Merlgeim Barazirnwyn

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Merlgeim Barazirnwyn
Birth Name Merlgeim Barazirnwyn
Meaning Sea Jewel, Daughter of Barazirn
Nickname(s)/Alias Merl
Age Late 20's
Born 3rd Sun, 2nd Astral Moon 1551 6AE
Birthplace Limsa Lominsa
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolf
Alignment Lawful Good
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Guardian Thaliak Icon.png Thaliak, the Scholar
Physique Full, rounded figure; attractively plump
Hair Purple-black
Eyes Bright violet
Skin Dark gray
Noteable Features Small "beauty mark" under left eye
Typical Garb Long dresses and robes
Occupation Customs officer
Combat Style Arcanima
Non-combat Basic healing
Skills Diplomacy, mathematics, management, organization
Primary Weapon Standard-issue grimoire
Armor Preference A full-length green robe
Username Shoshopu
Time Zone EST (UTC - 5)
Server Balmung
Additional Characters Shoshopu et al.
Free Companies Aetherial Warriors ⟪AW-RP⟫
Rusted Sigil ⟪RUST⟫
RP Preferences I very much like OOC discussion! Feel free to hit me up OOC if you have any ideas or things you want me to know about.
  • Light to medium
  • Adult themes are fine
  • This one's off-limits for ERP
  • No harming or mutilation unless discussed in advance either

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Basic Info

Merlgeim Barazirnwyn is a longtime customs officer who works at Mealvaan's Gate. She genuinely loves to assist people, smiling often, even as she puts up with various pirates and unscrupulous merchants in her line of work on a daily basis. She also assists her fiance in the management of his tavern, The Beast and Barrel.


Merlgeim is brilliant, positive, and outgoing. Her smile (her true smile, though it is hardly distinguishable from her practiced "customer service face") can light up a room, and her presence can bring order to a chaotic workplace. Sociable and charismatic, she strives to create a positive environment wherever she goes. She is idealistic, and truly believes in her work and a better Limsa Lominsa.

However, her idealism and selflessness can and often do lead to her neglecting herself and her own needs. Much of her motivations and identity revolve around her work as an assessor, and her ability to help others and improve her community. She puts great effort into proving herself to be trustworthy and reliable, and is frustrated by those who are slow to trust or reluctant to accept or seek help. She is not above resorting to subtle manipulation to achieve her goals and direct others to do what she wants them to do, while avoiding direct conflict.


Merlgeim was born to a scholarly pair of Roegadyn in 1551 6AE who worked as assessors of Mealvaan's Gate. Predictably, she was bright, and her parents saw this and spent much of their time nurturing her and her education. When she was nine, her younger sister Dyrstswys was born. When the sisters were eleven and two, respectively, the Arcanists' Guild was founded and established within Mealvaan's Gate. The two sisters grew up surrounded by books, arcanists, scholars, and maritime law, and it was from an early age that Merlgeim decided that she wanted to follow in her parents' footsteps and pursue a career within Mealvaan's Gate.

She and her childhood friend Thubyrgeim practically grew up together within the stacks of the Arcanists' Guild's library. The two showed great promise, becoming well versed in sums, history, and law. Though the two of them took interest in arcanima as well, Thubyrgeim took to the magic more strongly, while Merlgeim continued to pursue a role as assessor, learning to summon and train Carbuncles to inspect cargo and detect illicit substances. Her patience, eagerness to assist, and persist smiling in the face of obstacles saw her gain many friends within the customs agency, while her work ethic and aptitude saw her rise through the ranks, taking on the role of a delegator behind the desk of the customs office. She was well-liked among traders and coworkers alike.

Though she dealt with many, many people each day in her work as a customs officer, early in the Seventh Astral Era, Merlgeim was approached by one client who would change her life: Fyrilsunn Fiandoensyn, a sergeant of the 81st Maelstrom Foreign Levy Company. The Roegadyn man was seeking to uncover the fate of one Bararael Koelzantwyn, the late mother of his son, who apparently disappeared from Limsa Lominsa without ever telling him she was pregnant. He had only learned of Bararael's demise in Gridania seventeen winters after the fact when he, by chance, discovered his son in the Carline Canopy at the end of the Seventh Umbral Era. His son knew very little of his mother's past and was reluctant to discuss her at all, still in mourning, which drove Fyrilsunn to investigate other sources to piece together why she absconded.

It is perhaps ironic that the search to uncover the past of Fyrilsunn's ex-lover brought Merlgeim and Fyrilsunn together. During the investigation, their frequent meetings became more and more friendly; the topic gradually shifted from the implications of Bararael's public records to more personal questions about eachother, and the two eventually fell in love. Fyrilsunn retired sometime later and opened a tavern in Limsa Lominsa, and Merlgeim began to divide her time between her work as an assessor and assisting Fyrilsunn with the management of his tavern.


Mealvaan's Gate

Merlgeim's family have been assessors for Mealvaan's Gate for many generations, claiming the ability to count many notable figures of its 500-year history among their ancestors. Merlgeim herself has a management role of sorts among the Gate's assessors. She is also the childhood friend of the current stand-in leader of the Gate's Arcanists' Guild, Thubyrgeim.

Fyrilsunn Fiandoensyn

Merlgeim is humbled to have a man such as Fyrilsunn in her life. She is enamored with his adventurous lifestyle... and his rugged physique. Fyrilsunn, on the other hand, has grown weary of the adventurer's life, and the burden of the memories of those he has lost. Merlgeim does what she can to ease his sorrows, which proves to be a challenge even for her, but it's a challenge that is well worth the effort. He is currently retired and spends his days managing his tavern, The Beast and Barrel, and Merlgeim divides her time between the Gate and the tavern. The two are engaged to be wed, and she is pregnant with their child.

Dyrstswys Barazirnwyn

The younger sister of Merlgeim. Though the two have had a rocky relationship in the past, Merlgeim has gone to some effort to become closer to her sister... only for Dyrstswys to be swept off her feet and spirited away by an infamous privateer captain! Nevertheless, Merlgeim loves her baby sister dearly, and hopes that she is happy in her mysterious seafaring adventures.


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