Kikira Kira

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Kikira Kira
332 × 430px
Gender Female
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 18
Sexuality Bisexual
Occupation Do-gooder, Heiress
Guardian Nophica
Namesday 25th Sun of the Third Astral Moon
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Kikira Kira was born to two young entrepreneur Lalafells in the grand city of Ul'dah. Teteragi Vavaragi, her father, and Kokode Kode, her mother, are the founders of the North Sands Trading Company. This small trading company quickly became one of the more prominent in Ul’dah thanks to the prosperous trade routes between Ul’dah and Gridania. Her parents, now influential members of the Ul’dahn upper crust, have their eye on the Syndicate. As such, Kikira grew up wanting for nothing and tutored by the very best Eorzea had to offer. From a young age she took to the art of mathematics and her parents had her schooled in the practice of tactics and finance. Her other lessons included finishing classes, subterfuge, history, and modern politics.


Kikira has always been small, even by Lalafell standards. She stands at two fulms ten ilms and wears her hair in buns to make her seem taller. She has the appearance of constant wide-eyed innocence and can typically be found wearing silks, velvets, or cashmere. She tends to favor pink, purple, blue and silver shades and prefers items of quality instead of presence. Recently, she has begun to wear her hair down in order to seem more “mature” after she realized that part of her problem with being taken seriously was that she looked like she “crawled out of a daycare.”


Kikira’s behavior can be described mainly as energetic. She often acts childishly as this is how she deals with her traumatic life experience. She will happily help any person who asks of her, especially if they need food, shelter, or healing. Kikira has been slipping back and forth between extreme happiness and sadness the past few weeks, most recently, she has been in a sad spell.


Kikira hates combat in all of it’s forms. While she is quite an accomplished Arcanist, she prefers to remain seemingly helpless. After years of study and continuous training the young Lalafell is able to sustain having both of her carbuncles summoned at once. This is rather draining to the girl and she only does this in times of dire need or when she desperately needs comforting. The carbuncles are like pets to her and her only friends, outside of Leuvianne, from her childhood. Due to her training in being able to sustain two carbuncles, she also is quite capable when it comes to channeling extra aether into her attacks when no carbuncles are present. When she is in distress she can shoot forth a Ruin that has multiple times the aetheric energy as the geometry would typically allow. Kikira also has minor training in conjury and would much rather use these skills. She will gladly pour all of her aether into healing her friends and companions.



Spending time with friends


Her friends being in pain
Bigger Snakes


Contract Negotiation


Favourite Food/Drink: Chocolate/A good champagne
Favourite Place: The Beach/The library
Favorite Weather: Sunny and Bright
Favorite Season: Early Autumn
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Scents: Jasmine, Lavender, The Ocean


Fangirl Romantic Interest Sexual Desire Platonic Love Good Standing Neutral Standing Poor Standing

Friends and Allies

Rhesh'ir Zhwan – Kikira has oddly taken to Rhesh’ir and his mate as surrogate parents after her parents tried to have her killed. “Rhesh’ir-papa” and “Mama-Lyf” are very important to her. They symbolize a happy family home that she misses from her childhood. She wishes them the best and will do anything to see them and Riel’a safe. Since he was taken by the Maelstrom, Kiki has vowed to not stop until he is returned and his name is cleared.
Y'lyfriel Sikah – ”Mama-Lyf” is someone who Kikira aspires to be. She is loved, adored even, and has a happy family. Kikira also looks up to Lyf for her accomplishments in the fields of scholarly pursuits. As with Rhesh’ir, Kikira would do anything to keep the miqo’te family safe.
Kodaro Ba'rococo – Kikira idolizes Kodaro, plain and simple. The miqo’te unknowingly saved her life during their leve to Little Ala Mhigo. Since then Kikira has decided to follow him where ever he goes and took up his invitation to join the 81st. Kikira is currently working on building a community center on Pearl Street in his honor.
Vesna Novaar – Kiki feels horrible for having judged Vesna before she ever really met her and believes that she needs to make up for this. She has taken it upon herself to introduce Vesna to the finer things in life like expensive chocolates, wine, and really soft fabrics. She wishes to help the miqo'te learn more about actually living.
Ralamano Nulumano – Kikira admires Ralamano's dedication to learning and to the company. She finds his technical nature charming, but sometimes thinks that he needs to relax a little. She wants to help him realize that it is okay to not have an answer for everything, some things will just never make sense. As of late, Kikira sees him as an over-protective older brother and has decided that this is a prime opportunity to get him to laugh more.
Orcrist Saragin – Orcrist has become a very valuable companion to Kiki. He is rapidly filling the gap of bodyguard in her life. To Kiki, this means that she has found herself a new life-long companion. She would do anything for Orcrist, if he asked, besides join his order. After their last fireside chat, Kiki now trusts the Roegadyn implicitly.
Seda'li Tayuun – Kiki thinks that Seda'li is often judged too harshly. She believes that he has a good heart and that even if he has done some bad things in the past that it is forgivable. She admires him for being able to find someone to love and for standing up for what he believes in.
Shoshopu Shopu – Kiki has found a new friend in Shoshopu. She loves that the only other female Lalafell in the company is just as energetic as her. Also, Shoshopu has Loloran and Levy-Egi! Kiki would love to spend more time with Shoshopu and have them get to know each other better.
Lynn'wo Vahnal – Lynn'wo is one of the few people that Kikira sees as a friend. She knows he has had some tough times and wishes that he would have been more open with her about his familial troubles. She believes that he will be able to find the bright side to just about anything.
Jujuwai Totowai – Juji is Shoshopu's brother. Kikira sees him as a very talented machinist and sometimes has inklings of a crush towards him. Every time she has acted on these feelings however, Jujuwai has done something to make her think they are not returned. She has decided it is not to be and now supports his projects financially when he asks.
Tenikko Fenikko – Tenikko aka TenFen or, as Kiki calls him, Ten, waltzed into Kiki's life and charmed her into pieces. What started off as a harmless school girl crush has envolved into something... else. Kiki refuses to admit that she has deeper feelings for the man beyond 'like' and goes out of her way to make sure that that area of her thoughts is not explored. TenFen is a source of adventure and excitement in her life, which she values for it's ability to let her see more than what textbooks offer.


Zezeral Gigiral (NPC) –A positively slimy, horrible excuse for a man. Will stop at nothing to increase his wealth and power. Kiki despises him to the depths of her very soul and is glad that he is in a gaol as he deserves.
Trisselle Nulumano –Ralamano's lover and as such Kiki is trying desperately to like the woman. They often do not agree but, Kiki gives her the benefit of the doubt anyway.


By the time Kikira was seven, her parents had entrusted her care over to her body guard, Leuvianne Agache. Leuvianne was an interesting character, and while present was hardly ever seen unless in private. This allowed Kikira to have autonomy in her adventures around Ul’dah with little to no danger. This also allowed Kikira to see to state in which the poor of her city lived. Kikira immediately fell for them and wanted nothing more in her world than to see everyone happy, healthy, and safe. She made it her life’s quest to end poverty and want in Aldenard.

When Kiki, as she now preferred to be called, was ten she started her first mission to help ease the pain of the underserved. She started spending her allowance on provisions and would sneak out of the house with Luevianne in tow to have the Duskwight help her hand out food, clothes, shoes, and blankets to the denizens of Pearl Street. Soon, she saw that food and clothes could only help so much. The wounds of the victims of street crimes and disease that comes from living without shelter and medical care where things that she could not fix. This prompted her to research ways to care to the wounded and sick. She found her studies leading her to Gridania and convinced her parents to take her with them on one of their negotiating trips. While in Gridania, Kiki sought out the conjurer’s guild and started a very meager training in communing with creation. Kiki continued to go hone her skills in secret from her parents and would go with them on their trips to Gridania with a feigned interest in the family business.

When Kiki was twelve, her parents discovered her foray into conjury and were furious. They insisted that if she were to learn any of the arcane arts that she should at least learn one that would be useful to the business. They then hired an Arcanist by the name of Aparoto Beroto from Limsa Lomisa in order to train her in the ways of the nature of Aether as expressed by mathematics. Kiki begrudgingly set upon learning this skill and while she hated the thought of hurting people, she sure did enjoy her new Carbuncle friends.

Then, the Calamity happened. Kiki saw waves upon waves of the newly outcast reaching towards Ul’dah for help and getting denied. She saw their pain and suffering. Her parents, she noted, were part of the problem. They took advantage of the downtrodden and weary just looking to survive and employed them at near slave wages. She saw her parents deceive and connive their way into the hearts of these people only to tear them out and step all over them. Kiki was ashamed of her heritage. She did the only thing a girl could do in this situation, she plotted how to help these people without her parents finding out.

By age fifteen, Kiki had started her own sect of the North Sands Trading Company. She successfully had donation supply chains in the guise of trade routes running from Ul’dah to Little Ala Mhigo. As the citizenry of Little Ala Mhigo are not a trusting sort, she had made arrangements with one of the local merchants to accept the donations and sell them at a steeply discounted rate to the people there. This was going along smoothly until Kiki was sixteen, almost seventeen. Her caravans started getting attacked by strange groups in unmarked clothing. She had to start hiring adventurers in order to keep her supply chain safe. Kiki was puzzled as to where these groups were coming from as they never seemed to be after her or her guards, just the cargo. One day, she overheard her father hiring a group to “disturb the routes of his competition.” Kiki listened closely to the conversation and realized that he was after her caravans. She was furious. She decided that she needed to find the absolute strongest adventurers she could and put her father in his place.

The next day, Kiki and Luevianne went to the Bloodsands to scope out the fighters. There she noticed a young Miqo’te by the name of Kodaro Ba’rococo fighting his heart out in the arena. She was taken by his skill and approached him after his fight. She then set down a heaping bag of gil in front of him and announced that she would like to hire him for her next donation mission to Little Ala Mhigo. Surprisingly, the Miqo’te agreed. Kiki spent the rest of the day in the bloodsands looking for someone who fought with as much passion as Kodaro had and was unsuccessful. She resorted to posting a request for an adventurer in the Adventurer’s Guild. Rookerin Jackson, a lancer, replied to her plea for help. After a demonstration of the Hyur’s skills, Kiki was satisfied that he would do for this mission.

The next morning, the four set out on their mission. Kiki chatted with both of the adventurers to pass the time. She was surprised to learn that Kodaro was a member of the Immortal Flames. She begged the Miqo’te to tell her stories of his adventures. Kiki, now thoroughly enamored with the life of an adventurer, started day dreaming of how awesome it would be to help people as Kodaro had in the 81st. When the Corpse Brigade attacked, she was caught off guard and reacted by using the skills she swore she would never use. She hurt people. She strangely didn’t feel any remorse as these people were trying to hurt her and her new found friends. The adventuring party was able to fight off the bandits with relative ease. This opened up Kiki’s eyes to a whole new world of being able to help people. She begged Kodaro to help her become an adventurer.

A few weeks later, Kiki showed up at the 81st headquarters in the Mist with a note from Kodaro and joined up with the 81st. She started helping right away until she got pulled away by her parents. After a moon, the girl returned to the company and was forced to strike up a trade agreement to be able to stay. Since then, Kikira has been acting strangely, slipping into spans of bitterness, maturity, and anger instead of her normal carefree behavior.

Several moons later, Kodaro led a group to bring down her fiance and have him gaoled if not executed for his crimes against Ul'dah. Kikira took part in the raid on the Somnus factory, helping to end his control on her life. The very next week, Kiki celebrated her 18th nameday, the day before the company went into the void atop the Crystal Tower. When they emerged from the darkness, Kikira had a newfound outlook on life, now seeing the use of living each day to the fullest.

The 81st was then hired to do a leve to deliver supplies to the top of the Agrius, went they came down from the leve, successful if bloodied, they were greeted by officers from the three grand companies accusing them of supplying Garlean forces. It turns out that the leve they went on had been a trap and the supply satchels did indeed carry weapons. Rhesh'ir, Onuma, and Solelle went with the Grand Companies, leaving the rest of the 81st to figure out what had really happened. Kiki set off to Ul'dah to do what a Ul'dah elite does best, grease palms and connive information out of whoever she could get her hands on.


Theme Song: "Human" - Krewella

TV Tropes: Cute Bookworm, The Ingenue, Undying Loyalty, Spirited Young Lady, Non-Idle Rich, Runaway Fiancé, Cute Clumsy Girl, The Cutie, Girly Girl, Long Hair Is Feminine, Little Girls Kick Shins, Rich in Dollars, Poor in Sense, Unrequited Tragic Maiden, I Want My Beloved to Be Happy, Lonely Rich Kid

Alignment: Chaotic Good