Moengeim Wistyrmanwyn

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Moengeim Wistyrmanwyn
Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolf
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age late twenties
Guardian Llymlaen, the Navigator
Height 7'2"

Moengeim Wistyrmanwyn, a native of Limsa Lominsa, is a former Marauder turned Maelstrom Lieutenant. During the Grand Company's efforts to bolster their ties in the Eorzean Alliance, she served for a time as Senior Petty Officer of the Immortal Flames unit, the Flames Yataghans.

Basic Info


Specialties: Axes, flintlock pistols
Trained: Swords, brawling, spears
Miscellany: Nautical cannonry
Magical: None


Pre-Calamity: Marauder, possible connections: Crimson Couerl.
Post-Calamity: The Maelstrom, transfer of one year to Immortal Flames
Current Affiliation: The Maelstrom (achieved rank: Storm Lieutenant)
Current Status: Active Duty


Birthplace: Limsa Lominsa
Favorite Color: Red
Elemental Bias: Wind
Favorite Drink: Lominsan Stout

Appearance & Personality

Moengeim is a white-haired Sea Wolf with ashen skin and red eyes, her face still bearing the tattoos of her former life as a member of the Crimson Couerls. Her body is leanly muscled, towering in stature. She is frequently seen wearing an eyepatch, occasionally in combination with a tricorne, even when in uniform.


Moengeim's life has rarely left the sea; born to a marauder of minor notoriety and her black market merchant beau, she was veritably raised by her mother's motley crew of pirates aboard the Crimson Coeurl. By the age of ten, she was mastering as many types of knots, and by the age of fifteen she was proving a hellion on deck amongst an already feisty crew. She's just in her late twenties, and has had enough excitement in her life of legally-dubious adventure to fill twice that in years.

She speaks little enough of her years of piracy, but it's possible she went by another name during that time. Moengeim did mention, however, that the ship she ended her career on was in the waters off Limsa Lominsa when the Calamity began, and that the ship sank with all hands but one. The details are scarce, but it was during this event that one of her eyes became blinded. In the five years that followed, she joined the Maelstrom and rose swiftly to the rank of Storm Sergeant Second Class and was sent out into Coerthas on a mission in the early, tentative stages of the alliance with the Grand Companies of the other city-states. It was on this mission that she met Kale Aideron.

Later, for reasons about as vague as bolstering the aforementioned alliance between the Grand Companies, Moengeim was traded to the Immortal Flames, where she joined Kale's unit as Senior Petty Officer. Her gregarious, free-wheeling manner in many areas of this ale-swilling former pirate's life belies her deliberate self-discipline.

While serving with the Immortal Flames Yataghans, she was the more outspoken subordinate, who did not shy from challenging her commanding officer's growing interest in recruiting women for assets that did not include combat readiness, even as she was obviously on close, friendly terms with him. This tight bond survived numerous dangers the unit faced against, but did not survive the devastation of betrayal. Kale was assigned away in the wintry terrain of Aldenard for a time, during which his interim commander and fiancee Dweia drifted to the affections of another. Learning this upon his return, Kale's behavior became markedly erratic, prone to fits of violent rage. Imprisoning Dweia and setting out to murder the man who challenged his claim on her, a fellow Lieutenant by the name of Nako'li, Moengeim stepped in to stop him in a battle that would sunder both their friendship and their mutual respect. Ultimately, Dweia and Nako'li were unharmed, and following his defeat, Kale apparently committed suicide by throwing himself from the high precipice near the Yataghans barracks.

Unbeknownst to his unit, their errant commander had survived the fall, and they had only learned of his desertion to Vylbrand much later, through letters sent to Dweia expecting her to cover for his absence. Enfuriated by his gall, Moengeim set out to track him down in her home city-state of Limsa Lominsa, where at Summerford she confronted Kale. Although this resulted in his arrest and removal from the Grand Company, it seemed he had become Lord Lolorito's right hand man through circumstances and for reasons unknown.

In more recent history, Moengeim has been transferred back to the Maelstrom. Whether this has anything to do with her promotion to Lieutenant or for more political reasons is unknown. Furthermore, a certain Arcanist inspector from Maelstrom Command has an interest in her career performance, warning commanders of her unit to look into the history and fate of the Crimson Couerl and a certain axe lost to the Deep.



◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
It is worth noting that for as easy-going as she can be in the spirit of camaraderie, Moengeim is capable of shocking brutality in the line of duty. If a soldier needs must be disciplined for an infraction, she might be sharing a drink with an ally one moment, only to knock them flat for insubordination in the next. She dropped a man off a cliff for taking too long climbing down!
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
The gregarious Lieutenant thinks fondly of her former crew, which was lost during the Calamity. Reportedly, a piece of Dalamud sundered the ship, and Moengeim barely escaped with her life. She has never joined another crew since despite her professed fondness for the sea.
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
She bears a passing resemblance to a bloodthirsty marauder once referred to (obscurely) as the Crimson Lady, who once cleaved another Roegadyn in twain over a minor slight. Some say it's because he contested that Aleport stock was inferior to Gridanian mead. Others, that she objected to the cut of his jib.
"Seen 'er take a blow that kill a man 'n 'ere she be, naught th' worse fer it. Swivin' unnatural."
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)
"I once defeated her in a spar once you know? No magick or anything, just a sword and shield, same as her. I wonder if she still wants a rematch..." - Anzio Zansio
"You got into trouble with Moen, and your asking me for advice on how to beat her in a fight? well, are you a mage? you're not? well then, lad, keep running..." - Nako'li Chalahko


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