K'hane Tariq

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png K'hane Tariq
Keeper of the Past
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 26
Height 5' 4"
Weight 140
Profession Archaeologist, Master of Mysterium
Patron Deity Menphina
Server Balmung

"It is without question a necessary area of study, history. Without its bevy of knowledge gleaned from the successes and failings of our ancestors, we are, as one people of Hydaelyn, doomed to repeat mistakes which saw the felling of great empires like Allag, Nym, and Sharlayan. In accompaniment of this, Arcanima is without question one of the greatest tools of historical study, and without it I would not be half the expert on the archaeological history of Eorzea that I am today."


Once quite lanky and short, even by Miqo'te standards, K'hane's time as a Master of Mysterium and her pregnancy have left her slightly more plump than before. Her hair is a deep midnight blue and her eyes a faintly luminescent grayish-blue. She prefers large, flowing robes and her glasses are somewhat too big for her face.


K'hane Tariq (koo-AH-na ta-REEK) was born to a Seeker father and Keeper mother in Limsa Lominsa and led a very boring, normal life up until the Calamity. She excelled in studies and was found to have a knack for Arcanima at a young age. Her brilliance earned her the respect of her teachers, and though her family was not the richest fishing family in Limsa, she enjoyed a comfortable life nonetheless. When the Calamity struck, she escaped north with her family, fleeing Bahamut's destruction. Upon their return to Limsa, K'hane's father found work helping to rebuild the city, while K'hane herself became a proper Arcanist, registering with the local Arcanist's Guild and beginning her career in archaeology.

Five years later, she was working on an excavation with two partners and her then-student Ildin when they entered a recently-discovered catacomb that was dug out under where they had been digging. During the investigation of the monolithic structure they were attacked by otherworldly enemies, skeletons, and zombies. K'hane's partners were slain by the creatures, along with several workers, and Ildin sacrificed himself so that K'hane could escape. Shortly thereafter she joined Mysterium.


At one time, K'hane was timid, shy, and incredibly naive. She spoke rarely and when she did speak it was softly and with a not-unnoticeable stutter. However, she has recently begun to inexplicably develop a haughty, arrogant, aggressive attitude and will often bicker and argue with anyone for the sake of it. She exhibits a somewhat domineering attitude over her husband, and her anti-social behavior is more malicious than academic now.

Affiliations and Known Associates

  • Sazhi'to Bajhiri -- Once K'hane's student, now her life-mate and father of Nuali, K'hane trusts Sazhi'to above anyone else.
  • Nuali Tariq -- K'hane and Sazhi'to's infant daughter. She has Sazhi's hair and eyes, and K'hane's nose and face shape.
  • Clalaris Sil Laris -- K'hane's best friend and fellow Mysterium wizard, K'hane trusts Clalaris almost as implicitly as she does Sazhi'to, and leans on Clalaris (metaphorically speaking) for support and kinship.
  • Seth Honeybrew -- A fellow Master of Mysterium, K'hane finds Seth to be abrasive, rude, racist, sexist, narcissistic, and insufferable. He is one of her closest friends.
  • L'yhta Mahre -- Another of K'hane's peers in Mysterium, she once viewed L'yhta as a mentor but now views her as an equal. She believes L'yhta to be brash and impulsive and she thinks L'yhta is living far below her potential, which irks K'hane, but she nevertheless considers Mahre a friend.
  • Eamont Desormaux -- The Voice of Mysterium, K'hane looks up to Eamont as a leader and a role model. She respects him without question.
  • Rosamund Cartwright -- A fellow of Mysterium, K'hane considers "Roz" a good friend, if a bit infuriating at times.
  • Paran Hywel -- Fellow of Mysterium, Roz's fiancee, and K'hane's new student. He is somewhat of a blank canvas to her, though he seems to be opening up to her more now that she is his master.
  • Nathalanee Reinhart -- Nath is somewhat of an enigma to K'hane. She usually only sees Nath when she's with L'yhta and the two rarely converse. When they do speak it is almost always amicable, so K'hane has more of a favorable opinion of Nath than not.
  • Deitrych Brownlowe -- K'hane steers clear of this sneaky bounty hunter. She doesn't trust him one bit, and is convinced he has sinister ulterior motives.


  • Nicknames: Kanye (to Clalaris)
  • Age: 26
    • Nameday: 9th day of the 6th Umbral Moon
  • Gender: Female
    • Sexuality: Heterosexual
    • Marital Status: Married
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Height: 5' 4"
  • Weight: 140
  • Body: Curvy
  • Hair: Dark blue
  • Eyes: Gray-blue
  • Skin: Pale
  • Clothing: Heavy, flowing robes


  • Tea and pastries
  • Archaeology
  • Books
  • Arcanima
  • Dancing


  • Brutish behavior
  • Underachieving
  • Ignorance for the sake of ignorance
  • Vegetables with strong flavors
  • When Seth infers dirty things about Nuali

Areas of Expertise

  • Martial: Arcanima, Summoning, Archery
  • Crafting: None
  • Other: Archaeology, History


  • Legacy of Allag - K'hane has extensively studied the Allagans, and mastered the Allagan art of Summoning.
  • Glyphmaster - K'hane is extraordinarily skilled with arcane magic and can estimate equations and geometric patterns well enough to cast arcane magic without creating runes and glyphs.
  • Hey, Einstein - K'hane is gifted with extraordinary intellect, near genius levels.
  • Matriarch - Being mated and bearing a child has awoken K'hane's Keeper instincts, making her more authoritative and protective.


  • Brittle - K'hane is not a peak physical specimen, and if engaged in melee combat, will falter quickly.
  • I Dropped Something - Despite her prowess with magic, K'hane is very clumsy and often has her head in the clouds.
  • T-t-t-today Junior! - Despite no real physical speech impediments, K'hane's social anxiety gives her a slight stutter.
  • Let Me In - K'hane's past and frail willpower makes her susceptible to possession by Voidsent.

Other Notes


K'hane follows her mother's example and worships Menphina.


Her ear twitches wildly when she is deep in thought.


Robes with some leather armament for added protection, and an Allagan summoning tome she found on an excavation. When hunting, she prefers simple tunics with stitched leather, and a longbow.


The following rumours can be heard about K'hane, predominantly in Limsa Lominsa. (If your character has an opinion about her, feel free to add it here as well.)

Common rumours

  • "The Tariq girl? I know her pa, good fisherman, he is. Daughter's a strange li'l scamp, though. Used to run 'round town with her nose in a bloody book, like readin'll ever get ye anywhere." - Bawdy Lalafellan Fishmonger
  • "Every so often she comes 'round me stall an pokes a bit at me wares, mutters to 'erself, then floats off. Don't think she's ever said two words ta me." - Bemused Roegadyn Merchant
  • "Dunno 'ow many times we'd hear explosions comin' from the ol' Tariq place. Blow holes in the ruddy roof, she would, with all 'er magickin' an' shite. Shoulda stuck ta the bloody business like 'er pa." - Angry Hyuran Neighbor

Uncommon rumours

  • "She's got a dark aura about her, that's for sure. Doesn't fit right with her personality though." - Miqo'te Fortune-Teller of Questionable Authenticity
  • "I see 'er dancin' in the moonlight from time ta time, near nude as the day she was born. Miqo'te, go figure." - Shameless Lalafellan Peeping Tom

Rare rumours

  • "I saw her muttering and making runes I've never seen in all my years as an Arcanist. They looked old and... dark. Whatever she's playing with, it'll end in naught but disaster." - Veteran Arcanist Guild Member

What PCs are saying

  • "There's no one you'll meet with a greater mastery of arcanima and glyphs than she. While we don't always see eye to eye on everything? When she speaks, I always listen." -- L'yhta Mahre
  • "While I do apologize on my mate's behalf, you would correct people's mistakes after dedicating more than half of your life to a field of study too. Yes, even a senior instructor... Oh, y-you're not from the guild? My a-apologies..." -- Sazhi'to Bajhiri
  • "She's the very odd lifemate of Sazhi! First time I met her she was all "grr, I'll set fire to your shiny head" and now she's all stammering and blushing. Must've gotten some books dropped on her head! ...wasn't me though." -- Karaki Crystalis
  • "I don't know her much, but both L'yhta and Eamont vouched for her and she held her own in the expedition, enough that I'd consider bringing her along another one!" -- Kellach Woods

Known Haunts

You might have run into or otherwise know K'hane from:

  • Hawker's Alley
  • The Mist
  • The Drowning Wench
  • Tam-Tara Deepcroft

OOC Inspirations

Basically any moe bookworm anime type.