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And we all said: “Oh! Well I never! Was there ever a cat so clever?”
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Sun Seeker
29th sun, 2nd AM
Academic hopeful, Purveyor of Pick-Me-Ups, and General Nuissance
  • A'rhanbolo Dhavha (mother)
  • A'jirho Nunh (father)
  • A'randr Tia (twin brother)
  • You'll often find A'rho with his twin A'randr Tia. The two are rarely separated and can often be found skulking around their home in the Lavender Beds, The Gold Saucer, A'randr's Lounge or the Still Shore. They still make frequent trips to Ul'dah and Limsa for varying reasons- A'rho's being that he is either making a delivery for the Weaver's guild (from which he still receives work) , or selling their all natural herbal smokes.

    A'rho also makes frequent trips to Mor Dhona to collect corrupted Aether crystals. He's been arrested once in Coerthas for possession of dangerous magical materials without a license to harvest such, though he managed to escape before sentencing. If you are discussing something deliciously scandalous or opening a can of tasty tuna, you can bet the twins will make a beeline to eavesdrop or bug you for a sandwich.

    A'rho is a remarkably curious young man. His thirst for knowledge is utterly boundless. Years and years of second-hand, outdated and inaccurate texts have left him yearning to hunt down the truths behind legends and learn more of the vast world around him. Every chance he gets to explore with his brother, he gladly takes. He also has a bit of a fixation on the macabre, though his friendly demeanor may not show it. He loves ghost stories, urban legends and has a secret love of the supernatural and darker aspects of the arcane. A'rho has bloomed into quite a social butterfly. He's grown increasingly more confident in both social situations and his own abilities as a mage, though he remains flighty and distracted at times. When very nervous, he has a tendency to ramble. He is witty, friendly and cheeky. He loves to talk as much as he does to listen. He can also be a bit of a gossip and tends to speculate wildly on matters that are none of his business. This has gotten him into more than his share of trouble. A'rho is generally a decent, honest person, but he is not above lying or being nasty to those who offend him. He takes slights to himself and others around him very personally and he has no trouble calling people out for being rude. His own poor manners (generally his tendency to unhinge his jaw and inhale entire plates of food or letting his gaze linger on some unsuspecting muscular bugger) escape his notice and he'll vehemently deny that he just ate half a cake even if all the crummy evidence is scattered about his face and plate.

    He adores his twin brother, and though they have their share of disagreements, he is un-waveringly loyal to him and has chosen to stand by and support him. His sense of humour settles somewhere around dry and sarcastic though he certainly isn't above toilet humour and boner jokes. Though he is absentminded and frequently forgetful, A'rho is highly intelligent and a very accomplished mage. Largely self-taught, he possesses some degree of skill in each branch of magic and he has only furthered his skills with easy access to the guilds and their archives. Recently he's grown a bit power-hungry- searching for ways to augment and amplify his magical abilities that he might outclass his peers. A'rho's aspirations generally involve lazing about on a sunny beach surrounded by shirtless men fanning him and feeding him grapes. However if the whole idle rich thing doesn't pan out, he's considering a career in archaeology.


    Food. A'rho is a big eater, there is no question about it. His sweet tooth leaves much to be desired.
    A'randr Tia. His precious and beloved twin brother. Whatever A'randr's flaws, A'rho will defend him tooth and claw.
    Reading. A'rho is an avid consumer of trashy gay erotica and the Hildebrand books, though he boasts quite a library of rare grimoires and literature that he “acquired” during his days of study at the Ossuary and Arcanists guild.
    Stylish Clothes. A'rho is a slave to fashion- the more absurd and outrageous the trend, the more delighted he is to follow it.
    Animals. A'rho's room is growing into quite the menagerie of odd beasts, all of which he dotes upon.
    Large Men. A'rho makes no secret about his predilections and preferences, in large part because he has, much to his own bewilderment, frequently attracted the attentions of the opposite sex.
    Magic. A'rho's deepest passion is weaving spells and utilizing them to greater purpose than combat and healing.
    Sharing. Little else delights A'rho more than sharing his loves and vices with friends. Get in losers, we're going shopping.


    Irrelevence. A'rho dreads being useless, stemming from his days in the tribe.
    Willful Ignorance. Nothing frustrates A'rho more in a person than a lack of curiosity.
    The Tunnel Drakes. What can A'rho hate more than the sleazy gang his brother belongs to? He blames them for much of A'ran's less-than-stellar character traits, and has been trying to get his brother to move in better social circles.
    Stinky Cheese. A'rho has consumed many things, few of which have disagreed with his undiscerning tastebuds and iron-clad stomach. But gods does he hate those Elezen and Goblin made cheeses.


    His Brother. However irresponsible A'rho can be, the moment something brings harm to his brother, he instantly regrets it. He's let potential friendships fall through because his brother disapproved, and he struggles to be a good influence in A'randr's life.
    Wealth. A'rho has grandiose dreams of manors and indoor swimming pools and harems of beefy men atop piles of glittering treasure and gil. His current lifestyle is a touch more modest, but he is generally happy not to be struggling to have two gil to rub together.
    Friendship. In the past year of making friends, A'rho's extroverted personality has really had a chance to blossom and shine. No more is the hesitant and shy Miqo'te from his days in the tribe.
    Knowledge and Power. A'rho is a touch thirsty for plumbing the unknown depths Thaumturgy and Arcanimy have to offer. His research into corrupted Aether and materia is almost solely to boost his own magical reserves to further his spells.
    “Romance”. Heavy quotes here as A'rho has utterly no experience whatsoever, and his idea of how love plays out comes from rather raunchy novels.


    Positive. A'rho is a born optimist. Often this can come off as being over-confident, but he genuinely tries to bring out the best qualities in himself and others. His compliments are frequent and sincere.
    Intelligent. A'rho, like his brother, is quite gifted intellectually. While his brother pursues alchemy, A'rho dedicates himself to the mechanics of Aether. His circumstances have left him largely self-taught and many of his lessons were, quite literally, trial by fire (or in one case, electricity).
    Loyal. While his friendship isn't hard to earn, his loyalty is a bit more tricky. Once earned, however, he will keep your secrets, offer any advice he finds relevant and support you even during the toughest times. A'rho is no fair-weather friend.
    Resourceful. When things are scarce, A'rho can make do. Much of his equipment is of his own design and put together out of scrap and garbage. He is a quick thinker and an asset in a sticky situation.
    Earnest. A'rho is sincere in his emotions- it is easy to tell where one stands with him as he makes no effort to mask his emotions. Friends and loved ones are shown great admiration while his distaste for enemies or other unpleasant people is readily apparent.


    Overly Blunt. A'rho's earnest nature has it's price- he's lost his and his brother's enterprise several customers on account of not being able to sufficiently disguise his dislike of individuals, as the facade came off as insincere and mocking.
    Overbearing. A'rho's optimism can become quite exasperating at times.
    Sensitive. He takes slights, or perceived slights, to heart and is quick to retaliate and can be quite nasty.
    Scatter-brained. He loses focus easily, bouncing from one project to another. He has a poor memory, though he compensates for this by keeping a ledger on him at all time.
    Weakness. A'rho is, quite literally, weak. He lacks much in ways of physical strength. He is, by no means infirm, and his hyper-active nature means he is out and about, but he struggles with hard labour and opening jars.


    Flamboyant. A'rho is quite passionate about all things that glitter. Though he does exaggerate his flamboyance in hopes that he will not have to explain to yet another hapless woman that no, he is not interested in her in that way.
    Lively. More accurately, A'rho is quite hyperactive. He has trouble sitting still and focusing, and he's happier doing his research out in the field than any makeshift lab.
    Huggy. A'rho's a hugger if he knows he can get away with it.


    A'rho is virtually a mirror image of his twin brother A'ran, right down to their mismatched eyes, matching tattoos and scars on the opposite cheeks. There are some differences however- A'rho's white hair is shorter, and almost curly, though its natural volume is apparent and it has the tendency to fluff up if left unchecked. His physical features are a bit softer as well. He sports a bit of a tummy and a rounder face as he is a bit more sedentary than his twin and has a tendency to eat his weight in cake. Like his twin, his skin is tan, his hair thick and shockingly white. They share identical tattoos because they derive a great deal of enjoyment from matching. A'rho's prominent wardrobe is light cuirasses or stylish robes in shades of green, or purple (though never both at the same time, perish the thought). With his brother's encouragement, A'rho's clothing choices can be skimpy on occasion though he generally lacks the confidence to pull off swaggering about in battle-panties like his twin, and sticks mostly to more modest (if often ostentatiously coloured) garments.


    With the grand opening of the Gold Saucer came the accessibility of Chocobo Racing and A'rho was more than eager to enter Persnickity into the races. He found he was not only quite good at racing, but enjoyed it as well, and has since entered into races under the pseudonym “Pastel Power”, a mysterious jocky who dons a mask and bandana with all manner of grandiose rumours about him.


    Nophica's Bounty are the various blends of herbal smokes that A'randr has concocted and A'rho markets. They've had considerable success in only a few short moons of selling them, and they can be purchased at various stalls and shops throughout Eorzea. Current blends are:

    Sweet Leaf. A mild blend of Chamomile and Marshmallow, for a calm and sunny sensation. Considered a nice smoke after dinner and dessert.
    Regal Leaf. A rich blend of Chamomile and Cocoa; to bring you confidence. They say smoking this will bring you luck!
    Lofty Leaf. A smoky blend of Chamomile and Moko Grass; to relax your body and mind. Incredibly popular at the Cam Bronze Lake.
    Warm Leaf. A spicy blend of Chamomile and Licorice root; to warm you on a chilly evening. Surprisingly popular in Coerthas.

    A'rho has an incredible aptitude for magic. What he lacks in raw power, he more than makes up for in versatility and resourcefulness. Rho considers himself more a 'utility mage' than a combative one, but make no mistake. His fireballs may not be the biggest around, but they burn all the same.
    Early Years

    Once upon a time A'rho was a cute chubby kit who drooled on everything and his primary motor skills involved rolling around like a fluffy marshmallow pudding. He lived with his mother and twin who was older than him by a whole five minutes. A'rho was pretty much inseparable from his brother, often following behind to explore some nearby cave or crevice with the other kits their age. A'rho lacked any of the dexterity and skill his twin had for fishing an hunting, and was widely regarded as a bit of a disappointment and nuisance by the more pragmatic tribe members.

    However, at around the age of four, A'rho exhibited a natural predilection to setting things on fire. ...With his mind.

    This, of course, came as a bit of a shock to their harried mother who already had her hands full with A'ran who had taken to climbing anything he could get a decent foothold (and several things he couldn't), regardless of its stability or how much breakable knickknacks it contained. A son who could wield the forces of nature as if they were mere playthings was a whole 'nother level of trouble.

    Needless to say, both brothers spent a lot of time outside.

    They led a happy enough existence, once A'rho learned enough to control his magic so that he wouldn't burn the village down.

    Off to Ul'dah

    This was all to come to a turn shortly after their twelfth nameday. The Nunh that was their father was challenged, defeated, and killed by a younger tribesman. The death left A'ran bitter and in a few moons his rage had reached boiling point. He attacked the new Nunh, and was spared only because he had not come of age. Their mother saw a disaster in the works, and shipped her sons off to Ul'dah where a friend of hers set them up with a small flat and jobs. A'ran took to mining and A'rho to weaving.

    A'ran's anger did not dissipate. He vowed to kill the Nunh who killed their father, and, though he was not as close to their father as A'ran, A'rho promised he would help and support his brother in this endeavor and return to the tribe with him.

    A'ran often came home half-choked by the dust and fumes he'd been breathing. Seeing this, A'rho got a hold of every book on Conjuring and Arcinamy he could lay his grubby hands on, studying and practicing late into the night to cleanse his brother of the dust and ash. A'ran, in the meantime, got caught up with a gang and while A'rho didn't approve, he remained supportive of his brother.

    Present Day

    These days, A'rho has grown to love his freedom and time away from the tribe. He's taken to studying the properties of Materia and Aether Crystals (both corrupted and benign) for his own personal gain. He's taken a particular interest in corrupted aether which has led to a number of ...failed experiments. He continues to hone his magic, studying as often as he can. In the last few months, he's mastered some advanced Arcanist spells. He still occasionally takes on commissions from the Weaver's Guild, though that particular chapter of his life is coming to a close.

    He and A'randr have presently started their own business, selling organic, all-natural herbal smokes under the trademark Nophica's Bounty. The have recently purchased a home with their earnings and are enjoying middle-class life a fair bit. They have frequented the Gold Saucer.

    The twins also felt another loss when their friend Dhem died to a curse from the Siren. A'rho took it particularly hard, as Dhem was very dear to him and it was the first loss of someone he truly cared for.

    The dullness of middle class life has evaporated recently. A'rho has become increasingly more involved with his friends at the Coral Sea, and was unwittingly roped into a problem they've been having with a particularly nasty Voidsent. Asked to test the blood of three members who'd been stricken by shadowy tendrils, A'rho did not know he shouldn't breathe the floral scented fumes for an extended period of time. He wound up falling asleep and encountering said Voidsent, and has since joined the ranks of those it marked.

    Needless to say, A'randr did not take the news well.

    NOTE: Information presented here may be used as RP hooks within reasonable means. Ask me!



    Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under the Player Character category!
    ◢ COMMON RUMORS - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
    "I heard A'rho can get you a discount at the weavers guild!" - Overheard in the Quicksand.
    "Didn't an old tapestry at the Thaumaturges Guild catch fire? Those mages need to be careful." - A Lazy Lalafel outside the Ossuary.
    "Moved in almost a year back with his brother. I hear all manner of crashes and bangs from that house! What are those beastly creatures doing? It sounds like they're setting off fireworks!” - Disgruntled Denizen of the Lavender Beds.
    "You would think with all the creatures following him about, he was some storybook princess. The clothes don't help either.” - A Different Disgruntled Denizen of the Lavender Beds.
    ◢ UNCOMMON RUMORS - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
    "Be careful about that one there- He got very interested when the topic turned to Dravians. I got nothing solid but I'd bet good coin those two are heretics, beastly things." - An Irritated Ishgardian.
    "Wasn't he arrested a few moons ago in Coerthas for smuggling corrupted Aether crystals? What's he doing back here?" - A Morbid Mor Dhonan.
    "Saw him fawning over some fat bugger. Either the lad has some very odd tastes or he's being paid a pretty sum." - A Gimpy Gambler at the Gold Saucer.
    "Pastel Power? My friend told me he's actually a prince racing to raise the funds to restore his lost kingdom!" - An Excitable and unsupervised child at the Gold Saucer.
    ◢ RARE RUMORS - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
    "That one? Watch out for his twin. Though I wouldn't be surprised if he was just as rotten to the core." - A Grim Gridanian.
    "Lad cut himself on the door walking in. Offered to heal it for him, but he jerked away. Strange- he always took my healing in the past. Maybe he just realized his cologne was overpowering." - A Crafty Clothier at the Weavers Guild.
    "Saw him makin' off somewhere into the Shroud with a handmirror. Mutterin' to himself and everything. Lad's been at the drink, I reckon." - A Cheeky Chocobo trainer at Fallgourd Float.
    ◢ PLAYER CHARACTER RUMORS - From actual people and not just the ones in my head!
    Add Your Own!
    "Careful or he'll hit you with his book~!" - A'randr Tia
    "Master A'rho is quite quick with wit and fairly charming. Enchanting, truly.” " - Jancis Milburga
    "Not know how meet. I not know how know name. He is food person. Maybe Pirate City food person! Maybe is go there. But very nice. Always knows me."" - Flickering Ember
    "His taste in clothes are so tacky, I'm gonna vomit just lookin' at him. What? Dislike him? No! We're buddies!"" - Ehla Selhah


    A'randr | Attraction | Kith and Kin | Friendship is Magic! | Negative | Acquaintence
    note: Characters with whom A'rho has had dealings and interactions with- Updated whenever updating happens.

    A'randr Tia ( ) - Brother
    A'randr is the most important person in his life. A'rho loves him with all his heart and is very protective of him. A'rho doesn't like being far from his brother, even if it's just a few days. The twins have developed a codependency that can come off as a bit unnerving to those who get to know them well enough.

    Faezbhar Rysswilf ( ) - Beau
    A'rho is sweet on Faezbhar. Affectionately calls him 'Fuzzy Bear'. A'rho finds him utterly charming and extra cuddly. His infatuation has not gone unnoticed. Granted, one would have to be blind, deaf, and catatonic to miss it.

    A'jirho Nunh (Deceased) ( ) - Father
    A'jirho could not have been more openly disapointed about what a lump of useless that the son named from him turned out to be. A'rho never had much of a relationship with his father who did little to hide his disapproval of Rho's magic. A'tho considers his passing and the move to Ul'dah the best thing that ever happened to him, though he keeps these particular tidbits of internal strife to himself, since their father is one of the few people he thinks A'randr cared for.

    A'rhanbolo Dhavha ( ) - Mother
    A'rho's mother. She's a stern woman and well-respected in their little branch of the A-tribe, and Rho loves her to pieces. He still visits her frequently and they catch up with their day-to-day lives. Gave A'rho a small handmirror as a parting gift when he was twelve, though that has wound up in... very interesting circumstances.
    Dhemgeim Shyrdoenwyn (Deceased) ( ) - Dearest Friend
    Dhem may as well have been family as far as A'rho is concerned. She always gave the best hugs and ear-scratches. Her death hit him hard, and he deeply regrets not being around more for her. And being late for her wedding.
    Sigurd Rainecourt ( ) - His Other Brother From Another Mother
    Sig might have been directly responsible for Dhem's death, but A'rho still believed in him. He cares deeply for Sigurd and is almost as protective of him as he is of A'ran. Since his trial, A'rho has been trying to pull Sig out of the obvious funk he's in. After all, researchers of questionable magic need to stick together
    L'aenoh Tia ( ) - Vitriolic Best Bud
    A'rho takes a great deal of delight in teasing L'ae and drawing mustaches in his very public displays of pornographic books. A'randr has kept A'rho from getting directly involved with L'ae's troubles in the past, though he managed to sneak in advice and things when he could. L'ae's marriage to Staelufre has been an utter delight and A'rho is very proud of him.
    Rinhilda Stonebreaker ( ) - Cake Friend
    A'rho loves Rin because she shares his delight in doing nothing but eating sweets, lounging around and talking absolute shit. He considers her sweet, funny and an absolute delight. In his more recent pieces for Nophica's Bounty, he's used her as the model for the goddess.

    Staelufre Lysmerl ( ) - Friend
    A'rho likes Stae a fair bit, though they've only talked a handful of times. Still, he likes her odd way of talking and perceptive nature- finding her refreshing reprieve from his muddled thoughts.
    Jancis Milburga ( ) - Friends
    Jancis is sweet and precious and lovely. He met her at the Grindstone and helped with healing, and he instantly took a shine to her. The fact A'ran likes her as well is just a bonus.
    Certia Soteru ( ) - Friends
    Certia cooked him food. Twice. And he invited her for a sleepover party where they totally talked about boys and painted each other's toenails. The fact that Certia has trusted him with the super secret truth about her means he will never betray her trust under pain of death.
    Ehla Selhah ( ) - Classmate
    A'rho and Ehla met at the Arcanists Guild and bonded over being disgustingly obnoxious and overbearing. And Carbuncles- both the cute kind and the affliction of the skin. Truly a friendship for the ages.
    Caen Jabari ( ) - Precious Cinnamon Bun
    Caen is tiny and precious and shared Faezbhar snuggles with him. A'rho feels instantly responsible for his well-being and wants him to have friends and happiness and plates of sugar cookies.

    Reinette Sompt ( ) - Nice Lady
    Thought her treatment of Siggy was cold but understandable. He still thinks she's pretty amazing though.
    A'rahn Tia and A'ghust Tia ( ) - Other Twins
    They're the other twins! Perhaps what A'randr and A'rho might have been.
    Khuja'ra Bajhiri ( ) - Let's Get Some Shoes.
    Get in loser, we're going shopping.
    Valentinoix Thibault ( ) - Stuffy Elezen #1,478
    While Val offered rho some helpful information, it took a while for him to decipher it because Val talks like someone from three hundred years ago.
    Reginald Ozrik ( ) - That Floppy Haired Hyur
    A'rho refuses to get his name right because Reginoot just sounds cuter.
    Lucient Valenteaux ( ) - Senpai
    He wants Lucient to notice him so bad.


    Potential Hooks
    Nophica's Bounty. A'rho can be found frequently handing out samples and pamphlets on his and A'randr's product. Feel free to hit him up for a fix!
    A Fugitive in the Frozen Wastes. A'rho is a wanted fugitive in Coerthas for smuggling corrupted Aether crystals without a license.
    A Curse of Course. A'rho is one of a small number being observed by a mysterious voidsent and it makes his blood smell like flowers so it's not all bad.
    Who's the Fairest of them All?. A hand-mirror gifted to A'rho as a child has been transformed into a small window into the Void during a small experiment gone somewhat very horribly wrong. While nothing can really come in or out of it, it can give you a peek into the Void. And windows tend to work both ways. It was given to Sigurd for a while who sealed it, though presently A'rho has taken it back into his possession, for whatever reason. It has a tendency to whisper things to those sensitive to the flow of Aether.
    Wonderful Weaving!. A'rho is a rather talented weaver and designer of clothes and advertisements. Pay him money and he may even do it for you!
    Outside Links:
    Miqo'te Twin Troubles - A Tumblr blog with some IC crap but mostly art and shenanigans. Some if NSFW.
    Miraculous Magery - A recently created IC Journal to keep tabs on the goings-on of A'rho's life, magic he's learning/learned, and mostly for my reference.
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