Rath'zi Jaab

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 Rath'zi Jaab
Titles, a quote - whatever you wanna put.
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper
Citizenship Deep in the Shroud
Age 18
Deity Menphina
Occupation Summoner
Nameday XXth Sun of the Xst Astral Moon
Rath'zi Jaab, better known as Nicknames If Applicable, was born on the XXth Sun of the Xst Astral Moon. A basic little bit about your character. Generic information.
Spends quite a bit of time people watching in Ul'dah and at the arcanists' guild.
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Your Character's Inventory

Last updated: XXX XXth, 20XX

- A filthy pair of pants, a grimoire filled with scribbles and gibberish, and a few rocks.

Height: X fulms X ilms

Weight: 90 ponz

Complexion: Extremely pale

Hair: Black

Eyes: Deep dark blue

Face is thin and several scars
His body is malnourished and has a starved appearance, looks extremely skeletal. Many scars consistent with an abused childhood.
What your character's voice is like.
He smells like he hasn't bathed in a year
There is only one way to describe meeting Rath. Lunatic vagrant, with his mutterings of destiny and fate in his broken manner of speaking makes him come off as completely nuts. This tends to cause people to write him off as just a nut. Though a few people have realized that there is something much darker behind his words.
Those that manage to get to know Rath better are much more likely to see he's more than your average crazy person. People learning his goals and ambitions along with his abilities as a summoner become much more apparent. Those that dig into him even deeper will discover the real Rath'zi that's been trapped inside himself by the darkness possessing him.


Hard to understand at times, sounds like he is speaking in riddles.
Broken mind and insanity.
Physically weak due to a life of starvation.


Some things your character is afraid of. Everybody's afraid of something, even the most fearless-seeming people!


Surprisingly intelligent for a crazy person.
Skilled with the magical arts.


Has a very broken style of speaking that includes excessive use of the words yes and no.



Some things your character likes doing in their spare time.


Experimenting on people
The idea of binding gods to his will.
Aetherically interesting people.


Nice people, they bring out the humanity in him.
Sex and physical relationships


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Favorite Food:
Favorite Drink:
Favorite Scent:
Favorite Place:

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He carries no weapons but a grimoire can potentially be used as a good blunt object.


The shadow of Shade that is possessing him has given him an extreme pool of knowledge and skills on the subjects of Arcamia, summoning, primals, the void, and other similar subjects.


What your character is good at, or interested in.

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💑 In a Relationship Romantic Interest Sexual Desire Platonic Love Family Good Standing Neutral Poor Standing Deceased

Ozmund Durst: Rath originally took a deep interest in the enforcer of justice when he declared Rath a degenerate, which Rath recieved several more marks of degenerate. Rath eventually accepted Ozmund's challenge to honorable combat and defeated the man. Rath then took the opportunity to bind a voidsent to the man just so he could see what it was like to be a degenerate.

J'khobi Tia: This young keeper reminds Rath of someone from Shade's past. This has created feelings of friendship inside him. Though J'khobi sees it as exactly the opposite. Rath seeks to convince J'khobi to join him in his mad quest, feeling like the seeker has the potential to be a powerful summoner.

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