Y'lyfriel Sikah

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Y'lyfriel Sikah
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 23
Marital Status Bonded
Occupation Scholar
Height/Weight 5'2" / 128 ponze

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Basic Info

Update On the 31st Sun of Azeyma's moon, Y'lyfriel Sikah became one with the lifestream. She is survived by dear companions, her bonded mate, Rhesh'ir Zhwan, and their son, Riel'a Zhwan.

The past several years of Y'lyfriel's life have been tumultuous. Since finding her way to the Twelveswood after a fateful voyage, her journey with Rhesh'ir Zhwan and the formation of the Maelstrom Foreign Levy 81st, she has found herself involved in events that she once only thought to read of.

In spite of the grandeur of their adventurers, her personal motivations were always quite intimate--she wished to care for her new family to the best of her ability, and make the realm a safer place for her son.


Fine Cuisine




Favourite Weather: Sunshine after Rain
Favorite Food: Oysters, Apples
Favorite Drink: Tea
Favorite Color: Blue

Appearance & Personality

Y'lyfriel prided herself on dressing well, and taking immaculate care of herself. Unless stress or fieldwork had a hold on her, she made effort to appear respectable and well-dressed. Fond of changing hairstyles, Lyf made far too many trips to the aesthetician.

Though passionate and often quick to leap to emotional conclusions, she was known for a studious intelligence that kept her focused on whatever task is at hand. Whether it was arcanima, naturalism, or contemporary Eorzean mechanical aptitudes, Lyf endeavoured to keep herself busy, and was especially pleased when her work was put towards keeping her family and her company, the 81st, safe.



Y'lyfriel is yet unaware of her birthplace; her mother, Y'zanza Behn, and her father, Sikah, brought her to La Noscea, and it is there that she spent the entirety of her youth. The family lived a short distance from the Swiftperech settlement. Her mother made much of the family's living as an artisan weaver of some renown. When Y'lyfriel was only two years of age, her father, an adventurer, failed to return from a particular outing. Y'zanza spoke very little of his occupation or interests during Lyfriel's growing up, but maintained an insistence that Sikah had died while abroad. Shortly after her father disappeared, Lyf's sister, Y'adebh, was born.
In spite of Sikah's disappearance, the family managed to remain well off. Both Y'lyfriel and Y'adebh were adventurous in spirit, the former finding her freedom in her numerous acquaintances along the La Noscean coast, the latter keeping her head in the clouds---clouds full of adventurers' tales. Neither found themselves in an abundance of trouble, apart from the bumps, bruises, breaks, and heartaches of young lives. Hearing at a distance of Ala Mhigo's plight, and later, the Battle of Silvertear skies, kept them longing to see and experience other lands. Though Y'zanza allowed her daughters a large amount of freedom, they were kept from traveling abroad.


The destruction wrought by Dalamud's fall, and Bahamut's emergence, took thousands of lives. Away on a rotation with a patrolling Yellowjacket squad--an apprenticeship that would prepare her to enter Mealvaan's Gate--Y'lyfriel was away from her family's small home when it was brought to ruin. Breaking from her horrified awe at the spectacle that would forever change Eorzea, she rushed home to find only death--Y'zanza's and Y'adebh's bodies still aflame.
With the help of what was left of the small community, the dead were laid to rest. For the next three cycles, Lyf struggled to maintain a living for herself as a weaver, but what little her mother had imparted to her was not enough to find her a suitable living. Resigning from the recovering community of Swiftperch, Lyfriel made her way into Limsa Lominsa and took up her nearly abandoned apprenticeship. She began as a clerk in Mealvaan's Gate, but her studious nature and desire for adventure allowed her a place to study the Arcanum. Alongside her blossoming thirst for knowledge, she made a fair, and perhaps expected number of poor choices. One brief courtship with a Bismarck waiter landed her an apprenticeship at the esteemed restaurant, but it lasted only as long as Lyf's patience.


After two years of study at the Gate, she began a relationship with a Lominsan privateer--Captain Erasmuss Ross. Believing it to be a route of escape into a life of adventure, she allowed the man to convince her to leave her studies and her home, to travel abroad. Their first voyage together was over shortly after it began; Sahagin set upon their ship, and several crew members, including Captain Ross, were killed. The man who assumed command--a renowned Arcanist named Rayner Cantilever, was unveiled to have his own motivations. He assaulted Lyfriel within Ross' cabin, and ordered the crew to sail for a Nymian ruin. Only further disaster awaited their arrival, as a host of tonberries set upon Rayner's new crew. Lyfriel escaped the disaster with two others, a strange stone, and a yet-unknown new companion that would change her life forever.

A New Path

Shipwrecked and adrift, Y'lyfriel was picked up by a passing merchant vessel that eventually made its berth on the eastern Eorzean coast. From there, Lyf traveled to the Black Shroud, but not before discovering the strange, sentient elemental that had saved her while at sea---Eirene, a faerie of Nym. Their bond together freshly forged, they remained together in the Shroud while Lyf attempted to make a living working as a naturalist. While attempting to study a flock of ziz, she happened upon one 'Zee' of the Shroud--Rhesh'ir Zhwan, a traveling, reclusive bard. Time spent together brought them closer, and along the way, Lyfriel met Tahla'li Tayuun, Onuma Ahntifi, Lotan'to Jiub, Dawson Colwell, and X'linwh Tia.
What began as a loose gathering of like-minded companions in the Shroud evolved into a renowned free company operating beneath the banner of the Maelstrom, led by Rhesh'ir himself. Though they've known hardship, she and Rhesh'ir now have a child together, and have found more worth fighting for than either could have suspected after their fateful meeting in the Twelveswood. Brought together by circumstance but bonded by love, Lyfriel and Rhesh'ir became Eternally Bonded before the eyes of their companions and the Twelve. With fresh resolve, they continue to lead the Maelstrom Foreign Levy 81st Company towards fresh endeavors and new threats that circle ever closer.

In Memory

Though her Bonding to Rhesh'ir Zhwan was tumultuous, and the events that transpired around Lyfriel and her family remained dire and volatile, she persevered. Past the gates of Ishgard, she journeyed with her comrades and family, until she met an untimely death beneath the wings of a Dravanian, one in servitude to the massive beast that the Maelstrom Foreign Levy 81st company was pursuing. Her fate came only bells after reconciling the troubles that had kept she and Rhesh'ir separated, on the heels of intimate plans that would have seen them closer than ever before.


The greater of the final years of Lyfriel's life were dedicated to her company and her family, in every sense the words possessed. She was ever willing to fight for the well-being of those close to her, and her home on the Vylbrand was a fortress for her heart and her intentions. Her true home, though, was in Rhesh'ir and Riel'a, whom she would have given any part of herself for, without second thought.


Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
 "I've 'eard her gettin' shouted deaf in the Bismark. Don't think the maesters care much for 'er." - Limsa Lominsa Resident
"Always see her alone, that one. Only time not, when she's gettin' the ears beat off her, sparring with Yellowjackets up the beach." - La Noscean Merchant
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"I saw her climbing out of an airship, yesterday. All confidence and swagger, one of those godsdammed huge books tucked under one arm. Looked like she'd had a rough day, but was smiling for it.- Yellowjacket
"She ran past me, t'other day, red in the face, and a welt the size of a La Noscean orange on her cheek. Hope she sought a healer." - Local Fisher
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)
"Always so grim. No wonder you and Lyfriel are friends...You'll notice that despite hardship, she is still able to smile? The world isn't so far gone, then, seeing that." - Rhesh'ir Zhwan
"She believes that if everyone is together that we'll be alright. It's naive, but... endearing." - Rhesh'ir Zhwan
"Lyfriel is everything. She calls me 'her Moon', but in reality, she is the same for me. She is a soft, beautiful light in my life. Only, I don't have to wait until nightfall to see her shining properly~" - Rhesh'ir Zhwan
"She's a strong-spirited girl, and unlike most sunseekers, I find her pleasant to be around. But she has an air of apologeticness about her that I can't shake, and it almost bothers me, to a degree. She works far too hard to please everyone, and her kindness is a double-bladed edge. What will happen when she runs out of resources to give, I wonder? Will she break, or will something new bloom?" - Onuma Ahntifi
"Lyfriel is sister to me. Not by blood, but she may as well be. She's a special person in my life and I wouldn't give anything in the world in exchange. I hurt her once, but I'm adamant in not letting that happen again. For this, I'm thankful we are on best of terms again. " - Onuma Ahntifi
"Lyf is our constant, and truly the best friend I've ever had. Without her, the group would surely have drifted apart. I confide in her more than anyone because she has truly earned it." - Dawson Colwell
"Lyf has a good heart. As far as I'm concerned, she's at the center of our little tribe. She works hard--probably too hard--to make it all work, and for that I am grateful." - Dawson Colwell
"Y'lyfriel is and will continue to be a boon in mine own experience. Though a mother, she continues to show her youth in many ways--ones that will likely create more conflict than not. She is tenacious and bold, I shall admit" - Trisselle Rondelet
"Miss Lyfriel is very, very kind. She deals with so much when all of us are together, and yet she's always smiling! Even when Rhesh'ir is being a ..Rude. A rude rude." - Rahn'a Lihzeh
"I can't say she'll cease to surprise me anytime soon; seems she's a swift study with all sorts of subjects. She's even taken to designing her own arcane geometries as of late! I endeavour to emulate her educational eagerness, then maybe one day I'll be as much of an asset to the tribe as she." - Kodaro Ba'rococo
"Lyf is a wonderful person, she always has time for me, even when she has her own troubles... I really appreciate that, and I hope I can at least match that myself when she needs help. She's like a sister to me in many ways, and a mother in others... I suppose it would be safe to say I consider her an extended member of my family." - Fen'rin Taveck
"Miss Y'lyfriel is an accomplished, nurturing, knowledgeable, caring, wonderful person! I am so thankful she came in to see me.. and kept coming back!" Mizuki Hagane
(Regarding Y'lyfriel's passing) "Well, it's not going to stop me. I'm going to continue what she started. When I can." Rhesh'ir Zhwan
"I hear the 81st talk about this Y'lyfriel often. She seemed a wonderful person, the glue that formed bonds between the others here. It is a great shame I shall never get to meet her myself." Lahar Ishtari


Romantic Interest Platonic Love Good Standing Poor Standing
Rhesh'ir Zhwan : Lyfriel's greatest joys were here bonding to Rhesh'ir Zhwan, and the birth of their son. Close on the heels of those moments was the reconciliation that they shared in the Dravanians Forelands, and the fresh promises and commitments they made to each other. From the moment that coincidence brought them together, Rhesh'ir was the shining star in her sky. Her Moon.
Riel'a Zhwan (NPC) : Lyf's son with Rhesh'ir. A letter was penned, several moons before her death, to be read to the growing boy at his mother's wishes. As with Rhesh'ir, she would have given every bit of herself to see Riel'a safe.
Eirene (NPC) : Though Lyf has thought Eirene dissipated and gone forever, she became aware of the faerie's survival--and her freshly forged attachment to Rhesh'ir--moments before her demise. The revelation brought her great joy, and it was with Eirene's help that Lyfriel was allowed her final moments with her family and comrades.
Onuma Ahntifi : Lyf's sister in all things. One of the few people that Lyfriel has fought alongside as long as she has Rhesh'ir, she and Onuma became closer than many blood-sisters, and would have done anything for each other. In her heart, she knew that Onuma would fulfill the same commitments to Riel'a.
Dawson Colwell : Dawson is one of the wisest men that Y'lyfriel ever had the fortune of meeting. Whenever she needed close counsel, he was one of the first she turned to. Even from afar, Dawson was a rock in the churning sea; someone that she could rely upon during the worst of times.
Ralamano Nulumano : A man that she idolized, through and through. In addition to being one of her dearest friends, he is the scholar that she aspired to be. Brave, unyielding, and willing to give all to protect those he cares about.
Senelle Silverlight : Someone that she came to trust entirely. Senelle was never anything less than a shoulder to lean upon; a like mind and spirit that unknowingly allowed Lyf to feel safe, when thinking about the future. There was a deep friendship, here.
Kodaro Ba'rococo : Another whom she cared a great deal for. Though they faced the same dangers time and again, Kodaro was often stronger in overcoming them than Lyf herself.
Fen'rin Taveck : A man with whom she made many happy memories. Fen'rin is a goof, and a talented one at that. Rare was the occasion that these two were not able to brighten each other's darkness...sometimes at the risk of coming into a little bit of trouble, for the sake of it.
Ferai Caolann : Had they been given more time together, Lyfriel would have liked to know Ferai better. She watched, distant, as he underwent some very personal changes, and faced threats from his past that threatened to swallow him whole. She related to it, immensely.
Noor Falmah : Lyf's relationship with Noor was at once brief, tumultuous, and sincere. Though she made missteps in plenty that hurt the man she cared for most, Lyfriel was happy to have found an onze of closure with Noor, before the end.
Rinha'li Dhavha : Lyf always found Rinha'li endearing. Though he was often troubled, she enjoyed their time together, and recognized another intellectual soul shortly after their meeting.
S'aerdha Tia : Though she's certainly spent more time distrusting S'aerdha than trusting him, Lyfriel ultimately always recognized his better intentions for the 81st. Capable and elite, the only thing keeping her from relying more readily upon him were his own words.
Lihrit Lightfoot : In Lihrit, Lyf saw her own sister, Y'adebh, who had been taken by the Calamity. Appearances ended up meaning little, though, and Lyf found herself greatly enjoying every facet of Lihrit's bubbly personality. She was willing to protect Lihrit from any harm that might have come her way.
Ainle Goldpaw : Lyfriel looked forward to learning more, at Ainle's hands. Though he was quiet, they always warmed quickly to discussion, and had more shared interests than either realized at the outset.
Syhrael Danisyggwyn : Though they never became closely acquainted, she made Ainle happy with a smile, and that said quite enough.
E'liah Tia : A caring and jovial person, who kept Lyf happy and optimistic on several occasions.
Rah'na Lihzeh : Another whom Lyf took great pains to care for and protect, during the final years of her life. Though she certainly recognized that Rahn'a was troubled, she tried to help him when she could.
Lynn'wo Vahnal : Though she never once said it, the mischievous streak that runs through this Keeper of the Moon reminded Lyfriel of her sister, Y'adebh. Beyond that, Lyf certainly saw something of a brother in this man. All of their time together was heartily enjoyed.
Kikira Kira : Lyfriel was greatly pleased to be a part of Kikira's life, having had the opportunity to help her overcome obstacles, and to watch her grow into independence. The Lalafell girl is remarkably talented, and Lyf ever admired her courage and love for her family.
Shoshopu Shopu : Becoming better acquainted with Shoshopu was long on Lyf's list of goals, but such is no longer possible. She knew that Shoshopu was dedicated and passionate; a skilled arcanist. They likely would have had a lot in common.
Fyrilsunn Fiandoensyn : Another whom Lyfriel ought to have known better, but what she did know--that Fyrilsunn was a stalwart shield for those he cared for--was enough.
Emilienoix Bellegarde : A figure out of Lyfriel's past, who faded into silence some few months before her untimely demise. They shared intimate conversations, many of which, perhaps unknowingly, drove her even closer to Rhesh'ir.
Syrress Detilderan : A woman whom Lyf only met on a handful of occasions, but a kindred soul and skilled mender. Her piety was something that Lyfriel admired, and she had solid intentions to seek her out more often.



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