Sharla Blackheart

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 Sharla Blackheart
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Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Ul'Dah (Formerly Ala Mhigo)
Age 37
Height 6 fulms, 1 ilm
Weight 174
Profession Sultansworn
Patron Deity Rhalgr, The Destroyer
Server Balmung



Sharla can typically be seen wearing in armor or a formal uniform, even during social settings. Will usually avoid wearing outfits that flatter her figure more often than not, and will most likely be seen in a typical stoic stance on occasion. As a full blooded Highlander she is significantly larger than the standard Midlander Hyur. Her bodystyle can best be described as athletic, toned, slightly curvaceous and would be considered as being molded for combat. Can be seen wearing modest jewelry on occasion but never in excess. Has several faded scars along her backside and one noticeable scar along her abs. Has another deep scar on the side of her midsection with a matching exit wound on her back that appears to be recent. Often seen wearing gloves, and takes extra caution when removing one from her right hand due to a crystal that has been embedded into her palm.


Shas was born under the name Sharla Blackheart in 15XX to a middle class family in Ala Mhigo. Shas herself was to be in a arranged marriage to the son of a Ala Mhigo noble before the invasion occured. Her family line at the time was known for producing loyal and superb knights. The family line almost came to an end during the Empire's invasion. Only Shas and her father managed to escape the invasion and eventually found their way to Ul'Dah where they were welcomed by distant Midlander relatives residing there. After some time Shas' father settled and found work as a merchant within the city for a short time and spent some time teaching the Lancer arts to members of the Ala Mhigan Brigade of the Immortal Flames. Shas not being one to be content with such a lifestyle began early training to become a gladiator and eventually a member of the Sultansworn, against the wishes of her father. After much convincing her father gave in and prepared Shas for a life of service to the Sultana with constant, harsh and rigorous training. On the day she came of age, Shas registered with the Gladiator's guild and began her journey to become a member of the Sultansworn Elite. While Shas' ability with the sword were exceptional for one her age, she had some difficulty controlling her emotions and at times letting them cloud her judgement. During her training she was known to be headstrong, brash and arrogant, no doubt due in part to her Highlander lineage and family history. Over time Shas learned to control her emotions and keep them from controlling her. After her final training was completed she became a member of the Sultansworn and served with loyalty and distinction for several years before deciding to venture out into the world as a free paladin. Her decision to do so came as a shock to many who know her well enough with the exception of her father. Not being one to be satisfied with staying in one place for too long, Shas felt she could do more for others by traveling the world and helping others as she saw fit. Recently she has made the decision to return to Ul'dah after spending the past five years wandering as a Free Paladin.

Near the end of her training as a Sultansworn Initiate, Shas became involved with a Maelstrom Officer who would frequent Ul'dah on occasion. Their relationship did not have the best of starts but over time they became close to one another and would have a child together before long. In truth Shas' decision to leave the Sultansworn and Ul'dah came as a result of the aftermath of the Battle of Cartenau and the Calamity. There are a few rumors as to her actual activities during the time Shas left the Order, but very few know the full truth of what transpired.


At first glance many would see Shas as a true born Highlander woman, and they would be correct. Despite her early years of training and discipline, Shas can still be brash, arrogant, and very blunt on occasion. She does show a very calm demeanor and has a certain charm that a few notice about her. Her accent and mannerisms are blatantly obvious when speaking with others, although she makes an effort to hide them. While she may not notice it occurring, she has been known to be openly flirtatious with those she speaks with, and had a reputation as being somewhat of a womanizer herself in her younger years. As of late due to recent events Shas has begun to go by her true name and has become somewhat cold and distant to others, even those she considers friends.



  • Barbarossa Blackheart (Father:deceased)
  • Victoria Blackheart (mother:deceased)
  • Tamerlane Blackheart (Brother:deceased)
  • Freya Blackheart (sister:unknown/presumed to be deceased)
  • Elsbeth Blackheart (sister:deceased)
  • Dinah Sirensong (half-sister:unknown/ presumed to be deceased)
  • Unknown Blackheart (daughter:alive)
  • Elsbeth Blackheart (daughter:alive)
  • Jocea Blackheart (daughter:alive)


more to be added...


Laurentia Pyr Drusa
Lania Vaelsar
"The Canary"


  • Nicknames:
  • Age: 37
    • Nameday:
  • Gender: Female
    • Sexuality: Open
    • Marital Status: Involved (complicated)
  • Alignment: Questionable...
  • Height: 6'1
  • Weight: 175
  • Body: Toned, Athletic
  • Hair: Short raven colored, with red streaks
  • Eyes: One sea green, one light sky blue
  • Skin: Light-skinned almost pale
  • Clothing: Usually in uniform, armor or conservative attire


  • Spending time with her daughter
  • Singing (inherited from her mother who was a songstress at one point in her life)
  • Meeting other Highlanders and Paladins
  • Training/Sparring


  • Those who commit violence against women, children and other innocents
  • Garlean Empire
  • Slavers
  • Voidsent

Areas of Expertise

  • Martial: Proficient with sword and shield, experience in hand to hand combat
  • Crafting: Culinarian/Weaver
  • Other: Limited healing abilities


  • Higher than normal physical strength
  • Exceptional intelligence
  • High pain tolerance and toxin resistance


  • Can be quick to anger in certain situations and circumstances
  • Known for going solo on certain missions or tasks
  • Hides a great deal of her past
  • Prone to aether overuse and severe side effects of such
  • Moves slightly slower due to age, size and wounds received in combat

Other Notes


Devout follower of Rhalgr




The following rumours can be heard about NAME, predominantly in WHERE. (If your character has an opinion about her, feel free to add it here.)

Common rumours

Uncommon rumours

Rare rumours

What PCs are saying

  • "One of the more level headed and grounded members of our Order. Shas is good at keeping the new Squires in line. I do not think I could do this job without her." ~ Coatleque Crofte
  • "One of those trustworthy comrade. A shame I was not able to fight by her side while I was a Sultansworn." ~ Anelia Sadowyn
  • "One of the examples where she has given her life for others; every time I have heard her speak it is has been about someone else and what she pays for that. Forgive me, she was not speaking to me of it so about what I do not know. It simply sounds very important and painful." ~ Jancis Milburga
  • "Lady Shar, seems to have a lot on her plate, and she can still smile through it all. I respect the hell out of that." ~ War Bear
  • "She has been somewhat aloof lately, speaking often of past regrets." ~ Coatleque Crofte
  • "She accepted me for what I am, not for what she could gain in return. Is it her light that attracts me?" Lilith Blackheart

Known Haunts

You might have run into or otherwise know NAME from:

  • Anyone familiar with the Blackheart family may or may not recognize who Shas/Sharla truly is.
  • Other refugees from Ala Mhigo or those who frequent little Ala Mhigo on occasion
  • Recognized her fighting style from her time in the Gladiator's Guild and fighting in the Bloodsands

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