Nonotome Tototome

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Nonotome Tototome
"'Tis sinful to draw steel 'gainst a clergyman..."
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Ul'dahn
Age Approximately 50's.
Deity Nald'thal, The Traders
Vocation Thaumaturge
Occupation Priest of Nald'thal
Nameday 27th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon

General Information

Nonotome is a thaumaturge of the Arrzaneth Ossuary and a devout priest of the Order of Nald'thal. He lives in the Ossuary chambers within Ul'dah and can most frequently be found there, sweeping. While he does venture out into open Eorzea on holy missions for the Order of Nald'thal, he prefers to stay in his home city-state, helping the citizens of Ul'dah.
The now-priestly thaumaturge has a small range of unexpected skills and is naturally very self sufficient, even going back to his childhood as a wanderer of the Sagolii Desert. He has a respectable local knowledge of the happenings within Thanalan, and a worrying knowledge of what goes on under cloak and dagger. He always had a taste for secrets since the cradle and to this day he immerses himself in dangerous knowledge for the thrill of it, ranging from the work of brigands to misbegotten efforts of cults.
Like those of his kin, the swarthy Lalafell's youthful outwards appearance betrays his true age to all but the keenest of eyes. At a cursory glance he may seem like an unremarkable Dunesfolk boy with smooth, fresh-faced features of one who has scarcely worked a day in his life, though his cold, jaded ruby red gaze suggests otherwise with an innermost world-weariness. A dusting of dark foundation coats the already dark, rich kukuru coloured skin about the underside of his brow, just above each eyelid. His irises stand out brightly under the shadow, drawing other eyes to them like a pair of candle flames in a large darkened room with about as much warmth as a wick would provide, crested between thick, umbral lashes to allow even the whites of his eyes to even grab the attention of those that stand quite a distance away from him.
It seems that the desert-born thaumaturge takes great pride in his appearance, or at least considers it in some degree of detail. His face is clean and largely unmarred, besides a few faint straight scratches upon his cheeks, neck and brow that are often additionally masked behind subtly applied facial effects. Like his lashes, his hair is as dark as a late evening sky in Thanalan and holds a healthy, light-reflecting sheen to it. It is often tidily stowed away in a bun for the sake of practicality. The tip of his nose and the skin around it are darkened with the natural dusky pigment of his skin, matching the colour applied around his eyes. The same pigment can be found at the tips of his ears, long and ending in sharp points.
While his facial features may seem unremarkable by themselves, the elements compliment one another to give the Lalafell an earthly, handsome aesthetic. One could even go so far as to say that he is a well put-together, well bred individual of good blood that must be very fortunate to bear so many coveted traits - though the dulled, dead eyed expression that he so often wears tends to make him less than appealing.
He is rarely ever without his traditional Dunesfolk gem, proudly worn upon his forehead.
Nonotome has a calm, deep voice. It often catches people that don't know him off-guard.
Nonotome can come across as cold and aloof. He rarely ever gestures and when he speaks his voice carries minimal feeling. He is a monotome statue that only offers the smallest of smiles out of formality, only to make those that he speaks to know that he is making a real effort of be social. His actions, or inactions make him seem as if he is divorced from society, as introverted as one could possibly be. His words strike at the heart of any situation and he is not afraid to speak his mind regardless of the consequences, albeit in as few words as possible. He is more tolerant around those of faith, but rarely allows any conflict go from the pen to the sword if it can be helped.


ZEALOUS - Faith shall guide him to do many things, both good and bad.
SUPERSTITIOUS - Preconception and tradition over logic and reason.
DIRECT - If there is something that needs to be said or done, he will say it. He will do it.
VENGEFUL - May forgive but never forgets. All actions must be paid for in kind.
UNSPORTING - Does not like to lose and may hold bitter resentments.
SPITEFUL - May act out of line instead of trying to reach a swift and easy resolution.


OUTSIDE THE CYCLE - The perversion of life and death, voidsent.
THE TWELVE - Fears the wrath of the twelve, all that he has can be taken away just as easily.


GOOD WITH ANIMALS - Affinity and cares for animals, stemming from his childhood as an Aldgoatsherd.
SCHOLASTIC - Naturally very good at absorbing information, reading and learning.
GIFTED THAUMATURGE - Fated to be an adept in the art of Thaumaturgy, naturally meeting many requirements.
CUNNING - Intelligent, crafty and tactful.
JADED - Spooked by little but the most dire perversions of faith.


NO TABLEMANNERS - Eats with his hands, quite messy.
TOLERANCE - Difficult to get drunk.
NO PERSONAL SPACE - Will invade yours.
MONOTONE VOICE - Barely shifts as he speaks.
STATUE - Almost unnaturally stationary when idle.



COOKING - Traditional dunesfolk food, baking included.
CANDLECRAFT - Likes to make incense and candles in his spare time.


BREAD - Simple & Modest.
READING - Literate from a young age, an avid reader.
FIRE - He has a fascination with the flame.


FAITHLESSNESS - Spurning the gods, refusing their will, general disrespect.
TECHNOLOGY - He just does not understand it.


Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Food: Dark Pretzels.
Favorite Drink: Aldgoat's Milk.
Favorite Scent: Baked Goods.
Favorite Place: The Sagolii Desert.