Aekira Swyfte

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Aekira Swyfte moping obnoxiously in Camp Dragonhead.

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Basic info

Name: Aekira Swyfte

Nicknames: Aek, Aeki, Kiri, Kir, and any number of other silly nicknames. Also commonly referred to as "Handsome."

Birthplace and Nationality: Born in a small village north of Limsa Lominsa, making him La Noscean by birth.

Current Residence: Horizon, Thanalan.

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Mercenary, who specializes in finding missing people and items.

Server: Balmung

Quote: "You know, sometimes people ask me how I got into this profession. Finding missing people, missing things. Truth is, I'm looking for something myself. Something important. And it's something I can't afford to lose, because honestly, it's the only thing I have left."



Race and Clan: Mix-clan Hyur, though his outward appearance is far more that of a midlander than a highlander.

Age: 23

Height: About 6'3"

Body Type: Wiry, narrow through the hips and torso. His chest and arms are particularly muscular. He's almost always slouching a little.

Eye Color: Pale blue

Hair Color: Bluish black

Complexion: Fair-ish, with olive undertones

Notable Features: Aekira's body is riddled with scars, the most notable being a thin one lining his left cheek and a larger, jagged one through his upper abdomen. His ears are multipierced.


Aekira's outward personality is somewhat artificial. He works hard to maintain a cool, aloof exterior. In reality, he's very shy, soft-spoken, but easily annoyed. While he'll talk about parts of his past if asked, he rarely elaborates completely upon anything, likely out of discomfort. When drunk, he either becomes cynical and emotional, or quiet and passive, depending on the mood and the company. His hands shake noticably when he's upset, and his expression is as readable as a book, despite his best efforts. He's an angry crier, which he considers unfortunate given his status as an angry individual. He isn't always quick to trust people, but when he befriends someone, he will do anything to keep them safe. More than anything, Aekira is driven by a desire to help the people he's close to, if only to repay them for constantly protecting him.

His alignment is True Neutral. His nameday is April 18th.


  • Song. Aekira's an avid musician, and supposedly a lovely singer, but he's too stage-frightened to showcase either talent comfortably.
  • Drinking, and probably a little too much.
    • He favors brandy, particularly a brand called Sparklight. "Aged nine years in an oaken barrel soaked in Mor Dhona ectoplasm. Sounds weird, but it gives you a nice little tingle in the back of your throat."
  • Birds. Particularly the intelligent ones, like crows, owls, chocobos, and the like. Seagulls are the exception. He HATES seagulls.
  • The ocean. But what self-loving Lominsan DOESN'T like the ocean?
  • Friendly teasing, oddly enough.
  • Organized sparring, far moreso than pointless bar brawls and forced underground rings. He enjoys honing his skills in such settings, and won the Grindstone event his second week of competing there.


  • Oversized crowds and other tight spaces. Aekira is somewhat claustrophobic, and generally dislikes the caged feeling he experiences when surrounded by too many people. This may also contribute to the aforementioned stage fright.
  • Being forced to sit still and otherwise being rendered helpless.
  • Fighting without purpose. He wants a good reason to sink a fist into someone's face... and he's remarkably good at finding them.
  • Fighting lancers, in ANY context.
  • Pompousness.
  • Coerthas, probably because of ALL THE LANCERS AND POMPOUSNESS.


Relatives and Pets

Talrun and Valerie Swyfte (Parents, deceased)

Fer Swyfte (Older Brother, deceased)

Scero Swyfte (Older Brother, known as Hiro Matsubara)

Kieran (Pet Chocobo, or as Kiri calls him, the "Evil, evil ostrich.")

Friends and Good Standing

U'Rhynaer Tia: Aekira's business partner and closest friend is a tea-loving healer from the Drake tribe. Rhyn joined Aekira's profession with a similar goal in mind, that being to find his missing sister, but also to make sure Kiri doesn't meet some gruesome fate at the hands of his own recklessness. He still hasn't forgiven Kiri for competing at the Grindstone with a broken jaw. A player NPC character.

Miyoh Hibana: The Raen woman known as Miyoh was one of the first people Rhyn and Aekira were hired to rescue. Out of both gratefulness and intrigue, she decided to join them as their receptionist. She gives painfully accurate advice, calling it "A mother's intuition." She's asked her business partners to help her find her young daughter, though she doubts they'll ever meet again. A player NPC character.

Catalina Darkblood: Aekira's lover disappeared some time ago on a personal vendetta. He waited for her for two years without contact, and even thought her dead until she suddenly returned to Thanalan. Aekira's since had a chance to talk things over with Cat, and the two are making an attempt at repairing their relationship... but opinions on the success of this "Second Take" vary greatly between the two.

Reina Dancer: A dear ally, drinking partner, and valued confidant, Reina became a fast friend of Aekira after he was caught eavesdropping on her conversation. Despite his outward annoyance, Aekira actually appreciates her teasing, and has come to consider Rei to be a close friend. The two have shared many a drink and a laugh over losing rounds at the Grindstone, and he hopes to have many more. He worries, however, as no one he knows has seen Reina for some time, now.

Judiel Farendaire: While not necessarily friends, Aekira and Lady Farendaire have occasionally assisted each other in professional endeavors. They seem to have a history, but the two share no hard feelings between each other.

Vektis Sol: Aekira first met young Vektis at the Grindstone. He decided very quickly that he'd do anything to shut his loud mouth up, alas, they did not meet on the battlefield. The Miqo'te's earnest, try-hard personality has since grown on him, and he's become a good friend of his for many reasons. Though Aekira can only take so much of him before being driven to drink, Vektis has proven to be an invaluable ally, ready to assist with a strong arm and a dumb joke no matter the situation.

Memorable Aquaintances

Kri'sie Crimsonlion: Aekira's first experience with Kri'sie involved her dragging him across the Quicksand by the shirt collar in an attempt to get him to socialize, an experience he would very much like NOT to repeat. Kiri and Kri often tease each other about the incident.

Solenne Lagarde: Solenne and Aekira have never formally met, but have encountered each other a number of times. The Elezen woman gives Aekira a slightly uneasy feeling.

Reina Sol: While he doesn't know Vektis's sister well enough to call her 'friend,' Aekira finds Reina Sol pleasant, even if a little unassuming. He was impressed by her fighting talent at the Grindstone.

S'imba Tia: Aekira has met Reina Dancer's mate on several occasions now, but still does not know what to think of the quiet Miqo'te. He gets the impression S'imba is not fond of him, for some reason.

Aronaux Farendaire: A rivalry which grows more and more complex as the days pass, Aronaux as Aekira knows him is an insufferable Ishgardian noble who's insistence on establishing himself as the superior of the two purely based on his status and race never fails to leave him seething. However, the volatile changes occurring in Ishgard have had a profound effect on Aronaux, and the Elezen has been attempting to make amends with those he may have insulted, including Aekira... which has left him nothing is not confused. Most recently, Lord Farendaire has offered to assist Aekira in his search for his brother.

Lucaell Tareth'eian: A fellow hyur musician Aekira met in the Quicksand, who approached him because the "Quiet, intimidating ones" are the most interesting. She attempted to rope Kiri into a duet, but he took a rain check, and hasn't seen her since.

Hiro Matsubara: The amnesiac who calls himself Hiro Matsubara was once known as Scero Swyfte, eldest of the three Swyfte brothers. Though they had a rather tumultuous relationship, Aekira dedicated himself to finding his brother, his only remaining family, after his disappearance. Though Scero recently turned up in Ishgard, he did so under a false name, with no memory of his past, or of Aekira, to speak of. The younger Swyfte is determined to help his brother regain his memory.

Enemies and Bad Standing


Some of these are based in truth, some are not. Feel free to recommend your own.

Common Rumors

"'E's an enigmatic fellow, fer sure. Floats in an' out of this desert on a whim. S'only a matter of time before he leaves again." -Drunk Coffer Patron

"Swyfte? I sailed with his father, knew him well. He's a good kid, I guess... Is he still asking about his brother, I wonder." -Weary La Noscean Sailor

"Heard his brother died at Carteneau. Fucked as that head of his seems, wouldn't surprise me if he stood there too." -Wandering Adventurer

Uncommon Rumors

"What, the ladyman? What a fuckin' flake!" - Hammered Coffer Patron

"What, handsome over there? Bet he didn't always look like that. Hear he used to chug Fantasia like bad ale... Is Fantasia addiction even a real thing?" - Gossiping Barmaid

Player Rumors

"An insufferable man who seems to have found his calling in torturing my sensibilities whenever we cross paths; I would soon recommend that you stay far, far away from him." Aronaux Farendaire

"Huh? Never heard of him, to be honest! ...Actually, the name does sound vaguely familiar..." - Hiro Matsubara



Aekira Swyfte was born and raised with his two brothers in a village near Bronze Lake. He took an interest in both his father's work as a sailor and his mother's as a musical instructor at a young age, and often dreamt of becoming a bard and having grand adventures. After his mother succumbed to illness during his twelfth summer, Aekira accompanied his elder brother, Fer, to Ul'dah, where the latter made a living as a performer and gladiator. It was on Ruby Road that he met Drake siblings U'Rhynaer and U'Yuna. The pair introduced both brothers to their native branch of the U tribe, where Aekira first learned how to use a bow and arrow. When the Garlean invasion of Eorzea reared its ugly head, Aekira and Fer rejoined with their arcanist brother, Scero, and the three formed an adventuring party. They enjoyed great success, until the battle at Carteneau and the following Calamity claimed Fer's life.


After Fer's death at Carteneau, Aekira and Scero had a falling out, not speaking for many years. In the meantime, Aekira worked as something akin to a bounty hunter, taking jobs in Thanalan for some time until he was recruited by a company. (The current whereabouts of this company are unknown, and he refuses to say.) He reconnected with U'Rhynaer, who has since become his best friend and closest confidant, occasional awkward flirtation aside. Aekira first met Scero again some five years after they separated, at which time he discovered the death of their father, and the foul play that may have been involved. This is a time period Aekira rarely elaborates upon, and it is only known that Scero disappeared not long after their reconciliation. It's thought that Scero's supposed death became the inspiration for Aekira's latest business venture, as they had become quite close again after settling their differences.

It's now been two years since Scero's disappearance. Recently, Aekira ventured to Ishgard to follow his first solid lead on his brother's whereabouts in years. What he found was not his beloved sibling, but a knife in the chest. He was saved by an amateur adventurer by the name of Hiro Matsubara, who he, potentially out of blood-loss-induced delirium, promptly identified as Scero before passing out from his injuries. He spent the next two weeks comatose. Once he finally awoke, he met properly with his rescuer, who he again identified as Scero. The amnesiac Matsubara, however, insisted he had no memory of ever knowing Swyfte, though he doesn't doubt their relation. Despite this, Aekira is determined to reconnect with his brother, and hopes to find a way to restore his brother's memory.

At the time, very little is known about Aekira's past outside of this, as he usually fails to elaborate upon any one time period. As more is revealed, more will be added to this section.