First of all, I always found you became a coward, running away from your responsibilities toward the Family, Parma, Aïwenor and even F’elia and F’anya. I know that during those pasts ten years you had a rough life, but how could you have forgotten why we were born and raised for ? How could you left this message on that book knowing that our past unlikely was what you describe ? Who were you trying to deceive..?

I stopped writing a moment to consider my tail which was whipping the air. More than forcing me to face the one I have been again, this short letter was irritating me a lot. With an annoyed sigh, I returned to my answer.

I come to think that you were lying to yourself. Maybe the weight of all what you had to suffer was just too much for you to endure and you tried to bury our history deep enough to forget about it. But I’m not you and, as absurd as it sounds, I feel the need to answer and to correct this bullshit you left behind you for me to read.
Lets talk about our youth. You never said to Helin that you had, in fact four brothers. She told me that she remembered you naming three, but you didn’t talk about Firya’li. So far, there is not much to be said about him beside the fact he disappeared a few time after we were born. But still, I don’t understand why you kept silent about him. I know that it was some kind of tacit rule within the Family about him, and for this reason even you and me never knew much about who he was. But she was your mate as much as she is mine.. She deserved to know.
As you I suppose, I don’t have much memories of our early years. I have some faint memories about our sickness, I remember having met Ethany for the first time at this moment, but I wouldn’t be able to say exactly what happened and what was said at that time. Though, one certain thing is we were sent right after to the Tribe’s main town.. Or to be more precise, in Sholte’s claws.
What I can tell you now - as we unfolded partly what happened since I awoken - is that Sholte used our parents’ distress to get her hands on us. Our Father paid a heavy price for us to be cured by that witch and he died in her manor, not long after conceiving Mavra with her.
What was interesting Sholte was to get closer to the Family and to Parma.. We are still unsure about her motives and seeking for some answers on that side, but what is certain, is when I read you writing that our “young age was happy” and that we remained within the Family to learn our tradition, it sounded like a deaf joke to me.
We never have been sent back to the Family. Sholte held us captive for years, treating us as a guinea pig for her experimentations. We lost our faculty to cast even a simple spell as she was draining our abilities for her own usage and it’s Ethany who taught us again how to use Aether. She was the one who allowed us to call our Familiar for the first time and her again who stood by our side all this time.
Then something happened, I still don’t know exactly what, but Ethany completely changed. She became as cold as her mother and probably as manipulative as you could remember her. Though I’m not even sure of that last point.. When I see Helin’ reactions toward Ethany, I truly think that you messed up her confidence regarding Ethany at some point. It took me literally months to make her talking about her fear and not hiding in her shell as she is used to do when I reach a delicate topic. Helin told me countless time that I was naive, that I was siding Ethany against her again and again, and some other things I couldn’t get until I managed to shake her enough so she would talk. Things are a bit better now, but everytime she hears her name, she becomes as cold as ice and it’s always a bit complicated to calm her when she is stiff like that.
That you could stay silent on some points, like for our lost brother, I could have understood, but you also said nothing about Fea, how she took us away from Sholte, how she faced the Council so she could adopt us and how we spent our youth between the Tribe and the Family to receive a proper education from both. How could you not have told her how this was important and which hopes our Mothers settled on us ? Among all the feelings Helin can have toward what is revolving around who we are, her hatred against the Tribe and her lack of trust toward the Family was probably what shocked me the most. How could have you that let happen ?

I spent a moment considering how the tone of the letter was gradually changing from my need to write down what really happened to a pile of blames. I leaned back on my chair, watching the ceiling to calm down. Being angry against what I did and how I changed during those past ten years was pointless and pretty childish. Taking back my quill, I chose to face the problem from another angle.

Or rather, what did happened so you forgot the years we spent as an ambassador between the Family and the Tribe so the war between the both could cease ? For me it looks like you basically rejected everything of our past. You rejected me.
I am conscious that a lot of things occurred during those pasts ten years and if I try to see the situation objectively, I know that the chain of events that lead you to leave Aïwenor is what broke you. I understand that the solitude led you to make some bad choices, pushing you to meddle with things you should have ignored and to embrace people you should never have met. The war, your injury that I never had to deal with, the disappearance of the one you chose to mate with.. I don’t know when you lost hope and the way we were following, but, in the end, you lost the both of us.
I am still angry. The pieces you left for me to collect and to try to assemble are painful to gather, and filling the blanks lead me to disillusionment most of the time. Though.. I understand why Helin had so many difficulties to differentiate between you and me, our core remain the same, only what happened dusted your view and your soul. But you didn’t fundamentally change..
Beside those feelings that time will appease, I also have a lot of respect for what you did. You certainly handled what I forgot in the best ways possible and preserved yourself at best as you could, even though I am displeased by a lot of consequences of your choices, I admit that I wouldn’t have done better on some points. How you managed to change your handicap to a force pushing you to refine your crafting abilities never cease to amaze me. But this topic leads me to go back on the first thing I said : You’re cowardice.
Even though Helin was quite muddled every time we spoke about those pasts ten years (and that is my fault, I admit having rejected you at first as much as you rejected me) it appears to me everytime that you were turning your back to life.
When that piece of Dalamud fell in the desert, you followed our Mother’s words and I would probably have done the same.. But after having led the Family to Eorzea.. You left them alone most of the time, helping while you were learning how to use a sword. Really ? We spend more than twenty five years mastering how to wisely use words, to keep our cool and to NOT rise a weapon against anybody.. And right away as you came here, to focus on something else, running away from what was happening, you turned your attention to the worse thing that I could have imagine. The art of war.
I know that you were good at it. When I have myself to unsheathe that sword you put onto our hands, my body naturally remember what you taught to it. While I am still taming all those things you learned and I avoid some of those, such as wearing this kind of weapon, relaying on a sword isn’t something I feel as being ourselves. That led you to war and that also led you to meet F’leya..
I heard her name for the first time from Helin and she refused to say more than “She’s F’elia and F’anya’s mother”. Just this and deal with it. I didn’t needed more anyway to understand that you mated with another person and I can’t judge you on this side as I can only imagine your distress. But you and me are wiser right ? I know that the reason why you accepted to join this war to protect Eorzea was partly linked to that person and I know as well that she disappeared while you were left for dead on the battlefield. There I begin to think that you should have remember what Fea and Mother taught us. And what decision we took after we helped Altëa.
It’s only after I came back to her that Helin told me that she met F’leya and that this one tried to kill you. When I say that you were turning your back to life, I’m also referring to this.. I can only try to imagine how it can feel to meet your supposed to be deceased wife, armed with a knife and trying to stab you. Why didn’t you fought back? And.. Why did you continue ignoring the situation ? What would have happened if F’leya and her mate didn’t run onto Ethany ? What would have you done if she chose to attack Helin and not you ? I suppose I won’t come to any answer as you and me are enough different so I can’t even understand why you broke our promise in the first place. Though, while I had a hard time to accept what you did, considering F’elia and F’anya as my daughters was, in fact, really natural. They ask some questions sometimes, wondering how you became me and if I will stay like this. But, the time helping, they are less and less looking for you through me and accepting me as I am. The same yet different in the end..
For Olv’a and Lindë it’s totally different, you disappeared during Helin’ pregnancy and I myself wasn’t present for a part of it, but I was there when she gave birth, holding her and helping her. While it’s sometimes complicated to face F’elia and F’anya’s questions when it comes to things I forgot, I will not encounter those problems with the Twins. Though, I’m sure that one day I will have to explain to them what happened to me.. And thus, to you.

I looked at the piece of paper a moment wondering why I was hesitating to write what was coming to my mind. Was it stupid to explain what happened those pasts months to someone who would never read.. This person was me after all.. Me before that Siren’s spell hurt me and brought me back to my five years old body. Me before I was placed in that pod to grow back. Me before Ethany broke the leaves which were protecting me. I wasn’t supposed to be there, I was the mistake catching up with what was forgotten, struggling with what was left unfinished.. But Helin made her choice. With a sigh, I plunged my quill again in the ink and decided to finish with some simple words.

You have been gifted with another chance. And this chance is me. I believe that there are some moments in life where you’re facing a crossroads and you gave me the possibility to see one of the paths which are offered to me. Somehow, I feel sorry to announce you that I will not make the same choice and will follow instead that path you seemed to have lost. Even though your knowledge is missing, there are things I can do and you probably couldn’t yourself. You drove yourself in a corner and I’m glad I don’t remember anything about this.
With all of this, I think that my anger is a bit appeased, but I really hope you didn’t hide anything else like that somewhere else, I don’t want to see Helin crying again because of what happened to us..

I looked at the door as I heard someone knocking and smiled at Helin while she came in again, this time carrying a tray holding a few bowls in which I knew she had put some of my favorites dishes.

Helin> Well you seem to be working on that paper late, so i though some supper might be welcome and I might entice you away sooner ? It’s not healthy to brood over things like that you know.

She sat on the desk and put down the tray, still talking, and pushed inauspiciously the bottle of ink as she was reminding me that I shouldn’t push my body too much, that I was still recovering after all and I should take a break. I looked at the bottle falling and then at the ink running on the pages I just finished to write. Helin let out a faint shriek and tried frantically to sponge the ink, using her robe to absorb it. I looked at the scene a moment, like hypnotized by the ink still flowing out of the open bottle and only reacted when Helin began to speak.

Helin > Eeeek ! No ! stop.. aggh.. There it’s not so bad, well as disasters go. Maybe I can redo it or magic it clean again?

I took the bottle, plugged it and helped Helin to stand up

Ilwe > It’s fine, really, it wasn’t that much important.

I picked the letter along with the piece of paper and threw them in the fireplace. Helin stepped in by reflex to take them off the fire but I stopped her and stroke her hair.

Helin > No Ilwe I could fix it I’m sure.
Ilwe > It’s alright.

I bended and kissed her, taking her in my arms. She almost immediately calmed down.

Ilwe > More importantly, you ruined your favorite robe Helin.
Helin > Frogs that won’t come out, it will need something special or I’ll have to dye the whole robe the same colour.
Ilwe > I’ll take care of it tomorrow. You said that I need to rest right ? So just go change, I’m coming.

She looked at me a last time before leaving. As she closed the door, I turned to the fire. From the paper and the letter there were nothing left more than some ashes. I shrugged and picked the bowls, placing them back on the tray. Without even slowing my pace or hesitating, I left the room to join Helin.

S H A R E D   E M B A R R A S S M E N T

Ilwe'ran Hlaiwa - by Swevenfox

The light was already fleeing when Ilwe'ran arrived home that day. As so often work had held him with his customers longer than he liked to, but he had a reputation, so he remained diligent even to the most enervating of their wishes, even though he always regretted this. He knew full well that his wife would be waiting at home, waiting patiently, sometimes sitting in front of their house, on her little bench, until late into the night, so she would be able to welcome him with a smile. But not this day…

The bench in front of the house was empty, yet some light could be seen through the windows, albeit dimmer than usual. His ears perked, worried for a moment, but nothing else seemed awry. No strange scent was about, no signs of an intrusion into their home. He took another look at their garden, but no sight of Carina. So, worried a little nonetheless, he pressed on, opening the door to their safe haven.

Once inside he could make out the lingering smells of the last food that was cooked, all the herbs and spices Carina stored in her cupboards, and all the flowers they had inside to pretty up the place. His gaze taxed the room, but still no wife, no pretty Moonkeeper to greet him. Yet something drew his eye. At first it was an odd sensation of something being different. Then, when his gaze fell, he could notice flower petals, strewn across the ground, light blues and purples that could be seen even in this low lighting. Or maybe because of it. In some odd way it seemed like the dimness of the room accentuated their presence.

Once he had noticed those, his gaze was inadvertently led on, as the small pool of petals, like it were a little lake, at one ended spawned a trail, a river of more petals, fewer in number, leading downstairs into their basement. Curious now, just hesitant for a moment for the strangeness of the situation, he walked on, following this flowering invite, descending slowly.

Down here the lighting was also faint, placement of the light sources done in a way that only the trail was clearly visible, and where it lead. Other rooms remained in the shadows. And it lead to their bath, brighter light shimmering from below the doors frame. Gently he pushed it open, stepping inside, ears still perked for anything odd, not knowing what to expect, yet certain that no danger awaited him.

The bath itself was bathed in brighter lighting, candles creating warm areas and soft shadows. Gentle scents filled the air, spoke of the oils she used to wash herself, and him, if he was in the mood. Those oils that carried a light fragrance but did not overpower his fine senses, specifically made by her for this purpose. This alone magicked a faint smile on his lips, conjuring up sweet memories.

Still looking at the trail of petals it took a turn, leading right to their tub, quite as he had expected by know. But when he slowly raised his eyes the sight greeting him caused him to stop for a moment. There, at the edge of their bath, Carina was sitting, the petals leading straight to her, the light of the candles reflecting of her nude form, her blue skin seeming dark and glistening in this light. Her legs were submerged in the warm, steaming waters, her hands resting on the edge as well. Around her waist a towel, covering just a bit of her skin, her tail protruding from below it in a soft curve. She was looking slightly at him, a gaze over her shoulder, eyes slightly opened, a dreamy expression on her face, as if caught in this moment, yet not in an unwelcome way.

For some reason his heart skipped a beat, seeing his wife like this, so unexpectantly. His ears, still perked, wiggled a little when she spoke. “Welcome home, Ara…”

Her words broke the freeze spell the sight had put upon him for a moment, and he stepped next to her, resting his hands on her shoulders, taking a deep breath, inhaling her scent. He could hear a slight purring now, coming from her. “..what is…?…Why did you prepare this, Enda…”, he answered her, “…Did I miss something special?”. Leaning down, he kissed her nape gently, awaiting her answer.

Instead of words she lifted her left to his cheek, stroked gently over his skin, then let it sink again. She picked up a sheet of parchment beside her, turned it around and showed it to him. On it, even in this lighting, he could see himself, sitting in exactly the same pose she was sitting right now, at the edge of another bathtub. The painting definitely appeared to be some years in age, yet was preserved well. And it depicted him for sure, even though he did not remember when or how it could have been made.

He wrinkled his forehead, looking at Carina, who was now looking at him with a shy smile. Her, to his eyes, perfect lips open as she spoke again. “I found this in one of the drawers. It felt like I had seen something forbidden, so I prepared this to equalize it out. Now we both have seen each other like this, and there is no cause for secrecy or shame.” She swallowed once, her heart was beating wild. “If you desire it I’ll find out who made it, summon him to our home, and let him paint myself like this as well, so there’s one for you as well.”


My gaze fell once more on that piece of art, on that other proof that I had a past unknown by me and indifferent to my approval. It was indeed me, that me I was during a decade that I forgot about and this painting was only one of those remnants similar to that letter I found long ago.
How are you supposed to feel when a stranger lived in your body for so long ? When you are suffering the consequences of their actions and at time aren’t even aware of the link between their story and what is happening to yourself ? That was a question I asked to myself several times during those pasts two years and never once the answer was close to something positive.
The circumstances leading the one I once was to accept or request this drawing were oblivious to me and I knew well that it was pointless to even try to remember as no more past memory came back to me since over a year. But did I want to know ? And if that was the case, was it genuine interest or morbid curiosity ?

Carina was aware of my own feelings regarding the one I was, I talked to her about it several time and her answers toward my concerns were always the same : Yes, he did attract her, and, no, she only ever loved me, the one she chose to support and marry with.
Though, there she was, sitting at the edge of that bath, her damped hair hanging down, her skin shivering for having been uncovered for so long. I could hear her heart beating loudly and feel her anxious gaze over me as not knowing yet how I would react.

I myself didn’t know. For long and for many reasons, this past had felt like a threat for my own happiness and even for my own will. How else could that be, when your rival is nobody else but yourself ?
When I realized that the one I got attached to was only seeing that past self through me and was seeking him within me, I felt cornered and began to lie to myself. It was fine, right ? She would like me the same at some point, right ? We weren’t that different in the end, I just lacked of experience, if I tried more.. If I was more like him.. She would see me in the end.. Right ? I was such a pitiful creature attempting to have this attention she wouldn’t give to me.. She was the only one familiar in that unknown land, the only one I could rely on as my Clan was less than the shadow of itself.. And she made me feel so isolated and vulnerable.. How else could that be, when the one you have some strong feelings for rejects everything about you ?
Thus I came to hate the man, my anger aroused by this pain she was inflicting to me. Everything about him was upsetting me, leading my usual even-tempered nature to vanish in an instant if reminded about him. I was irrationally judgemental over every choice he did, blaming him for being a coward, for having abandoned our Clan and so much more.. It was that same man that I could now see with my very own eyes, depicted in an unexpected way on that old parchment, and it came to my mind that I never noticed before how similar we looked like.

It’s as I was detailing this past self that I realised that if it had been found by Helin, this painting would certainly have led me to fall into one of those blind rage that I could barely control. But today, it was feeling different.
The person who gave back to me that piece of my past was someone who was conscious of my struggles and who cared about them. Because it was him, and not me, she probably felt uncomfortable for having found that drawing. I could picture her, thinking of what to do and then to prepare carefully all this for me. I could imagine her sitting at the edge of that tub, waiting for me who was so often late, wondering how I would react, maybe even worrying at how this might upset me, though not wishing to hide it from me. That same person was still gazing over me since her offer, knowing well that such discovery would lead me to have some conflicted feelings, which would usually have me very silent as I would be gathering my thoughts.

I took the parchment off her hands, leading her to shift her attention from me to the painting, her cheeks getting some colors as she noticed that I was conscious of it. “I..” She began with an apologetic tone, but I stopped her by lifting my right, pressing gently my fingers over her lips. When certain that she would not pursue, I moved away my hand and carefully rolled the sheet, placing it away from the water for it to not be damaged. The incongruous thought that it was fine if she wanted to keep it came to my mind as I was doing so and I suddenly understood what was so different. The one she would see within that drawing wouldn’t be him, but only me. There was only me for her and the one I could have been didn’t matter : He was only the vessel that guided me to her.
It suddenly felt like a mountain just fell off of me. For so long, that comedy of shared feeling I played with Helin weighed heavily on me, leading me to mistrust every possible relationship I could have with someone who met my past self. I was so often anxious over this that I never really managed to fully relax, even in front of Carina. But she never failed on me, not even today she flinched, she simply always cared about me as I was now and not of that person who lived in my body for over a decade.
I reached out, embracing her to share my warmth with her and she closed her eyes while leaning against me. Usually I would keep silent, the words which would allow me to express my feeling consistently escaping me, but I didn’t want to make her wait for me today. I wanted her to understand what good she did to me. I wished to tell her how, along this past year, she managed to soothe my deepest fears.

“There..” I began hesitantly, seeking for those elusive words “There have been a life in which this would have displeased me. I believe I would probably have growled and spit, maybe even throw this in the fire.” I whispered as she lifted her hands up to my face “Yes.. I would have been angry. Like I have been for almost a year, barely constraining those words which were speaking volumes about my fears. But you’re not the one who scarred me that much, throwing at me those pieces of my past in hope that I will remember.. Or rather, that the one she loved so much would be given back to her.” I closed my eyes as she stroke over my cheeks, reaching for my hair “Do you remember ? One year ago as we were growing close.. You said you would be my medicine, that you would be there for me and would help me to go past those painful events.” She nodded even though my question wasn’t requesting any answer “See.. Today I’m not even upset and I want you to keep it if you want it.”
Her fingers ceased to move and she seeked for my gaze “But.. Why ?” she prudently asked “This isn’t you. I don’t want to impose you the view of someone you dislike. I don’t need it, I have you instead, if I want to see you naked I only have to ask or to undress you.” As to prove her point, she slid down her hands to my shirt, arboring that so peculiar pout she always had when focused on trying to find out how to free me from my clothes. One year ago, I would certainly have been embarrassed, uneasy even, as being physically close to someone else was feeling so dangerous to me.. But it was her, and this year by her side taught me a lot about how promiscuity could be relaxing and agreeable. Knowing well that she will need some time to find the ties of that new outfit, I sat down next to her so she would be more comfortable and quietly whispered “Because you.. Because, as you promised, you turned my night into day. If I’m not angry or worried it’s only because of the respect you have for me. You could have hide it from me, or just tell me about it casually.. But instead you prepared all this so I would feel comfortable.” I held my breath a moment as she finally found out how to take off my shirt and smiled at her unconscious triumphant expression. “It’s true. This person isn’t exactly me, but we have been one at some point. And while this was distressing in the past and is still a problem at time with some people, it’s fine if it’s you. Because never once you lied to me, asked me to be like him, or even tried to find how we could be similar. You just accepted me as I am, with my qualities as much as my flaws, and I don’t feel endangered by his existence as I was before, even less when it comes to you.”
This statement managed to stop her. She rested her hands on my chest, the fingertips carefully withdrawn to not risk to scratch my skin and for a moment I thought she would say something. But instead of speaking, she leaned against me, lifting her head so our lips would meet and gifted me with a tender kiss. “So..” I whispered with a slightly playful tone once our lips parted “What was the next part of the plan ?” I asked while tilting my head, waiting for her answer. She giggled - the tension from before now gone - then slid in the bath, beckoning for me to follow. I shook my head and chortled at her invite, noticing only now that she had prepared everything for us to enjoy a relaxing bath and as she turned, glancing at me with that longing expression, I followed suit, answering to her call.


The first part of that text have been written by the lovely Carina Hlaiwa ♥ !


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