Katiti Kati

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 Katiti Kati
Why can't people just follow the rules?
Bearer of the Coffer
Gender Female
Race Lalafell
Clan Plainsfolk
Citizenship La Noscean
Age 24
Height 2'10
Weight 25
Profession Receptionist
Patron Deity Nophica
Server Balmung


Katiti is a Plainsfolk Lalafell, standing 2 foot 10. She has long red hair that she keeps straight mixed with green eyes. Her face is a bit dainty and covered in a fair amount of freckles, and some sunburn if it's been a particular sunny season. She generally wears glasses for the sake of reading and moving around, though she can do without them.


  • Katiti is generally a kind and welcoming individual, though she can come off as stoic or uninterested in conversations.
  • She holds decorum and behavior to a high degree, oftentimes lecturing people for missteps in mannerisms or social slights.
  • She's prone to overworking herself on a large variety of projects, often afraid to say no to doing them.
  • She will put aside her own problems for other people's issues, even to her own detriment.
  • She has an incredible dislike for loud conflict and fighting, and will do anything to stop or preventing it; often making it worse.


  • Candy and Sweets
  • Warm and fuzzy things
  • Romantic novellas and history books
  • Quiet evenings and mornings


  • Fighting, arguing, and loud rowdy individuals
  • Anything or anywhere cold
  • Rain and thunderstorms


  • Natural, though largely untapped, affinity for aether and magic
  • Math, financing, and general knowledge
  • Strong attention to detail


  • Physically frail
  • Tends to avoid physical conflict
  • Quick to anger and frustrate
  • Excessively stubborn


Katiti was born into a family that simply could not support her at the time. Money woes brought on constant heated arguments between the two lalafellian parents over the years. By the time Katiti was ten; they had split apart, leaving the girl alone and blaming herself. Her uncle had at that point took her in, where she grew up and worked on the farm to make her way, often playing and taking care of the dodos. As time went on, she was given more and more responsibility, going with the caravans into La Noscea, watching the trading and selling of their goods, and sneaking time away in the Arcanist's Guild library.

When the Cataclysm occurred, her world view was shaken apart. The entire world around her changed, and she couldn't understand why or how, so she began reading more and more on the other nations. Eventually this grew into a desire to travel and explore. With her uncle's blessing she set off for the nearest city, Ul'dah.

However, she failed at being an adventurer and an explorer, instead finding she had skill in budgeting, teaching, and managing. As time moved on, she eventually set aside her dreams and was swooped up by Gus Pumpkinweed into his cafe business, working a side-job as a teacher for Ado.

Time went on and eventually she sought work with a number of other companies. Working with the Free Wing Society, and eventually landing a job as receptionist at Vylbrand Academy.

Affiliations and Known Associates


  • Adokenai Kodomo - Katiti is Ado's teacher, and feels its up to her to guide him and teach him correctly.
  • Rock Shattermouth - Rock and Katiti shared a number of conversations, often venting her fustrations on him.
  • Lilithium Altair - Katiti considers Lili an overall good friend, and was hired by her officially as Ado's teacher.
  • Vasque Desmarais - Katiti grew close to the doctor, but time and work rarely permits the two to meet.
  • Zoey Holendoey - One of the few people Katiti opens up to. While they are close friends, Katiti resents her for having everything she wants.


  • Y'uraq Tia - Katiti once had a relationship with him, but it quickly ended as he rejoined his ex, leaving her broken-hearted and resentful.


  • Gus Pumpkinweed - Katiti's relationship with Gus is complicated, messy, and filled with periods of very high highs and very low lows.


The following rumours can be heard about Katiti. (If your character has an opinion about her, feel free to add it here.)

  • She's really hates it when people fight I've watched her try and break up multiple fights. I've seen her really angry too the only comparison would be an ancient evil rising from the depths and as it roars it tears my flesh from the bones. - S'imba Tia
  • "I met her around when I met Ado. She's a very sweet woman, though I worry that all her daily stressors are going to make her ill." - Lilithium Altair
  • "Miss Katiti is a woman of upstanding values and practicality. She could do with a little more optimism, though!" - Locke Rinannis

Known Haunts

You might have run into or otherwise know Katiti from:

  • Any Pumpkin Cafe Event
  • The Quicksand
  • Vylbrand Academy
  • The now defunct Dodo Consortium