Markus Krosse

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Ishgard.jpg Markus Krosse
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Ishgardian
Age 24
Guardian Deity Oschon the Wanderer
Marital Status Seeing Someone
Occupation Wanderer/Adventurer of the New Conglomerate <<NC>>
  • Geoffrey Krosse (Father/Deceased)
  • Isolde Rose-Krosse (Mother/Deceased)
  • Flynn Krosse (Brother)
  • Ciceraux Bastille (Foster Father)
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Basic Info


Height: 6' 2''

Weight: 180/200lbs

Complexion: Light/Fair Skin

Hair Color: Dark-grey with darker shades

Eye Color: Teal (Formerly Blue)

Marks: Noticeable horizontal scar across the top of his nose, light calluses across his knuckles and slightly visible scars around his midsection, forearms and back.


(In progress) Markus's personality is one of generally good disposition, but it can change within a moment's instant depending on the situation. As an Ishgardian national trained as a Knight, Markus follows a somewhat strict moral code based on the Codes of Chivalry, and therefore is loathe to engage in anything he considers morally reprehensible. From day to day, Markus is found to be warm and welcoming to all, particularly friends and loved ones, but is a tad shy and reserved around strangers, and sometimes overly formal around new acquaintances. Markus is known to be quite eloquent in his language (and according to his closest friend and confidant, Leanne Delphium: quite cheesy) but he can also be painfully honest and to the point when necessary. During battle, however- his personality shifts to one of almost cold calculation and cunning, and is of generally untoward disposition to whoever draws his ire, namely enemies, individuals who harm his friends emotionally or physically, and people who wish him harm.

Spoiler notice: The following contains spoiler information about Dravanians. Proceed at your own risk.

To say that Markus is not fond of Dravanians; Dragons and Heretics alike would be an understatement. When Markus was of 7 years of age, his parents Geoffrey and Isolde were killed in a Dravanian raid upon their unit, of which they were the sole casualties.

Spoilers end here.


(In Progress)

Equipment and Items

(In Progress)


Over the course of his life, Markus has trained and acquired abilities and skills in a variety of aspects from Combat, to Magick and to Crafting. The abilities described herein are coordinated to classes acquired in-game. In regards to his crafting and gathering abilities, Markus as a wanderer has endeavored to achieve a capacity for self-sufficiency, allowing him to gather from nature and create the tools, equipment and materials that he might need while wandering the vast expanse of Eorzea.


  • Ishgardian Lance Combat (lvl 50)
  • Quarter-staff Combat
  • Pugilism (30)
  • Marauder Greataxe Combat (60)
  • Rogue Dagger Combat (40)


  • Conjury (15)


  • Carpentry (45)
  • Blacksmithing (45)
  • Armoury (45)
  • Leatherworking (45)
  • Culinary (45)


  • Mining (45)
  • Botany (45)


  • Dragoon Abilities
  • Wind Affinity
Spoiler notice: The following contains spoiler information about Markus's Wind Affinity. Proceed at your own risk.

Since the Fall of the Red Moon and Markus's subsequent fleeing into the wilds of Mor Dhona, Markus has an unusual sensitivity to wind-aspected aether, due to the saturation his body underwent while travelling through the wilds. This sensitivity allows him unprecedented control over the element, control which he still learning. With these unique gifts, unique weaknesses also occurred as a result.

  • Strengths: Markus can channel wind-aspected aether with remarkable ease and minimal strain to his body, and is able to focus that energy to manipulate the element to a degree. His main use for this ability, is to channel wind-aspected aether through his Dragoon Relic, allowing his thrusts to deal elemental damage along the lines to an Aero spell. Since the discovery of this ability, Markus has taken up Conjury to learn how to manipulate wind-aspected aether better.
  • Weaknesses: As a result to his saturation, Markus's resistance to wind-aspected aether has risen, but it has drastically lowered his resistance to ice-aspected aether, and as a result he does not do well against ice-element foes and frigid climates without some degree of insulation after a period of time.
    • Earth-aspected aether is the polar opposite of Wind, and as a result Markus is greatly affected by earth-aspected aether and against creatures who embody it. Exposure to this element results in nausea and weakness akin to seasickness, the strength of the effect directly proportional to the amount of aether he is exposed to. I.E., Markus is not a good party member choice for sorties against the Primal Titan.
  • In addition, Markus's ability to channel and control wind-aspected aether is influenced by his emotional temperment. The stronger the emotions that he feels, the stronger the resulting ability, but with certain emotions, the degree of control is lessened. As a result, with certain emotions like Anger, Markus may subconsciously channel and manipulate the air without intending to.
Spoilers end here.


Serpent Second Lieutenant of the Twin Adder

Ranger of the New Conglomerate

Free Dragoon of Ishgard



Enemies: None at the moment