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↣ FIRST IMPRESSION: Shorter than most elezen at six fulms and a single ilm, Abrielle cuts an imposing figure nonetheless. Her features are usually set into a look of quiet contemplation, icy teal-blue eyes piercing out to stare at passersby, and a mess of dirty blonde hair atop her head, done in a variety of braids and a ponytail, most often. Altogether, she cuts the figure of someone whose life has been one of bitter war and chilling climes, typical of one of Ishgardian descent. While polite, one can get the feeling that she's always keeping up a wall between her emotions and those around her.

↣ SCARS: A fair few on her arms and torso, though almost always hidden from view. In particular, she has a long, gnarled set of claw marks across her left bicep, and what appears to be a bite scar on her left shoulder - from a beak of some kind. The rest are mostly shallow sword blows or arrow marks, decorating her stomach and back.

↣ CLOTHING: Abrielle prefers clothing in darker hues - mostly browns, blues, and blacks, though she's favoring crimson more as of late. Most of her clothing is the heavy finery of Ishgard - furs and ornate cloths that keep out the cold. When girded for battle, Abrielle wears a suit of scale mail with a heavy cloak, lightly-armored fur lined gauntlets, and a set of fur-lined armored boots. She usually goes without headwear, though has a few berets that are a favorite.

↣ VOICE CLAIM: Diane Kruger

Inquisitive, Restrained, Secretive, Lawful, Remorseful, Ashamed

Red wine
Romance novels




Uncontrolled change
Her past


Personality Type: ISTJ-T - "The Logistician"
Favorite Food(s): Apple Strudel, Knight's Bread
Favorite Drink(s): Red Wine, Heavenly Eggnog, Brandy
Favorite Color: Blue


Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under the Player Character category.


 → Common Rumors |
  Easily overheard.

    "The Rimefire? Aye, I heard she went straight after the War ended. Don't believe for a second she's different, though. Inquisitors are that way for life."
    "I served with her, a few times. She didn't earn that name for bein' friendly, lemme tell you. If she came knockin', you knew it was over."

 → Uncommon Rumors |
  Difficult to hear.

    "You know her mentor, Brumault de Guilloux? I heard she was the one what done him in for heresy. That's a whole new level of cold, even for one of us."

 → Rare Rumors |
  Rare to hear.

    "Yeah, her title's that 'Rimefire' nonsense? That's what you think. I hear she had a different one, up in that Tribunal. They called her the 'Knight Confessor', way I hears it. You wanted someone to talk and didn't care how, you called for her."


 → Player Character |
  Feel free to add.

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Newrelate positive.png Positive Standing    Newrelate neutral.png Neutral Standing    Newrelate negative.png Negative Standing
Newrelate trusted.png Trusted
Newrelate physical.png Physical Attraction
Newrelate romantic.png Romantic Attraction
Newrelate relationship.png Significant Other
Newrelate business.png Business
Newrelate uncertain.png Uncertain/Puzzled
Newrelate deceased.png Deceased
Newrelate enemy.png Enemy/Rival
Newrelate npc.png NPC
Newrelate positive.png
Newrelate trusted.pngNewrelate npc.png
Dureimont de Laisard (Father)
Newrelate positive.png
Newrelate trusted.pngNewrelate npc.png
Istrelle de Laisard (Mother)
Newrelate negative.png
Newrelate deceased.pngNewrelate npc.png
Ser Brumault de Guilloux, the Griffin (Knight Mentor)
Newrelate negative.png
Newrelate enemy.pngNewrelate npc.png
Cosette de Guilloux (Dark Knight)
Newrelate positive.png
Newrelate trusted.pngNewrelate npc.png
Stalwart (War Chocobo)

Organizaions & Groups
Newrelate neutral.png
Newrelate uncertain.pngNewrelate npc.png
The Supreme Sacred Tribunal of Halonic Inquisitory Doctrine
Newrelate positive.png
Newrelate trusted.pngNewrelate business.png
Fiona Delaine
Newrelate negative.png
Newrelate enemy.pngNewrelate uncertain.png
Sagette Emeraude
Newrelate neutral.png
Newrelate uncertain.pngNewrelate business.png
Chuluun Dotharl


Songs are used set a mood, lyrics may not reflect the views of my character. The links below will take you to Youtube.


    Hate Me
    Artist: Eurielle
    Will it ever be enough, for what I've done
    Artist: Marika Takeuchi
    Sometimes, I wonder if I think too much
    Stars and Flowers*
    Artist: Keiichi Okabe
    A song and dance of ringing steel
    Daughter of the Flame*
    Artist: Audiopizza
    Cold of blood and frozen to the bone


Personal RP Limits
I will play most mature content and themes (violence/sexual content/substance abuse), temporary imprisonment, injury (ranging from minor to life-threatening), war themes - as long as all of these make sense within the context of the scene(s).
Ask about permanent injury/disfigurement, long-term imprisonment/prisoner-of-war situations, tutelage scenes.
I won't play permanent character death, rape plots.
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