Cliodhna Eoghan

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Cliodhna Eoghan
“You can't run away from home without destroying somebody's world.”
OOC Character Information
Main Job(s): Monk
Main Tradeskill: Blacksmith
Preferred Role: DPS
Server: Balmung
Alignment: Neutral Chaotic
Reputation: Immortal Flames
Occupation: Engineer (Covert Operative)
Education: Imperial Occupation Academy
Marital Status: Engaged
Sexuality: Insatiable
Guardian: Rhalgr, the Destroyer
Free Company
Items Carried
Race: Hyur
Clan: Highlander
Age: 28
Height: 5 fulm 9 ilm.
Weight: 145 ponze.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blonde
Complexion: Slight Tan
Physical Build: Muscular Athletic
Notable Features: Scar on Left Shoulder
   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity


Cliodhna is a Ala Mhigan, and engineer for the Immortal Flames. A former citizen and soldier for the Empire, Cliodhna defected to Ul'dah after events made it impossible to stay. Now a fully recognized and official member of Thanalan's military she makes her home in the desert, enjoying the warmth, as the Chief Engineer of The Red Wings.


Trained until the age of eight in the art of Rhalgr's Fist by her mother Ingrid, Cliodhna has refined her skills over the years. With her mother's training as well as proficiency training in polearms, knives, and firearms, she is a resourceful combatant. Though far from a master of any skill, her "jack of all trades" combat training, as well as her engineering skills involving weapons, traps and explosives, makes Clio a dangerous opponent to face.


Erik Mynhier
The commander of The Red Wings, a military unit of the Immortal Flames, Erik and Cliodhna have had a unique relationship. Sometimes enemies, sometimes not, Cliodhna never seems to be at a disadvantage when facing him. Over the years, despite being at odds professionally, they grew close. When she left the Empire and sought to hide among the Flames, Erik was who she turned to, and his unit she joined. Since that time, through agreements to devolge Imperial secrets to the Flames, she was officially recognised as a Flame and was granted the rank of Second Lieutenant. Assigned to the Red Wings officially, left her and Erik free to pursue their relasionship. The two are soon to wed.


Birth and Early Life
Cliodhna Eoghan was born in Ala Mhigo on the 10th Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon, in the year 1550. Born to a wealthy merchant family who sided with the Empire in the invasion, Cliodhna grew up wanting for nothing. Highly intelligent, Cliodhna was chosen by the Imperial Military to be trained in the occupation school set up to take children with potential and mold them into loyal members of the Empire. Years later, after showing great aptitude in both combat as well as engineering theories, she was chosen to operate in Ul'dah as a sleeper agent for some months. This all went according to plan until her cover was blown by an Thanalanian soldier named Erik Mynhier. From there she returned to the Empire to further her training.




"She's got a look to her, that relaxed feeling you get from a happy Ala Mhigan. Haven't seen one of those in awhile." -Ala Mhigan Refugee in the Quicksand

"Has anyone seen my coin purse?" -Merchant from Ruby Road

"She's more then just some girl at the bar, she's my good luck charm. I don't know why I talked to her, she was just sitting there and all of a sudden we were talking over drinks. I told her of my profession and that my... handler roughed me up the night before. She just listened and finely told me not to worry that she would talk to him. I was scared, really, but for some reason he never bothered me again. In fact... no one has seen him around lately." -Miqo'te Escort


"That girl, I have seen her before somewhere, a long time ago. No, perhaps not, the girl I saw would have been the right age, but was death incarnate. No she is kind, whenever she walks past me, smiled, throws a Gil in my cup." -Homeless Man


  • "She's very sweet and funny, and! Anyone who can run a drinking contest in Limsa Lominsa and keep things fun and not violent commands respect!" --L'yhta Mahre
  • "You want to know about Clio? Oh, well she always seems to know how to keep the fun going. Hah? You meant her measurements?..Uh, I'm not sure why you'd think I'd have that information...Please go away." --Melody Adagio
  • "I swear the boss knows how to look out for one of her own. I mean she ordered me to go take a break and a vacation from my duties because reasons. At any rate, she's one of the people I trust a lot. Also she's got this little vanguard thing named Steiner..." --Kurt Steel
  • "One day...I shall know what's past her bookcase. Or my name is not Leanne Delphium! Uhm...don't tell her I said that!" --Leanne Delphium
  • "Is that how you say her name? We've enjoyed a good drink and a good talk from time to time." - Franz
  • "Met this one at a bar crawl,and then again while trying to find some inner peace by the fountains of Ul'dah. She seems nice enough. She tried to help me with an issue I'm having but somehow saddled me with a new pupil! " - War Bear
  • "Lady Cliodhna! Well if you enjoy spirits you will surely like her. Beyond that, she has a very caring heart; keeps an eye on everyone around her. She is, ah, something of a match maker? Believe that is the term. Not just for courtship, simply more of knowing who will get along with another." - Jancis Milburga
  • "She is very skilled, like Byregot's hand! She made a little marmat bird for me to train other little birds that get pushed out of the nest. It is so lifelike. If it did not eat wind shards you would not know the difference." - Jancis Milburga

Theme Music

Returner by Gackt - Main Theme
Egao no wake by Shounen Onmyouji - Battle Theme
Fragrance by Gackt - Memories
Moon by Kokin Gumi - Sensei
My Dearest by Supercell - Erik
Insane Deposition by Kyouki Chinden - Carving out hate