Aelia Flameheart

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Garlemald Flag.jpg Aelia Whitesea
Aelia Sketch.png
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Raen
Citizenship Garlemald
Age 38
Marital Status In a relationship
Occupation Maelstrom Provisioner
Orientation Bisexual, inclined towards males.
"Haven't enough people died? You think we've not lost people we care about too?"

Basic Info


Warm showers

The Empire





Morning drills


Meaningless killing


Alignment: True Good

Duties: Smithing and mending

Current affiliation: Maelstrom

Phobias: Needles, Flan, Mammets

Appearance & Personality

Standing at between 5'5" and 5'7" (an above average height for an Auri female), Aelia could at first glance be mistaken for a teenager, but paying closer attention to her facial features one might be able to make out a few lingering signs of maturity - the occasional wrinkle, skin tight in some places around the scalp, a gray hair or two. Her skin is a tanned brown, natural from birth, and her hair a deep amber colour which is cut into a messy bob with a long fringe. Aelia's eyes are steel gray, and deep blemishes of black circles under her eyes are the result of her genetics, though without knowing otherwise could be mistaken for a sign of exhaustion.
Being an Auri woman, Aelia shows the scales and horns that are distinctive of her race, and they are a soft cream in colour, the horns curled and pointed towards her mouth. A short and sharp-looking tail protrudes from her rear, and like other Au Ra, it is capable of moving both consciously and unconsciously.
Aelia was usually, if not always, seen wearing the traditional Garlean Soldier uniform. Although her rank granted her allowance of the more elaborate and imposing suit of armour worn by other centurions, Aelia spent more time polishing than actually wearing it, preferring to keep it locked away for more ceremonious occasions.

Living up to her name, Aelia quo Flammeus has a fiery temper and a short fuse, earning her the sobriquet of 'Aelia Flameheart'. Stubborn and ruthless, she punishes any who disappoint her - and due to her high standards, this is more often than not everyone who crosses her. Very early on upon meeting her, most Garlean soldiers have learnt that her appearance is nothing to be mocked, as the Auri woman packs a punch, and even her superiors are aware of the rage she unleashes upon her subordinates. Due to this, being assigned to the same Castrum as Aelia has become something of a punishment for new soldiers, or for soldiers who have failed their duties in some way.
Loyalty is Aelia's strongest quality, and while she is renowned for dealing merciless punishment for failure, she rewards those who exceed in their duties almost as fervently. As a result of this, she knows who to rely on for certain jobs, and trusts them explicitly (until they fail and are replaced with someone else). Indeed, any who are able to impress the Auri woman tend to be firm loyalists of the Empire, and many become enthralled by Aelia's commitment to Garlemald, willing to lay down their lives if it means carrying out her orders.


Most of this is a work in progress, made from lore and information gathered from any available sources as of patch 3.0.

I. Life in the tribe - 1540-1552

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II. Raised by the Empire - 1552 - 1556

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III. The Empire grows - 1556 - 1557

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IV. Campaign into Eorzea - 1557 - 1571

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V. Life in the castrum' - Present'

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Trained from a young age by the Empire, Aelia employs a mix of traditional gladiatorial arts with Garlean style. Normally seen wielding a Garlean standard issue sword and shield, there is nothing exceptional or noteworthy about her equipment, though all Garlean equipment is far superior to anything made in Eorzea.
Used to life-or-death situations, the Raen is adept at hand-to-hand combat, though it is usually very scrappy and unrefined. She is not above using dirty tricks to win fights, knowing that when your life is on the line, honour makes for thin armour.
She usually wears thin and light materials when fighting, as her style is based mainly around parrying blows and her speed, rather than relying on heavy strikes. This often gives her the edge in stamina over opponents who wear thick metal.
Most recently, the Raen came into possession of a supposedly legendary sword though she talks little about it. After all the effort she went through to win it however, the weapon was lost during a violent struggle in which Aelia not only lost the blade but almost her life, too. For now she uses a simple hand-made one along with her shield. All of her armour is newly made by herself, plated body-armour with very few weak spots, though it does little against serious blows.



Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"Kinda cute ain't she? Eh?! She's seriously that old?!"
"There is nobody more committed to the cause than Quo Flammeus."
"That one? We call her 'Flameheart', Gods be with you if you attack any Castrum with her in it, adventurer."
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"Always seems she's with a new girl each moon. Guess she's not good with commitment..."
"You seen those tired looking eyes and those dark circles under them? She must push herself too much."
"I don't see why we need to rely on Allagan technology. All we should do is point Quo Flammeus at the eikons and be done with it."
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"Some say she took a leave of absence to look for a husband, but came back to the army two years later twice as angry! Wonder what happened in that time..."
"I hear she's a real sucker for muscles. Catch her eyeing up fighters at those wrestling matches like a hungry shark."
"For someone on the front lines, she really seems to hate fighting, like, proper fighting."
◢ PC Rumors (What other characters are saying about Aelia)
"Aelia was a fine young person, I enjoyed hearing her points of view." Okhi Lyehga
"Interesting young girl, with an interesting choice of words. I don't know if she knows what she's looking for just yet, however." Warren Castille
"Nothin' qui'e the feelin' o' wakin' up in mornin' and bein' exci'ed t' see someone. Garlaen or nae, I love 'er." Mara Lynne

((Add your own here as you meet her!))


Romantic Interest Platonic Love Sexual Desire Good Standing Neutral Standing Poor Standing

Tsuria Windstep - Aelia's sister, and the person she cares about most. Though she treats her roughly at times, there is no doubt that she loves her, and will protect her until the end. Most recently, Tsuria departed from Aelia without warning, leaving the elder Raen lost and bitter over their plans together.

Mara Lynne - First met on the field of battle, the Highlander mostly escaped Aelia's notice, until the two met again and quickly found they had a lot in common. Despite Aelia's trepidation towards committing to someone, the two grew close, fast, and came to love each other intensely. Since Aelia's recent coma and injuries, it seems the pair have lost much, if not all, of what they once had.

Kaitlyn Nelhah - While Aelia might've first considered this Keeper a savage for her tribal duties and lingering presence in the Shroud, she has quickly become a good friend to the Raen, with her steadfast nature and leadership skills impressing Aelia.

Oscare Iono - Regarding him as mostly a thick-headed brute, Aelia is curious to discover exactly what it is that makes Oscare tick; their times meeting each other at random providing her with new insights each time.

K'aila Riki - One moment a romantic rival, the next a sight of desire, K'aila and Aelia's relationship has touched nearly all extremes, but both women agree that they are firm friends, even if they've not long known each other.

Kosetsu Kensei - A real mystery, and one Aelia has committed herself to solving. Though it seems Kosetsu wants nothing to do with Aelia, the Garlean has not yet given up on learning more about her.

Akari Kurokawa - One of the first friendly faces after Aelia lost her status, Akari has been a source of relief for the Raen - someone she is able to confide in about her worries with the empire and her true motives of being in Eorzea. She may well be the only person Aelia could call a friend.

Krattel Voss - A fighter in training, Aelia is trying her best to help this woman with her problems, albeit in unorthodox ways. Well mannered and friendly, Aelia gets along with Krattel well despite their differences. The two have since opened up more to each other, with Aelia becoming Krattel's mentor. Despite both having desires for each other, the two have agreed that they mean more than just that, and look forward to learning more about each other.

As'elena Hyun - One of Krattel's circle of friends, Aelia and As'elena quickly got to know one another over a contract, as well as later social occasions. Since then, the two have made quick friends and learn much about each other every day.

Sarangerel Kahkol - Despite being a close friend of Aelia's current companions, Aelia has sworn the two as eternal enemies, unable to stand for the Xaela's bloodthirsty and merciless killings. She had promised the woman she will kill her next they meet, but since that time Aelia has tried to be less aggressive.

Ophelia Gale - In spite of Ophelia's immediate revulsion of Aelia when her Garlean origin was revealed, the two maintain an uneasy friendship, with the Raen convinced that Ophelia will prove to be a good ally in time.

Thya Kahzuun - Garleans with a shared history, the pair met unexpectedly in Ul'dah over a bitter debate, which left the two at odds with one another. After a short scrap, Aelia came to accept the Keeper as a friend, and later a personal trainer - the Miqo'te agreeing to help Aelia back to a healthy shape.

Mariana Mercury - Old friend of K'aila Riki's, the Xaela and Raen fought together a long time ago on behalf of Winter's Wake, before later getting to know each other on a social level. Cheerful, and always able to lighten Aelia's mood, the pair have been very close - sometimes causing Aelia to question her deeper feelings for the woman, but able to agree they make each other happy.

Character Inspirations & Notes

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