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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Kaede Okura
Kaede Valtyr
Birth Name Kaede Okura
Pronounced Kai - a -day
Nickname(s)/Alias Kaede Valtyr
Age Twenty-seven
Born 1551
Birthplace Doma, Othard
Race Au Ra, Raen
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Guardian Oschon
Height Five fulms two ilms
Weight One hundred and thirty-three ponz
Physique Muscular build
Hair Cadet blue
Eyes Cobalt blue
Skin Alabaster
Scars Various sized scars litter her back. There are faint, tiny, burn scars on her left bicep. Along with petite ones on her fingertips
Clothing Usually something comfortable, but high end
Keywords Warm, elegant, business demeanor, well mannered & protective
Hobbies Drawing, working with different types of wood & metals, playing the harpsicord
Likes Wine, drawing, whittling wood, nature, exercising, playing the lute & harpsicord
Dislikes Legal work, politics, political figures, Garleans, abuse, dishonorable people, neglectful parents, strong alcohol, desert regions
Core Motivator Melodie Valtyr, her family, keeping her honor
Fears Losing her loved ones, having to go on the run
Greatest Accomplishment Starting, and owning, a successful ship building company based in Limsa Lominsa
Greatest Regret Bringing Raelyn Pyr Harlan into her familys’ life
IC Profession Merchant apart of the Ironmonger caravan, also Melodie Valtyr’s protector
IC Soulstone Dark Knight, Ninja, Pugilist, Samurai when it is released
Combat Style Her role is to protect Melodie Valtyr, and the other Valtyrs at all costs
Physical Advantages Due to the time she spent training in the early years of her life Kaede is stronger than average
Physical limitations Isn’t good using magic, isn’t very dexterous
Non-combat Carpentry, Blacksmithing, Botany
Skills Swordplay, hand to hand combat, using knives
Primary Weapon Claymore
Secondary Weapon Daggers
Username Kaede V.
Time Zone Eastern Standard Time
Server Balmung
Free Companies Ironmongers

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Basic Info

ThemeLady of War

One would never assume just by looking at the cadet haired Raen that this woman has been through many trials, and tribulations, over the expanse of her life. Kaede Okaura has felt her fair share of happiness, pain, and had to endure a lot throughout her life, and yet still she perseveres. Endurance, strength, are two words that describe her perfectly. Her unwillingness to ever give into the odds that are so stacked against her. Some call her stubborn, others foolish, but she is not one who breaks easily. From growing up as a samurai, to traveling Othard, even to escaping Ul'dah and heading to Ishgard with her lover she's kept her head held high.


Whittling Woode
Working in the outdoors
Playing the lute, harp, and harpsichord
Spicy foods


Legal work
Political figures
Desert regions
Bland tastes
Dishonorable People
Bad and/or neglectful parents


Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Vice(s): Doesn’t really have any
Favorite Food: Rice with soy sauce, noodles cooked in beef stock with vegetables and an egg, raw fish wrapped up in seaweed
Favorite Drink: Wine
Favorite Color(s): Pure white, jet black, wine red, pastel blue, seafog blue, void blue, sky blue, deepwood green


Lack of magical abilities
Is not very dexterous


Skin deep beauty

Skin deep beauty

When one typically imagines a Raen woman they often think petite, and slender. The word frail coming to mind sometimes. Kaede couldn’t be further from the stereotype. For a female Raen she tops the scale in height at five fulms, and two ilms, putting her above most women of her kind. At an early age Kaede was drawn to the path of a samurai, and began physical training to eventually go down that road. Pair that with a healthy diet rich in vitamins and proteins, the fact her family was well off financially, and her mother being a successful doctor in Doma, allowed her to grow up in the proper healthy environment. Factoring all of that into the equation it is no wonder why the woman weighs a steady one hundred and thirty-three ponz. Fatty substances hardly exist within her body. A majority of her weight is ninety-five percent muscle. Her overall muscle mass toned, and in peak physical condition. However the Raen is not overly muscular to the point it diminishes her beauty. Curves are delicately carved, leading to a voluptuous hip. Her gender is quite noticeable for the fact that this Au Ra is well endowed in the chest department, bordering on an E cup.

Noticeable things about Kaede

Noticeable things about Kaede

Voice: Maura Isles (the blonde) More often than not Kaede’s tone is gentle, and syllables containing an air of elegance to them. Both hinting at her proper education, as well as the wealthy background she grew up in. Common is not her first language, Doma is. Very rarely does her Common slip up, but sometimes she’ll spell things wrong, or mess up on pronouncing a word. When she is frustrated her words will switch between Doma, and Common.

Scars & Markings: On her fingertips, of you look close enough, you can see small scars that litter the slender digits. Years of working with an awl, and knives, show upon her flesh. Upon Kaede’s left bicep are petite burn scars from hot sparks, and coals, that fly about while smithing. A majority of scars are on her back. Clear signs of a painful past as a woman enslaved to war.

Physical Features: Most notable about Kaede, at first glance, is not her beauty but rather her height. For an Au Ra Raen woman she is quite tall, hitting their max height at five fulms two ilms. Not just that, but she is rather muscular for a woman of her race. Picture of what Kaede's muscular structure looks like




Kaede was born into a wealthy family back in Doma, giving her several advantages. At the age of six she picked the path of samurai. She grew up admiring their honor, and strength. So when she made her goals known her parents put her on a high protein, and vitamin, diet. Her meals mostly consisting of meats, nuts, or eggs along with several fruits, and vegetables. Helping her body become stronger than the typical Raen’s. Training as a samurai started off at an early age, and through her dedication, rigorous training exercises, and discipline, her hard work paid off in form of toned muscles, and a more rigid physique. Kaede’s body was trained to not just endure long bouts of battle, but how to take a beating as well. Giving her a higher endurance level, and strength.

Swordplay is her greatest strength. Her instructor made it a point to train her in the ways of many swords. Ranging from a regular sword, to katana, even to using a claymore. Covering a lot of bases so her options would never be so limited. Included in her training was hand to hand combat so that should her weapon ever been taken, or discarded in battle, that Kaede would still have a fighting chance. She knows numerous defensive positions, as well as offensive attacks. Lastly her father made sure that his daughter had basic knowledge of how to use daggers.



Where Kaede has several strong points there are things that she lacks vastly in. Starting with her dexterity. For the majority of her training Kaede was mostly building up strength, and endurance, leaving out any lessons on being dexterous. She’ll be the first to admit that she isn’t the fastest of runners, and she certainly cannot jump with the grace of a Miqo’te, and lacks the flexibility of a ninja or dancer. Sometimes Kaede can be rather clumsy, and trip over nothing.

Another point of weakness is when it comes to her ability to not only use magic, but her ability to ward off magical attacks. Unfortunately she did not inherit her mother’s ability to manipulate the aether around them to heal folks, or to tap into the energy to use as a defense, or an attack. It is only when a loved one, or Kaede, is threatened that she can tap into any magical abilities, and even that is limited by her love for the person.



In combat is where Kaede truly shines. Out on the battlefield is where she calls home. Despite her training, and the path of the samurai she walks, Kaede does not get into senseless battles. Anytime she pulls out her katana, or sword, it must have a clearly justified cause. Such as protecting her lover, or family. Or defending someone weak, or innocent, from an abuser. She does not fight for sport, or the sake of entertainment. You will only see the Doman woman draw her blade when there is a greater cause. To her pointless fighting is a disgrace, and the actions of someone with no honor, or pride.

When she does go into battle all those years of training, and traveling Othard, become evident. Every move Kaede makes is calculated quickly. The demeanor of a business woman, that she usually holds, fades and is replaced by someone quite serious. Her mind focuses purely on her opponent, and their surroundings. Nothing else matters at that point. There have been points in battle that Kaede has turned off her emotions completely, numbing herself from any possible remorse, or regret, when executing someone.

Memoirs of a lady samurai

Early Years

Early Years
Coming soon

The path of a samurai

The path of a samurai
Coming soon

Brave new land: Eorzea

Brave new land: Eorzea
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Travels to Ishgard

Travels to Ishgard
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Current time

Current time
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Social Section


Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
■ ‘Ah the lass who owned Cedar Awl Industry! Heard she handed over her business a year back. No one really knows why tho’ ‘ - Dock worker in Limsa
■ ‘She’s a kind woman with a gentle soul. Saw her in Limsa taking some orphans out to lunch at the Bismark. She even rented an inn room for them all to sleep in for the night.’ - Bismark patron
■ ‘Once at the Drowning Wench there was these men picking on a poor woman. Yanking her, pushing her ‘round the group. Well in walks this Au Ra chick right? Beautiful I tell ya. Long azure hair, fair skin. Anyway she strolls very casually up to the brutes, and wipes the floor with their asses. All ‘cause they abused a woman.’ - Bartender at the Drowning Wench
■ 'She's often around several other women, all sharing the same last name. Don't know if they're family, or lovers. People tell me to go with the latter more often than not.' - Nosy merchant in Ul’dah
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
■ 'Kaede Okura. Yea, I've heard that name. She's one of the many refugees that came over from Othard. She managed to come over with some wealth. Started up a business of her own several weeks after being here. Kind woman she is. Ms. Okura hired refugees, and the homeless of Limsa, to work at her ship building industry. Gave 'em all purpose again.' - A blacksmith in Limsa
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
■ ‘Rumor has it she’s wanted by the Garleans for killing one of their Pyr’s.’ - Brass Blade posted at the Ceruleum Processing Plant
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players. Feel free to add things here!)


💘 Lover 💗 Sexual Desire Belongs to 💑 In a relationship Good Standing Neutral Standing Poor Standing
💗 💑 Melodie Valtyr

Several months after getting Cedar Awl Industry off of the ground, Melodie Valytr entered Kaede's life. It was impossible to not be pulled in by the Merchant Queen’s gravity for there is this unshakeable magnetism about her. Helpless she was when it came to falling in love with the caramel beauty. Melodie had come to her to inquire about Kaede’s business, and possibly having the Doman samurai build one for her. Since the moment she spoke she had the Au Ra hooked. One month later the two became lovers, and when Melodie went on the run, Kaede followed and protected her. Through both the positive times, and the negative, the Doman woman has never strayed from the once grand Merchant Queen’s side. Instead remaining a constant factor in Ms. Valtyr’s life. Between them is a bond that cannot be easily severed, no matter how hard this life has tried. She’d go to any length to protect Melodie, and over that year she made that quite obvious.

💘 Ashley Kirine

Stubborn, and dense, are the two words that often come to mind when Ashley is brought up, or is around. The Miqo'te warrior has proven to be quite a challenge at times. Having little manners, and no tact at all. Not to mention her lack of proper grammar. Yet it isn't all negative. Ashley has an extraordinary soul, and a kind heart. She became someone Kaede could trust rather quickly. During the low points in her life, when she came to Eorzea, the mocha woman stuck by her side. Constantly checking, and ensuring, that the Raen is doing okay. These two sometimes rub each other the wrong way, and the two sometimes get into rather nasty verbal disagreements, they seem to always make up at the end. Kaede has found Ashley's quirks to be quite adorable at times, and the goofy immature antics of the Miqo'te make her chuckle. On bad days Ashley makes her smile with how much of a goober she can be. Another of Melodie's lovers that Kaede is fond of, and close good friends with.

K'lia Valtyr
💘 K'lia Valtyr

K'lia Valtyr is the first wife of Melodie. Admittedly when Kaede first met the pink haired Miqo she was a bit anxious that K'lia wouldn't like her. To her surprise they instantly clicked on a multitude of levels. K'lia carries herself with confidence, and presents herself with elegance, and grace. Articulate, and warm, she is very easy to confide in after a long day. Even though K'lia is several years younger than the Doman Raen she has a motherly aura about her, and does not hesitate to scold Kaede, or mother her, when the Au Ra is careless, or does something idiotic. Something that Kaede finds fascinating is that K'lia is wise beyond her years, and enjoys having intellectual conversations with her. Their travels to Ishgard together provided some rough patches in their relation, but they made it through. K'lia is someone Kaede respects, and trusts, a great deal. Her word, her feelings, what she thinks, is important to the Raen. Out of all the women that Melodie involves herself with she is closer to K'lia than most. Considering her a great friend, and has grown fond of her in the time they've spent together.

Placeholder person.gif
💘 Milulu

Milulu is another woman who is often in the company of Melodie. A young woman with a brilliant mind, but sordid past. She use to hold herself up a lot in her workshop, so the two never really had much time to spend together and bond. Milu is someone Kaede finds to be adorable, much like Zu, but there have been times where she's actually bit a tad bit scary. When the Valtyrs went on the run they had found themselves in Castrum Centri, where it became known that Milulu had worked for the Garleans, and is considered by them to still be one of their chief engineers. She had deceived the Garleans into thinking that Melodie, Kaede, and the others were her prisoners. Never discussing this plan with the group before hand the Merchant Queen, Kaede, and the others honestly believed that they had been betrayed. In the process Melodie was wounded, but the group managed to escape with the help of Milulu. Things have been a little awkward since, and at the very end of that ordeal at Castrum Kaede was bitter toward Milulu for an extent of time. However, over their travels and time, her tensions toward Milulu have ceased entirely. Keade is at the point she feels that her bond with the other Raen needs to be rebuilt entirely.

Placeholder person.gif
💘 Zutsutsu Valtyr

Zutsutsu is the second wife to Melodie Valtyr, and quite adorable to boot. When first encountering her it is rather difficult to not find her adorable. Be it her facial features, how she refers to herself in the third person and being soft spoken, or to her insane craving for sweets. Kaede found herself pulled in by how cute Zu is. Sometimes there are points where she finds it hard to not take up a motherly role around Zu for the Xaela seems so sweet, and innocent. Over their travels together Kaede learned how to make sweet desserts to always keep a supply on hand for whenever Zutsutsu is hungry. There are time she even shares half of her meal with the Xaela. After learning about Zu's troubled past with the Garleans the Raen has found herself becoming more protective over the second wife, despite knowing Zu can take care of herself and is well capable in battle.

Theme Song

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