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LATEST ACTIVITIES (RP HOOKS): Last seen somewhere in Gyr Abania, Ala Mhigo. Taking care of his daughter.

FULL NAME: Aeron Volkova.


RACE: Hyur, Midlander.

NATIONALITY: Ul'dahnian.

AGE: Twenty-Six.

NAMEDAY: 12th Sun, 4th Umbral Moon.

HEIGHT 5 Fulms - 11 Ilms.

WEIGHT: 170 Ponze.

GUARDIAN DEITY: Rhalgr, The Destroyer.

OCCUPATION: Sellsword / Advisor to Etain Volkova


STATUS: Alive.

SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Heterosexual, one on the Kinsey Scale.

AFFILIATIONS: Etain Volkova | | Sellsword for the Mythril Blades.

ALIGNMENT: True Neutral [1].



When one looks at Aeron they can easily find themselves thinking that he's someone of wealth completely lost in the Wilds of Thanalan or wherever they encounter him, and while they would not be completely wrong neither are they completely correct. The days of Aeron presenting himself as a wealthy individual and at the head of a prominent merchant company ran by his family are long past, in his own view that is no longer the case and neither is it on official documents. At the current stage of his life the very business he once stood as heir and head of is now under the control of a relative of his, only having but an advisory role to it.

So at present he goes through his life as someone experiencing things as they are, partially away from the veils of coin.


The Midlander stands at a near average height, definitely not tall nor short and he holds a rather athletic physique, the latter possibly stemming from physical training throughout the years to counteract the luxurious lifestyle filled with drinks and food. When within social encounters, far from combat and adventure the Midlander sports a rather luxurious doublet fashioned out of a pristine white fabric lined with dark edges easily matched by a variation of golden, silvery bangles sat around wrists and ankles only to be topped off by expensive necklace and earrings adding onto a still extravagant sense of attire. Albeit this sense is completely turned around when out away from social interactions, in adventure his attire is more befitting the scenario... Ranging from leather-like armours to but simple hempen shirts and other pieces that fit it all.

Scars & Markings: On initial impressions the Midlander holds little to no scarring beyond a set of impressions set from jaw to cheek caused by perhaps accidents during practice with a sword or an angry husband, beneath the surface on the other hand one would find the Midlanders back tarnished with a mixture of ugly scars of various kinds. Be it the damaged flesh having healed from lashes, cuts to that of once burned flesh. While the lesser ones are exposed, crueler ones are hidden by the usage of alchemic salves or even an expensive glamour.

Voice: The Midlander speaks with a clear accent of Ul'dahnian and is well spoken with decent building of sentences, only at times does the more free-spoken and near childish tones break through.

High-spirited, Outspoken, Hedonistic, Sociable, Perceptive

  • Social contact.
  • Expensive wine.
  • The outdoors.
  • Warm environments.
  • Playing the harpsichord.
  • Sachi, the pet dog.
  • Exploring the unknown.


  • Slavery.
  • Pure politics.
  • Cold environments.
  • Losing something, someone.
  • War.

Distinctive Features

  • Finding himself restrained as once in the past.
  • Unable to find a place where he belongs.
  • Failing to achieve something worthwhile.


  • Favorite food: Sweet edibles, cake & pie etc...
  • Favorite drink: Red wine.
  • Favorite colour: Blue.
  • Vices: Heavy wine drinker, physical affection and wearing/buying silver bangles & earrings.


Aeron Volkova, is foremost an individual who presents himself as a clear social individual through word and deed. Every moment in social encounters that are accompanied by drink are seen to with a charming smile set upon his very lips as long they are visible and not concealed beyond the rim of a glass filled with wine. But behind every smile can easily be something else and with this particular Midlander that is no different, in some aspects he considers himself a mirror that only reflects the good that people wish to see while the bad is driven into the back end.

As a child Aeron was rebellious due to the path that had been set out for him by both parents, with the outside influence of a friend within the streets of Ul'dah he outdid himself in all actions that would defy his pre-determined course with all consequences disregarded. The streak of rebellion still has ties to the very core of the Midlander when people try and tell him that something cannot be done for certain reasons, he'll always find himself trying to break past that except that he now weighs the very risks and consequences that can come with it.

Skills & Abilities

   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity

Being the son of a Sworn and a woman who stood at the head of a successful house of Merchantry, Aeron at a young age was taught how to wield a sword and while initially abandoned when a certain event in his life took place saw him abandon the training for quite some years till picking it back up again with certain success in how he wields a single short sword that requires but one hand and is not exactly the size of the door as the greatswords wielded by some knights.

While the Midlander holds a strenght in the blade, when it comes to Aether his capabilities are very limited to a point of non-existant due to an at present still unknown reason. Any form of aether travel sees him exhausted and ill for several hours if not longer when no rest is had, the only form of ability that the Midlander has mastered that related to Aether is what he refers to as 'warp'. The ability allows him to transfer his body from one position to another in a quick leap as long it is within a throwing distance or less yet due to his lacking capability and illness when it comes to aether. The usage of the ability comes at a great cost of his own energy and multiple uses sees him instantly drained and in a state of complete exhaustion.

Romantic Relationship
Romantic Interest
Physical Attraction
Blood relative
Trusted Friend
Lost contact
? Unsure


Ariene Menco ( ) - Mother-figure
Ariene was the former wife of Nebezial Menco and initially served as his key to gain access to the family, after his betrayal to the family she remained by their side and sought out a direct seperation of the bond between her and Nebezial. She is easily considered a mother figure to both Aeron and Etain and continues to be a huge support.
Etain Volkova ( ) - Sister
At one point in her lifetime she had found herself in a dark place alongside her brother for half a cycle till they were freed by a group of Mercenaries and Sworn, yet unlike her brother she failed to completely recover leaving her in an almost persistent vegetative state within the confinements of the Volkova's house. With the help of others her recovery was brought to bear, step by step she has decided to step into her future and is the current owner of the Volkova businesses.


Xhe 01.png
Xheja Rajhera
- What had originally started as a chance encounter at a wedding Aeron was invited to through connections of his then recent employment in Guiding Hand Trade Concern had led to a lasting relationship that substained through revelations of the past, it was all put on a halt after Xheja's sudden departure. With Xheja's sudden return he has found himself hoping their friendship could be brought back to normal standards and their past is a thought not forgotten. In her final moments both fully came to terms how much they still had cared for eachother, yet all she became was a future taken from him by a Keeper of the Shroud. While she is no longer alive, she is still very much the most individual in his life and continues to be so by all means.

Nailah Quill
- Both of them met shortly at a gathering organized by Kindred though it took several moons and a drink mixing contest at the Seaside Bar for the two of them to talk more properly and spent some time in eachother's presence leading Aeron to consider her to be a friend and in time far more than that. With the resurgence of the fight against the Garleans within Gyr Abania it had been a swift decision for Nailah to take part in it, even after having lost a huge chunk of her memory. Recent news has her reported and confirmed to have died doing what she believed in, this news has left Aeron in a bad state.

Akay'a Zhwan
- The two first encountered eachother in the period both were part of Tylwyth Narah and then again Gold & Glory, the two spoke on several occaisons and all things considered the Midlander enjoyed Akay'a his presence due to huge difference in personality the two held and his friendship with Khivva was but an easy bonus that made things more relate-able. But since Aeron's departure from Gold & Glory the two have fallen out of touch.

Khivva Nhys
- At first Aeron found himself utterly lost at the reactions, behaviour of the Seeker. They both had their early on arguments mostly caused due to certain words Aeron had spoken but after apologies Aeron slowly found himself treating the Seeker as he would treat a family member. Now after quite some time having spend apart after Xheja's departure and the new company he slowly has begun his efforts to rekindle his friendship with Khivva.

Xivrez'to Ithaka
- This particular Keeper of the Moon that Aeron met through his work with the Jackals was anything but a blessing in the beginning, there was and still is a certain lack of 'knowledge' when it comes to personal space from the Keeper. Who repeatedly invaded every bit of personal space that one would normally maintain. But through time and working together, the Midlander came to very much value the Keeper to the point he'd easily see all matters dropped and come to his aid if so inquired.
Rufus Wightman
- While the two have not spoken in a long time after Aeron's departure from the Jackals, the Midlander did consider Rufus a good friend and while aware of the darkness that Rufus struggled with in time had come to see it just as another aspect of Rufus to accept and even aiding him alongside J'inarah and others to fight that darkness..
Common rumours & quotes

  • "Son of the Volkova's? If I need help in the warehouse, I'll ask him and he'll be here to aid me, even if he's now considered a noble in high societies since that ruthless witch left." -- Ul'dahnian warehouse manager.
  • "Always gives me an apple when I ask!" -- Some Ala Mhigan child at one of the resistance camps..
  • "They used to say he slept with plenty women but as of late that's no longer the case. They say he's been charmed by a refugee. Lies, I bet." -- Gossiper at Vesper Bay
  • "Seen him often sitting outside of the Gate of Nald near the wash, talking to a range of people and on occasion even seen him train with them. Sword and what not." -- Refugee of the Camp at the Gate of Nald in Ul'dah.

Rare rumours & quotes

  • "Wonder how many times she slapped his fingers to get him to play the piano that well." -- Music Enthusiast.
  • "Isn't he the one with that disabled sister? Thought I heard something like that from a drunk Sultansworn during a game of cards." -- Drunk Quicksand Patron.
  • "They say he left his sister in control of his families business and wealth while he left it all behind to be an ordinary sword wielding adventure? A foolish choice, I'd say.." -- Merchant in the Thal District.
  • "Cycles ago, we were hired to save a bunch of kids. Few of them had their backs fully lashed up, not sure if he was one of them." -- Retired mercenary.

Players rumours & quotes

  • "Air? I like him! He's very helpul and polite! About time he joined our merry crew of ragtaggers!" -- Xivrez'to Ithaka
  • "He's a flirt. Charming. Cute. But what he doesn't seem to want people to know is that he's also very sweet." -- Cassandra Lachance
  • "One of my closest friends. He is helping me cope. He can be a bit flirty at times, but that is just a part of his charm" -- Z'thara Dhen
  • "A-Aeron? I-I don't know him all that w-well, but he seems like a nice person. H-He even gave me this c-coin with a dragon on it once!" -- Jino'ya Traore
  • "Pheh. Rude, disgusting little Hyur. Fejika not like." -- Fejika Menajika
  • "Aeron with the funny, little ears? Did he tell you something about me drinking? Where is he?!" -- Khivva Nhys
  • "Aeron's a lot more'n 'e seems. Ye get 'ind them smiles an' ye find a lad who's been through 'ells an' still come out wiv a good 'eart." -- J'inarah Marad
  • "Aeron certainly has all the charm of your typical rich Ul'dahn ladykiller, but his heart is made of much finer gold than what's in his coinpurse. There's not a single soul I trust more, in this world nor the next." -- Xheja Rajhera
  • "Oh yes... I know him... very interesting fellow. You never really know what he is up to. Did you know, I've heard he may be single~" she giggles softly, biting her lip.. -- Aya Foxheart
  • "Aeron? I-is he alright?! Oh- oh.. you.. Right. Well.. I suppose if I had to say anything about him it would be that... those he cares for, he would protect more fiercely than a coeurl guarding their cubs." -- Hotaru Gin
  • "He's a sweet thing. He works with my husband and is friends with my youngest daughter. Quite a good cook, too!" -- Lilithium Rinannis
  • "Whatever reputation Aeron may have made for himself, I can say with full certainty that he truly cares for those that become attached to him. His flirting is less hot air than he'd like you to believe..." -- Ludivine Goultard
  • "There are many who claim to be the "Gem of Ul'Dah; Jewel of t'Desert", but nae any of them come as close t'such as Aeron does. There's still much to be read an' even more t'be written in his life story, but when ye open the book an' truly take time t'read what's there, word fer word? Well... only takes a single page t'know true enough that he's a treasure." -- Odette Saoirse
  • "I miss 'im..." -- Odette Saoirse
  • "He is very generous. I met his daughter and he made a salad with all these apples in it. He sets aside the things he wants and pains because of others. A good friend. He even let me borrow one of his books! Oh Thaliak, I still have yet to return it." -- Jancis Milburga

6th Astral Era | Prior to the Calamity -- Ul'dah

Born to Melina and Aeric Volkova - the twins Aeron and Etain were given birth to within one of the bedchambers within the Volkova estate deep within the city-state of Ul'dah.

7th Umbral & Astral Era | Beyond the Calamity -- Thanalan



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