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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Anelia Sadowyn
Azure Falcon, Twin Blade of Halone
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Anelia during Sultansworn
OOC Character Information
Main Job(s): Paladin
Main Tradeskill: • Culinary
• Apothecary
Preferred Role: Tank
Server: Balmung
Alignment: Chaotic Good (HW) / Lawful Good (ARR)
Reputation: Well Revered
Occupation: Mercenary, Ex-Sultansworn, Culinarian
Education: Trained in Sultansworn
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Guardian: Halone, The Fury
Free Company
Items Carried
• Dual Blades
• Family Heirloom Pendant
• A Small Medical Kit
Race: Hyur
Clan: Midlander
Age: 25 (HW) / 23 (ARR) / 18 (1.0)
Height: 5 fulm, 6 ilm
Weight: 128 ponze
Eyes: Emerald Green
Hair: Blonde Yellow
Complexion: Bright Peachy Color
Physical Build: Athletic built up. Not bulky however.
Notable Features: Her looks and blue outfits
   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity

Anelia Sadowyn, a former Sultansworn and a free paladin who is now a mercenary and is running a group of adventurers who's willing to help other people in her estate. She is a kind and serious type who is willing to protect others. She is the type of person who believes that there would be one day a world with no political corruption, and nations would unite together without any type of war conflicts. She has combat experiences, and keeps her ideals and code as a paladin, and does not appreciate dark magic, political corruption, as well as Garlemald Empire. You see her mostly in La Noscea's Mist village in her estate cooking, and baking. Most of the other times, she goes out to do small tasks of missions given out by her clients.

Basic Info

Anelia is a former Sultansworn and a free paladin was originally a war-orphan who lived in southern borders of Ala Mhigo as a kid and then evacuated to Ul'dah. She was a street orphan in Pearl Street and was later adopted into a rich family member. Anelia later enrolled as a trainee and a squire for Sultansworn and achieved her trials to become full fledged paladin. During the battle of Carteneau, Anelia was one of the paladins who fought valiantly and defended from Garlean invasion. For five cycles, Anelia kept fulfilling her duties and tasks as a Sultansworn for Ul'dah and Sultana and deemed her title as a "Azure Falcon" for her promising career. Even until the end, Anelia had her difference of opinions and her ideals of utopia from the rest of monetarists. Anelia later was arrested and was banished from Ul'dah for attempt of challenging Lolorito and Syndicate for their arrest of General Raubahn. Now Anelia is a citizen of Limsa Lominsa, as well as a mercenary and merchant.



Personality and Appearance


Current (Heavensward)




◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"A young lass who is a valiant sworn." -- Ul'dah Citizen (ARR)
"She does her best to keep this city safe. Very polite and noble." -- Immortal Flame Soldier (ARR)
"Very difficult girl woman sometimes to talk with. She doesn't like sweet talks through coins" -- Brass Blade Guard (ARR)
"Perhaps you've known that she was a former hero, but now an outlaw. To us, she's still a hero." -- Pearl Lane citizen (HW)
"She was indeed a hero. But even heroes can become a villain eventually." -- Ul'dah Citizen (HW)
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"She is a respectful comrade, friend, and a sister. She has painful past, and I sympathize her... but I know she is a strong wiled person." -- Jenlyns Straightblade (ARR)
"Very zealous fellow willing to fight for Sultana. Perhaps everyone can follow her example" -- Raubahn Aldynn (ARR)
"She takes suspicions of all Monetarists like a viper. She cannot be reasoned with, and someday... she will get hers coming." -- Lolorito (ARR)
"A very gentle person who comes in to take care of small errands even if she's a Sultansworn. She's the person who you can rely on." -- Momodi (ARR)
"I can't really say why she has made such decisions on betraying us... but as long as she has the will to continue as a paladin, then I will believe in her. Just like how I did for -him-" -- Jenlyns Straightblade (HW)
"An assassin, a traitor, and a criminal. She is a dangerous person, and should keep her on leash. Her loyalty was never with the city." -- Lolorito (HW)
"A good friend who's been by my side for many years. Her loss and tragic moments have endured for so long, at least I hope she now has some happiness with her meeting new people. Being a Sultansworn really caused her to be sad." -- Mizuho Kawanami (HW)
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"I've heard that Anelia Sadowyn originally tried to go against Lolorito after Flame General's arrest, but she was accused of coup de tat and became a high wanted criminal." -- Silver Bazaar Local
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)

Please feel free to add your own rumors!

"Ooooh.. Sultansworn Anelia? She sounds like she must have just an incredible story. An orphan who's made it all the way to a Hero of the Sworn?", she adds with a laugh,"It gives me hope that maybe even I could be someone someday!" --Aya Foxheart
"Best not sneeze around her, lest you be cleansed of your corrupted nose." ~ Coatleque Crofte
"Just before taking me into her Free Company, she said she felt there was no need to kill me right where I stood. I don't know if that was a testament to her bitterness or her kindness." -Valen Stalhart


  Color Key
 ♥  Romantic: Anelia's deep feelings for someone special.
 ♥  Familial: Someone who Anelia feels that they are like a family member.
 ♥  Friendly: Good friends to Anelia, ones that she feels desire to protect.
 ●  Good: Very good acquaintances that Anelia wishes to get along eventually.
 ●  Neutral: Couple of acquaintances that Anelia met, but doesn't know them very well or doesn't seem to pique her interest to know them better.
 ●  Negative: Someone Anelia feels that they are enemies to her.

  Roen Deneith (  ●  ) - "Roen Deneith"
Formerly a student of Anelia. Anelia always found Roen to be too kindhearted to be a Sultansworn, and wished that she would find a different paths as a paladin. Roen and Anelia were somewhat distant from each other because of Anelia's aggressiveness, but Anelia would be willing to help Roen at all costs like a sister. Anelia once tried to fail Roen from becoming a Sultansworn because she felt that Roen's allegiance was not with the politics, but she has given a chance to Roen to become a successful Sultansworn by passing her the second time. After coming back to Ul'dah, Roen seemed extremely distant toward Anelia and didn't seem to recognize or remember her at all. However, Anelia is still willing to wait that the young free paladin would seek for help. Anelia shows a sympathy to Roen and understands why she left the Sworn due to the corrupted politics that are occurring in Ul'dah. However, Anelia's and Roen's opinions showed quite different views that caused an unpleasant break up of their friendships. Anelia wishes to meet Roen again someday to see how she's doing.
  Coatleque Crofte (  ●  ) - "Coatleque Crofte"
Perhaps the most complicated friendship between her and Crofte. They used to be comrades in arms, but eventually their friendships fell apart due to the different views in politics and yet ideals. Anelia believed in a hope with no Monetarists taking politics. While she found out that Crofte had relationship with the monetarist named Jameson Taeros, she has completely severed her ties with Crofte, feeling betrayed over a matter of love. While Anelia wishes to confront Crofte, her focus is to only stop her to chase after a man who has corrupted her.
  Shas Tarry (  ●  ) - "Sharla Blackheart"
Another good comrade that Anelia respected, and who she knew since the early days while being in a Sultansworn. They both understand the corrupted politics that's been in the city, but Sharla remained as Sultansworn while Anelia left. The only reason they were mutual acquaintances was mainly because Anelia had no intention to fight against her own comrades. Eventually, as Anelia confronted Sharla, Crofte, and Koporo in Coerthas - she confessed that she tried to assault Lolorito. Due to this, Koporo challenged Anelia into a fight even though Anelia was severely wounded before. While losing in a fight, Sharla spared Anelia's life while making promises to each other to never see each other again, while Anelia has a motive to fight against Ul'dah.
  Faine Avenier (  ●  ) - "Faine Avenier"
A Sharlyan Scholar who has devoted herself into swinging axes to fight. Anelia one time actually had to fight with this Elezen woman to confront her breaking laws and rules in Ul'dah one time and was severely injured while also winning in a fight. Due to some misunderstanding, Anelia has let this Elezen go and they became close friends outside of Sultansworn business. Anelia secretly took Faine into her estate as a resident, and now Faine is assisting Anelia with any affairs that run around in a private contract mercenary jobs.
  Iron Sea (  ●  ) - "Iron Sea"
Very close friend where Anelia feels that there is love and hate relationship with. Anelia has no mutual love feelings, but she feels a lot of sympathy for this giant Roedagyn after Natalie McBeef's death. She considers him as a brother, and the last thing she has heard of the giant fellow was that he disappeared after leaving Eglatine family. She hopes for his safety that he'd be doing fine somewhere.
  Siha Xinkei (  ●  ) - "Siha Xinkei"
Anelia finds this Miqo'te to be like a sister to her, even if the other doesn't see her that way. Anelia took Siha as a member of Arcadeus, and looked over her healing skills to support her subordinates. Siha sometimes found Anelia to be extremist and cruel, and Anelia knew that the Miqo'te always had an issue with her authority. Knowing that Siha is a good-hearted girl looking after her only brother Erik Mynhier, Anelia always respect both of them and hope to see both of their well beings. Ever since Anelia came back to Ul'dah from missing in action, Anelia met Siha once again.
  Erik Mynhier (  ●  ) - "Erik Mynhier"
A veteran highlander was originally squire trainer to Anelia before she was dragged to Scryed Scar for more aggressive training. However, Anelia had a partial memory with this paladin until they reunited after the Calamity. While Anelia was having trouble with the politics in Ul'dah Erik has helped Anelia to change her citizenship to Limsa Lominsa temporarily to avoid desertion. However, there were several grudges and issues between Anelia and Erik, where their ideals as a paladin were always different. Anelia didn't wish for any cold blood murder or vengeance, but as time passed by - she is equally the same as Erik and her hypocrisy to hide her fate, could not be hidden. When she came back to Ul'dah, Anelia has yet to meet Erik once more.
  Natalie McBeef (  ●  ) - "Natalie McBeef (Deceased)"
(Deceased) Despite this outgoing and laid back Sultansworn is an issue to authority behind the ranks, Anelia finds this Miqo'te to be a good asset to the team. She realizes that Natalie and she disagree in many terms, but Anelia recognizes her for getting involved in the darker side of Ul'dah than her. However, Anelia has doubt on Natalie that there is a possibility of being acquainted with monetarists because Natalie was a member of Brass Blades. Ever since Anelia has learned about Natalie's death, she has finally realized that the corruption in Ul'dah is beyond her own powers to save the city, and has decided to resign. Anelia keeps Natalie in her memory as a former friend and a comrade.


Common Rumours (Easily overheard)
"Very well known Sultansworn who has fought in Carteneau... how does she keep her face beautiful even after that war?" - Fellow Sultansworn
"Sadowyn Bakery? Heard that lady Anelia is very good at baking goods." - Bismark Worker
"Very scary lady when she faces those criminals and anyone who commits crimes in this city..." - Local Citizen
"Slayer of hundreds in Carteneau and who defeated high ranked Garlean officers. That's the Twin Blade of Halone there." - Immortal Flame soldier.
"Anelia is adopted from a rich aristocrat family that is affiliated with Syndicates, but she's been a problem for us. Great grudges with Monetarists" - Syndicate Monetarist monarch
"There is only one Sultansworn or at least a paladin who wears blue related armors or outfits and that is Anelia Sadowyn. She attains the title Azure Falcon for a reason." - Momodi
Moderate Rumours (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"Heard that she killed her own family member to save Ul'dah and for her duty. Very fearsome woman there." - Quicksand local
"Serial criminals will not have any mercy from this lady." - Brass Blade soldier
"A beautiful lady such as her to be in a battlefield tremendous swordsman skill is not something you hear everyday." - Ul'dah local
Rare Rumours (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"Anelia has a highest grudge in Ul'dahn system, and tries to challenge Monetarists and Syndicate. This will cause an uproar to Syndicates, and chances are... Anelia will get herself killed." -Tyraneus Jagen
"How did this woman become a Sultansworn when she failed her trails with aether magic? Surely, she must have bribed someone to be accepted into the order." - Lolorito
"Admirable battle she has shown to fight against Sahagins. It's a shame she's not one of us, and is part of Ul'dah's finest. I'd rather have her lead my men as a captain." - Merlwyb
"She has shown loyalty with the sworns for many years. I trust Anelia's decision. However, I fear that she'll be the martyr of those who fight for the justice." - Jenlyns Straightblade
PC Rumours (Rumours written by other Player Characters. If you wish to write a rumour, just go ahead and do so, make sure it's IC!)
"Ooooh.. Captain Anelia? She sounds like she must have just an incredible story. An orphan who's made it all the way to a Captain of the Sworn?", she adds with a laugh,"It gives me hope that maybe even I could be someone someday!" --Aya Foxheart
"Best not sneeze around her, lest you be cleansed of your corrupted nose." ~ Coatleque Crofte
Things You Can't Possibly Know (But I want you to know OOCly)
Anelia is half blood of Ala Mhigo highlander, and Garlean. (Only few people know as of right now)


Seventh Umbral Era





Combat Tactics


Other Arts


Template credit goes to Deidre Taea
The Title: "White Demon" - is actually based from Mobile Suit Gundam's RX-78-2 Gundam, piloted by Amuro Ray which is titled by the Zeons calling the robot "white devil."
While Ellaria takes the color of red and gold, Anelia takes the color blue and white. However Anelia also chooses blue and gold sometimes.
Anelia has a similar blonde hair resemblance to World of Warcraft's original paladin character named Elslie Strumwald (by me), to show similar past and similar paths except different lores and paladin's ideals.

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