Sigurd Rainecourt

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Sigurd Rainecourt
Nearsighted thaumaturge
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Ul'Dah
Nameday 32st Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon
Age 26
Height just shy of 6 fulms
Birthplace Highbridge, Eastern Thanalan

A completely self-taught tradesman and researcher, Sigurd is very passionate about trading, magicks, and researching.


Sigurd comes off as relatively easy going, usually calm and collected. Not much seems to get under his skin, though that's simply the outward impression he gives. He'd grown thick skin from working in his family's trading business year after year, dealing with people from across the continent who were tired of the heat or just plain rude.

Underneath, Sigurd is a very passionate and ambitious man, genuinely concerned for those around him. He wishes for the well-being of Thanalan and wants to do whatever he can to help prevent another Calamity. He lives with a regret in his heart, believing an incident that happened right before the Calamity was entirely his fault when in truth, it wasn't. He buries the regret deep within him, never showing it with other people as he attempts to hide it. Even so, he tends to speak about his family and past rather highly, omitting the more miserable parts of his history.

With his work with the family trade post, Sigurd has gotten to know a wide variety of customs from various races. He is accustomed to being surrounded by people and thrives in crowds. When alone or simply not traveling with other people, he has a strange tendency to talk to himself, particularly when sarcastically remarking on the current situation.

Being taught to read and keep complex business records at an early age, Sigurd is highly academic. He tends to stick his nose in books and read the things cover to cover whenever he can. He often keeps small books in his pockets when traveling long distances. Despite never receiving a day of formal education, Sigurd knows a wide span of information, mostly by talking to others and reading whatever books he could get his hands on.

As a tradesman, Sigurd is a bit more focused on money than he cares to admit sometimes. Growing up with 7 siblings, Sigurd spent a good deal of the time playing middle fiddle, unable to get funding to buy books or magic-infused gems. This lead Sigurd to turn to gathering and collecting. For the most part, Sigurd gathers materials which crafters consider valuable, but on occasion he'd find strange things like crystals or gems. He has a relatively good understanding of the value of an item, and isn't particularly fond of seeing people throw valuable things away. He has a bit of a gem collection, preferring to keep hold of elementally aspected gems. He also enjoys collecting unusual books.

Sigurd means well in everything he does. His overall initiative is to prevent another calamity so no one will have to feel the pain he felt (and still feels) when it affected his own family. He fled his home to pursue this goal, though his journey had taken an interesting turn when he encountered his first big voidsent. He has become obsessed with researching the void and voidsent and will sometimes forget to sleep or disappear for a few days, burying himself in his work. Everything is about the void and fixing it, because he feels something is wrong. Whenever he encounters a major voidsent, the "crystals" begin talking loudly, calling out his name. He hasn't figured out what the crystals are yet, but he knows this is all somehow connected to the void and to the Calamity. He is relatively open about his research, but he never truly goes into the details of what he finds.

Trivial information

  • Aldgoat steak is his favorite dish, though he is preferential to any sort of grilled meat. His travels have introduced him to grilled dodo. Sigurd's favorite snacks are ginger cookies and pretzels. His least favorite food is raw oysters. He doesn't like fish in general.
  • Sigurd has a bad habit of chewing on the arm of his glasses when he's reading. While he generally wears his glasses, he doesn't need them for reading or anything close. In fact, he didn't know he needed them until one of his guildmasters realized he couldn't read the tapestries on the far end of the building. Sigurd had believed things were blurry in the distance for everyone due to how dry Thanalan was in general and never thought anything of it. The guildmasters then sent him to the goldsmith's guild immediately to get glasses.
  • He has replaced his glasses 4 times so far, the first time after he faceplanted into the mast of the ferry ship, once more after his sight got worse, and finally after he lost them over the side of a boat.
  • Sigurd prefers two-handed staves and will only use a one-handed weapon at last resort.
  • According to his father, Sigurd can barter his way out of a fight with the Beastmen. While he certainly knows his way around a trade, Sigurd claims his skills are not as great as his father says.

Rumors and information

Relatively common rumors

  • "That Sigurd has a strange fascination with voidsent." ~thaumaturge
  • "Sigurd Rainecourt? Yeah, he's the guy who writes the voidsent manuals in the Ossuary's library. You should read them. They're super detailed and super professional." ~ researching thaumaturge
  • "That thaumaturge? He's always tradin' somethin' an' he's good for his word. He'll trade ya nearly anything for the right price." ~ common Ul'dahn merchant
  • "Sigurd always carries books with him. I wonder what's so important about them." ~ someone at the Quicksand
  • "That Sigurd kid gets sick every time he takes the ferry. Blowin' chunks over the side he is the entire trip!" ~ferryman in Limsa
  • "I think that Sigurd is more interested in rare gems and tomes than coin itself." ~ common Ul'dahn merchant

Uncommon rumors

  • "He is abnormally obsessed with those voidsent. I hear he takes pieces of voidsent and collects them. He may consider selling them for the right price." ~ sketchy Ul'dah merchant
  • "I'm pretty sure that Sigurd carries at least one book that is his own work, and it is rarely complete. The book is supposedly filled with information, sketches, and writing about voidsent but I haven't really gotten the chance to see it for myself. He's always got it with him." ~ fellow thaumaturge

Rare rumors

  • "Rumor has it he hears voices." ~ Flame soldier
  • "Something happened to him during the Calamity that caused him to run away from the family business." ~ traveling merchant

Player rumors

Comment ICly and sign your name!

  • "Sigurd is an interesting one to me. I don't know him as well as I'd like to yet, but he reminds me of this crazy mage I used to know. Hmm, I wonder if Sigurd summons voidsent too! Interesting..." - Aerostein Epitaph
  • "This son of a bitch tried to get me killed twice. Not just once, but twice! Don't drink anything he gives you. He's not as nice as he wants everyone to think he is." - Augustine Frost
  • "Very many people not like him. I not know why! My friend fighted him and winned! It was very good fight. Even if people not like very much, he know many thing about help with the bad Gwen lady. His name is 'Cookie Man' because he promises cookies." - Flickering Ember
  • "Master Sigurd is a very giving man. I can hear him across the hall in the thick of night sometimes moving books around. He puts a lot of himself out there studying and helping others in the most risky and corrupt situations. He will even go near water for those he cares about!" - Jancis Milburga

Player Characters

  • Flickering Ember
  • Lady Dusk
  • Lin
  • Sylas Peregrine: A rather odd fellow Ul'dahn who constantly looks disheveled and unkept. He seems to be known as the homeless man in the kitchen.
  • Xenedra Ambreaus: a girl who seems to enjoy parties and know a lot of unusual drinking games. The last drinking game he played with her, he staggered away with a shaved head (though that was mostly Dhem's fault).
  • Zatou

the Coral Sea

  • Annaliese Sellecerre: Giselle's girlfriend? Maybe? She's always with Giselle, which seems to only strengthen the bond between the three.
  • Augustine Frost: Sigurd still isn't sure what to say about him. He flips between being a bro then fighting with Sigurd on a regular basis. The best classification for the two is frienemies. Unfortunately, Augustine has since died, the details unknown.
  • Bizaza Biza: a fellow researcher. The two are very bookish and sadly haven't gotten to talk much, but they share an interest with researching ancient cultures.
  • Certia Soteru: Sigurd's apprentice(?) in thaumaturgy. She's from Doman\ and very spunky. She has an ambition to learn and a strange fascination with primals.
  • Chachanji Gegenji: a lala who's searching for his missing brother
  • Chaska Dawkhill: a mute miqo'te who seems to solve her problems with baking. Despite being mute, she is a good conversationalist when scribbling on paper. She deeply cares for her sister and the people around her.
  • Chuchukepa Hohokepa: A fellow Thanalanian and thaumaturge. He is a bit of a pyro but he seems intent on helping people through the Coral Sea. He has a bit of interest in the voidsent, but not as much as Sigurd. He is also incredibly polite and has a tendency to give people very formal titles.
  • Driving Rain: a fellow scholarly sort who had given Sigurd the idea that the voidsent and the primals could be connected. He has taken to nicknaming Sigurd "The Demon Scholar of the Desert". He is lead by "The Way", whatever that is.
  • Edda Eglantine: she loves cake. A lot. And got upset when Sigurd wanted to pay for his share. Apparently Iron Sea was her guardian.
  • Ehla Selha: a huge punk with an obnoxious laugh.
  • Faezbhar Rysswif: Faez, otherwise known as Fuzzy Bear. He's got a good sense of humor, and with Rho, they form the vest bros.
  • Finecia Hawke: A skilled healer who seems to be plagued by something she calls the dragon. Finecia wasn't someone Sigurd expected to grow close to, but she took him as her own patient. He eventually opened up to her, pouring out information about his issues with the whispers. They recently had a massive fight and Sigurd isn't sure where they stand.
  • Giselle Friloux: possibly Annaliese's girlfriend who very much enjoys getting baked. Recently she's returned from who knows where, back to frolic with the company.
  • Iasonoux Guerre: A quiet alchemist and mage who seems to have a thing for pink.
  • Jajara Jara: She's good at punching things!
  • Ja'ren A'lenthin: The two have similar aether-based abilities, though the origins are greatly different. Somehow he's related to this odd Mistress that seems to haunt Coral.
  • Memeli Meli: a very excitable Lalafell who carries snacks around in her hat. She's very chipper and cheerful and enjoys giving people nicknames. To compliment people, she smacks them on the butt. Always offer the proper snackrifice.
  • Otto Vann: What is there really to say about this guy? He's kinda nuts and has a fascination with pink. He's interested in sewing materia into clothing and has asked Sigurd for information on aether.
  • Raphael Ashe: the gods forgot to give him emotions, but the guy is super smart. He has a knowledge of numbers and science like no other, and seems to have a respect for Sigurd. Unfortunately, he's now dead, his manor burnt down to hide whatever secrets he kept in his basement.
  • Rinhilda Stonebreaker: a highlander formerly dating Renaud. She and Sigurd are good at being the peanut gallery and sometimes just busy themselves with sassing at each other. Rin is also an excellent cook.
  • R'lexia Thras: Finecia's girlfriend (wife?). Sigurd hadn't had much contact with her before, but he became closer to her when he began to spill out information about the whispers.
  • Stefan Delumiere: Stefan has many connections with the Maelstrom and an interest in tomes. He also has a strangely poor reputation and seems to distance himself. The two share an interest in magic, coin, and obscure treasure.
  • Reinette Sompt: Sigurd's former girlfriend. She binds books and holds some of Sigurd's darkest secrets, and he holds some of hers. He cares for her, but ended up breaking off the relationship after pressure from Renee. Currently Sigurd is unsure of where he stands with her.
  • Syl Souther: She's got a lot of issues and most of them are with small animals.
  • Z'ikki Plaxxil: Z'ikki is always writing in a book, apparently notes on everything and everyone. she seems to have an interest in Sigurd's knowledge on voidsent and has trouble with larger crowds. She is the bookkeeper for the Coral Sea.

Closest Friends

  • A'randr Tia: A'rho's twin brother. He runs a business which sells "herbal smokes." Sigurd had a huge crush on A'randr for some time, even excessively flirted with him, but the relationship turned out to be rather one-sided. Even so, the two are pretty much bros.
  • A'rho Tia: A'randr's twin brother who is obsessed with corrupted crystal research. He's the more childish of the two with a tendency to wander off and get himself into trouble. He accidentally created a window to a void in his grandmother's hand mirror, which Sigurd now holds onto for safe keeping. The two are nerdy bros.
  • Finnia Aurifort: a fellow academic, Finnia also serves as one of his medics. The two can relate to each other on an academic level and both seem to have mommy issues.
  • I'tsu Fhuz: I'tsu is Sigurd's best friend. He's divulged some of his deepest secrets with her, and she's helping him accept his past. They also share a deep fascination with the magics of Nym.
  • Jancis Milburga: A very polite Coralite and very skilled healer. She's extremely well spoken and eloquent and quite possibly very religious. She lead the Celebration of the Trader and invited Sigurd to come along and be a prayer leader. She insists on calling him Master Sigurd, despite his attempts to downplay the formalities. Lately, the two have talked more, relying on one another.
  • Reginald Ozrik: a hardy swordsman who likes to explore ruins. He has trouble with sun and burns like a popoto in an oven. They have a very complex relationship which on the surface comes across like constant awkwardness.
  • Ria
  • Shinjo Dawnedge

Former? friends

  • Dhem and Tau teaching Sigurd how to swim.
    Dhemgeim Shyrdoenwyn: better known as Dhem, she and Sigurd get along fantastically. He finds her one of the least judgmental people he knows. The two get along smashingly and he really does look up to her strength with how she handles things, especially battle. They share a love of gems and shiny things. Sigurd considers her one of the people he can talk to about anything and she won't judge him for it. She has taken to calling him "Hwyznacht", not that he can pronounce it. It's a pity he accidentally killed her in an attempt to save her life.
  • L'aenoh Tia: a rather harsh miquo'te swordsman who thought it would be funny to pretend to drown Sigurd during his first time swimming. Since Dhem's death, the two do not get along at all.
  • Renee Becquerel: Captain of the Coral Sea. Formerly Renaud, Renee no longer sees Sigurd as family but a danger to those she wishes to protect.
  • Tausenadel Geispyrsyn: better known as Tau. They used to be pretty close until yanno he accidentally killed Tau's wife.


  • Dreux: An elezen researcher in Coerthas obsessed with corrupted crystals. He and Sigurd exchange research notes on a frequent basis. Dreux has become Sigurd's sole contact in Coerthas, when Sigurd can actually find him, that is.
  • Elysande Thorne: From the Burning Wall, Elysande was to be Sigurd's arranged wife. The Calamity interrupted the arrangement when Elysande and her family lost their lives
  • Ser Rauffe: A high class contact in a trading circle Sigurd is involved with
  • Ruruna Runa: A childhood friend. Hailing from the Burning Wall, Ruruna and Sigurd grew up together, often throwing stones off Highbridge to see how far deep the ravine truly was. After losing her entire family in the Calamity when a piece of Dalamud crashed into the area, she continued on to become a member of the Brass Blades in hope to help people in the area.
  • Silver Star: Sigurd's contact within the Mineral Concern. He has called upon Sigurd in times where information about voidsent was needed.

Sigurd's circle of friends (killed in the Calamity) Breezy Willow, Wilhelm, Botulf, Aelesia, Walter, Eddard, Margery, Cecily, Momobusi, Susuma


Sigurd comes from a rather large family. 5th borne, he's nearly the middle child of 8 kids. His family runs a tradepost along one of the main trade routes near Highbridge in Eastern Thanalan. The post offers a place out of the sun and a refuge when sandstorms would blow across the desert. The post sells various items made by family members. While Sigurd isn't good at any hand crafts, he is good at math and writing, leaving him to keep the books. While the tradepost still stands after the Calamity, his family was thinned out by the Lambs of Dalamud.


  • Aldwin (father, died from heart problems)
  • Aeditha (mother, sacrificed to Dalamud)


  1. Kineburga (sister, sacrificed to Dalamud)
  2. Fredderick (brother)
  3. Averil (sister, sacrificed to Dalamud)
  4. Lyell (brother)
  5. Sigurd
  6. Hilda (sister)
  7. Athelyna (sister)
  8. Leofwin (brother, tempered by Ifrit)

For prose drabbles, see Sigurd Rainecourt/Stories

Before the Calamity

Sigurd was born into a trading family. The family owned a popular trade post where they would sell wares and food to travelers wishing to seek solace from the sun or harsh weather. It was also a popular place traveling merchants would trade and sell stock as well. Growing up, Sigurd quickly learned he wasn't adept at any of the tradecrafts, making poor leathers and even poorer food. While all family members could read, Sigurd was particularly adept at reading and math at an early age and kept the books for the family.

The first good few years of his life were the typical life of a trader, involving manual labor and bookkeeping. He began gathering supplies as a hobby, trading extra supplies for books with traveling merchants. Sigurd studied any books he could get his hands on, his favorites were books about thaumaturgy and other magical arts. He worked hard and traded almost all of his possessions for a basic bone staff, and at 15 he learned to cast his first elemental spell, fire. It was an unusual talent for the family, as no one in the known history was ever a mage of any kind.

Sigurd before the Calamity

While old enough to venture on his own and start his own life, Sigurd chose to stay with the family and the tradepost while venturing out. He took to travel, delivering messages and supplies around the area. He was drawn to Camp Drybone, seeking out the Aetherite crystal. He was certain the thing was talking to him, but he brushed it off as heat exhaustion. Returning home, he arrived just in time to help fend off a small band of Amalj'aa who had ventured near the outpost. It was his first true battle, and it was exciting as he used his fire magic to do good.

For the next five years, whenever Sigurd visited or passed by Camp Drybone, he swore the crystal was speaking to him. While he couldn't quite understand the words, he knew it was speaking. One day, he finally approached it again, staring up at its tall towering height. It sure was a pretty thing, filled with that aether which fascinated him greatly. As he reached out and touched it, he was struck with loud voices and words filling his mind. For the first time, the crystal spoke in something he could understand, repeating over and over again that the moon was falling. Danger was coming. The words were so loud and the energy emitting from the crystal so intense that it knocked Sigurd out cold.

Several days later, he awoke at the local inn. The crystal was still murmuring but its words had changed once again. "Lambs of Dalamud," it whispered. Sigurd had heard of them. Cultists. Worried, he quickly returned home to learn his mother and two of his siblings had been lured away when they'd gone out to search for Sigurd after he didn't come home, their bodies found mutilated just the day before. Distraught, he stepped outside for some air and saw what the Crystal was babbling about. Dalamud fell to the earth.

The New Era

After the threat of the Lambs and Dalamud had quieted, the world busied repairing itself. Most of it, anyway. The incident with the Lambs had driven a strong rift between Sigurd and his eldest brother Fredderick. He blamed Sigurd for the Lambs sacrificing their family members, claiming that if Sigurd had been there, they never would've left the house to look for him. Sigurd wished to defend himself but he couldn't quite explain what had happened that day. He didn't fully understand it himself. Sigurd came to blaming himself for the entire ordeal. Overhearing a conversation between Fredderick and Hilda, Sigurd fled, planning on throwing himself off the landing strip under Highbridge, but ended up stopping himself from doing so.

For three years, he ventured from place to place, helping people out in Thanalan and attempted to refine his Thaumaturgy. He stayed in Blackbrush for some time, helping out the people there until the crystal whispered again, and he left, believing his presence would bring death. when the crystals spoke, they seemed to bring about disaster. He soon moved on to Horizon but soon left there too when the local crystal began babbling.

He found himself having difficulty with the refinement of thaumaturgy, often missing far targets or finding himself worn out. Hearing of the Thaumaturgy Guild in Ul'dah, he caught a lift from a merchant's cart to Ul'dah, offering the driver some odd items he'd collected around the area as payment for his troubles. Again, Sigurd heard the crystals whispering. Shaking it off, passing it off as aether sickness, he continued on his way, joining the Thaumaturgy Guild.

Sigurd dedicated much of his time divulging in the books of thaumaturgy and practicing the arts. While the elements soon came to him, Sigurd found himself having trouble with proper targeting. At first, the guild masters thought it was perhaps a focus issue. In the guild hall, when discussing a banner on the far end of the room, they discovered that it wasn't a focus issue but instead that he simply couldn't see his targets clearly.

It took a few days to adjust to the new glasses, and there were times when he simply forgot to wear them. But soon he grew attached to them, only removing them when pouring over books or similar close activities. Finally back on track with his studies, Sigurd ventured out on a quest from the Thaumaturge's Guild. The guild had received a request to investigate some strange rock formations around a hillside near the train depot.

On his way to the depot, he passed Black Brush where he was certain the aetheryte crystal there was speaking to him again. He couldn't understand the words, but for the first time since he started hearing the crystals talking, this one called out for him by name. Sigurd, la malplena malfermiĝas. Ili venas. Venas! He approached the crystal and touched it, but it didn't offer him anything which would help him. Just words he couldn't understand.

Unable to know what the crystal was saying, he continued on his way toward the depot. The place was crawling with coblyns, which didn't seem to care that he was there. He attempted to shoo them away anyway, and they chattered angrily at him while then ran off. A large shadow overtook him, and he quickly realized he wasn't scary enough to frighten coblyns. This large creature was.

The creature quickly assaulted Sigurd and nearly overwhelmed him had it not been for a blond hyur stranger jumping into the fray. They quickly felled the creature, and the blond explained the creature was called a voidsent and was after shifts in aetheric energy. The two parted ways, the blond saying he had someone very important to find.

The incident left Sigurd interested in this voidsent creature and what sort of aetherial shift it could be after. Sigurd spoke with Cocobuki, the thaumaturgy guildmaster, about what he'd encountered. Cocobuki explained what he knew about voidsent, though his knowledge about them was limited. The vague information left Sigurd interested to find more. With the warning in mind, Sigurd continued to research more about the aetheric flow, hoping to connect it with the voidsent or perhaps the crystals which kept whispering in his ears when he'd pass them.

Sigurd volunteered himself as a researcher on the subject, hoping to gather as much information as he could on them. The guildmasters were at first wary of the subject, but they could see Sigurd's dedication to it was genuine, that he wished to help people with the information and not use it for something more sinister. They gave him their blessing.

Sigurd poured over information within the Ossuary for days at a time, piecing together any bits of information he could. He'd become obsessed with the idea of the void, drawn to it for some unknown reason. In a way, he hoped the research would offer information on the words he'd hear the crystals whisper, on why they would speak so loudly when the voidsent would appear. His research proved broken at best, offering little insight on patterns. But the research was never enough. There was just always something missing. He knew nothing about anatomy or physiology, leaving his information purely external and magic-based.

His research sparked the interest of someone within Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern. Recent voidsent activity in the mines had sparked a bit of a hysteria after a few deaths when some bombs self-destructed. The representative approached Sigurd, offered to fund his research and travel expenses in return for information to prevent deaths in the mines and quell the hysteria. Sigurd was a loyalist, but he couldn't quite turn down a plea for help. He was a bit wary of the Concern's true initiatives, but the representative assured him that the research would go to protect the people. He couldn't quite turn down the offer, as his true initiative was to help people with his research. The Concern bought him his chocobo, which he named Gingersnap.

While he accepted their funding and returns to them research, Sigurd didn't consider himself a Monetarist. To him, the work with the Concern was a contract, something done to save and protect lives, and perhaps line his pockets just a little bit too. He poured excess into the Ossuary for funding.

The Coral Sea

Finally venturing out for something other than research, he encountered Augustine Frost, a rather harsh and marginally terrible guy that somehow he befriended. This odd sort of cross between friends and flirtation drew him to a rather odd fellow by the name of Renaud Becquerel, and after Renaud fondled his chin and told him to grow more facial hair, he easily convinced Sigurd to join the Coral Sea, for the betterment of Eorzea and to make some gil too.

The Coral Sea proved to be one of his better choices to put him on the right path towards doing some good. While some were offput by Sigurd's obsessive research of voidsent, others were willing to share their experiences and information with him. Sigurd began making more connections outside the company as well, particularly a pair of miqo'te twins, A'randr and A'rho, whom he and Dhem nearly teleported on top of one day when returning to Limsa.

Sigurd, Stefan, I'tsu, and S'ly exploring the ruins in the City of Nym.

The company received a few jobs here and there, the first one being somewhat disastrous. In an attempt to protect a farmer, the group of Coralites was tricked into killing a group of who they thought were pirates but turned out to be food for a monster hunter. Their second mission had a much more adventurous feel as they ventured into the ruins of Nym, eventually stumbling upon an ancient trap. Their trials and tribulations paid off, as they were rewarded with treasure, and Sigurd walked away with a Nymian tome.

After some adventures, things quieted down, though the crystals whispering had gotten stuck in his mind again. While he wished to seek information on the Nymian tome, he found himself seeking answers about the crystals. He struck up an academic alliance with Raphael Ashe and Reinette Sompt, agreeing to meet up every so often to talk research.

The whispering started up again, but Sigurd pursued his research, leaving for Drybone to research phurbles. He did his best to avoid family but instead stumbled upon his old friend, Ruruna Runa, who had also managed to survive the Calamity while their other friends did not. The whispers interrupted his research, drawing him from it and in the middle of an emergency. Ifrit had been summoned. Not one but four incarnations. He called for help, sending a plea across the company's linkpearl, and sure enough, Coralites swarmed to assist. Ifrit fell, though a team nearly lost its members in the process. Shortly after the incident, Sigurd threw his original journal over the balcony of the Bismark.

Things wound down and Sigurd returned to researching. He'd been tasked with finding vodoriga. Unfortunately they were difficult to find but his research was quickly interrupted by a missive from Dreux, his researcher friend in Coerthas. Garuda had been sighted, and Dreux had heard of Coral Sea's success with Ifrit. He called for help and Coral responded. She proved difficult, mostly after she got upset when Tau groped her during their first encounter. After a chase across the Highlands, Garuda did fall and they left successful.

Sigurd and Reinette at the Celebration of the Trader

Sigurd found his research subjects out in Coerthas. Vodoriga. Plenty of them. He spent time researching them, and even on one occasion, he took Reinette along. She confessed to him that she'd been interested in him emotionally, and he confessed he felt the same way. And thus the two became a couple.

Sometime later after research had quieted and the primal threat and been temporarily quelled, the realm came crashing down anyway. During a training session, it all went wrong. Dhem impaled Renaud in a fit of fury, sending Sigurd into a panic. He believed it was a result of the curse somehow, that people simply just died around him. Fellow Coralites calmed him down and he stayed instead of fleeing as he had done before when he believed the curse caught up with him. Sigurd was convinced he'd lost his mind when Renaud downplayed the entire thing.

Things cooled down once again, as they seemed to do with Coral. Dhem decided it would be fun to seek Mistbeard's treasure. Sounded fun enough, so in a small team with Memeli, Stefan, and L'aenoh, the four set out to Hullbreaker Isle to see what they could find. They returned with an old shoe, some cloth, trinkets, and a lot of wounds. Their adventures proved painful, though L'aenoh got the worst of it when he lost an eye to a hornet.

More members became part of Coral, expanding the large, existing family. And that bond was put to the test as the Maelstrom cornered Sigurd, asking for help with a large primal threat. Leviathan had been summoned and was terrorizing the seas. The company set out in two teams, attempting to combat the menace. The first team met the primal seabeast diligently but ultimately lost the battle when the boat capsized. Their efforts had weakened it, at least, allowing the second team to bring victory. The first team, Sigurd among them, washed up on the shore of the Mist, fortunately finding their way home with a few missing articles. Both teams suffered injuries, but nothing which couldn't heal.

Members of the Coral Sea have had a long-term battle with people tempered by the Siren. It began early in the year when investigating a farm which called for help but was in actuality filled with those tempered by the Siren, leaving several members injured and one kidnapped. After a daring rescue came the pursuit of a piece of the Siren's shattered harp. A peddler named Chuck Dongler had acquired a piece of the harp. Coralites pursued and ended up finding the piece and nearly finding themselves in a trap. Fortunately the assassin sent to kill them turned out to be an old friend, T'xidh, the cofounder of the company.

Sigurd's scars resulting from the battle against the Siren's tempered in their own house.

Moons passed, and not a word about the siren or the harp until suddenly the idea of hunting down the rest of the pieces and summoning the Siren themselves to kill her came to mind. Dhem intended to send out a group of intrepid Coralites to find the rest of the pieces, but fate worked against them. Four of the tempered invaded the house, ambushing everyone within. A fight ensued, and Sigurd attempted to stand watch at the door as the four tempered attempted to escape. Dhem took a near fatal dagger to the midsection, and several of the members found themselves temporarily charmed. Sigurd attempted to guard the door, casting some spells to deter the tempered, but the horse-headed man with the axe took a swing at him, snapping his staff in half and sending him clear through the door, leaving him with some very deep wounds and a couple broken ribs.

Despite injuries, he and Memeli attempted to pursue the one with the harp, the horse-headed man, who in the end did get away. Sigurd blamed himself for letting the man get away, but he could barely stand when they pursued him and the pink lalafell. A week later, the Company pursued the summoned Siren. Despite injuries, Sigurd joined the main pursuit group, helping to fight the Siren herself and hopefully bring an end to this Siren saga.

Things turned for the worst shortly after that. Dhem had suffered aetherial sickness due to interaction with the Siren. Working closely with several members in Coral, Sigurd worked to find a solution, ultimately translating a spell which involved magicks from the times of Belah'dia. The spell meant to fix her knotted aetherflow oversaturated her with aether, ultimately killing her. Sigurd took the blame for the incident, causing his severe spiral downward into despair, self-loathing and depression.

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  • Book of Voidsent (link tbd). Sigurd's book he writes about his research on Voidsent and the Void, available within the library at the Arrzaneth Ossuary
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