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Ul'dah-transparent.png Nonotome Tototome
"'Tis sinful to draw steel 'gainst a clergyman..."
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Ul'dahn
Age Between 40 - 50.
Deity Nald'thal, The Traders
Vocation Thaumaturge
Marital Status Single
Occupation Priest of Nald'thal
Nameday 27th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon

General Information

Nonotome is a thaumaturge of the Arrzaneth Ossuary and a devout priest of the Order of Nald'thal. He lives in the Ossuary chambers within Ul'dah and can most frequently be found there, sweeping. While he does venture out into open Eorzea on holy missions for the Order of Nald'thal, he prefers to stay in his home city-state, helping the citizens of Ul'dah.
The now-priestly thaumaturge has a small range of unexpected skills and is naturally very self sufficient, even going back to his childhood as a wanderer of the Sagolii Desert. He has a respectable local knowledge of the happenings within Thanalan, and a worrying knowledge of what goes on under cloak and dagger. He always had a taste for secrets since the cradle and to this day he immerses himself in dangerous knowledge for the thrill of it, ranging from the work of brigands to misbegotten efforts of run-away rogue mages and cults.

Current Information.

Current Status:
- Health: Good, no wounds.
- Aether: Strong, no fatigue.
Current Location: Ul'dah.
Current Rumor: "I heard he's off to Gyr Abania to help the Immortal Flames."
Current Duties:
- Collect donations to provide succor to the poor.
- Pass designated items onto next of Kin of an interred faithful, within Thanalan.


Daily Carry:

x1 - Holy Cowry,
x1 - Velveteen Scarf,
x1 - Gil Pouch (Contains 50 Gil.)
x1 - Crooked Tipped Dagger,
x1 - Silver Scepter,

Frequently Replenished:

x2 - Beeswax Candles,
x1 - Vial of Holy Water,
x1 - Homemade Ether,
x1 - Stale Pretzel.

Last updated: JUN 24TH, 2017

Height: 3 fulms 1 ilm

Weight: 40 ponz

Complexion: Dark, Swarthy.

Hair: Black.

Eyes: Red.

Like those of his kin, the swarthy Lalafell's youthful outwards appearance betrays his true age to all but the keenest of eyes. At a cursory glance he may seem like an unremarkable Dunesfolk boy with smooth, fresh-faced features of one who has scarcely worked a day in his life, though his cold, jaded ruby red gaze suggests otherwise with an innermost world-weariness. A dusting of dark foundation coats the already dark, rich kukuru coloured skin about the underside of his brow, just above each eyelid. His irises stand out brightly under the shadow, drawing other eyes to them like a pair of candle flames in a large darkened room with about as much warmth as a wick would provide, crested between thick, umbral lashes to allow even the whites of his eyes to even grab the attention of those that stand quite a distance away from him.
It seems that the desert-born thaumaturge takes great pride in his appearance, or at least considers it in some degree of detail. His face is clean and largely unmarred, besides a few faint straight scratches upon his cheeks, neck and brow that are often additionally masked behind subtly applied facial effects. Like his lashes, his hair is as dark as a late evening sky in Thanalan and holds a healthy, light-reflecting sheen to it. It is often tidily stowed away in a bun for the sake of practicality. The tip of his nose and the skin around it are darkened with the natural dusky pigment of his skin, matching the colour applied around his eyes. The same pigment can be found at the tips of his ears, long and ending in sharp points.
While his facial features may seem unremarkable by themselves, the elements compliment one another to give the Lalafell an earthly, handsome aesthetic. One could even go so far as to say that he is a well put-together, well bred individual of good blood that must be very fortunate to bear so many coveted traits - though the dulled, dead eyed expression that he so often wears tends to make him less than appealing.
He is rarely ever without his traditional Dunesfolk gem, proudly worn upon his forehead.
Nonotome has a calm, deep voice. It often catches people that don't know him off-guard.
First Contact
Nonotome can come across as cold and aloof. He rarely ever gestures and when he speaks his voice carries minimal feeling. He is a monotome statue that only offers the smallest of smiles out of formality, only to make those that he speaks to know that he is making a real effort of be social. His actions, or inactions make him seem as if he is divorced from society, as introverted as one could possibly be. His words strike at the heart of any situation and he is not afraid to speak his mind regardless of the consequences, albeit in as few words as possible. He is more tolerant around those of faith and will opt to debate over cause conflicts.
He is quiet and kind, but direct as well. He wishes to help others and will often come across as intrusive and tactless.
In Good Company
With company that he is comfortable with, trusts or has pledged to assist he will act with more care and warmth, though the underlying coldness exists in all of his actions. He makes more of an effort to connect with others and get to know them on a deeper level, though no matter how hard he tries there is always somewhat of a distance and there's a sense that he's trying his very hardest not to make the people he cares for uncomfortable. He is driven by his personal code as well as his religion and will be generous, supportive and protective but will always expect to be paid back for anything he has gone out of his way to do. Fair is fair, even among friends.
Under his calm stoic guise, there's a hint of impish roguishness about him that's rarely seen by those that he considers less than a close friend.


ZEALOUS - Faith shall guide him to do many things, both good and bad.
SUPERSTITIOUS - Preconception and tradition over logic and reason.
DIRECT - If there is something that needs to be said or done, he will say it. He will do it.
VENGEFUL - May forgive but never forgets. All actions must be paid for in kind.
UNSPORTING - Does not like to lose and may hold bitter resentments.
SPITEFUL - May act out of line instead of trying to reach a swift and easy resolution.


THE UNDEAD - The perversion of life and death frightens him to no end.
THE TWELVE - Fears the wrath of the twelve, all that he has can be taken away just as easily.
PUNISHMENT - He will do everything in his power to prevent punishment from the law and his superiors.


GOOD WITH ANIMALS - Affinity and cares for animals, stemming from his childhood as an Aldgoatsherd.
SCHOLASTIC - Naturally very good at absorbing information, reading and learning.
GIFTED THAUMATURGE - Fated to be an adept in the art of Thaumaturgy, naturally meeting many requirements.
CUNNING - Intelligent, crafty and tactful.
JADED - Spooked by little but the most dire perversions of faith.


Developed a taste for stale bread. Enjoys stale pretzels.
Easily tipsy, but very difficult to get drunk. He has developed a tolerance for alcohol.
He's a very messy eater and often has breadcrumbs on his robes.
Has a most sinister, wolfish, evil looking grin and he knows it.
Means well, but often forgets the most basic of civilized manners. Stares, stands too close, etc.



COOKING - Traditional dunesfolk food, baking included.
LITERACY - Nonotome enjoys reading and writing. Songs, poems and novels included.
CANDLECRAFT - Likes to make incense and candles in his spare time.
ANIMAL CARE - He may seem aloof around people, but animals seem to like him.


BREAD - Brings back many memories.
BOOKS - He enjoys stories and has been an avid reader since childhood.
FIRE - He has a fascination with the flame.
GAMES - From board games to gambling with dice. He enjoys a good game.


FAITHLESSNESS - Spurning the gods, refusing their will, general disrespect.
MAGITEK - That with magic that should not have it is against the will of the gods.
IMPOLITENESS - The lack of manners is unacceptable, especially when they cost nothing.


Favorite Color: Vibrant Orange, then Dark Green.
Favorite Food: Dark Pretzels.
Favorite Drink: Aldgoat's Milk.
Favorite Scent: Baked Goods.
Favorite Place: The Sagolii Desert.

Nonotome is a characteristically fleet Lalafell, quick of body and mind. When in combat he will aim to keep his distance from his would be attackers while remorselessly hailing down powerful destructive spells upon them. His focus is that a good offense is a good defense and will opt to draw upon his thaumaturgy to overpower his opponents and destroy them outright instead of dedicating spells to defend himself. When fighting against targets of ranged capabilities, he holds fast and confidently strikes at them without moving an ilm from his spot, destroying spells and projectiles that come his way with his own. Should the distance be closed by the more physically-minded he will defend himself by casting quick, short ranged spells of a lower potency to scathe, manipulate and debilitate his opponents while dodging out of the way, several of the techniques formulated by himself through his long years as a gladitorial thaumaturge.

While he may be quick and his spells powerful, his mortal shell cannot handle very much punishment. A single good strike can break the poise of the diminutive thaumaturge and leave him out of action. Even toughened by the tribulations in his past life, he cannot comfortably withstand very much without the aid of his magic, though his sheer willpower will often not let him rest and may lead him to ruin by pushing his diminutive form beyond its limits.

While he is a trained thaumaturge, is bound to be unpredictable. Even if it means breaking The Yawning Abyss' Threat of Intimacy. He has what regular thaumaturges will not and will use his brigandry background to give him an edge where he can. He will jump and climb onto taller foes, throw sand and fight as dirtily as possible to ensure the success of his missions and the defeat of his foes. Honor is for dead mages and thieves among one another - And he is a thief no longer.

While he is confident at fighting many foes toe to toe with his magic, he very rarely try to engage in melee combat and will instead opt to ambush his opponents at every given chance, especially in a location where he can use the environment to his advantage.


SILVER SCEPTER - An unremarkable staple among the thaumaturges of the Ossuary. He is a proficient thaumaturge with many cycles of experience behind him.
CROOKED DAGGER - A small dagger with a crooked tip, likely a kind used by unsavory folk. A memory, perhaps? A last resort, certainly.


THAUMATURGY: Following the studies of the Order of Nald'thal.

- Astral and Umbral alignment.
- Elements of the Funerary Rites: Fire, Ice and Lightning.
- Curses, (Such as Sleep, Lethargy and other debilitating spells.)


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Birth and childhood (0-10)

Born of the Dunes
The Mundane Life of an Aldgoatsherd
Bright and Promising
A Lesson in Expectation

Teen Years

The Curious Life of an Aldgoatsherd's Father
Those Who Rove the Sands
Spite of the Merchant
A Lesson in Defeat
The Bitter Steel of a Frail Child
The Sand Bat of Thanalan

Adulthood (Pre-Calamity)

The Greater Good of Survival
We Who Rove the Sands
Those that are Not Us
Fickle be the Feigned Fellowship
Brigandry Begets Brigandry
Capturing the Sand Bat
Welcome to Halatali
Trapped Like Rats
The Calamity

Adulthood (Post-Calamity)

Breaking the Brigand
He Who Thal Himself Denied
A Lesson in Redemption
The Yawning Abyss of Thaumaturgy
Clarity, Purity and Conviction
Old Habits Die Hard
Unrest in Ul'dah

Adulthood (Heavensward)

The Cold Reprisal of a Vengeful Thaumaturge
Cloak and Dagger
Why the Poor Must Suffer
An Old Face in a New Place

Adulthood (Stormblood)

Gearing up for Gyr Abania

Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC! Some of these rumors may be untrue or greatly exaggerated.

Common Rumors (Easily overheard)

"That little guy? Seems like he's always on business to me. Even comes to Pearl Lane to preach the word of Thal." ~A Curious Pearl Lane Vendor.
"He has the stench of poverty about him, it must be the all of the time he spends around the poor. Maybe he's poor himself? Shameful for a Thaumaturge!" ~A Wealthy Merchant in Rustings Strip.
"I've never seen him blink. Have you?" ~A Local Market-goer.

Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)

"Didn't you see it? There I was, havin' a drink with my pals outside the Coffer 'n' Coffin when this Lala bugger wandered up the road from Ul'dah and just stood a few yalms 'way, starin' at us! Bloody spooky in his black robes if you ask me but that ain't the worst of it. Felt like it was starin' into our souls, like he was studyin' us. Some drunk bloke come burstin' outta the place but it didn't look like he was lookin' for trouble, probably just lookin' for his chocobo, right? Yeah well, they locked eyes, him and the thaumaturge. Was quiet for an eyelash but before I could blink, the man was a pile of ashes and the robed bloke was already walkin' away. Didn't even say a word..." ~A Thanalanian Miner.
"He looks real familiar... Real familiar. Looks a lot like one of the gladiators that used to fight 'round here. Died on his first match, poor sod. Hope they ain't related, he must be crushed by it." ~A Seasoned Gladiator.
"That Lalafell is such a miser! He won't separate from so much as a gil without a promise that the coin will be returned in kind. I was just beggin', I don't want to go to the bleeding Ossuary to sweep up and earn it. What if I never come back out?" ~A Paranoid Vagrant.

Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)

"It takes a true sinner to see the sin in others. Few know this better than Brother Nonotome." ~A Wizened Thaumaturge.
"I heard that the Ossuary pulled him from the streets as a child and filled his head with scripture. That's all he knows! The poor guy can't think for himself! Don't feel sorry for him, he'd sooner kill you than speak to you if his superiors told him to. He's two-faced and deceptive, like all of them Thaumaturges." ~A Hastily Departing Adventurer.
"What an empty shell of a man, what happened to him? To think that he used to be so full of fire when the boys threw him kicking and screaming into gaol. Ahh... Good times." ~A Nostalgic Brass Blade.

PC Rumors (Rumors from the characters of other players)

"Pretty swell guy, though I still wonder at what goes on in that head of his... Ah well, not my place to ask and it's definitely not your place to ask either." ~Nomi
"Smells as familiar as he seems, also both quite terrifying and kind. I go for the latter, too scared to admit the former." ~Pepe
"Nonotome? He is a quiet one, though he has provided aid to me on several occasions with his knowledge and wisdom." ~I'struno Zenh
"B-brother Nonotome? H-he's nice, but r-really scary. W-wait, you're not gonna tell him I said that, are you!?" ~Some kid in red
💑 In a Relationship Romantic Interest Sexual Desire Platonic Love Family Good Standing Neutral Poor Standing Deceased

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💑 In a Relationship
- None, maybe.

Sexual Desire
- None, maybe.

Platonic Love
- None, maybe,

- Lalare Lare - Dearest mother.
- Jojotomo Tototomo - Father.

Good Standing
- Nonope Nope - She who bears great misfortune where ever she goes.
- Nananomi Nomi - He who is most with his company.
- Nonomi Nomi - She who does not know any better.
- Nathaniel Salem - He who is most revered.

- Shashani Shani - She who is most insistent.
- I'struno Zenh - She who might know what it is to shoulder death.
- Sunlit Glint - She who does not belong in the dunes.
- Mistress Koko - She who holds the rules of the Ossuary in disregard.
- Zozomaru Roromaru - He who is well-traveled.
- Zaoka Aloka - He who is owed a favor.
- Maril Hawker - She who has been most helpful.

Poor Standing
- Silver Sun - She who cannot leave well enough alone.

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The Sand Bat of Thanalan
Nonotome has spent a good portion of his life being a cactuar needle in the side of denizens of Thanalan, particularly in the southern areas since before the calamity. While he may not immerse himself in such uncouth deeds anymore, the effects of his ill deeds may still boil the blood or affect the lives of others he had come across, directly or indirectly. Travelers, refugees, merchant caravans, mercenaries and anyone who has walked the dunes may have encountered him or the fruits of his actions.
It's Always Sunny in Halatali


The Order of Nald'thal
Being a priest of Nald'thal, Nonotome offers their services. From performing funerals, confessions and blessings to aiding in the writing of wills and vengeance orders, the zealous thaumaturge is willing to do just about anything that pleases his gods.
A Perfectly Normal Ul'dahn Citizen