X'elo Maimhov

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Gridania-transparent.png X'elo Maimhov
Noisy Vagrant
OOC Character Information
Main Job(s): • Bard
• Culinarian
Main Tradeskill: Culinarian
Preferred Role: DPS and Moral Support
Server: Balmung
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Reputation: Unknown
Occupation: •Performer
• Singer
• Dish Washer
Education: Home and Self Taught
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Guardian: Menphina, the Lover
Free Company
Items Carried
Race: Miqote
Clan: Mixed Heritage, Identifies as Keeper
Age: 27
Height: 5 fulm 7 ilm
Weight: 140 ponze
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Orange
Complexion: Pale
Physical Build: Slim and Athletic
Notable Features:
   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity


"The straightest miqote wearing makeup," X'elo tends to dress rather flashy in the majority of his appearances. As if this were not enough, his orange-red hair and a pair of vibrant blue eyes against his pale complexion tend to make him stand out rather harshly.

The miqote's body is toned like that of a gymnast, athletic but not bulky. While initially the only muscles he had were referred to as "glamour muscles," his recent outings have allowed him to build more core muscles that can be put to more use than simply "looking good." Standing at approximately 5'7, the bard is generally considered to be somewhat small and light in comparison to males from most of the other races.

Voice & Speech

While his speaking voice is sometimes considered somewhat grating and annoying, the miqote does have a gift for song. There is a very slight hint of a nasal tone in his speaking voice, but none what so ever in his singing voice. He generally speaks with confidence, though often uses slang and contractions in general conversation.


Enthusiastic, friendly, and genuine are generally words used to describe X'elo. He tends to be honest and sincere, trusting most people unless given a reason to otherwise. He generally tries to see the best in his peers, often dismissing their negative aspects or playing them down. Sometimes this even includes previous attempts to kill him. The miqote often attempts to disarm his critics and rivals with witty remarks, clever dialogue, and sometimes on occasion, playing up his own incompetence to remove the perception of a threat from himself. While still frequently "the heart" of whatever party he is in, X'elo's moral compass has shifted in the last couple of years. He is now much more willing to take underhanded and legally questionable routes if the result validates the means.


X'elo is not a religious person, often attributing things more to luck than divine intervention.


  • His grammar and sentence structure hint at his "lesser education."
  • X'elo is almost entirely numb to aether unless it is in the form of a spell. This includes his own, and has caused him to be nearly incapable of using any kind of magic.
  • While not a strong fighter by any means, X'elo manages to recover from attacks that would either heavily injure or mortally wound many others. Perhaps it comes from his past experiences of being a very poor fighter, but the miqote seems to know how to take a punch.

Positive & Negative traits

Positive traits

  • Generally seen as Friendly and Honest
  • Impressive Marksman
  • Witty and Clever
  • Quick when fleeing
  • Good Singing Voice
  • Good at acting (On or off stage)

Negative traits

  • Cowardly
  • Selfish
  • Poor Fighter
  • Low Level of Education outside of Literature
  • Prone to Delusions
  • Annoying
  • Easily Manipulated, Especially by women


X'elo is an expert archer, an amateur gunman, and has a very basic understanding of most melee weapons. While his form and movements are suggestive an experienced fighter, it is simply visual mimicry. More often than not, his weight is not properly distributed nor is his force being correctly applied during attacks. It would look good on a stage, but in practicality, falls flat. So far the only melee weapon he is showing a true understanding of are large swords. Only recently has X'elo managed to cast magic in any form, and only in small, uncontrolled bursts.

His largest advantage in archery is his inventiveness with his arrows, disguising modified "Trick arrows" as props. He currently has two that he uses frequently and is supposedly experimenting with a third. #1 Arrows have cloth tips filled with finely powdered dragon pepper, and #2 consist of a glove sewn into the shape of a closed fist, full of bomb fingers.

Likes & Dislikes



  • Song and Music
  • Plays and Theater
  • Cheesecake, Candy, and Seafood
  • Sasha Rochester
  • Performers who are Original


  • Romantic Rivals
  • Anything that threatens to ruin is makeup
  • Liars
  • Anyone who dislikes music and theater (Not just his own)
  • Vermin, especially large Insects and spiders

Family & Relationships (NPCs)

After the events of Season 3, it is revealed that X'elo does not know of the status of his biological family. Those who he thought had simply forgotten him were revealed to have never known him in the first place.

Relationships (Other RPCs)

Color Key
 💕 Current Partner
  Platonic Love, Close Friend
  Old Flame
  Fellow Performer
 💔 Poor Relationship
 ? Unknown whereabouts
Sasha Rochester 💕
While their relationship has remained strong in spite of repeated heartbreak, X'elo's trust in the Archmage has somewhat waned. He has come to the realization that she has manipulated him on multiple occasions. All of this aside, he still unconditionally loves her. Sasha has remained near the top of his list throughout the past few years, and currently there are whispers of him talking about proposing to her.

First Appearance: Season 2, Episode 1: Black Magic Woman

Titor Jaraba
Having been the soul audition for the part of Archeranger Yellow, X'elo holds Titor in high regard. While he joined his fellow actor's Free Company for a short time in Season 4, X'elo did not feel that he was a good fit and soon moved to Kiss.

First Appearance: Season 2, Episode 17: I Need a Hero

Ibakha Dumet
While he knows she isn't the shiniest scale on the Wyrm, X'elo appreciates the enthusiasm and dedication Ibakha brings into everything she does. The two of them have gotten along fairly well, and appear to have made a good team on the occasions where they have worked together. X'elo is also one of the only people Iba trusts with her red panda, "Mist," on the occasions where she must leave him behind.

First Appearance: Season 3, Episode 6: Dragon Force

Misha Jinhri
Another previous target of X'elo's affection, Misha remains a friend even if there is no longer a spark between them. After having been stood up without explanation and then finding out she had been dating someone else in the mean time, his romantic interest in her has dissolved.

First Appearance: Season 3, Episode 2: Her Name was Misha

Alta Ugund ?
X'elo's latest failed romance. Though things started strongly between them, the flame appears to have burned out just as quickly as it ignited. Unable to contact the Au Ra, X'elo sent a letter to her suggesting a meeting so that he could break it off, but received no response.

First Appearance: Season 3, Episode 12: Hard Luck Ugard

Kara Ashdale
As far as the traveling group he refers to as "The B-Team" goes, Kara is still currently the member he holds the most trust in. While he still occasionally refers to her as "The Bandit Queen," she still manages to stay in X'elo's good graces.

First Appearance: Season 1, Episode 3: The Bandit Queen

The Gardener
The Matron of @#%^^%$^%$ Orphanage, the woman known simply as "The Gardener" played the part of Archeranger Blue during the episode "Archerangers Return." X'elo and her seemed to get along rather well, though have had little interaction since.

First Appearance: Season 2, Episode 17: I Need a Hero

Izzy Ringo
Izzy and X'elo's interactions have been somewhat limited due to circumstance. They have occasionally handled some lower end jobs, together with Ibakha in tow. While Izzy seems to have had much more contact with X'elo before the fall of the moon, it appears that the two of them were on mostly neutral terms then as well, with only other relationships bringing the two together.

First Appearance: Season3, Episode 15: The Uncredible Izzy Ringo

Blue Vann
An ex-object of affection, Blue and X'elo have had a lot less interaction since he ceased fawning over her. While he still values her as a team member, the two on them have somewhat drifted apart.

First Appearance: Season 1, Episode 1: The Ax-Men

Blade Belsaire
Still not quite on X'elo's "Best friends list," the animosity between the two of them has settled significantly in the past year. While the two of them still sometimes butt heads for a leadership position they are able to work effectively as a team.

First Appearance: Season 1, Episode 1: The Ax-Men

Clive Stark 💔
Still on somewhat poor terms, X'elo takes free shots at Clive at nearly every opportunity. He has nearly no respect for him, and sees him as a loafer with a big mouth.

First Appearance: Season 2, Episode 8: Turncoats

Jet'a Vann 💔
Ever since being Back-Attacked by Jet after helping run a fundraiser for his Orphanage, the miqote has managed to stay on X'elo's short list. This may be one of the primary reasons there hasn't been another Archerangers play in quite some time.

First Appearance: Season 2, Episode 17: I Need a Hero

Cyril Sorel 💔
One of X'elo's earlier romantic rivals for Sasha's affections, Cyril was never terribly fond of the miqote. After attempting several attempts at bettering their relationship, X'elo gave up the possibility of ever becoming friends with the elezan. Currently X'elo is unaware of Cyril's death.

First Appearance: Season 2, Episode 4: Sword and Bored

D'hio Maimhov 💔
D'hio and X'elo have a very complicated, hostile relationship with each other. D'hio's interference was the source of X'elo's "Voidsent Issue" within the past year, and the two of them frequently attempt to give each other as wide of a berth as possible.

First Appearance: Season 3, Episode 19: All Roads

Xavalien Oirellain 💔 ?
While he has only encountered him a single time, Xavalien holds a special place on X'elo's "Shit List." After hearing of the abuse and torture that his man performed on Sasha, X'elo would likely attempt to fire an arrow into the man's back without a word or even a tinge of guilt.

First Appearance: N/A. Was mentioned in Season 2, Episode 7: Sugared Snow

So Far

The following information is an abridged version of each season. Seasons that contain spoilers for ongoing events are omitted until they are general knowledge. Episodes of lesser importance to the overall story are currently omitted.

Season 1: Burning Phantom

Waking up in a gutter in Ul'dah five years after the battle of Carteneau, X'elo was stunned to realize no one had any memory of him. While there was some paper documentation that proved his existence, everyone seemingly had a difficult time matching his face to the name. Just as he managed to 'prove' who he was in Limsa, he was attacked during a rehearsal and declared dead. Bandits were fingered as the cause. In reality, this couldn't have been further from the truth. The attacker was a confused Blade Belsaire, along with his traveling companion Blue Vann. Due to X'elo's acting and outfit, he is mistaken for a Garlean and beaten within an inch of his life. ((S1E01: The Ax-Men)) Unfortunately his co-star reported his "death" to the Yellow Jackets, who lacked the time to look into the fate of "some washed up actor." ((S1E02: My Name is G'utter Trash))

X'elo's next chance encounter was with "Kara," a young thief. Their encounter ended without any injuries, but Kara had managed to rob X'elo of what little gil he had to his name. ((S1E03: The Bandit Queen)) Upon tracking her down, he used his "Special Technique" to subdue her and get what remained of his gil back. ((S1E05: Revenge With a Vengeance))

In a similar fashion, X'elo managed to "defeat" Blade. Their conflict was soon cut short by Blue, and X'elo's sudden affection for her. ((S1E05: Revenge With a Vengeance)) He continued to travel with the group as it grew, mostly pursuing Blue and even serenading her at one point. ((S1E09: Honeyed, Heartfelt Words))

His value was mostly arguable until the Season Finale where the group manages to get wrapped up in the summoning of a massive, flaming, gargoyle-like voidsent. Though the ritual was interrupted and in a relatively weak form, X'elo rose to the occasion by punching one of the creature's minions in the face and stealing his sword and shield to protect himself against the enormous creature. His act managed to draw the attention of the weakened enemy, and gave his companions a chance to attack it while he was busy clawing at a terrified bard. ((S1E12: Burning Phantom))

Season 2: Bounty Tendency

After ease-dropping on Blue and Blade, X'elo misinturpreted one of Blue's comments and a declaration of love to Blade. Downtrodden, he made his way to the Quicksand where he met an Archmage that would heavily change the path his life had taken. ((S2E01: Black Magic Woman))The Bard managed to beat out the Paladin, Cyril Sorel, ((S2E04: Sword and Bored))for the affections of Sasha Rochester during her encounters with Castlebane's bounty hunters. While he was not part of the resolution itself, he still played a large role in protecting and supporting her. ((S2E06: The Curse of CastleBania))

In regards to his old team, they had several encounters with more beastmen, Garleans, and the addition of Clive Stark to the team. Clive and X'elo immediately come to blows when Clive ruined X'elo's make up, a crime he considered WORSE than an attempt to kill him. Depending on who you ask, both claim to have won that fight. X'elo was in control the majority of the fight, but with Kara watching, could not bring himself to hit Clive with an arrow that would have caused actual injury. Clive managed to throw X'elo into a nearby river, and proclaimed his victory at that point. X'elo was ready to continue, and only at the urging of Kara did he not attack again. ((S2E08: Turncoats)) It was also around this point that X'elo met with Jet'a Vann and the orphanage caretaker known as "The Gardener." Citing himself as a performer, he agreed to assist them with a fundraiser if they would both perform in "Archerangers Return." Needing a third ranger auditions were held. Seeing as Titor Jabaya was the only one to show up, he was cast as Arcehranger Yellow. ((S2E17: I Need a Hero))The play went over well enough for the Orphanage to relocate to the Mist from Wineport. ((S2E19: Archerangers Return))

In the Season 2 Finale, Sasha breaks up with X'elo citing her research as being her first priority. ((S2E24: Your Silver Medal))

Season 3: Starstruck Crusaders

After a few too many drinks, X'elo hit the dating scene. A handful of short relationships came and went, none of any real note until meeting Misha Jinhri. ((S3E02: Her Name was Misha))The two seemed to become rather friendly with each other quickly, but had an on and off relationship that dissolved within a few months. After a Masquerade date and a treasure hunt, Misha missed their third date due to illness, but neglected to inform X'elo. Meeting her again a month later, she mentioned going on another date and X'elo considered their romantic relationship over. ((S2E05: Missed Connections))

Assisting in the protection of one of the many caravans of Au Ra that came from Doma, X'elo met Ibahka Dumet, who became fast friends with the miqote during their travel. Even though she managed to lose his favorite knife, temporarily blind him with his own pepper arrow, and nearly blew him up, the two still parted on good terms. ((S3E06: Dragon Force))

During this time, Sasha appeared to show interest in X'elo once more, but chose to marry Stefan instead. Though he was heartbroken once more, X'elo still performed at her wedding. ((S3E09: The Wedding Singer))

Rejoining his team for a short time. Blade picked his ax up once more, and X'elo was (to his satisfaction) re-assigned to the back lines again as an archer. During one of these missions it was revealed that X'elo has a thing for Yda of the Scions, even though the two of them have only briefly spoken on a couple occasions. During one of these missions, Xelo is ambushed and attacked by Jet'a, breaking any remaining trust between the two of them. ((S3E10: Betrayal At Stone Vigil))

Around this time, X'elo meets a new girlfriend by the name of Alta. After a few nights of talking over the crowds in the Quicksand, they go on a trip to Costa Del Sol to try and clear Alta's head. While there she makes a move on him, and the two begin to date. ((S3E12: Hard Luck Ugard))

In the multi-part season 3 Finale, X'elo is being targeted by a group stating that he is not who he claims to be. After being kidnapped by "Hurricane" Hilda Vice, the group manages to track them down just before X'elo was taken 'off map' thanks to the interference of Izzy Ringo. ((S3E14: Hurricane Hilda and S3E15: The Uncredible Izzy Ringo))While Hilda was distracted, X'elo managed to break free and defeat his GlassJaw captor, Dandy J. Joining the group to assist with Hilda he managed to get in a single, though critical, blow on her before he was beaten by her a second time. Thanks to a lucky break, Kara managed to beat the Huge Highlander. ((S3E16 and S3E17: The Hurricane, the Dandy, and the Ugly Part 1 and 2))

While carrying their prisoners back to Revenant's Toll, a mysterious black smoke erupted from both Hilda and Dandy, and making its way into Thal's Gate in Ul'dah. Upon further investigation, they unknowingly defeated Muse, a Roegadyn Nearseer. ((S3E18: Foretold)))) Upon seeing the same smoke escape her, they encountered Ringo once more, who informed them of her part in assisting them with the previous three enemies. She also pointed out the location of the supposed mastermind of the entire operation. ((S3E19: All Roads))

Upon returning to the location in which they previously fought Hilda and Dandy, they met with a Miqote claiming to be X'elo Maimhov. (Refered to as "Purple" from here on out.) Purple claimed to be the original X'elo, and seemingly possessed the memories to back it up. He was also able to point out inconsistencies in X'elo's memory where his old memories contradicted those he acquired from Purple's echo in the time they were missing. Due to his performance, most of the group turns on Ringo. ((S3E20: 20. Ignorance is Bliss))

When eventually cornered, Purple attacks what he thinks is a prone Ringo. To his surprise, Kara had loosened her bindings, allowing her to fight back. Purple explains his intentions of taking X'elo's undamaged body for his own, and reveals his connenction to the void energy that had possessed his former comrades. Xelo, Kara, Ringo, Blade, Nic, Blue, and Riku all battle against Purple, seemingly defeating him decisively. While the group celebrates, Ringo attempts to draw purple's energy into her seal crystal, to which Purple manages to resist and escape. The group splits into 2 to track him down, with Xelo, Nic, Riku, and Blade eventually encountering Purple in his full void form. Near the end of the battle, Purple manages to bind Xelo to the ground and charges his most powerful attack. Xelo is knocked unconscious as Blade and Nic deliver the final attacks to Purple, causing him to seemingly vanish. Xelo, while injured, is saved from death by Nic's quick medical attention. At the conclusion, Ringo mentions that she was not able to absorb Purple's void energy, admits that Xelo is likely the faker, and then apologizes to the miqote and departs. Seemingly shaken and tired, Xelo retires for the day alongside his group at Kara's insistence. ((S3E 21, 22, 23, 24: Starstruck Crusaders Parts 1, 2, 3, 4))

Season 4: D'hio is Unbreakable

Season 4 currently contains heavy spoilers for several characters involved in Season 5, and will be posted once those spoilers are public knowledge.

Season 5:

Rumors (True and Untrue)

Common Rumors

  • "He's an alright performer. Archerangers was fine, but 'Turtle Dove' and 'Seawolf Lars' are pretty good."
  • "That cat always has a woman on his arm."
  • "X'elo is a massive coward."
  • "He's worthless in a fight."
  • "He's not a performer, he's a dish washer."

Moderate Rumors

  • "The real X'elo died in Limsa about 3 years ago."
  • "He died in Thanalan last year. There was even a burned body to prove it."
  • "His parents are supposedly a keeper and a seeker. It explains why he's so screwed up."
  • "He's related to that D'hio Maimhov fella. They're on bad terms or somethi'n."

Rare Rumors

  • "He was a stunt guy for the real X'elo's Acting Troupe. Think I saw him clean'n up vomit for them a few times too."
  • "All of this incompetence he plays up is an act. The guy's actually manipulating people."
  • "Pretty sure I saw him at Carteneau, but that ain't possible."
  • "This one's fake. His real name is "K'ars Gran" and he was a body guard before all of this nonsense."

RPC Rumors

"A thoughtful, quick-witted, and clever man, albeit a tad too optimistic and naive at times. I pity anyone who has the capacity of making an enemy of such a kind soul." -Sasha Rochester