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“... When the clarion call is sounded,
I will ride out and fight in the name of liege and Lady.
Whilst I draw breath the lands bequeathed
unto me will remain untainted by evil.
Honour is all. Chivalry is all…””
― Basile’s Knightly Vow






FULL NAME: Ser Basile Feurieux, Knight of Ishgard.


RACE & CLAN: Hyur, Half-Midlander, Half-Highlander.


AGE: Twenty and Nine Springs Old.

NAMEDAY: 25th Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon.

HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 6 Fulms, 195 Ponze.


BIRTHPLACE: City State of Ishgard, Pillars.

RESIDENCE: Feurieux Estate, Coerthas.

HERALDRY: Per cross Gules and Azure, Griffin segreant Argent.

OCCUPATION: Noble Knight, Landed.

PATRON DEITY: Halone, the Fury.

ALIGNMENT: Lawful Neutral, Chivalrous.

MARITAL STATUS: Single (Non-Married).

MOUNT: Zephyros, Tamed Griffin..

WARFARE: Mounted, Flying Cavalry, Longsword Infantry.

When one seeks to imagine a Noble Knight, clad in impressive plate and steadfast in his path for glory, they would do quite well to picture one certain Hyur: Ser Basile Feurieux, Lord of the now-diminished Feurieux family, mimics this exact illustration. Whether gandering him atop a great Griffin, patrolling the border of his lands, charging through the flank of a great army, or slaying great beasts throughout the realm of Eorzea or, perhaps, abroad, it is not odd for one to see this Knight with lance or sword within grasp. Here ye, then, to the story and background of this warrior, for it is he who, if his ire is contracted, you may find either thrusting lance for you--or even more fiercely, against you.



Eyes Hair Skin Body Type Voice
Steel Grey. Chestnut Brown. Tan. Muscular. Mixture of High and Low pitched, medium.
Laterality Scars Tattoos & Piercings Style
Right-handed. Scar on his right cheek, various chest scars. None. Full armor or formal dress.

Chivalry gave the man naught for good features and dashing looks. Though the two have little connection, Basile’s structures show the completed blossoming of youth mixed with the development of one in their second decade of life. One does not mistake Basile for a young boy, however. His face, featuring developed (hardly perfect) lines of maturity, could certainly be considered handsome.

The man stood tall for a Midlander, armor demanding attention that is certainly deserved. Though not terribly extravagant, his armor effortlessly creates an impending figure that provides impressively protective qualities. Each piece of plate was an anodized azure blue, from breastplate to sabaton, from tasset to vambrace, and from pauldron to gauntlet. Although, the armor was not perfect. Each piece displayed a certain degree of hard use in both practice and battle. However, Basile ensured that the outer plate was repaired and kept to top shape. Beneath the thick coating of leather strapped plate was a thin layer, though strong, of complex, metal-linked chainmail. The whole multilevel of shell allowed for Basile to have the protection that a Knight required.

His sword, a steel-grey length of steel topped by an jagged hilt and cross guard, is an expensive tool for destruction. Holding the bottom of the sword together, the pommel features a curved shape, featuring a sharp edge that can be used seamlessly as a cutting utensil if required. Forged in the hot embers of Ishgard's forges, the blade holds a strong edge that begs to slice through the nearest object of desire.



Honorable. Brazen. Chivalrous. Born in the land of chivalry and knightly virtue, Ishgard encourages much in the behavior of its Noble Knights. Basile, however, is a shining example of this. The definition of chivalry, Basile exhibits piety, courage, and honor in his actions. Whether in expelling the great enemies of the Theocracy, fighting knaves or wyverns in the northern reaches of his demesne, or stunning enemies in tournament, this Knight focuses on the glory of great Deeds of Arms. His code and upbringing, however, have a tendency to affect those beneath him in station. Whether seen as occasionally pompous, severe, or whether they are affected by his ideals directly, many do not appreciate the ideals that Basile holds dear. Continuously, however, Basile proves steadfast in his adherence to the great Code of Chivalry.

To define the personality of a man who implements a great mixture of aspects towards different ends would be quite difficult. This paragraph, however, shall attempt to do so. Yet depending on the chosen impetus of a certain individual, their disposition, and their stance as friend or enemy, Basile’s emotions are likely to swivel upon a fence.

To those unworthy, Basile Feurieux makes quick work. A man of little hesitation, often combining a mixture of glorious verbose and swift action into play, Basile is quite invigorated with those who choose to become his enemy.

To friends, this Ishgardian makes a steadfast and honorable companion. Always willing to put sword towards the protection of those worthy, Basile’s friendly disposition is quite interesting. Often attempting to implement wit and light-hearted discussion when appropriate, this Noble Knight can often be found in less serious moods when in less serious environments.. Depending on who he is with.

Tropes: The Tourney Knighting Ceremony The Land of Chivalry Knight Errant Lady and Knight


Chivalrous Combat. Nothing pleases Basile Feurieux more than the field of battle, charging into the fray as he makes renown of himself through great Deeds of Arms.

Whiskey and Brandy. Both of these liquorous drinks are Basile’s favorite, and he will often request them.

Piety. Belief in the Fury as the main divine of Hydaelyn drives Basile to do many acts in her name. Although he is hardly a zealot, he is intensely religious.


Deception and Deceit ‘Knaves in the simplest of terms, those who cheat their way to victory only have a place at the end of Basile’s sword. Despite his decisive hatred for it, he looks for it at every possible corner, whether in battle, tournament, or passive life, to oust its torcherous flame.

Heretics. Not far from the top on the list of dislikes, heretics that defy Ishgard or seek to destroy it are most definitely enemies of Basile. Try, for instance, his father. Impaled by a longsword, Basile did not hesitate as he struck heretical, plotting father to save his sister’s life and clear his name.

Desert Climate Hardly a place for true, chivalrous combat, the desert is an inhospitable place for Basile. Though he hardly cowers from it, he will likely express disdain.


Tilting and Jousting, Flying Cavalry. Basile grew up on the saddle of a chocobo, and upon discovering his ancient heritage, set to perfecting the art even further. It was not long after he discovered this that he set to taming a great Griffin.

Honor and Honesty.These traits will often be found in Basile above many else, as an honest, yet decisive and skillful personality is far beyond that of one of the opposite.

Writer. An odd trait for a Knight bred for war, Basile often writes short stories whenever he has time. Similarly, he transcribes manuscripts and the like.


Chivalry or Naught Else. Although he does not always voice it, Basile is very aware of the virtue of those around him.Though upbringing does not always signify prowess, Basile’s outlook on the peasantry often suffers due to romantic thought about warfare.

Emotional. Whether easily-angered, upset, or made depressed, Basile often takes time to get over nuances that affect his thought.

Pessimistic. Rather often looking first at the poor side of an issue rather than the positive, Basile can be seen as pessimistic at the least.

This is a list of the items that Basile currently is keeping on her. Feel free to use this information if it comes up logically in the course of RP, such as pickpocketing, a search, etc.

Last Updated: 01/02/2019.

  • Coinpurse: Often carrying a decent amount of gil.

  • Sword: The Sword of Feurieux is often on his person.

  • Journal or Manuscripts: If one were to read them, they would be rather intrigued.

  • Reliquary Necklace: Passed down generations since the Griffin Riders of old, this reliquary houses.. Who knows what? Knowing Ishgardians, it could be a finger, tooth, or any other vestige.

  • Heraldic Standard: Most often kept on a saddle, this flag mimics his tabard, which displays the heraldic colors and crest of Feurieux.




The History of House Feurieux has proved a muddled, yet exceedingly dramatic period. Although the family was always assumed to have descended from Hyuran refugees as most had long ago, the truth was recently exposed to be much more complicated. A general overview of the House Feurieux chronologically, yet none of such information should be used ICly without having been a part of the events or having been told of them by Basile or someone else. Much of the early lineage of Basile's family is developed in the Feurieux Codex, yet a short explanation is required.

Many years ago, in the prosperous nation of Ala Mhigo, there were Griffin riders. Not simply riders, but warriors. Griffin Riders were the most impressive aspect of their military, a force truly to be reckoned with. The Griffinheart family produced long generations of these glorious warriors who dominated the sky. And yet, in 1469, the nation of Ala Mhigo lost the Autumn War against Gridania. This loss proved disastrous, causing many to leave in search of a new home. Rodahn Griffinheart, the son of Mordaun, who died during the conflict along with the greatest leaders of Ala Mhigo, fled at the age of sixteen. He found a place in Isghard. Despite years of hardship, he worked his way to a livelihood, changed his name, and married an Isghardian noble Midlander. The offspring of such an elopement was Darion Feurieux. Darion Feurieux, who developed to look less Highlander and more Midlander, sowed the seeds of disaster. Darion joined the Inquisition, an organization which hardened him and darkened his soul. Any such hope of following in his father's glorious footsteps proved futile. Instead, Darion damned the family and its descendants. He meddled in the blood of heresy, planning with a Menideal family member (of which the Feurieux family served under) to implement a genetic curse that would later destroy Ishgard. Esther Feurieux, the next descendant son, proved a pawn to his father's scheme. From the start, Esther's wife was forced upon him and he was to follow his father's judgement. Darion forced Esther to bed the Lady Mirae Menideal, the family of which the Feurieuxs were a vassal) solidifying the cursed bloodline and strengthening it. And yet, Basile proved too dark-skinned and hardly Elezen at all. Lady Mirae feigned miscarriage, while Basile was sent to be raised with Esther and his thrall wife.

Spending many of his young years training in Knighthood, he found himself frequently immersed amongst men and women of noble birth. This diffused onto him to a certain extent, but the grounded nature of his hereditary family kept him away from the consuming nature of nobility. Part of the reason why he stayed somewhat earthly was his sister. Annaria Feurieux, only a few years younger than the eldest Basile, always managed to keep the boy in a generally lighthearted emotional state. They shared some things together, such as Annaria’s love for higher fashion. She respected the etiquette of dress to such an extent that it seemed to rub off on the young Basile. This influence is the reason why Basile is often good at dressing formally. When older, Annaria took up work as a seamstress, thus making clothing as a profession which had been passed down from their mother.

Basile, though, was pushed into a vastly different line of work. At age nine, he was sent to be a servant under the House Menideal quartermaster. This man was a warrior, one of strict rules and honed martial prowess. He performed general tasks for the man, such as cleaning requisitioned armor and weapons. This, in turn, is a decent reason why Basile keeps good care of his belongings, more specifically his armaments. At age thirteen, Basile was sent to train under the Knight-Captain of House Menideal. He trained alongside many of the young Menideal noble boys. One named Jerace Menideal would later be his oathkeeper. Basile had a generally good relationship with Jerace, who kept the other boys off his tail. During this time, Basile was a generally well-built teenager who could handle himself. But, he was discouraged by his father from sticking up for himself in fear that he would be reprimanded for harming a higher noble family member.

Many years were spent training in martial abilities, strategic battle techniques, basic mathematical skills, and even in writing. This time is when Basile truly began to develop, gaining many of the fundamental traits that would accompany him into adulthood. Basile came more outgoing, finding core values in himself. He developed many pass times and favorites, such as a respect for music and a taste for different types of alcoholic drinks.

Recent Events

Recently, Basile has came across information of his family. This information came in the form of the Lord Feurieux's journal, a tome with the family coat of arms stamped upon it. To Basile's dismay, it has brought him to an impasse in which he must question his loyalties to his family and those involved. What will become of this is not yet known, as he has been hunting down further information about his and his family's past.

Basile, Denz De'bayle, and Reina set out at once to investigate the occurrences that endangered Basile and his sister's livelihood. With such cursed blood, both could be thrown very swiftly into the witchdrop. Upon finding the Feurieux Codex from his father's study, Basile and Reina ventured out to find the Elezen butcher of whom the Codex mentioned. And find them they did, having entered the cabin and interrogating him. In the end, they were forced to kill the pawn in his father's scheme and were forced to leave with less-than-desired information.

A few events preceded in between, but the most important aspect of the story proved to be the ending. With both the Inquisition and Basile's father now threatening Nathalie's (sister) life, Basile, Reina, and the House De'bayle sprung into action to recover her and put an end to the blood feud. And yet, Esther and Basile's 'mother' did everything they could to stop him. After an intense battle of which ended with Armont's Dragoon prowess saving Nathalie from being tossed into the Witchdrop, Basile slew both his father and mother in a blood rage. After Esther had tossed a dosage of the aetherical dragon's blood, Basile was nearly afflicted and turned into a hybrid aevis. However, the Hyur and all present slew his heretical father and faux mother.

Present Day--A Spring Later

Since the events, Basile spent much time away in thought and steeped depression. Having killed his parents, figured out the intensity of his past, and broken off with a developed friend, Basile focused on reading the plates of his ancestor's fighting techniques. The plates described glorious Griffin riders. And, with the knowledge from the Codex, Basile examined his diverse past. He developed, in the period since the present, a hybrid fighting technique: Ishgardian Feudal Military expertise mixed with flying Griffin cavalry has developed into an impressive mixture, one of which Basile seeks to master and teach to those willing to dominate the sky.

And yet, new things are in the works for the Hyuran Knight. With a new, landed estate, a lovely partner, and a flying companion, Basile Feurieux sits poised to make a new name for his chivalrous identity.




Rider. When the clarion call is sounded… When Knights ride to glory and find full tilt, Basile is nigh at the front. To be at the business end of his lance is to be dead, some reckon, though many fail to have time enough to ponder it should they be in the position.

Chivalrous Decipherer. Though hardly important to the vast majority in Eorzea and even mocked by others, the idea of chivalry and its merits is quite decipherable to Basile, and often most if one does care, he would be the one to discuss it with.

Resistant to Plague. It is rare that Basile becomes sick. Whether a question of hereditary note, an aetherical property, or simply a balanced immune system, Basile is hardly sick and quite healthy to quite a few known diseases.


The Sword of Feurieux. A family heirloom forged when the first descendant was Knighted to Ishgard, this strong-forged sword has carried upon Basile’s person since his own knighthood.

Azure-Anodized Plates. Mimicking his heraldic colors, this armor is full plate, cuirass, pauldrons, chaussettes, and all. Topped with a sallet-shaped helm, this armor is anodized azure. Underneath it is often a sub-layer of chainmail, as Basile fails to prefer gambesons.

Holy Lance of Maisontaal. This lance, infused with aetherical enchantment to increase armor piercing power during the tilt, is Basile’s chosen weapon for battle. It radiates a golden hue, an aura that comes from the aether surrounding it. As such, if it breaks, it can be rebuilt with the ease of a magical spell. That is, however, if it breaks at all.



Last Updated: 01/03/2019.

Color Key
In A Relationship: Basile is involved in some form of committed relationship with this character.
Romantic Attraction: Basile is romantically attracted to this character.
Sexual Attraction: Basile is physically attracted to this character.

Platonic Love: Basile considers this character one of his closest friends.
Friend: Basile considers this character to be a friend.
Friendly Acquaintance: Basile considers this character to be mostly friendly, or as a casual ally.

🔒 Trusted: Basile trusts this character with her life, and would willingly lay his own down for them.
🔒 Distrusted: Basile’s trust in this character has been shaken, though his loyalty to them remains unaffected.
🔒 Betrayed:Basile's trust in this character has been completely broken, and is irreparable. What a knave.

Good Standing: This character left a good impression.
Neutral: Basile has no specific feelings about this character.
Bad Standing: This character left a bad impression. Unchivalrous Brute.

Dislike: Basile doesn't consider this person a friend and will only interact if needed.
Wary: Basile has became leery of this character. Conflict can happen.
Hate: Basile considers this person an annoyance and will try to avoid them, otherwise conflict is almost certain. Full tilt!
Fear: Basile is terrified by this character and will try to avoid them at all cost. Doubtful. Rare.
Rivalry: Basile considers this person a rival and will try to initiate conflict every time he gets to meet them. Time to throw a gauntlet.

Family Member: This character is related by blood to Basile.
Business: This character is either Basile's employer, employee, or coworker.
Deceased: This character has passed away. RIP.
🔃 Unsure: Basile is unsure how he feels about this character because of certain actions the character makes.
House de Bayle (XYZ) - The Family

"When I grew up around House de Bayle, I had little opinion about them. My lord Jerace’s opinion, was quite horrid. In the end, it was he who betrayed me, not the de Bayle family of whom he thought would do so."

Growing up as rival families as the Menideal family (Basile’s former Lord), the de Bayles had an interesting history. When Jerace beat the dead corpse of a de Bayle relative, he shamed his name and Basile’s. Basile joined later, sworn under Armont de Bayle, to mend this affront to his honor since Jerace’s disappearance.
Meredith Feurieux () - Mother
Closer to Basile than Lord Feuerieux, Lady Meredith was his caretaker for a long time. Bandaging fighting wounds, ensuring that servants made ample food, and protecting him from his father's occasional wrath allowed her a special position in Basile's heart until recent events. Meredith Feurieux is now deceased. In fact, she was never Basile's mother to begin with.
Esther Feurieux () - Father
Father Feurieux and his son have not always been close, as the relationship between them was never bonded well. Though they had never despised each other, Basile did not exactly think him the greatest father. Esther Feurieux is now deceased. He was the pawn of a heretical plot devised by his father, and hardly had the gait to refute what was ingrained as his destiny.
Nathalie Feurieux () - Sister
Basile's sister is the textbook definition of a good sister. Honest, innocent, and helpful all make up Nathalie's traits, and allow her to be a very good companion to a Knight in a world of ambition and danger. Out of any family, Basile's sister is the most beloved and the most cherished.
Jerace Menideal (🔃) - The Half-Brother-Former Liege
Jerace was Basile's protectorate, whom Basile was sworn to serve until death. It proved ironic that Basile, who had been a direct vassal under Jerance Menideal and his family, would end up a vassal of the arch rival of the Menideals: The De'bayles had been enemies of the Menideals in a conflict between Jerance and Denz De'bayle. Basile, despite not having a stake in the problem, was consistently caught in the middle of the conflicts. Basile's honor was constantly taking a hit for Jerance's mistakes, especially when Jerace kicked the corpse of Ceonix De'bayle. Though, Jerace's place in the Temple Guard brought Basile lots of opportunities. And even when Jerace was turned into a hybrid wyvern, Basile felt some pity for his friend. Since that fateful day during the war, Jerace gave Basile a missive warning him of many things. Basile has not seen Jerance and does not know if he is still alive.
Madison Brookstone () - My Lady Brookstone


Having met at the Grand Tilt of Coerthas, Madison Brookstone and Basile Feurieux began their friendship with an invitation. Having continuously made presence at her abode, Basile quickly took a liken towards dropping by, often with flowers or something of the sort. Whereforth it was decided that a traditional courtship proved the best route, it took yet a good time for the two to arrive at a conclusion: The time they spent together was cherished. Basile quickly favored her, and assumingly, it came in turn for Madison. The courtship is ongoing as of the present, with both parties having a great reason to devote time to each other with each precious moment.
Placeholder () - ...


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Name (XYZ) - Title


Name (XYZ) - Title





Rumors from player characters. These may be untrue or exaggerated. Feel free to leave one here!

“Ser Feurieux is a man of valour, compassion and determination. He has done wonders for our House through his idea's, and I could not be more blessed to have his service. Be it so that it remain that way, ensuring our House prosperity.”
Hestia de Bayle
“I had begun to believe that my idealistic notions of Ishgardian nobility and chivalry were just something penned in story and novella. That this world had changed and moved on in such a way that I would never be able to see for myself what it was like to know that kind of gentleman. Then I met Basile.”
Madison Brookstone

Common Rumors: Easily overheard. Use these freely!

“Basile seems to do more than simply fight, and enjoys to write stories about different things he experiences.”
– Friend from Ishgard
“Basile has recently inherited his House after the death of both his mother and father. I wonder why, perhaps?”
– Snooping Pillars Noble

Uncommon Rumors: A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!

“Was Basile's previous oathkeeper, Jerace Menideal, not turned heretic and dishonorable through heretical circumstances? Possibly a dangerous one, that Basile.”
– Distant Menideal Family
“Basile's ancestry comes from Ala Mhigo, I've heard. He's a good mix of Highlander and Midlander, just take a good look at his skin!”
– Stranger

Rare Rumors: Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!

“It is said that the Feuerieux parents and the Menideal family have been plotting against Ishgard in ways most foul. How does this affect Basile? I'll bet it makes him a heretic as well unless he proves himself different. ”
– Witness to the Feurieux Codex
“That Basile, supposedly, can be affected by a good drink of.. Dragonsblood. If you give him some of that good ol' stuff, he will -change-. ”
– Former Plot Heretic



The Feurieuxs are not what they once were. Decades ago, we were Griffinhearts, proud riders of our namesake at the forefront of Ala Mhigo’s shining army, the epitome of our country’s pride. My ancestor, Mordhaun Griffinheart, was a rider for General Gylbarde under King Manfred during the Autumn War, the great conflict between Ala Mhigo and Gridania nearly a hundred years ago at the time of this writing. In the final months of the War in 1469, General Gylbarde and his griffin-riders, including Mordaun, died at the Second Battle of Tinolqa. With this loss, the defeat of Ala Mhigo was ensured, the financial and political stability of the country crumbling to such a point that many patriotic sons and daughters of Ala Mhigo fled. While the manuscripts of griffin riding were all but lost over the years, the Griffinhearts took with them the knowledge of such beasts and combat when they fled the country. Few survived outside the Gyr Abania.

Of those that did was my grandfather Rodahn Griffinheart, the last of his line. Reception of the Ala Mhigans entering Eorzea were met with death threats, hated for the sore wounds still inflicted by the Autumn War. The King had begun to mend ties with Eorzea with the council of the Fists of Rhaglr --the glorious monkhood that made these Menideal “monks” look like children learning how to punch-- but the spilling of blood was still fresh on their minds. Rodahn would be denied entry to the Shroud, their “Elements” denying access for the transgressions of his predecessors. Journeying north, he found the verdant hills of Coerthas a beauty compared to the landscapes in Gyr Abania. Settling down and beginning work as a mere laborer, Rodahn spent the next few years living off ishgardian bread and a hovel hardly big enough to lay down in comfortably. Those outside of Ishgard are rarely welcome, and Rodahn was subject to racism and prejudice, scorn for his own brethren warring against Ishgard’s allies. However, Ishgard’s stake in the Autumn War was to maintain Gridania’s barrier to their lands. Thus few had qualms about the war itself were quick to put aside, and Rodahn refused to lower his head in submission. His labor was well sought after, as few roegadyn nor highlanders ever journeyed to the plains, giving him the advantage of strength and stature over the elezen and midlanders he lived among.

Labor would soon turn to conscription however, as the Dragonsong War’s conflict would soon encompass the laborer. Having left his land before learning any Ala Mhigan fighting, it fell upon the northerners to train him alongside fellow conscripts. It was said that when Ishgard armed Rodahn, a highlander as tall of the an elezen and twice as wide, none of their weapons would survive a battle. Swords broke, lances cracked, bows would unstring under the strength of Griffinheart. Eventually did a smith create a greatsword worthy of his stature, and without fail would the highlander cleave apart scales, claws, wings, and the heads of dragonkin. So grand were his achievements that the foreigner was earned a spot above the serfs, to take up his own land and a modest house to live in. However, after experiencing life through Ishgard’s eyes, war creating camaraderie and a sense of patriotism in him for the Northlands, Rodahn was eager to put aside his Ala Mhigan name, almost like a weight upon his shoulders, to take up his new Ishgardian name Feurieux.

Rodahn married a midlander woman of ishgardian descent. The mingling of such blood was frowned upon, but less so than the mingling of races. It would be this very act that would shape the course of the Feurieux’s history.

My father, Darion Feurieux, was the first child to take up the new name of our family. The mingling of blood was kind to him, his skin still shades darker than average ishgardian hyurs had, but his stature fit more in line with the midlanders of Coerthas. To his dismay, he would be put on a pedestal of expectations set forth by his father’s achievements. In lieu of this, Darion was found to hold a strong affinity for magic, or what was passed for an “affinity” with magics all those years ago. Ever since the aetherical explosion of the Agrias at Lake Silvertear, even our children outmatch what was once considered potent. For Darion, this made him a target for several organizations as a potential recruit. The Knights Hospitalier wanted him to spearhead their chirurgeons in the healing arts, the Order of the Friar Templars wanted him to make use of his Ala Mhigan heritage and aetherical aptitude to turn him into a great monk. The Clergy saw him as an icon they could use to rally their disheartened men. Despite all this, it would inevitably become the darkest, and arguably the most powerful sect of Ishgard that would wrap its fingers around my father: The Inquisition.

To many, the Inquisition is but a judicial arm of Ishgard, doling justice through trials and in extreme cases, sending out its members to hunt down the most vile of criminals. However, the Inquisition is also a blade in the dark, at the whim of the Clergy to silence those who may yet prove troublesome for their city and its place. Nobles blackmailed, commoners branded heretics and taken in for pointless questioning, knights given bad information and orders that lead to wasted life and fuel for the War’s flames. Joining the Inquisition changes a man, after staring into the blackened abyss of Ishgard’s secrets, and for my father, it changed him for the worse. Joining as a hopeful recruit, no longer under the shadow of his own father, he prepared to make Ishgard a just place, a safer city, a brighter future. Instead he was met with reprimands for his ideology, scorned by his superiors for looking for the best in others when it was their duty to seek out the darkest parts of a man’s soul, and tear it free to reveal to all. A sickness that must be purged.

And Darion, through manipulation, torture, or worse, would come to covet those secrets. All of them, not just of the forlorn criminal, but of the noble knight and the honest man. So great was his hunger that he would secretly dig deep into Ishgard’s lore, compounded entries lost to all save the Inquisition’s most trusted members. His findings were… damning, to say the least.

An aevis is a dragon born from a heretic supping upon a dragon’s blood. To the common man, there is no way to discern who carries this heretical mark. Is it a ritual, performed knowingly to a man ready to commit the ultimate sin? A spell branded on them for turning against their fellow man? Theories populate the scholars’ halls, but all of them are far from the truth. The Dragonsong War was said to begin when Haldrath united the Ishgardians and led them to the Sea of Clouds, to the mountain where the city of Ishgard would be built over a millennia ago. From there, they were beset by Nidhogg, who enthralled the Ishgardians before Haldrath was freed by “Halone’s guiding hand”. This is a falsehood. The truth upon which Ishgard was built was a sin. An ultimate sin that would define our nation’s proudest troops. The Ishgardians coveted power, thus they took Nidhogg’s eye, damning every Ishgardian, knight or otherwise, to Nidhogg’s influence and curse. Our blood is tainted so that any man, noble, commoner, knight, or craftsmen but need to drink a drop of dragonsblood before they are turned.

This revelation fascinated Darion, wondering how he, a man with half cursed blood would fare, yet he had to tread a careful line lest he reveal his knowledge of such secrets. His tenure would eventually come and he would leave the Inquisition, feigning exhaustion and weariness with the work that had become his life. To keep the Inquisition at arms length, my father swore our family’s fealty to a number of noble houses with ties to the Clergy and Inquisition. House Menideal was one of the more notable ones, vaunted for their friars and monks that populate the Vault. He would marry a maiden who also served the house, my mother, and birth another diluted child of Ishgard. Before my story would begin in earnest though, my father had much work to be done.

Darion was not so rare an occurrence, a half blood with Ishgardian heritage. Many Eorzeans moved to the northern plans to escape the pangs of War and fall under Ishgard’s ever advancing influence. So he searched, vial of dragonsblood in hand, for his first victim. An isolated hunter in the furthest reaches of the Westernlands, settled near the Lancegate’s waters, was his first target. An unintelligent man whose sole purpose was to carve and sell meats and pelts. Easily convincing the man to swallow the vial, Darion watched in terrific horror a--

<The following pages have been torn out, losing all context the current topic.>

With his asset secure, Darion would need to find some way to properly control it. He needed more knowledge. Knowledge was found in the tomes of Sharlayan, and the Scholars just so happened to have settled a new city in the western fronts of Dravania. Travelling that way with a boxed cage in tow, my father took with him a “trusted” comrade of the Inquisition as an escort, Ser Hurain. During their journey, Darion was able to discover that Hurain had Gridanian blood in his veins, painting a target for the Inquisitor. Once they reached the grand marble builds of New Sharlayan, his studies on returning a man’s mental state began. They remained for moons, turns… I remember well the years my father had seemingly abandoned his post as a member of our family, and a Menideal vassal, yet his letters would confirm he was alive and performing in the “interest of Ishgard’s future.”

Sharlayans books proved to be a fine anchor for the two inquisitors, discovering magics both forbidden and lost, alchemical concoctions that would restore entire limbs, and apparently some ancient legendary bread recipes. Whatever other knowledge he discovered however was lost to me, as I, his son, was only ever communicated his reason for going to the Hinterlands in the first place. He had discovered certain aetherical runes that could be marked upon one’s skin to enhance their mental capacity, or in this case, restore one who has lost themselves to primal inhibitions. Taking up this knowledge, Darion pushed forward his plans t--

<Yet again, a page or two has been torn out, interrupting the flow of the journal.>

--agreed that he should stay in the Hinterlands to continue researching the vast lore Sharlayan that might benefit their cause. An Ishgardian custodian, remaining in their abode at the time on the western edge of the Answering Quarter. Despite the great exodus from new Sharlayan back to their home island, there he still remains.With the means to replicate the blood and the enhanced mental strength to lead this new uprising, Darion had but one last recruit to turn to. His own flesh and blood, to ensure the cycle continues.

<The next few pages return to Esther’s life growing up, much of it without his father who had been in the Dravanian Hinterlands. There is no significant details to gleen except that Esther was a rather level-headed man despite Ishgardian fervor and his father’s secret passion.>

When it came time for my father to reveal everything I had penned down previously, it was a shock to hear how deep his fingers had dug into the frontier of this War. He would not stop repeating himself about blood, heritage, how important it all was. While the alliance he had chosen was certainly a heretical one, all that he told me would in time be revealed as true. There were things he wished of me. Dark things that sabotaged the sanctity of my vassalhood with the Menideal family. Mine own wife was “provided” to me by my father, an agent of his twisted schemes. While a commendable woman in her own right, it would not be several years later until I came to accept her as a person I could truly love.

The Lady Mirae Menideal was my target. Not for death, not for ransom, not for anything but the potent bloodline. Darion would not specify what it was, but her own heritage resonated strongly with the magic of his own machinations, and deemed a child of our two bloodlines would create “powerful” children. I was disgusted with myself, for breaching the friendship I had with the woman serving under her, and attempting to persuade her into adultery. More disgusted was I that she agreed. The Lord Menideal was a repulsive elezen who found more enjoyment in the game of politics and proud half-blooded childbearing than the thought of love and care for his wife. I truly cared for her, yet that night will forever stain my past as a sin of feigned love, one that rifted us from each other. It was the last act I would do in my father’s name.

He was a lost man, brought low into the darkest recesses of Ishgard’s secrets and destroyed by them attempting to bring them to the light. He had no remorse for the people he had manipulated, used, tortured, and the lives that he had ruined. His agenda called for an infinite amount of sacrifices, countless woes, and I would see it ended. But the truth that I had seen still called for a revolution. A proper one. The heretics had the right of it yet they were not strong enough, losing themselves to Nidhogg’s son as soon as they drank of the blood. My father’s creations would be the exception, and I would be the one to strike true at the heart of this failing city.

After a few weeks passed, and the Lady Menideal would announce she was with my child (presumably another one of Lord Menideal’s), I would bring the news to Darion with a knife’s edge following the news. His dying breaths were pitiful ones, lamenting his lost work. How ironic, that revealing my coup for his place would leave him with a smile of… pride, almost.

Puting his death aside as a failing man’s health, Mirae would come to me in a panic several months later once she had given birth to a dark skinned boy with not a single shred of elezen in him. She cursed her lot and my own, before I had agreed to take up the child as my own. She would confess to having a miscarriage, and my wife and I would retreat to the Hinterlands where we would remain with Hurain in the abandoned city state until we deemed it fit to return with this new child of our own. Basile was his name, and while he bore this powerful blood my father so greatly coveted, I would see him as far away from this conflict until it was the right time to reveal it to him.

Until that day comes, I command the --

<The ending journal page has been torn out.>

((Written and compiled OOCly by Denz de Bayle. The Voice and Lettering of Esther Feurieux))


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This is a profile made by the player of whom plays Basile Feurieux! I am a very laid back roleplayer and often seek new themes, plots, or whatever else. I play Warhammer games (Total War), Elder Scrolls, used to roleplay on WoW, and play whatever other Steam games I am feeling. Finally, I am Central Standard Time.


Note. Basile is a character that is always a work in progress. His history has been fleshed out after recent events, and his family's story has come to exposition. Therefor, he is very flexible and able to be immersed in a number of different story arcs that prove interesting and fruitful possibilities.
Discord. Self explanatory!Discord roleplay, while it is not ideal, can be set up easily and diligently!
Disclaimer. Basile's personality, culture, and outlook do not always mix well with other characters or some moral ideas. As well, Basile will not be changed or shifted to meet anyone's OOC expectations or anything of the like. If something that Basile does happens to make another person OOCly uncomfortable, it should be brought to my attention.

I will

■ I will play whatever fits Basile's parameters, which are quite large.

Plot Hooks

■ After the realization that Basile was bred to fulfill an ancient, devious purpose, he has purposely taken up his own witch hunt of sorts. Having started with the slaying of his own 'parents,' Basile has maliciously tracked down smugglers and 'heretics' of various types. And even though there are little heretics around any longer, Basile continuously finds those who were connected to the devious plot that unraveled his entire childhood. Anyone that may know someone that was involved in Dragon's Blood heresies or even in the smuggling of it would find a powerful ally in this Knight. Recently, Sir Basile figured out the glorious truth about his ancestry. His ancestors having been refugees of Ala Mhigo, Basile learned that they were impressive Gryphon riders. Basile has taken up the art himself after reading plates from an old family manuscript that his father had kept from him. Anyone who may be of similar descent or of similar practices would notice Basile's distinct mixture of Ishgardian combat and Ala Mhigan gryphon flying cavalry tactics.

Background Potential

For a long time and even still, Basile is something of a knight errant. He, despite his relatively recent homage to the Lord De'bayle, has spent many years on his own wandering and seeking true purpose. As a result, Basile is open to many plot opportunities of others' will and even those that expand his own story.

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