Korynna Tahl

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Gridania-transparent.png Korynna Tahl
Korynna Tahl.jpg
Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Hellsguard
Citizenship Gridania
Age 26
Birthplace Northern Thanalan
Pronunciation ko-RIN-ah TAHL

Basic Information

Korynna Tahl is a somewhat gruff, stand-offish soul, who often looks at the world with distrust and suspicion. She values her family, and the few friends who have earned her trust. Despite her outward appearances, she is at heart a protector, with a deep disdain for bullies.


Korynna is of average height for her race, with long black hair, golden eyes, and skin of reddish hue. She is fairly strong, having spent much of her life hauling goods or swinging a sword.


Koryanna tends to speak much less often than either of her sisters, and has a somewhat stilted style of speaking when she does. Glares, glances, sneers, rolling-of-the-eyes, and other gestures tend to be more the basis of communication. When she does speak, she will often speak harshly or bluntly, except when angered - when angered, her tone becomes cold, and her vocabulary clipped, precise, and extremely formal.

She is very distrustful of people, especially those from the Thanalan region, and most especially other Hellguard. Kori also has a deep and abiding hatred for the slave trade and anyone connected to it, unless they are fellow survivors. Whenever possible, she will avoid traveling in Thanalan.

However, when with her family, Kori is a different person. She is very protective of both her younger sisters, and of their mother - with them, her features visibly soften, and her tone of voice is much milder.


Kori is a swordswoman. She carries both sword and shield into battle - but only when she must. She prefers helping with her mother’s business, overseeing shipments and occasionally traveling to obtain new plant cuttings for various herbs.



Khalynn “Kallie” Tahl -  Adoptive mother. The eldest Tahl is an herbalist and merchant, a business she originally started with her husband and stepson. While they would raise the crops back home in Gridania, she would oversee the sale, shipment, and delivery of their goods across Eorzea. But when the stirring troubles and war robbed her of both, she continued on alone, determined not to let the business her husband so loved to fail. Kallie is a compassionate soul, and took in several children during her travels, usually helping to find them new homes and families, if not taking the children home herself. All her children, including the stepson whom she lost to the war, were foundlings.

Kallie is now semi-retired, and stays in Gridania overseeing the business from the safety of home, while leaving the traveling to Kori and her assistants.

Talathar Khalynn -  Middle child of the Tahl family, a Dunesfolk Lalafell. A healer and conjurer, Tala is somewhat childlike in her innocence, but dedicated to the healing arts. She suffers from memory loss - a result of an accident, which M’yr blames herself for, despite Kori’s reassurances that it was not her fault. Tala is believed to be around 20, but no one is quite sure because of the amnesia.

M'yrissa Tahl -  Youngest of the Tahl children, M’yrissa is a young Keeper Miqo’te, who only recently celebrated her 17th year. M’yr is a fairly serious young scholar, currently in Limsa Lominsa, studying Arcanistry.


Arcos Kojin -  Hyur swordsman, in charge of the Random Collective Free Company. A friend of her sister Talathar.

Conconkaki Papakaki -  Lalafell arcanist, hailing from Thanalan. The Tahl family met him around 4 years ago, during one of the extended journeys their mother Kallie occasionally underwent to obtain rare plant cuttings. Kori remembers the Lalafell, although he was closer to Tala than the other two Tahl sisters.

Zane Purestrike -  Miqo’te swordsman of the Random Collective. Because of their similar origins, Kori has great respect for the man.


Kori was born into servitude, and for the first 8 years of her life, knew only in misery.

Her mother had been a beautiful but poor woman, who died of complications shortly after Kori’s birth. Her father had been slain in a duel, by a cruel and ruthless mercenary who claimed Kori’s mother as a prize. The mercenary, angered at the loss of the woman, tossed the unwanted child to his slaves. One woman took pity on the infant, and cared for her as best she could. At age 5, she was plucked from the slave quarters and traded to a different master, who kept the child chained in the yard as a pet for his teenaged boys. She had no true name, and was called such things as “worthless trash” and “nameless dog” by the pair of boys.

When she was about 8 years old, the man died, and his family fell upon hard times. The boys looked to sell their “dog” for a quick profit. On the side of the trade road, they offered the girl to a wagon driver for a “cheap price” - the traveler was taken aback, but agreed, paid the price they asked, took the child in.

The traveler was Kallie Tahl, an herb merchant from the Twelveswood. She and her stepson Korinth cared for the child, making sure she was clothed, fed, and warm. It was the first kindness she had seen in three years.

Eventually, they returned to the Twelveswood, taking the child home with them. Because the child had no name, and did not want a Roegadyn name, they named her Korynna, after the coriander plant.

When Kori turned 12, she lost her stepfather and stepbrother - the two were taking a short trip to Quarrymill with a small group of travelers for safety, only to be slain by raiders. Among the travelers were a mixed Miqo’te couple, and their 3-year-old daughter, M’yrissa. Although the parents perished, the young child survived. When Kallie and Kori went to claim the bodies of their slain, the Hyur woman took the child into her home.

Four years later, on the way home from a trip to Thanalan, Kori found a lost Lalafell child alongside the road. The child was dressed in rags, and was clearly suffering from fever, malnutrition, and from the many wounds across her body, possibly deeper trauma. The teenager quickly gathered up the injured child and rushed her to her mother’s wagon, and they tended her wounds as best they could until they reached the next settlement with a healer. Luckily, the Conjurer’s powers helped to heal the child’s wounds - even the older ones - with very little scarring.

Once nursed back to health, the child did not speak, and was extremely shy and fearful of both the Hyur woman and her eldest Roegadyn child. She seemed least frightened of the youngest Tahl, M’yrissa, who was at the time a cheerful child of 7. After weeks of coaxing, the child shared that she was called Tala, but little else of her past. Slowly, the shy child opened up more towards her adopted family.

About six years ago, while their mother was away on one of her journeys, the two youngest Tahls were playing beside a large river when Tala fell in. M'yr tried to save the little Lalafell, but almost drowned herself. Luckily, Korynna was able to haul them both back to shore, but not before Tala's head harshly struck the stones of the riverbed. Tala not only suffered a concussion from the misadventure, but she also lost most of her memories. At this time, the Lalafell's personality shifted as well, and the youngster became much more personable and outgoing.

The plight of the small Lalafell brought back painful memories for Kori, and at that time, she asked her mother’s permission to begin serious training in swordplay. While she did not wish to seek out conflict, Kori felt she needed to learn how to defend her loved ones. Since then, she has divided her time between helping her mother with the family business, and training in swordplay.


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