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"The reeking masses yearn for gods and miracles. It is their opiate, and they consume it greedily. The people do not endeavor towards greatness, but rather mire themselves in their petty strifes—shackles on the feet of man.

Wiegraf Folles, Final Fantasy Tactics


Vital Information

FULL NAME... Armont Wordon De'bayle


RACE & CLAN... Elezen, Wildwood

GENDER... Male

AGE... Twenty-Eight Winters Old

NAMEDAY... 24th Sun of the 6th Astral Moon, 1549 S.A.E.

ORIENTATION... Heterosexual

MARITAL STATUS... Married to Carina De'bayle

Other Statistics

NATIONALITY... Ishgardian


FAMILY... De'bayle

RESIDENCE... Lily Hills

OCCUPATION... Head of De'bayle House

PATRON DEITY... Halone, the Fury Halone Icon.png

HEIGHT & WEIGHT... 6 fulms, 10 ilms. 233 ponze.

ALIGNMENT... Lawful Neutral | Authority First and Foremost.

General Information
It is not luck that drives my spear forth, but Halones will. I have devoted my life to Her, converting my very being into a testament to Her prowess.
Hair & Eyes
Seeing his fathers actions as a child molded Armont to mimic his fathers facial and hair design. Often keeping his hair up and out of his field of view, Armont has adapted slicking his length of hair back. What was once something he carried out by simply motioning the hair back with his hands, has now shown small and subtle hints and touches from his wife who would rather see her husband look his best than anything else. With the seasons passing yields growth and if left unattended Armont can be seen with long shoulder length hair tied up in a knot.
His only remaining eye is a cold steel blue that most of his other relatives have.
Physique & Markings
At a young age, Armont was trained under the patriarch of his family for many years before ever joining the Temple Knights; in doing so, these actions laid out the general foundation of his strength and prowess. Upon joining the Temple Knights as a lancer years later, the then young Knight would continue his fathers routine that he once conducted many years ago. This has kept Armont's body in peak condition: lean, flexible and musclar, allowing him to carry out his tasks to the best of his ability as a self-proclaimed Dragoon of Ishgards Defense.
Armont's left eye bares three jarring scars of a long remembered fight against the Dravanian Horde. He was raked by a sweeping claw when he was wandering throughout Coerthas, thus rendering him blind in one eye. When seen in public, he is typically if not always wearing a blackened leather eye patch to conceal the heavily damaged eye
The claw that destroyed his eye left a deep scar on his face that soon ended at his cheek, but began again down his lower neck to his pectoral. Fading out more as the dragon then widened its claw against his sundered armor, Armont managed by great fortune to not have the creatures claw pierce into his chest. Both of these deep scars have long but since healed, leaving them to be a light faded color and softer to the touch, but are still very visible due to their inital severity. Where the long stretch of claw marks ends begins the various frostburn marks that Armont endured throughout his time in the now bitter frozen tundra of Coerthas. Various parts of his arms, legs, and neck can still be seen with small area's of practically translucent skin or a light blue. that in which are slightly rough to the touch; these can mostly be spotted largely on the backs of his hands where his armor was rended from his airborne fights with the Dravanian Horde. There were once many small burn marks that littered over his body where flame licked against chainmail, but the burns have healed over through time and through preventative measures, throughly faded away.
Armont bares the same tattoo that the rest of his family has been given through either marriage or shortly after birth. The mark itself is etched on aetherically and has a small rose near the upper middle of its blackened lines.
Hygiene & Attire
Being a part of a well off family has always left Armont in good health in regards to his personal hygiene, perhaps even more so after Armont established the De'bayles as a minor house in Ishgard, officialy labeling them as noblemen. Understanding that first impressions heavily sway the outcomes of relationships, whether romantic, politcal or purely business, he has taken several other steps to ensure his appearance is well maintained. Recently though, he can be distinguished from his family by the smells of peppermint soap and other various colognes that his wife has created in her spare time as an alchemist. Like his brothers, he will almost always be seen clean unless returning from duty or personal endeavors.
Keeping to Ishgard's culture and armor aesthetics of the Dragoon, Armont sports an Ishgardian steel and bronze plated set of armor that offers exceptional protection in combat, while also allowing for greater flexibity and maneuvers in the air with it's incorperation of leather. After their family began distributing from Ishgard to cover more area over Eorzea, he had an old family leather worker fasten his armor with the ability to add or remove the fur insulation within to help adapt to whatever climate Armont might need to endure in the future. The most notable features of his plated set are the standard issue Draconic plate legs that give off a soft red hue to them, the De'bayle Sigil stiched into his white tabard, and the winged helmet he wears with Halones symbol engraved on the right cheek plate.
Psychological Profile
Armont relies heavily on the laws put in place by Ishgard and the laws he has set morally for himself. If caught between the word of his authority head and his own moral code, Armont will more than likely choose the good inclined option. Though these situations tend to be rare and sparse. Armont is generally a sympathetic and forgiving soul, however if he or his family is threatened or provoked, he would not think twice nor hold back on his actions against opposition.
Being the eldest of his siblings and one who has been apart of a series of unfavorable events has greatly impacted the Knight as a whole. His voice is low, raspy with the distinctive accent of his people. He can often come off as seemingly disdainful towards others who are not of Ishgard; despite this however, he has come a long way in attempts to conducts himself more respectfully toward those not Elezen or Hyur, moreso Elezen. While not being as vocal of his emotions as his youngest brother Denz, nor hardly as inarticulate as his younger brother Guillemont, Armont would rather remain reserved than vocally expressing himself towards others whom he has little interest in involving himself in or has had miniscule interaction with in the past. In the event that Armont is provoked he will take action in either defending himself or others, be it vocally or physically, and is far more brash and loud than perhaps his other siblings in such a moment.
Example of Armonts voice here.
Philosophy & Mannerisms
During the time his father was still alive, Armont spent a great many of his earlier years shadowing the man. Nearly idolizing the older Elezen and his behaviour, Armont became a devout follower of Halone in his attempts of showing his own worth as the eldest son, along with picking up his father's chosen weapon for battle: the lance. In the years following, Armont also began to form thoughts of his own and ideals as an Ishgardian Knight, when he watched countless others around him fall or become faithless to their cause and home. If there was one thing that fuels Armont’s anger to great flames, it is the abandoning of faith and hope. Through this mindset, Armont believes a man's worth is weighed heavily by their actions, and simply abandoning them for whether to save their own life or for other reasons perhaps deemed as petty, offers the eldest De’bayle son little to be pleased over.
In his early twenties when his father and mother were slaughtered during an attack on Ishgard and his cousin fell in combat against a scalekin as well, Armont’s desire grew incredibly zealous in the fight against the Dravanian horde. This passion grew so much, that he took leave from his duties from the Temple Knights, even going as far as leaving his family without a trace for over a year in desire for vengeance. Knowing that tackling this focus, as blood-driven as it was, alone was for the better as his younger siblings were still developing their own sense of identity; Armont came to the hasteful conclusion that having allies near would only detriment his overall progress and only cause issues if he had to be distracted from attacking to defend. To this very day Armont's thought process remains on the offensive, as he would still much rather work alone to ensure absolute success in his duty. Despite such, he understands that his family and brothers around him have come a long way, and he has a far greater trust in them who have proven themselves worthy of his cause.
After Armont worked to begin establishing the De'bayles as a Minor House of Ishgard, he also began spreading out towards Gridania and exploring the other cities of Eorzea. His overall demeanor has softened towards other races, although he can often still hold cold and underlying racism toward those that do not suit his ideal vision of prowess. Still holding onto his true feelings towards those in the Thanalan region however, Armont sees an opportunity to help spark a change for good in the corrupted city, although he would still rather avoid it at all costs.
● Breads of all variety.
● Apple Tart
● Sparring
● Warm Clothes
● Cold Snowy Nights
● Prayer
● Atheists
● Au Ra
● Thieves
● Cowards
● Ul'dah
● Jack of all trades with most melee weapons, though excels with a spear.
● Moderate Frost Magicks.
● Speed and Agility.

Combat, Abilities & Weaponry

Basic Statistics
High: Faith, Agility
Above Average: Strength, Charisma
Average: Aetheric Capabilities
Low: Stealth
Aetheric Abilities
Mastery: Wind Magick
Expert: Ice Magick
Average: None
Novice: None
Weapon Training
Mastery: Lance/Spear
Expert: None
Average: Swordsmanship
Novice: Archery
Combat Relevant Skills
High: Reaction Time
Above Average: In-Combat Thinking
Average: Pain Tolerance
Low: Overpowering Techniques
Non-Combat Abilities
Dreamwalking: Armont can meditate, losing immediate consciousness of his body's senses, to view the memories his ancestors. He can also connect with another humanoid to observe their consciousness, via touching their forehead with his fingers, or directly placing his own tattoo upon their head. He can manipulate aether to a degree in this state. Mental awareness of his own body will return him to his senses, or he can be shaken awake.
(Passive) De'bayle Sense: The De'bayle is inherently connected with his fellow family members. Can passively sense a general direction of a De'bayle's location if within a certain distance, depending on their own mastery of the sense. The De'bayle will also appear brighter than any surrounding people to fellow family members.
Combat Abilities
Blightburn: Being able to use a form of Blizzard he can focus it down and channel it through his hands as a conductor. The stronger the channel the more dangerous it becomes to both the opposition and himself. Effects can vary from a mild numb to severe frostbite.
Touch of Winter: A medium ranged attack that can be executed by thrusting his spear forward, forming a violent funnel of ice shards that tear forward out from his spear at the designated target.
Frostguard: If absolutely needed Armont can coat his armor in a thick ice. The spell is extremely taxing and constantly siphons aether from him in order to keep it up. It is a move only used in dire situations as a last resort.
Wind Shear: Armont can channel a sharp gust of wind forth to either cut at a foe or redirect/negate incoming fire spells. This though, is something that Armont himself has yet to truly implement and he will not execute it at full potential currently.
(Passive) Dragoon Tactics: As a Dragoon Armont has the ability to leap high in the air by channeling air aether through his body to lighten his overall weight and increase jump and movement strength and speed.
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WARNING: Long entries ahead!
Young Adult Life

From the day he was able to walk, Armont has been able to wield a spear. Drilled daily in his lancework, the Elezen boy's goals were to fill the shadow of his father, Aegisan, who was a renowned Temple Knight and head of the De'bayle family. With a steadfast attitude and his family beside him in his endeavors, Armont oft rose above those who trained around him. It was within the Temple Knight's that Armont befriended another Squire like himself; Onault Las'fre, who drove him to truly push his limits and conquer his fears. He and his childhood friend found themselves training in their off time until the late hours of the night, normally ending with them being scolded by Knight and Mother alike. Years passed and the two Squires found themselves in the midst of an attack from the Dravanian Horde. In this fight the city was raised and Temple Knights were dispatched out to the various sections of Ishgard. Being told to remain guarding one of the many gates, Onault heavily insisted that they assist those just below with the swarming Aevis's. Knowing the risk that would come of it, Armont disagreed, his friend leaving on his own to aid the opposition that rested below the spiraling steps. After the city was returned to a neutral state, Armont ran down to find his friend; that in which was in a pool of his own blood, with deep lacerations across his chest. Onault caused two others to perish from his brash actions and disobedience. The event of that evening alone was enough to shift the eldest De'bayle's views on orders, thus forging his unwavering devotion and loyalty to those who commanded over him.

During his late teen-hood, the sight of his kin becoming shambles upon his father death brought an even greater tide of change into Armont's life. He and his brother, Denz, began training under the watchful eye of Captain Yvain Dulimont who assisted them in honing their skills. With his help they were able to become more independent in their new lives among Ishgardian nobility, however, Armont still felt that the hole his father left on the family was not sealed over. Taking it upon himself to carry out this task, he left his family behind to wander Coerthas in attempts to help fight the Dravanian Hordes that waged war against Ishgard and her people for centuries. Eleven months passed before he was seen from, only rumors in his wake of a man in charred armor appearing from the blizzards and disappearing with great speed.

Where Armont went, carnage followed. He sought out every scalekin he could find, slaying them in cold blood at the mercy of his people. It wasn't until in recent times that he was tracked down by his youngest brother Denz with the assistance of two midlanders: Jancis and Carina. While Denz feared for Armont during his absence he embraced his brother once more, happy to see him safe.

A month passed from that time, and since then Armont has kept his word to his brother in remaining headstrong in rebuilding their shattered family name to its former glory. In this, he devoutly searches to find a House to be Knighted under, in hopes to aid in their mission of resurgence.

Adult Life

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In Recent Times
The following is history pertaining to the beginning of the character's in-game roleplay onwards.
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Relationship Status Legend
These are ordered from better to worse standing, not alphabetically! (Family First)

💕 Partner
💘 Romantic Desire
Physical Attraction
💔 Former Partner

Non-Player Characters
Aegisan De'bayle, Father - Predecessor of the De'bayle Household
Write Here
Elliana De'bayle, Mother - Lady predecessor of the De'bayle Household
Write Here
Nuarmac De'bayle, Uncle - The Spiritual Leader of De'bayle
Write Here
Farstan De'bayle, Uncle - Enigmatic Sky Pirate
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Player Characters
Carina De'bayle, Wife - Master of Beasts & Alchemy
A woman dawning a great many scars from the Calamity, that in which branded themselves thoroughly onto her skin. She is typically accompanied by a small beast known as Joseph. Carina is a person Armont has come to see as quite noteworthy, being both a woman of the hand with her study in alchemy (despite the poor taste of her potions) and her earned title of Beastmaster through her own growth as a person. Both coming from a different spectrum of life; one a life of privilege behind the Holy See's walls and the other with nothing but her still young brother to raise her in the woods of the Shroud, the two found an equal ground of similitude. Carina was apart of the group called upon by Denz in search of his older brother, and in their short time together Armont took great interest in the burnt Hyur. The two soon became what seemed to be inseparable, usually seen attending things together or wandering off to spar one another; they formed a comforting friendship filled with the acceptance they both longed for. After months of the very clear signs and steps of their budding romance, the two accepted fronting the inevitable chastising they would most likely receive from a high-blood Elezen household such as Armont's for becoming a couple.

In the months passing, the two eventually married and had a daughter. They currently work on establishing and running the De'bayles Minor House, along with adventuring. The couple can have their pitfalls here and there, Carina falling into her bouts of depression, but they work to mend and overcome cracks to be stronger, rather than throw something meaningful away.

Hestia De'bayle, Daughter - Little Lancer
"Born into a world filled with evil, she will be the paragon of Halone the lance to smite the wicked. I will lay down the foundation for her success for like my father did for me. And in years to come, she will be both respected and feared, I promise you that."

Hestia is Armont's pride and joy and from the moment of her birth. When he was able to hold onto his ruby-eyed daughter he swore to himself hew would maintain his daughters safety and well being. As she grew up Armont's bond with his daughter only grew more as she began looking up to him as he once did to his father. It was pure nostalgia to him and he loves every moment of it. Knowing all too well that his daughter wouldn't remain small and eager forever, he brought home gifts often, one notably being Emerald the Cat. While the two will never be as close as Hestia is to Joseph, she had no issues with cuddling and petting her kitten as softly as her mother had to forcibly teach her to.

To say the least, things have changed.

Ageisan De'bayle II, Son - The Second Born
Denz De'bayle, Youngest Brother - Knight-Errant of Ishgard
The youngest of the De'bayle siblings, he certainly took after his mother. More on the sensitive side and easy to worry, Denz is often the one trying to mediate conflicts that may arise in the family. Also a bit on the more modest side, he has a bit of trouble making large strides on the romance side of things. Armont's holds his younger brother in high regard, being well rounded in combat and also a reliable person to speak to. Denz was overwhelmed with happiness after finding his elder brother once more after a year of absence, really the only one to respond to his return positively. Before his departure, the two were always at each others side, often venturing out and interacting with others. Since their reunion, Armont has sworn to remain vigilant and help mend the pieces of their broken family, acting as its new head.
Guillemont De'bayle, Younger Brother - The Grey Wolf
Guillemont is the middle brother, and one whom he had the most relations with when growing up as he trained with him on few occasions with their father. Armont looks to his middle brother and sees him as a strong pillar of the family and a respectable man as he was squired under House Fortemps at a young age. While the two do not touch base often enough, Armont enjoys treating his brother with meals or drinks when he can to show his appreciation. In Armonts eyes, he is one of the best swordsman the family has at this very moment, and certainly one of the most well rounded Knights of Ishgard.
Astrelle De'bayle, Younger Sister - ?
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Ceonix De'bayle, Cousin - Holy Warrior of Ishgard
Son of Nuarmac and cousin to Armont, Ceonix is the De'bayle family blacksmith. The eldest Elezen brother holds caution in Ceonix's motives, who can more often than not be even more zealous than the eldest De'bayle sibling. The man was filled with personal responsibility to bring justice to Armont for what he deemed heretical choices during his year long absence from home and brought it on himself to fight Armont in order to feel any sort of acceptance over the brothers return. While the two did in time meet with each other lance to axe, the fight did little in the end to bring retribution the tensions between them. It did not end in death much to the onlookers relief but the two seemingly grew closer to it as the brawl progressively grew more violent. Finally ending at the request of Denz, the two went their separate ways, Armont's hope of mending his cousins distrust dim.

Shirayuri Toriko, Doman Friend - House Record Keeper
200px | frameless|left Upon coming into their Houses Office, Armont first met her inside as his wife was finishing up bringing her into the family. Still holding slight disdain towards those with scales as all of her race seemed to have been nothing more than brash, cocky or outright odd in his presence. To his delight, she was nothing like the rest he had met previously. There are no negative aspects of the woman in his eyes at this time, and having her within the House has been nothing more than a pleasure for Armont as she has bonded extremely well with his daughter and his wife. Sensing that the woman has had a rough past and heeding the history that his wife has told him of Shirayuri's, he looks forward to aiding her in her endeavors within the House.
Claire Nyhmidu, House Ward - Jewelcrafter
200px | frameless|left Upon hearing that the House was bringing in another Elezen, Armont only looked to the woman fondly as she was one of the few who wished to join but not with weapon in hand. Armont only approves of the woman as she has conducted herself well within the House, and in return after speaking with Carina, the House has offered her a room to reside in within Gridania. Though they have not had much interaction with each other, his brother Guillemont has fancied the woman greatly.
Kale Aideron, Friend from the Flames - Flame Captain
200px | frameless|left First coming into contact with Kale as the Captain held a large event in Ishgard and had Armont speak on behalf of Ishgard, Armont further learned of the others within the Grand Alliance. Asking that the two bring their men together for organized training and sparring, Kale and Armont were soon placed against each other through Armont's challenge. To his demise, Armont underestimated his opponent in combat and swiftly fell to the Captains brutish tactics. While the defeat was sour for Armont, it opened his eyes that his art would need further work to change from fighting against foes with wings, to other beings like him.
Jancis Milburga, Family Friend - Healer
200px | frameless|left Of all their interactions Jancis has remained the same in Armonts eyes. Soft spoken, somewhat confused with words and incredibly kind to all. The two had met some years ago when his brother Denz had first introduced him to her. As of currently, while she is not apart of the House officially, she is seen as a full member by the House as she has aided its members in and out of combat. Armont's daughter Hestia has known her since birth, and sees her as a relative. Hearing his daughter speak so fondly of the woman has left the impression upon Armonts mind that Jancis is now fully apart of his Family, tending to the woman when needed and visiting often to catch up.

NPC Rumors

Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"The De'bayles? They used to refuse to establish themselves formally within Ishgard... but I suppose after Aegisan's death the family had to act or become far too forgotten." — Ishgardian Noble
"Oh so you're speaking of -that- family! Yes yes they ventured down into the brume a few times to hand out breads! Good hearted, though a bit odd with their tattoos." — Speakings from the Brume
"Armont De'bayle, aye I remember the man. Used to be a Temple Knight a year back or so. One of the most dedicated and respectful Knights we've had in our ranks." — Ishgardian Knight Captain
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"Armont? I once saw him two years back coming into town reeking of blood and covered in burn marks. We tried to get him to stay at an inn but he kept rambling on about "How he couldn't stop." Or "He'll die if he just gives up." I don't know, he looked pretty torn up. Had a damned bloodied cloth covering an eye. Somethings not right about that man..." — Barkeep South of Camp Dragonhead
"He's the self proclaimed Dragoon of Ishgard. Saw him help out a few times when the town south of here came under attack by the Dravanian Horde. We're certainly not complaining." — Fortemps Knight, Camp Dragonhead
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"It's odd really... He's only got one eye left, but I once was on his left side and he had no issues looking over at me. Something's not right." — Ishgardian Citizen
PC Rumors

Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"Like the Auroch who stands tall and proud, Armont is just as hard headed as he is caring. However, do not expect to see that side of him often. Like the beasts themselves, he only truly shows his love toward his herd, whereas others tend to get the brunt of his horns." - Carina De'bayle.
"What? Why are you asking about my brother? He's a uh... He's a paragon of our faith, a strong fighter, and an honorable man. I hope to uh... I hope I can stand as his equal some day." - Guillemont De'bayle.
"What happens when you put the faith of the Halonic Church, the strength of the Temple Knights, the drive of the Inquisition, and a drop of unorthodox measures together? A mess. Many people would've fallen in that mess, but perseverance, tempering, and the support of others can turn that amalgamation into something truly formidable. That is what my brother is. Don't let the eyepatch fool you, though. He's still a lovable, caring man. Just don't be a heretic." — Denz De'bayle.
"He is quite level-headed and serene. Even in battle; truly he is more than raised to be a leader; it is part of him. Be wary, though. He is quite funny; but it is a very sneaky funny. Also if you are wounded and someone has to carry you, see if he can. He has a generous bedside manner." — Jancis Milburga.
"He takes on many fronts. We fought in Gyr Abania and we listened to the cheers of the liberation. And of late I know he is fighting paperwork. It seems like the unconquerable foe." — Jancis Milburga.
"Helped find a rare crystal with me. Protected a silver disk all night out in the cold of Coerthas. All by himself. He must be use to the cold." — Jancis Milburga.
"Rumor" — Rumormonger.

RP Info

Location & Probability
Places where the character is very likely to be seen
Ishgard/Coerthas: High Probablility
Gridania/Black Shroud: High Probability
Limsa Lominsa/La Noscea: Low Probablility
Ul'dah/Thanalan: Extremely Low Probability (occasioanl Grindstone Attendee)
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