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Nailah Quill
Hopeless Wanderer


Nailah is a character that has been bitten by a relentless wanderlust. She's always on the move, passing over the borders of Eorzea's many regions with sometimes just days in between. Where she arrives, she's usually a known face to many traders and merchants. She lives off of trading, bringing far-away items to the right location for the right price. She is prone to visit bars along her way, especially if she's run out of wine. To soothe the ache of her mind, she drinks on a daily basis. Meeting her sober isn't an impossibility, but oftentimes she's a little tipsy. Fortunately for her, she's a very functional drunk, and it can be hard to tell just how much she's had to drink. When she isn't hard at work, she likes to socialize, and can often be seen at larger gatherings. She visits her friends as much as she feels for, or in some cases, as much as her habits will allow. To them she is fiercely loyal, and it takes quite a lot for her to turn her back on them, even if she knows what they're doing is wrong.

Lookswise, one of the most notable things about Nailah is her height, or rather lack thereof. She claims herself to be a highlander, and her other features such as her build and her strength seem to hint towards that it is the truth. Yet, she lacks the height that her kind is so known for, which has caused her some hassle over the years. Her skin is of a fair hue, and she often has a tan because of the time she spends outside. Furthermore, she uses oils to keep it healthy and ward against the strongest of the sun's damage as she is a little more prone to getting burns if she isn't careful. Her hair is of deep red hue which appears to be completely natural for her. She has grey eyes, and her sight is nearly perfect. On her left cheek is a tattoo which she touches up with some enduring facepaint now and again. She is most often seen wearing clothes made of simple cloth or leather. Her style is practical, and she tends to go for dark and earthly colors along with the odd red or white. She only wears dresses if it's for a specific occasion or she somehow lost a bet. She always has some manner of bag with her, be it a larger one fit for long travels or a smaller one fit for citystate visits. Additionally she has pouches hanging from her belt, and often keeps gil in more than one place.

"I'm not lost. I know exactly where I am going! You're lost!"

Art by Meishali

☬ Race

☬ Clan

☬ Gender

     Hyur      Highlander      Female
☬ Age

☬ Height

☬ Weight

     30 yrs      5 fulms 5 ilms      150 ponzes
☬ Hair Color

☬ Eye Color

     Deep Red      Grey
☬ Complexion

☬ Marks or Tattoos

     Fair - Often with tan.      Tattoo on left cheek. Scars: Left shoulder, back, legs, hands.


Spoiler notice: The following contains spoiler information. Proceed at your own risk.

Nailah was born in Ala Mhigo, and was around 4 years old when the fall happened. She was raised in Ul'dah for the rest of her childhood. Ask her how she feels about it sometime, she might just tell you.


Nailah's teenage years was full of trial and error. She's had brushes with death because of her own stupidity and lack of knowledge. Somehow she's made it to where she is now. Ask her how that came to be, she might just tell you.


Nailah has in the past three years been on a journey that seems to have her complete a circle of sorts. From living on the road, to joining and leading a rag-tag group of "reformed" former garleans, to founding her own company and leading it right until a sudden bankruptcy..

These days, Nailah is back to what she'd call her roots. She has recently signed on with the company known as Jackal and Hide, where she scouts out work opportunities as she travels through Eorzea and brings them for them to fullfil. This gives her a steady income, however she is still deeply dependent on her sales as a trader in order to maintain the standard of living she's comfortable with. She has no permanent place of residence, which has her shelling out gil for innrooms on a frequent basis. She often attends social events, and is actively trying to strengthen her network with contacts both among the rich and poor.

β›“ RUMORS β›“

β˜…β˜†β˜† COMMON RUMORS - Use to your heart's content.

"She used to lead a company you know. Talk about a fall from grace.." ─ Ul'dahn Citizen.

"She trades quite a bit. I once bought a bottle of wine meant only for the tables of the rich in Ishgard from her. I wonder how she got it in the first place" ─ Happy commoner, Ul'dah.

"I've seen her head towards the Ossaury on numerous occasions. Do you really think they're training a highlander just like that?" ─ Lalafell merchant.

β˜…β˜…β˜† UNCOMMON RUMORS - Use sparingly, or ask before using or mentioning them IRP.

"I could've sworn I saw her hand over some things to that guy, you know the one we think is a dealer?." ─ From one midlander to another, location unknown.

"Nailah? Stay away from her. She's got enough influence to kill." ─ Potentially former bandit, Thanalan.

"I wonder who she's with now.. " ─ Random traveler, around and abouts.

β˜…β˜…β˜… RARE RUMORS - Ask before using, or mentioning them IRP.

"She's been marked for a while. It's only because she stays near people that she's not been caught you know? She used to go alone on the road. Not anymore. Am I really the only one who's noticed?" ─ Criminal bounty hunter

"I'm going to get my revenge.. " ─ Sole surviving thug of a group squashed under Nailah's command

"Don't haggle with her. She cheats." ─ Scorned merchant, Ul'dah.

β—Šβ—Šβ—Š PLAYER CHARACTERS RUMORS - Feel free to add your own!

β—Š "Oh aye, Nailah seems a nice lass. Been a pleasure workin' wiv 'er. Sure knows 'er liquors too." ─ J'inarah Marad
β—Š "Miss Sastra? Truly, one owes her much. Mayhaps more than she could ever know, given the turns life has taken since those first suns, so long ago. A kinder heart thou shall struggle to find 'cross all Eorzea." ─ W'pondahl Amih
β—Š "She's a highlander and a bit of a brute. Spat at my feet after I offered her the two hundred gil, right in the Quicksand. Felt bad for Momodi having to clean that up. She throws a mean right-hook, as well. Broke my nose. Blackmail and kidnapping isn't above her, either. I wouldn't mess with her if I were you." ─ Haydn'to Kalmar
β—Š "Sastra? Aye, I know her." the earthen-skinned Highlander intones in a long, slow rumble. "Goes by her real name, Nailah now. A woman at home on the open road. How she deigns to stay caged by her position is a marvel beyond my comprehension." ─ Dural Shieldsplitter
β—Š "Nailah, eh? Well shit, knew tha' girly back when sh'called 'erself Sastra n'shit. Been more'n a cycle now, I reckon. Respect 'er more'n I do a lo' o'folk. Stood up f'me n'can see shit m'way o'er th'res' o'the fucks tha' go' sticks up their asses. Ain't much care f'er bus'ness or nothin', bu' I'll b'round when sh'calls f'my 'elp." ─ Ronin'ra Jinehga
β—Š "Nailah? Says she's an 'ighlander, but honest? Ah've met Lalafell taller! Jokin' aside though, s' clear she cares fer 'er folk more'n anythin' cept f' maybe a nice glass've red, an' that says more'n words ever could as to 'er character, ah reckon" ─ J'kilid Tia
β—Š "She's a good woman who has a tendency to land herself in trouble. But hells, I feel like that's a talent her whole family's got. I would warn ya though, if ya have any intentions of askin' her out, I hear she's got an older brother who'll rough you up if you cause any problems. " ─ Arnvidar Swiftheart.
β—Š "Nai... I love my little sister very, very much, but she is complex. She's a loner. But she's also really not. She's really independent and strong. And sometimes... well, sometimes she needs space where she doesn't have to be. But if she's anything, she's loyal. And warm and loving and fierce. I'm not surprised why she's taken to fire so easily, really. But please... don't give her any reasons to burn you. She's been through enough, and she has a list of allies a malm long right behind her that will see her through any hardship. That's not any sort of threat, though! It's just a fact." ─ Ophelia Gale
β—Š "Nailah. What can I say about her that hasn't already been said before? She's such an interesting person, I suppose. She can appear almost aloof on the outside, but once you get to know her, she's like this whole other person. And she's had so much weight to bear on her shoulders, it makes you want to stand with her and support her. I'm glad I met her." ─ Rufus Wightman
β—Š "Swears like a sailor, acts like a vagrant. What she lacks in majesty, she makes up for it in hard work. I can not say she is talented but... Well, the woman is willing. And what is better than will, to practice magic? I highly doubt thaumaturgy was meant for her, in any case." ─ Nathaniel of Salem
β—Š "Nailah? Aye she is a nice lass, I reckon she is probably one of the most dangerous folk I know these days as well. She is proper interesting too mind you and she ain't too bad on the eyes either, ey?! Don't bloody tell her I said that though!" ─ Emreg Belthen
β—Š "I won't argue about it, I greatly enjoy the company of the Damsel. Not because I can tease her to no end and have to deal with some retaliations afterward. Well, it's part of. But she is also a genuinely interesting one, who also always surprise me or pretty much. And she has great wines. All the more reasons to like her" ─ Simeon Sibaruse

β—Š "What your own character thinks of this character." ─ Your character's name, and title/occupation (optional).
If you need help adding a rumor, PM/tell me and I'll edit it in.


β–  Ul'dah | Very Often
β–  Arrzaneth Ossuary | Often
β–  Thanalan | Very Often
β–  Limsa Lominsa | Occasionally
β–  La Noscea, The Mists | Often
β–  The Black Shroud, Gridania (low probability)
β–  La Noscea, Limsa Lominsa (low probability)
β– [πŸ”’] ??? Ul'dah, Black Market | Rarely, but probable.


β–  Jackal & Hide | Scout
β–  Thaumaturges' Guild | Student
β–  The Flames | Listed as a former Free Company leader.

β™› ─ MIND
β–Ί Wine/Alcohol
β–Ί Good food
β–Ί Socializing
β–Ί Helping Friends
β–Ί Listening
β–Ί Finding Answers
β–Ί Thraumaturgy
β–Ί Music
β–Ί Traditions
β–Ί Ala Mhigo
β–Ί Highlanders


β–Ί Most Lalafell
β–Ί Most Nobles
β–Ί Being treated like a damsel
β–Ί Wasted opportunities
β–Ί Bad deals
β–Ί Excessive amounts of trouble

β–Ί Fat Cats
β–Ί Cats
β–Ί Cats
β–Ί Cats
β–Ί Cats


β–Ί Comitting to relationships
β–Ί The sensation of missing or longing for someone
β–Ί Most Garleans

─ Keys ─
[🌟] : Skill received upon roleplay development.

[πŸ”’] : Spoiler alert! A skill or non-skill the character conceals. Nobody is supposed to know about it. Select the text to reveal it.


β– [🌟] WRITING
β– [🌟] READING
β– [πŸ”’] ??? SINGING



β€œ???” ─To Character's Name, during (roleplay scene).
β€œ???” ─To Character's Name, during (roleplay scene).
β€œ???” ─To Character's Name, during (roleplay scene).


 ??? ─ Who knows.
 ??? ─ Who knows.
 ??? ─ Who knows.


Mumford & Sons - Hopeless Wanderer
Blackmore's Night - Home Again


 ??? ─ Who knows.
 ??? ─ Who knows.
 ??? ─ Who knows.

Whitetrinket.png  RELATIONSHIPS

─ Icons & Their Meaning ─

FAMILY.png ─ Family or Blood Ties
FRIENDSHIP.png ─ Friendship
ROMANCE.png ─ Romantically involved
HATE.png ─ Hated
FEAR.png ─ Feared
TEACHER.png ─ Teacher or Mentor
STUDENT.png ─ Student or Apprentice
WHEREABOUTS UNKNOWN.png ─ Whereabouts Unknown or Hasn't seen them in a while

PATRON.png ─ Employer or Patron
COLLEAGUE.png ─ Colleague
ATTRACTION.png ─ Physical Attraction
MARRIAGE.png ─ Marriage*
RIVALRY.png ─ Rivalry
DECEASED.png ─ Deceased
UNKNOWN.png ─ Unknown or Hidden Feelings**
0 placeholder.png ─ Placeholder

2 positive.png ─ Positive standing
3 neutral.png ─ Neutral standing
1 negative.png ─ Negative standing
Marriage*: Married in the eyes of the law/the twelve/according to the tribe's customs. This does not mean the characters are romantically involved.
Unknown or Hidden Feelings**: This character has one of all the keys above, but the character isn't fully aware of it yet, in denial, or overlooking it
FRIENDSHIP.png Positive, Friends & Allies
PH 100.png

Ophelia Gale ─ Sister


SUMMARY: Ophelia is one of the two siblings Nailah was seperated from during the turmoil in Ala Mhigo. Their reunion was somewhat of a random happenstance, where Nailah slowly realized why Ophelia seemed so familiar. Though they do not see each other often, and their shared experiences haven't always been good, she wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.
PH 100.png

Arnvidar Swiftheart ─ Brother


SUMMARY: Arnvidar is the oldest of Nailah's two siblings. Like Ophelia, they were seperated when Nailah was still very young. She finds great joy in having been reunited with Arnvidar, having fond memories from her childhood still intact. She tolerates his brotherly teasing, and can often be seen from one of her most true sides when she talks with him. She is also very proud of him training as a monk.
PH 100.png

Aeron Volkova ─ The Unlikely Friend

FRIENDSHIP.png ATTRACTION.png 2 positive.png

SUMMARY: Aeron and Nailah have been friends for well more than one cycle by now. She's not entirely sure how they ended up being as good friends as they are, because she usually doesn't give nobles a chance to prove they aren't all a bunch of selfish twats. Aeron seems different, and yet not. He's got the culture, and certainly the wealth, but his personality seems to reach beyond what he's been brought up to become.

PH 100.png

N'khai Nunh ─ Confidant

FRIENDSHIP.png UNKNOWN.png 2 positive.png

SUMMARY: N'khai first got to know Nailah through her old company, where she widely regarded him as one of the most trustworthy people she's ever hired. She has some shared secrets with him, and he is one of the few she would share everything with. She does not see him frequently, however, due to busy lives.
PH 100.png

Rufus Wightman ─ Friend


SUMMARY: Nailah has known Rufus for about six moons now, having met him through social circumstances. They never really managed to talk a whole lot whilst Nailah still had her company, but that has all changed in the time that has elapsed since. She's grown quite fond of Rufus, and has an intention to try and help him overcome some of his problems.
PH 100.png

Simeon Sibaruse ─ Friend

FRIENDSHIP.png 2 positive.png

SUMMARY: Nailah met Simeon for the first time in the Quicksand, Ul'dah. They seem to have an easy time finding interesting things to talk about, and in recent time their friendship has taken a turn for the teasing. They both have nicknames for each other, and seem to enjoy trying to embarrass each other and generally speaking upholding some friendly animosity.
PH 100.png

Ronin'ra Jinehga ─ Allie


SUMMARY: They have been through a whole lot more than what rightfully seems fair. Despite everything, they've managed to stay friends and he's been an invaluable help to her.
PH 100.png

L'dhala Nunh ─ Friend

FRIENDSHIP.png COLLEAGUE.png 2 positive.png

SUMMARY: She's managed to bump into him on numerous occasions, and since she signed on with the Jackals they've become friends.
PH 100.png

W'gahr Lupercal ─ Allie

COLLEAGUE.png 2 positive.png

SUMMARY: Luper managed to work for Nailah for almost a year, and now they work side by side with the Jackals.
PH 100.png

W'pondahl Amih ─ Dear Friend


SUMMARY: In what feels like the dawn of time, W'pondahl sought to work for Nailahs company, immediately making quite the impression as she seemed to panic every time someone as much as touched her. Nailah has been trying to help Pond with this problem, and over time that has forged a friendship where Nailah finds Pond rather endearing. Hell would come down upon anyone who hurt this girl.
PH 100.png

Itavo Jahdel ─ Friend

FRIENDSHIP.png 2 positive.png

SUMMARY: Itavo and Nailah have known eachother for some time. He's one of the few who has managed to convince her to go on a date, though as is the usual for her, nothing has come of it - other than a solid friendship. She presently helps him with a delicate personal situation, where she's on the lookout for a specific individual.
PH 100.png

Mal Sionis ─ That one guy whose hat she steals.

FRIENDSHIP.png 2 positive.png

SUMMARY: After a long, long time where she had no idea where he was, they have recently had their paths cross again. She's already plotting on how she can steal the hat again.
COLLEAGUE.png Neutral, Colleagues & Acquaintances
PH 100.png

J'inarah Marad & J'kilid Tia ─ Boss, Boss & Allies

FRIENDSHIP.png PATRON.png 2 positive.png

SUMMARY: Throughout much of the time that Nailah had her company, she was strongly allied to the Jackals which she knew Kilid and Narah to lead. They've forged a strong professional friendship, which is now helping Nailah as she has fallen on harder times. Perhaps the professional touch to the friendship will melt away over time.
PH 100.png

Fiave Teras ─ Colleague

COLLEAGUE.png 2 positive.png

SUMMARY: Fiave is, much like Nailah, a newcomer among the Jackals. So far it would seem the two have plenty in common, and Fiave has left a positive impression on Nailah.
PH 100.png

Kanmir Draketooth ─ Colleague

COLLEAGUE.png 2 positive.png UNKNOWN.png

SUMMARY: Nailah knows Kanmir best as the man who's mostly responsible for how Luper turned out. If that is a good or a bad thing depends on the eye of the beholder, but nonetheless Nailah is quite convinced that Kanmir is good people.
PH 100.png

Nathaniel of Salem ─ Inspiration

TEACHER.png 3 neutral.png

SUMMARY: Nathaniel is to Nailah a bit of an unexpected inspiration. She never considered herself to be the type that could look up to someone else, but she's finding herself looking up to Nathaniel in her own way. He's given her some help with her studies as a Thraumaturge, which have put her on a more reliable path of learning. She's grateful - and loyal.
PH 100.png

Chachanji Gegenji ─ The Lil' Smith

BUSINESS PARTNER.png 2 positive.png

SUMMARY: Nailah frequently bumps into "Chacha" at the Quicksand. He's one of the few lalafell she seems to have conversations with, should one keep track of her social connections. She knows him as a weapon smith, and she has recently commissioned a knife from him.
PH 100.png

Maddison Brookstone ─ Superior

2 positive.png

SUMMARY: Nailah met Maddison at a ball in Ishgard, and has since been invited to a bar gathering at the company known as The Pathfinders. In recent time, Nailah herself has decided to sign on with the company, providing help where she can.
PH 100.png

Reinhold Allemand ─ Recent Acquaintance

2 positive.png

SUMMARY: Nailah met Reinhold at a ball in Ishgard, where he was accompanying Lady Brookstone.
PH 100.png

Kudros Crendraven ─ Recent Acquaintance

2 positive.png BUSINESS PARTNER.png

SUMMARY: Nailah met this man in the Quicksand by chance. They have not interacted since.
PH 100.png

Nils Aftgaard ─ Recent Acquaintance

2 positive.png

SUMMARY: There was a promise of drinks in the future. She's holding him up to that.
PH 100.png

Emreg Belten ─ Recent Aquaintance

3 neutral.png BUSINESS PARTNER.png UNKNOWN.png

SUMMARY: Nailah met Emreg whilst out on a job in the Shroud. She knows him to work for Evaleigh, which won him some initial points. However, as they have talked more, she understands that he is close to Star. She has no desire to see history repeat itself, but does also not want it to prevent her from having the odd casual conversation. She doesn't trust him, and takes her precautions whenever they do come across each other.
PH 100.png

Q'issa Rais ─ Recent Aquaintance

2 positive.png

SUMMARY: Placeholder.
PH 100.png

Placeholder ─ Placeholder

2 positive.png

SUMMARY: Placeholder.
HATE.png Negative, Foes & Rivals
PH 100.png

Sashana Star ─ The Nutcase

1 negative.png

SUMMARY: Once upon a time, Sashana simply worked for Nailah. Nowadays, Nailah quietly wishes she had never met this deranged excuse for a cat. Sashana has done a lot of things that Nailah does not agree with, such as threaten her sister - things that have piled up to a mutual disliking. She considers Sashana to be rather mentally unstable, as the most recent spell of bile towards Nailah stems from her not accepting so-called "Apology muffins" from Sashana.
PH 100.png

Haydn'to Kalmar ─ Thief

1 negative.png

SUMMARY: First Nailah broke his nose because he tried to pick her pockets, then he managed to steal from one of her former employees. So, she got a wanted poster out for him, and she made sure his fingers were smashed up. Naturally that doesn't sow the ground for the greatest of friendships.
PH 100.png

Captain Placeholder ─ Conquer of the Placeholdering Sea

0 placeholder.png 0 placeholder.png 0 placeholder.png 0 placeholder.png 0 placeholder.png

SUMMARY: Additional information about the character. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Quisque vestibulum tincidunt nunc, at mattis nisl viverra at. Aliquam sit amet hendrerit turpis, quis varius mi. Mauris ultricies at arcu et tincidunt. Etiam venenatis sapien et ex accumsan, a ornare diam posuere.
PH 100.png

Captain Placeholder ─ Conquer of the Placeholdering Sea

0 placeholder.png 0 placeholder.png 0 placeholder.png 0 placeholder.png 0 placeholder.png

SUMMARY: Additional information about the character. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Quisque vestibulum tincidunt nunc, at mattis nisl viverra at. Aliquam sit amet hendrerit turpis, quis varius mi. Mauris ultricies at arcu et tincidunt. Etiam venenatis sapien et ex accumsan, a ornare diam posuere.





DISCORD: Nailah#8375
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RP STYLE: Heavy RP + Freeform
LIMITATIONS: I consider myself a mature roleplayer, however ERP should only take place if it makes sense for the character's situation and relation. I reserve the right to break off RP if IC/OOC borders aren't maintained. I expect good ooc communication, if you have questions or doubts about my character please do not hesitate to ask.
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Nailah Quill
Hopeless Wanderer



"Last wiki update: 23/07/16"

Nald'thal Icon.png
Nald'thal, the Traders


FULL NAME: Nailah Quill
ALIASES: Sastra.
RACE & CLAN: Highlander.
GENDER: Female.
AGE: 30.
NAMEDAY: Unknown
PLACE OF BIRTH: City of Ul'dah, Thanalan.
OCCUPATION: Contract scout, wandering trader.
LATERALITY: Right-handed.
VIRTUE(S): Loyalty, Persistence, Dedication.
VICE(S): Loyal to a fault, Alcoholism, Mental vulnerability.
MOTHER: Avrina Quill (Deceased).
FATHER: Ethan Quill (Deceased).
OLDER SISTER: Niamh Quill (Alias: Ophelia Gale).
OLDER BROTHER: Arnvidar "Swiftheart" Quill.