Seda'li Tayuun

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Seda'li Tayuun
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Ul'dahn
Age 21
Sexuality Pansexual
Occupation Provisioner
Guardian Nald'thal, The Traders
Nameday 24th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon
Server Balmung
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Seda'li knew nothing of the ties to his father or tribe until after joining the 81st company where he met his older half-brother, Tahla'li Tayuun. With his mother driven away by the mistake she and Seda'li's father made that resulted in his birth, the Keeper firmly decided he wanted nothing to do with his sire or tribal culture. He loves his brother dearly and fiercely protects him, but with his mother gone Seda'li only considers his infant son and Tahla'li his true blood family. Seda Tayuun's death came abruptly when he was fourteen, a common and unfortunate tale of an Ul'dahn family lacking the financial stability to create a safe environment as the nobility were privileged to possess. After losing her, Seda'li gained an unhealthy attachment to the idea of vengeance and distributing justice to those he felt deserved death. He is slowly losing the need he once felt to seek out prey, but with his temperament it can be difficult to tell what, exactly, might send him over the edge again. With the guidance of his mentor, Seda'li has found a new and higher purpose for his desire to kill. He has no qualms with the executions continuing by his hand, so long as he properly follows the guidelines given to him by S'aerdha Tia.


At twenty years, Seda'li stands at 5'8, taller than average for males born from his tribe. Their telltale ashen complexion he inherited has been darkened by years under the Thanalan sun and the instinct to cling to the pale light of Menphina's gaze has been all but forgotten while adapting to days of living in the bustling city life of Ul'dah. Although he's adopted habits more akin to a Seeker of the Sun, Seda'li's distinct fangs and the shape of his green eyes give away his heritage.


He has a terrible habit of turning a blind eye to some feelings while embracing and unhealthily clinging to others at whim. This imbalance of emotions and his volatile temper can make him an unstable ally and a real threat (or an easier target) to his enemies. When Seda'li does choose to close the gap between him and someone else there is nothing that could keep him from putting his all into protecting them. He often projects a very unappealing demeanor with strangers to test limitations. While he believes the logic in pushing people is sound, Seda'li's absurd way of getting to know individuals has gotten him in trouble more times than he can recall.


The Keeper of the Moon once preferred the use of daggers in combat, but he has no real structure to his fighting style. They were kept on his person mostly for defensive purposes until his mother's murder. During his early teenage years, Seda'li also became interested in the art of thaumaturgy while running errands between the goldsmiths guild and their clients at the Arrzaneth Ossuary. His aura leans inherently toward Umbral like his brother, and he had incredible difficulty shifting to Astral until his mentor, S'aerdha Tia, theorized that his student only needed the proper push in the right direction to remedy the problem. While Seda'li couldn't argue that S'aerdha's idea was completely effective, he still holds a very small grudge against the man for his timing on carrying out his plan. Since then, Seda'li has shown much more promise as a thaumaturge and now uses his magick as his main source of defensive and offensive abilities.

His interest in melee weapons was sparked again by Ferai when he was gifted a pair of daggers, his Yoshimitsu, with the promise to train Seda'li in order to help him gain better physical and spiritual discipline in battle.



Kukuru beans
Sketching with charcoal
Epic hot tub splash fights
Blue orchids


Most of Coerthas
Submitting to another's authority


Stargazing (Both actual stars and Ferai's ass)
Making bets
Causing trouble with Ferai


Favourite Food/Drink: Raw kukuru powder, fried eft tails stuffed with buttery snipper meat / Aldgoat milk, coconut water
Favourite Place: The Burning Wall, Eastern Thanalan
Favorite Weather: Thunderstorms
Favorite Season: Early Fall
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Scents: Certain lovers, Ul'dahn savory spices, palm leaves, anything made with kukuru beans


Romantic Interest Sexual Desire Platonic Love Good Standing Neutral Standing Poor Standing

Friends & Acquaintances

Ferai Caolann – Seda'li was an undeniable ass to Ferai when they first met, mostly because he fully intended on keeping his distance from her out of fear. He feared becoming too close because of clashing pasts that also gave him mixed feelings about needing to protect the tiny assassin. Their friendship only truly began to bloom after Seda'li disappeared for moons and returned to find that Ferai had become a man via an accident with Senelle's potions. He slowly began opening up to Ferai and the two of them developed fond feelings of close friendship that eventually became deep-rooted romance. Seda'li loves Ferai and trusts him with his darkest secrets or light-hearted affections that felt vulnerable showing anyone else. The two of them are now engaged and Seda'li fully intends on growing old with his beloved Seeker.
Tahla'li Tayuun – Tahla'li and Seda'li were aware of their relation early on their friendship, but The knowledge didn't stopped them from being intimate on multiple occasions and Seda'li has come to trust and love Tahla'li more than most. When they discovered they were actually brothers very little changed in their desire to be with each other. It earned them a few confused and unquestionably dirty looks, but neither of them are ashamed of what they did. The two of them have much in common, including sharing the pain that the men they were once in love with were incapable of returning their feelings.
Kodaro Ba'rococo – Kodaro harbored nothing but contempt for Seda'li when they first met, especially when he began flirting shamelessly with Rahn'a the very first night he showed up in the company house. As Seda'li began to back off and show a much different side of himself to the Seeker, Kodaro gave him a second chance per Rahn'a's request. The two of them worked out their issues without throwing any punches, surprisingly, and they are now good friends. Kodaro was the first to catch Seda'li in the act of 'distributing justice' in the back alleys of Ul'dah. He knows Kodaro's opinion has probably darkened permanently, but he was and still is grateful for the mercy and concern his friend showed him when he could have easily turned him in for his crimes. Seda'li feels like he owes Kodaro his life and though he has trouble saying it, he loves him dearly as one of his best friends.
O'vitah Nunh – Seda'li enjoyed the affection and attention he received from O'vitah when they first met and it didn't take long for them to develop a physically intimate relationship. Unfortunately for Seda'li, he never grew up knowing what Miqo'te tribal life involved and he misinterpreted O'vitah's attention for love. After falling in love with the Nunh, Seda'li woefully accepted his folly and wanted to keep it a secret so the two of them could continue their physical relationship. After seeing him with another male, Seda'li came to a breaking point and admitted his feelings to O'vitah while under the influence of alcohol. It ended as badly as he expected and the teenager regrets ever opening his mouth. He still cares deeply for the man, though he knows the Nunh will never feel quite the same way about him. Seda'li approached and apologized to O'vitah for the misunderstanding and the two of them are closer than they were before, but not in a purely romantic sense. Seda'li looks up to O'vitah as one of his good friends and mentors while the Nunh will always consider the boy one of his own to protect as family.
Jeandelaine Foriseaux – This Wildwood Elezen was a fierce member of the Maelstrom who lost is life during a military invasion at Halfstone. The warrior took Seda'li in after he was injured due to his own stupidity and nursed him back to health against the wishes of his distrusting peers. The two of them developed a short-lived romantic relationship when Seda'li was only seventeen years old. Shortly after the Miqote's 18th nameday, Jeandelaine was listed as being among those missing in action during combat. Seda'li never knew if Jean was Drowned or fell at the hands of his enemies on the field and he chose not to think about it. It was his first real romance that left him deeply scarred emotionally. While the 81st was engaged in combat with Leviathan, Jean made an appearance as a Drowned thrall of the Lord of the Whorl. His mind was long since gone and his decaying body was nearly warped beyond recognition. Seda'li was forced to inflict the killing blow on his beloved - an act that left him devastated for nearly two moons.
Ainle Goldpaw – This very shy Seeker was introduced to Seda'li in Ul'dah when he and Onuma noticed Ainle listening in on their conversation. He, like many others, had a terrible first impression of Seda'li, but the two of them became fast friends after the paladin became a member of the company. Ainle accidentally exposed a troublesome little secret to Seda'li, and the Seeker began to trust him wholly upon realizing Seda'li never judged or ridiculed him for his dilemma. Ainle knows a number of Seda'li's darker secrets as well and every time he needs Ainle to be there for him, his companion is there to lend an ear or a shoulder without judgment or questions. Seda'li loves Ainle like a brother and looks up to him for his honesty and willingness to put everyone before himself.
Dawson Colwell – Seda'li hasn't interacted with this Hyur much since he began living at the company house. They don't have a hostile relationship toward each other, but he assumes that Dawson is wary of him by default because of his poor standing with Rhesh'ir for a long time after joining the company. He wouldn't mind getting to know the talented conjurer better eventually when time will allow the two of them to sit down and chat.
Onuma Ahntifi – With Onuma, Seda'li knows he has a long uphill battle to gain her trust after the way he acted when they first met. The two of them rarely speak but when they do interact he is far more polite toward her and the other women in the free company as a whole because of his mother's strict rules on how to treat women of authority. It could be because Onuma shares a striking resemblance to her as well. Onuma's skill with a blade impresses him and he looks up to her as a leader, even if he won't admit it outright.
S'aerdha Tia – There was never a man that could set Seda'li's temper or libido off quite like S'aerdha. For the longest time, the Keeper was like a ticking time bomb around the enigma of a man. The magister's snide comments were always laced with a smooth and seductive tone Seda'li couldn't hate or ignore no matter how hard he tried. S'aerdha's intelligence, confidence and knowledge of magick are what attract Seda'li to him. The final incident that quite literally did cause the Keeper to blow up was merely a scheme S'aerdha took advantage of in the moment to help his student unlock the ability to shift from an umbral aura to an astral one with relative ease. Since then, the two of them have come to a better understanding of each other and Seda'li is always eager to return to Ul'dah for more "learning."
Rinha'li Dhavha – Rinha'li is another Keeper Seda'li knows little to nothing about. The two of them might have shared a full sentence once and he's wary of him because he spends so much time with the enigma that is S'aerdha.
Y'lyfriel Sikah – Seda'li quietly watches over this mother-to-be from a distance and occasionally offers her ointments to help with pain and swelling during her pregnancy. He has no love her her mate, Rhesh'ir, but he respectfully steers clear of causing her any undue stress by arguing with him.
U'dahsh'a Nunh – Seda'li knows nothing about this apparent half-breed, but wouldn't be against hearing his story if they did ever have the chance to speak.
Sighard Albrecht – Seda'li has never had a direct conversation with this Hyur, but he has seen him skilfully fight with the company. He respects his loyalty, yet he was slightly put off and maybe even frightened by his strange reaction to the recent attack on the company house by Rayner's men.
Oriel Durand - Seda'li has literally never spoken a single word to this man, but he thoroughly enjoys watching him haul bags of dirt and rocks into the company house. He finds Oriel incredibly attractive and one day when the Miqo'te isn't making sweet love to his rock collection he'll approach him to talk.

Update - 9/8 Seda'li followed Oriel out to one of his dig sites and offered to help him bring his haul back to the free company. During their conversation, Seda'li asked Oriel to join him at the Bismark for a meal. It could have been considered a date, but really the two of them probably just famished and had a mighty need to stuff their faces with cake.

Solelle Frilaix - Solelle is one of the few women in the company house who doesn't make him feel uncomfortable in some way. She plays into his flirtations and the two of them enjoy throwing pet names at each other in jest. While she is very beautiful, Seda'li can't find himself seriously pursuing her. With time he could consider her a good friend, however.
Ralamano Nulumano - Ralamano was another member of the company Seda'li managed to piss off shortly after his arrival. He felt genuinely guilty for getting pineapple juice all over the Lalafell's precious library and to show his remorse he bought the man at least fifty new books. He didn't seem to mind Seda'li as much after that and the Miqo'te now considers him a friend.
Lahn Flaval - Seda'li knows how hard Lahn tries to fight for the company and he feels bad about the serious injuries she's sustained. He's also a little jealous of the blossoming relationship between her and Rhysaufort, but he wishes them both the best.
Rhysaufort Celestaux - Seda'li has never seen someone spook quite as easily as this young Elezen man. Every time something startles him Seda'li can't help but find amusement in it because of the sheer size of the Duskwight. Since falling for Lahn, however, he's noticed Rhysaufort has become less prone to running at the slightest provocation.
Y'khress Tia – Y'khress was not a man Seda'li knew for long, but they did share a very spontaneous intimate moment upon the free company roof top when both Miqo'te were feeling a little lonely. He hasn't seen much of the young Seeker since leaving, but he would like to keep in touch with him. Aside from enjoying their one night stand, Seda'li does consider Y'khress a friend as well.

Enemies & Rivals

Rhesh'ir Zhwan - Seda'li and Rhesh'ir are not hostile toward each other in the traditional sense, but he can tell the man doesn't trust him and he feels much the same way. Seda'li plans on being close to Tahla'li whether he likes it or not, even if that means having to follow Rhesh'ir's orders very, very reluctantly.

Update - 9/15 Seda'li approached Rhesh'ir to apologize for his behavior. After some harsh words and a reality check from his captain, Seda'li promised to improve his attitude and participation in company matters. The two of them are now relatively friendly toward one another, but Seda'li still has a long journey ahead of him to prove he's not a complete idiot to Rhesh'ir.

Lynn'wo Sparrow - He already disliked him because of the way he treated Rahn'a. After he was with O'vitah not long after Seda'li admitted his feelings for the man, that hostility rose considerably.
Sidor Gandlir - The now dead Highlander who beat and murdered Seda'li's mother, leaving her corpse in the street to rot. Seda'li took great pleasure in killing him.
Thundering River - The Roegadyn black market tradesman Seda'li used to work for before he joined the company. He no longer has any contact with the man, but he's waiting for the day he inevitably comes looking for his runaway courier.
Easily Overheard Rumours
"Seda'li's a good boy, always eager to come in to make a bit of coin running errands for the guild. I'm sure he'll turn out all right, unlike most of the boys there in Pearl Lane. Now, did I misplace that necklace...?" - Ul'dahn Goldsmith
"Ah, his mother was a sweet one. Shame she did what so many others have to do here to put food in their young ones' mouths..." - Elderly Ul'dahn citizen
Somewhat Difficult To Overhear Rumours
"Hmm, haven't seen that boy with that thaumaturge staff before. Looks a bit expensive for a Pearl Lane street rat. Wonder where he picked it up from?" - Gossiping merchant
"I've seen him very little since his mother passed. Last I saw, some shady looking Roegadyn was talking it out with him behind the tavern and gave him somethin', though I'm too piss poor drunk to remember what it was or what was said." - Local Drunkard
Rarely Overheard Rumours
"We all know who left Sidor's head in that alley, but we ain't telling the authorities shite. Not after what that son of a bitch did to that boy's mother." - Pearl Lane prostitute
"He always denied anything was going on with that filthy Miqo'te, but what we heard from Jean's room at night told a far different story." - Maelstrom officer

Alignment: Chaotic Good