Orcrist Saragin

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Orcrist Saragin
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Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan Lohengarde (Hellguard)
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 42
Occupation Monk of the Fist of Rhalgr
Guardian Halone, the Fury
Namesday 31st Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon
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Being born as a Lohengarde meant that the path of Orcrist's life and education was laid out for him long before the date of his birth. No matter what profession and talent one develops in that blasted, volcanic realm, one is always expected to use that talent to guard the world of the living from those trying to get into it from the world of the dead.

The relative remoteness and scarcity of resources near the Lohengarde settlements in Abalathia's Spine means that to enable the development of culture, education, and talent, youth are generally sent out into the world to learn a trade in one of the major cities of Eorzea. Orcrist and his sister, Meilyn, were therefore both sent to Ala Mhigo at an early age.

Once they both arrived, Orcrist, due to his large frame and strength of will, was quickly accepted into the Fist of Rhalgr, the members of which devote their lives to training their bodies, minds, and spirits to serve as guardians. While his body and mind were up to the task, Orcrist's spirit was tempered by the sign of the Fury that he was born under. As such, he always found himself unable to achieve the level of concentration and stocism required to fully awaken to his inner strength.

When King Theodoric of Ala Mhigo, driven by his paranoia and ambition, ordered the execution of every monk in the city, Orcrist and his sister fled and found themselves displaced wanderers. The resulting semi-involuntary pilgrimage took them both to Ul'dah, where, instead of seeking enlightenment, Orcrist sought to better his combat abilities against the world-renowned gladiators and pugilists in the arenas there. During this pursuit, he drew the attention of the Maelstrom, the traditional Grand Company of the seafaring members of his race. Seeing only the opportunity to further hone his skills, he wasted no time in joining up and rising among the ranks through the power of his fists.

When the Maelstrom first clashed against the horrifying beings called 'Primals', Orcrist finally realized that he could ignore his unenlightened spirit no further. As he participated in the battles, the realization that control of his will could carry him further than the strength of his body began the awakening of his chakra and started him on the true path of his order.

Now, he travels Eorzea, seeking those who need his strength in their struggles against the Primals. He cares little for the conflict against the Empire other than, naturally, having a great deal of anger regarding the destruction of Ala Mhigo. His true goal is to best the strongest of the old gods in combat and to create a world that will be safe for his sister and his friends.


While large in comparison to the other races of Eorzea, Orcrist is actually average height for a Hellguard. Similarly, despite his girth, by the standards of his race he is one of the more agile. His hair is dark with gray streaks through it, and his face is solemn and scarred from years of physical work, training, and combat.


Being born under the sign of the Fury, Orcrist is more predisposed towards impulse and violence than the others of his order of guardian monks. However, all that really says is that he is less rock-like than every other rock in the quarry. He has little to no sense of humor. This doesn't stem from a lack of goodwill towards others, it just means that he has been exposed to very little in the way of celebration throughout the course of his life. Jokes and metaphors are likely to go far over his head, and he knows it. So, most of the time, he tends to keep quiet and let his actions do the talking for him.







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Friends and Allies

Meilyn Saragin – Meilyn is Orcrist's sister, who has accompanied him in various degrees through most of his life. While they pursued separate areas of interest (she being an Ala Mhigan machinist and later applying her academic skills to the art of thaumaturgy), they complement each other and cover each other's weaknesses.
Kikira Kira – Kikira was one of the first real connections that Orcrist made in the 81st. Though Orcrist spent a great deal of time in Ul'dah, the Lalafell race as a whole remained completely incomprehensible to him, due to their love of material goods and political power. Kikira was the first Lalafell whose behavior he could actually comprehend. Furthermore, he has developed a sort of loyalty for her, and has apparently appointed himself her companion whenever there may be a chance of danger. He calls her, affectionately, 'Tiny One', a phrase that he used to apply to all Lalafell but has since been reserved only for her.
Y'lyfriel Sikah – As Y'lyfriel is one of the leaders of the 81st, Orcrist holds her in high regard, as he knows that leadership is a burden and those that can carry that burden with grace are few and far between. He respects her enough to both accept the few direct orders she gives to him and to speak bluntly to her regarding whatever situation the group happens to be in.
Rhesh'ir Zhwan – Orcrist has had far less interaction with Rhesh'ir than he has had with Y'lyfriel, as Orcrist is generally part of whatever detail is guarding Lyf during exploration. That being said, he has the same respect toward Rhesh'ir as he would toward any leader of the 81st.
Vesna Novaar – Orcrist and Vesna have an odd sort of friendship in which neither one really says all that much to the other, and they both like it that way. And, in fact, often find it a relief to not be expected to carry on conversation.
Onuma Ahntifi – Onuma gave him a glove embedded with crystals that explode when he punches things with it. That's pretty much all that needs to be said there.


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TV Tropes: Badass Baritone, Undying Loyalty, The Big Guy, Blunt Metaphors Trauma, The Comically Serious, The Stoic

Alignment: Neutral Good