A'dria Tia

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Ul'dah-transparent.png A'dria Tia
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 21
Sexuality Homosexual
Occupation Former Prostitute
Guardian Menphina, The Lover
Namesday: 30th Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon
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A'dria, a lovely male Miqo'te of the Seeker Breed, lived for many years as a Slut and a Prostitute who roamed the streets of Ul'dah, scraping up whatever money he could from his clients. A'dria was something of a familiar face within the Quicksand, hawking his "wares" to those who found interest in him and his wiles.

When young, A'dria was a more effeminate of his native off-shoot Antelope tribe in La Noscea. He wished for more in life, as his father and mother, being the only son of his mother, urged him to become a hunter, and later, strive to be a Nunh. A'dria wished not for this path in life, as he found the touch and caress of the women around him to be facinating only in the manner of increasing his own beauty. Many times, he asked his sisters for help in gathering feathers, beads, and colored pigments to use as makeup and baubles to increase his effeminitiy.

When he was of a mature age, A'dria had his first foray as a prostitute within his home tribe. He lured a merchant man to his home, wherein he was caught by his father some hours later. Disgusted by his son's interacial copulation, he was cast out of the tribe, never to return. Travelling La Noscea, A'dria set up business in Limsa Lominsa, until the Calamity brought things to a screeching halt. Few people had the money or desire to purchase a male prostitute, and A'dria was left to starve on the streets.

A year after the Calamity, A'dria met with a kind man, a Roegadyn from Ul'dah who was travelling on Business. A'dria and the man hit it off very well, with the man promising A'dria freedom and riches in a mysterious, Golden City, known as Ul'dah. The stories captivated the young A'dria, and he was easily swept off his feet and taken to Thanalan.

Sadly, the man, being a brass Blade, was oft gone on many work related things, leaving A'dria alone in his home for seemingly days at a time. Unfortunately, only a year after their coupling, A'dria's lover was struck down by Amal'jaa. Losing his love and his home once more left A'dria to fend for himself upon the streets...

Wrapped in elegant attire, sporting jewels and whatever else he could afford, A'dria strove to make himself as appealing as possible to the rich of Ul'dah, where he made a life for himself as a whore and concubine to many a client and rich merchant.

Gold Between The Sheets

A'dria collected a wide range of clientele, and used the funds he gained to keep himself bathed, fed and above all, appearing as beautiful as possible. For one who roamed the streets, he talks in a very educated manner, seeking to gain the affections of those who show even the slightest interest in him. He is passive to his clients, doing as they say once they've been ensnared in his good looks and silver tongue.

However, even though he bedded many men, he was still left lonely and aching after each time, desiring more than just a little romp in the sheets. Yet, every day, he did it all over again, "working" as he called it, and loving every moment of it.

New Friendships

As of recently, A'dria's presence in Ul'dah has decreased. He's found a large group of friends, stationed in Limsa, who seek to draw him away from his life as a prostitute. However, A'dria was incredibly apprehensive. While he enjoyed the company and touch of his new friends, he still wished to work, feeling he was worth little else than entertainment for those who would pay for him. Three Men, above all else, pulled the hardest to get A'dria on his feet. These Three men hold a special place in A'dria's heart, but even now, he still finds a craving to walk the streets once more.

The Brass Blades

A'dria has a distinct dislike of the brass Blades. Those that swear to act as protectors of Ul'dah seem to be merely no more than bullies to it's citizens. While bullied many times, A'dria never had too bad of a run-in with the "Brassies" as he calls them... until one night.

Travelling home through the pearl lane after a busy night with a client, A'dria was apprehended by four patrolling Blades. His money was confiscated as "contraband", and he was accused of selling and distributing Somnus. These false claims were held against him as he was forced in to a back alley, beaten, and used to their desires. Left for dead, A'dria made it back to a companion's home only ilms from death. The offending Blades were never found, and A'dria has since gained a great and deep hatred and distrust for the Brass Blades.


A'dria sports tanned skin, kissed by many days under the Ul'dahn sun, as well as lavender colored hair and fur that stands out brightly against his slightly darkened skin. Slitted eyes of Seafoam green stare out passed his long locks, the lids tinted with violet eye-shadow. His lips are plush and usually painted with a light shade of pink to bring out their look. Standing at a somewhat short height, A'dria is hardly the intimidating sort. His long bushy tail flicks behind him eagerly as he moves, and is almsot always brushing passed legs and thighs of potential clients. His preferred attire is of the Ul'dahn style, usually in royal purples and blues or light violets. Around him seems to always be scents of sweet spices and, to those with a better sense of smell, his own light musk; not overpowering, but enough to tease the senses.


Outgoing but never in a dangerous sort of manner, A'dria always is one to step up to potential clients or interesting strangers to strike up a conversation. He's all smiles, purrs and gestures that put the person he is speaking to at the forefront. He's never one to talk much about himself, as he prefers to get people to talk to him about themselves. He enjoys listening, teasing and making others blush with light comments and casual conversation with the occasional flick of his tail, touch of a roaming foot or hand. However, A'dria is sensitive to those who become too uncomfortable, and will stop his advances immediately should the person in question ask him to, or if they show signs of distress. When others are under distress, A'dria seeks to make them as comfortable as possible. He has no end to his desire to be hospitable to those who intrigue him. Though, to those that affront him, A'dria's sharp tongue enjoys playing with those who speak ill against him. While not one to fight, he's prone to shooting fast quips and comebacks with an air of disregard.


A'dria is by no means a good fighter. In all truth, he would prefer to stay out of physical combat all together. With some training, he can cast some small level spells of Arcane to protect himself, but he is by no means fluent with the geometries in order to easily do this. He also rarely carries a grimoire with him, and by all accounts, should be considered a civilian.

More to come perhaps when RP fleshes out!



Sunny Days
Tea (Uldahn's Spiced, preferably)
Comfortable living spaces
Being Flirty
The Moon
The caress of another person
The color purple
Making others happy


The Brass Blades
Cold Climates
Dried Meats
The Syndicate
People who don't pay what they owe.
Living in poverty.
Blood (A'dria has a Phobia of Blood)


Able to make himself appear VERY feminine.
A sharp tongue and wits.
Has Street Smarts
Exceptional in Sexual arts.
Enjoys Singing
Has some Knowledge of various important Clients (whisper if you want to be one!)
Spending time with Friends


Favourite Food/Drink: Various Fruits, Tea
Favourite Place: A warm bedroom or somewhere Warm.
Favorite Weather: Summer Evenings
Favorite Season: Summer
Favorite Color: Violet
Favorite Scents: Cinnamon, Lavender, Lemon, Sandlewood


Romantic Interest Sexual Desire Platonic Love Good Standing Neutral Standing Poor Standing

Friends & Acquaintances

Mazhara Tia – A'dria at first saw this man as a quiet and dignified client. But after just oen night with the man, the two grew rather close. Since then, A'dria kept in close touch with the red-headed miqo'te, and they shared much time together, becoming closer and closer. Soon, the two were bonded, but keep their relationship open for others to partake and share with. A'dria's heart beats for Mazhara's, and his love for the man grows daily. He finds it hard to be without his Red Lion, and enjoys nothing more than his company.
U'quih Tia – The gentle Mate of A'xun Tia, A'dria holds U'quih in high regard. Though the man seems effeminate and gentle, A'dria sees him as a man to be well respected. He and Quih get along swimmingly, and he's not apposed to snuggling with the other Tia at any given occasion.
A'xun Enocan – Though this Keeper of the moon holds a strong air about him, A'dria finds him intriguing. There are many mysteries about Xun that he wishes to know, and even if this leads him in to dangerous territory, A'dria doesn't seem to mind. Yet another person he would enjoy dropping time to cuddle with.
Seda'li Tayuun – A'dria is unsure about Seda'li. He seemed apprehensive and malicious pertainign to A'dria's profession, and was adamant about getting A'dria out of the whoring business. A'dria is thankful for the man offering him a room when he was homeless, but otherwise he's unsure.
Enzeru Onizuka – Enzeru showed to be one of A'dria's closest friends back when they first met. But as a change took over Enzy, he became distant and apprehensive. A'dria struggled with the knowledge that Enzy wished to have him, but following his heart, A'dria couldn't give him what he wanted. This left tensions high, yet, as things wound down, A'dria and Enzy became good and close friends..
Rubha Lerhevah – Ruby is a kind man that A'dria met along with A'xun, Quih and Kaz. He proved to be a very caring individual, offering A'dria room to stay, and company most hospitable. While Ruby has been seen a little less of, A'dria still considers him a very close and loving friend.
M'ikal Tia – A cute and lovely young miqo'te, M'kal is a beautiful example of miqo'te femininity. Being Mazhara's sister/brother, A'dria has grown close to her, and is rather protective of his sister in law.
Kazuhiro Williams – This more than gentle Roegadyn had A'dria uneasy upon their first meeting, but Kaz has proven him otherwise. Always one to hug and show affection, A'dria has come to very much enjoy Kaz's company, and sometimes hopes to share with him more than just a couch and conversation.
Oriel Durand – A'dria met the somewhat dimwitted oriel in the Goblet District of Ul'dah, but has grown close to the miner since their meeting. He enjoys oriel's enjoyment for life, and owes the man thanks for saving his life when he was near death after being attacked by the Brass Blades. He can understand that Oriel is easily flustered by anything sexual, and tries his best to keep things straightforward with the keeper.
E'liah Tia – Oriel's Neihbour and a beautiful Seeker from the Eft Tribe, E'liah is responcible for healing A'dria's wounds when Oriel ran to get help after A'dria's run in with the Brassies. A'dria wishes to know more about E'liah, and to become closer with him, as the young man surely saved his life with his healing prowess.
Oster Cencis – A client that A'dria had not too long ago, the young man was quite flustered to learn of A'dria's profession, but it seemed not to deter him. Unfortunately, their coupling was interrupted by Oriel Durand, as A'dria made the mistake of bringing the man back to Oriel's house. After that, A'dria's not really seen the man, and hopes he does not thing ill of him.
Raeventiel Beaudonet – Raeven is a rather eccentric and flashy Elezen, who upon their first meeting, wanted nothign to do with A'dria's "Whorish ways". However, after some convincing, A'dria turned the flaunty high-brow Elezen in to one of his clients, who seemingly also became a close friend as well.
Ralamano Nulumano - Ralamano was one of the few people of the 81st company that A'dria was lucky to meet. Rala seemed understanding of his background, and held no prejudice against A'dria. He seemed nothing short of supportive for A'dria's wish to stop his Prostitution, even though his indoctrination in to the company didn't go over too well.
S'aerdha Tia - S'aerdha is a mysterious person, his presence is one that heralds foreboding sensations, and uneasiness. While he is beautiful to look upon, A'dria can't help but feel...frightened when near the man.
Lynn'e Sparrow - A vagabond of keeper heritage, A'dria shows some like for the man. However, some misjudgments on both their parts have left them uneasy around each other, but hopefully they can mend these bridges and become friends.

Enemies & Rivals

The Brass Blades - A'dria has a DEEP hatred and dislike for the Brass Blades. Should a Brass blade approach him to speak, A'dria is like to be very shrewd and venomous to them.
Easily Overheard Rumours
"Who? Oh, yes, Him. He's a lovely sort, kindest whore I've dealt with. And he's got quite the tongue on him-- and I DON'T just mean by how he talks!" - Ul'dahn Merchant
"Strange one he is. Dresses like a noble, he does, but comes t' the Pearl lane an' gives some o' his money li' no others, he does. Damn shame he's gotta be in -that- business, though." - Ala'Mihgan Refugee
"Never has a man made me question my sexuality as much as he did." - Scandalous Merchant
Somewhat Difficult To Overhear Rumours
"Heard he left town... Not sure where, but word is some of his clients are a bit upset at his disapearance" - Waitress at The Quicksand
"Word is he's left Ul'dah fer good. But I still see a violet haired male miqo'te wanderin' the streets at night...wonder if that's him?" - Local Dancer
Rarely Overheard Rumours
"Heard he got kicked out of his tribe fer fuckin' a travelin' merchant. Dunno 'botu what happened after.. sure was a loud rukus though." - Travelling Merchant
"...Who? Oh. Tha' lout. Haven' seen'm in a few turns. Tha's fine by me. See'n as we don' take kindly t'whorin' around th' streets 'ere. Good Riddance. Now get outt'a me sight, I have work t'do." - Flustered Limsan Yellow Jacket
Player Character Rumours
"He has struggled through what many do, on those Ul'dahn streets. But he is striving to rise above them, and that earns nothing but respect. I only hope he successfully escapes those bonds."- Ralamano Nulumano
"He's sweet and sexy, but be careful. he'll cut your damned throat if you piss him off."- A'xun Enocan
""I watched him put some sassy overconfident Keeper in his place"- M'ikal

OOC Information

If you wish to have been a client of A'dria, send me a /tell! If you wish to RP or be added to any of the lists, send a /tell to A'dria Tia! A'dria will do open relationship ERP, but only if the plot allows it! Random ERP with strangers is limited and not preferred at all. Thank you!


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Alignment: Neutral