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 Oliwat Kokiwat
The Very Last of the Rattlepacks
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Plainsfolk
Citizenship None
Age 42
Sexuality Heterosexual
Occupation Explorer, Cataloger, Cartographer, Researcher, Adventurer, Tinkerer, (notorious) Meddler, etc.
Guardian Thaliak
Namesday 4th sun of the 3rd Astral moon
Theme The Eagles -- Journey of the Sorcerer
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Oliwat Kokiwat, the Very Last of the Rattlepacks (as he is so surprisingly happy to inform you he is), is a Lalafell possessing plenty of purpose, yet somehow at the same time lacking any sort of direction in its entirety. A wanderer by trade, in tandem with the teachings and history of his entire family, stretching all the way back to its start, Oliwat (or Oli, as those close to him prefer) is the writer and guardian for the newest incarnation of the Rattlepack Guide, his family’s grand project to take down everything about the world that wanderers would ever need to know.

Let’s just hope he doesn’t blow it.


Oliwat is rather tall for a Lalafell (assuming that one can tell), which, at least to others of his kind, might qualify as his defining trait. Regardless of what he’s wearing (usually loose robes or light clothing), Oliwat always carries a pack of some sort with him, which rattles with all sorts of strange objects that may be concealed within. For part of the Rattlepack way, after all, is to be prepared with as many things as one may need.

Perhaps, either for the sake of standing out, or to accent his height, Oliwat is rather fond of hats, especially those of a certain conical and magical variety, which he usually does not hesitate to place upon his head, especially if it would neatly match whatever robes he happens to have on at the time. His hair, colored a dark green to roughly resemble the plains his people come from, is bunched up into neat braids on the top and along the sides of his head, while the rest, although short, flows freely in-between. His ears are long for a Lalafell, and surprisingly pointy as well, which leaves him with a slight distaste for hoods, often declaring them uncomfortable.

His Mammet, Clatterpouch, often accompanies him around the world.


Quite the chirpy and curious sort, Oliwat has a certain unsatisfiable drive for discovery that is known to get him into a wide variety of trouble on many occasions. Despite this, he manages to remain a particularly positive individual, believing that regardless of the problem that you find yourself with at the moment, there is always something, or someone, somewhere out there in this great big world of ours that is more than capable of fixing it. And should you need help finding whatever the solution to your problem is, he would be more than thrilled to see you through to your destination, and beyond. For as far as he’s concerned, the payment is in the Journey. Such is the Rattlepack Way, they say.


Oliwat fiddles with all three of the main magics of the world in some capacity, though seems to have placed most of his talents in Thaumaturgy, for the sake of self-defense. His tactics are somewhat standard for a moderately-talented Thaumaturge, and it is clear that he does not practice that craft as often as he could, or as he should, and has the potential for much more, should he ever attempt to apply himself.

Should he find himself stuck without a staff, however, he has inscribed a series of geometric glyphs for Arcanist purposes within his Guidebook. His skill in the Arcane arts is nothing more than a novice’s level, which of course makes sense considering his Thaumaturgic bend. Due to recent events, however, he is putting an increased focus in Conjuration, as it would seem that there is certainly no shortage of people he knows hurting themselves.

Oddly, rather than use his magic to simply blast people to death, Oliwat manages to get through fights using minimal, clever uses of magic. Subtle things, such as making his foe trip over a few raised rocks, blowing them off of their feet with a well-placed gust of wind, heating an enemy's armor, or frosting their joints until they can't move are more his style as opposed to all-out destruction.


Variations of “Hum” and “Hm” tend to dot his dictation when he speaks.
Always packs at least three sandwiches with him at any given time, just in case he may need them for whatever reason.
Yells “waaaagh!” in times of trouble or stress.
Greatly enjoys spouting facts reasonably helpful to one’s current situation.
He has a hard time accepting money for doing most jobs, especially if the client is not particularly wealthy.




Being carried
Being dropped
Being stepped on
Being called short
Having to fight physically


Various forms of magic
Writing (and drawing, to some extent)
Tinkering (mostly with his Mammet)
Plays the meanest banjo you've ever seen.


Favourite Food/Drink: Pick a sandwich, any sandwich.
Favourite Place: The plains of La Noscea.
Favorite Weather: Clear and sunny, with a slight breeze.
Favorite Season: Summer.
Favorite Color: Blue.
Favorite Scents: Flowers, cheese.


Romantic Interest Sexual Desire Platonic Love Good Standing Neutral Standing Poor Standing

Friends & Acquaintances

81st Maelstrom Foreign Levy: Oliwat stayed with the group of travelers that would eventually become the 81st for a while, back when they still traveled frequently. Once they settled down, however, he left to make his way back out into the world. It is, after all, against his family code to stay in one place. He wishes them well, and hopes to hear of their adventures eventually.

A'toli Phen: Although unfortunately he could not stop her from being the subject of some other Miqo'te's silly games, he did find that she has a good head on her shoulders, despite her anger during their first encounter. He hopes to find her again so he can get that bacon bread he was promised. Good bread makes for good sandwiches, after all.

Edda Vincents: Oliwat's pupil, apparently. Sometimes it's not readily apparent who's teaching who. While Oliwat remains positive, Edda tends to hold up the opposite end of the spectrum. Their entirely opposite personalities tend to confuse some and annoy others. Neither of them seem to really care.

Gwannes Oskwell: Gwannes is stupid, but it's the good kind of stupid. Oliwat can't really remember where and when he met the man, but he manages to be fine company for Oliwat and Edda anyway. Oliwat believes he needs a better sense of humor, and fast.

Surilian Blu: After helping the miqo'te overcome her troubles and regain control of her life, the two parted ways for a long while. After a chance encounter with two men under her employ, Oliwat visited her business only to find that she had become quite an affluent individual in his absence. Although he is happy to have her back in his life, the fact that she views him as a protector often makes him feel a little older than he actually is. Like a teeny-tiny grandfather, sort-of.

Adaji Oonarund: Although Oliwat wasn't interested in a relationship, he has developed a bit of brotherly love for the hyur after the two sat down to talk a bit and shared their respective problems. Oliwat has a mind to include the ninja on a few adventures he is currently contemplating.

Flynt Reddard: Otherwise known as the Hyena. Flynt claims that this is because he scavenges supplies off of dead people, but Oliwat is pretty sure this is because he bites people in combat. He knows this because he saw it first hand, and is one-hundred percent certain that it is one of the most disgusting things he has seen in his life. If there really are twelve gods, Oliwat hopes the man will spontaneously decide to become a vegetarian some day.

Akama Kharn Oliwat knows little of the fellow, other than the fact that he's Surilian's intended husband. That's all well and good, and he seems decent enough, but painful burning awaits should he let Oliwat's "granddaughter" down, even if she says she's old enough to take care of herself now.

Clatterpouch: Oliwat's Mammet. They're best buds.

Enemies & Rivals

Easily Overheard Rumours

Somewhat Difficult To Overhear Rumours

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Player Character Rumours


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Oliwat's Writings: The Rattlepack Guide, The Rattlepack Bestiary.