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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Siha Xinkei
"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us." - Marianne Williamson
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 27
Marital Status Single
Occupation Freelance Mage
Height/Weight 4'10" / Slight
Orientation No preference
  • Shota Xinkei (Mother)
  • Yuzu'ya Wilzuun (Father)
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Siha Xinkei (pronounced /See-ha Sheen-kay/) (28th Sun 6th Astral Moon) is a keeper of the moon currently on a pilgrimage to better her knowledge of aether usage, as it stands she's quite adept and one of the more powerful magus though she's unaware of this.


Siha's history begins with the history of her clan, they started out as the usual Keepers, staying fast to the forests in Gridania despite the conflict with the locals but eventually a small band grew weary of the constant fighting and strife, breaking off they headed for a new place. Ul'dah was out of the question with its lack of water and always scorching heat, so they traveled to the next best place, Limsa Lominsa. There they settled and prospered under the leadership of the three 'dominant' families of the tribesmen and women that had come along, one happening to be the family of Shota Xinkei (Siha's mother), and their lives were as peaceful as any clan living in isolation outside of the city in the cliffs overlooking the ocean. The clan kept to itself and only ventured to the city when absolutely necessary, and that wasn't often for them, so when Siha was born it was into a clan rife with tradition but also infighting. She was an anomaly, her entire family was, with 9 older boys and only girl most looked upon her mother as unblessed by Menphina and it had warped the Miqo'te woman into a foul embittered, and defensive thing who was obsessed with appearances.

This all proved to be bad news for the young Siha who was nothing short of a disaster child, born the only child from a fling between her mother and a pirate Miqo'te (Yuzu'ya), she was clumsy and much too outgoing and unrefined for her mothers taste but Shota couldn't simply disown her. It would have shown weakness and there was no father to pass her to as he had no idea he'd fathered a child and being a man of the sea Shota had no way and no want to find him again. Instead the mother was hard on the girl and tried her best to hide her disdain behind sugary veiled threats, accidents and underhanded snide comments towards the unsuspecting little girl. The rest of the clan left Shota to her devices with the girl, unwilling to touch the tainted females progeny and so it only embittered Shota more that the birth of a girl wasn't finally her ticket back into the good graces and standings of the clan.

Siha blinded herself to her mothers mistreatment and instead contented herself with wandering far and wide, days at a time when she could manage, and she usually could with her mother always hoping she just wouldn't come back. All of Shota's bitterness was attached to the girl through no fault other than she was a female and still unworthy of gaining her mother favor, she was a failed hope and it made Shota hate her innocent daughter. Siha's brothers as well as the most of the clan had little love for their sister, the brothers because they would take any chance to curry Shota's favor and dodge her ire, while the clan simply saw her as cursed like her mother and the rather destructive screw up of the clan. Still Siha kept up her spirits and started on the path of the Arcanist, aether had always fascinated her and despite being clumsy the girl wasn't completely dull, in fact she was rather sharp! It wasn't until the girl had turned 15 that her visions started, but when they did it was as if hell had broken loose on her, they were frequent and terrible and worst of all she dreamed of the Calamity with no inkling that it was something to actually come to pass.

When the Calamity did come to pass the clan the girl came from was devastated like any others and lost almost half their numbers to the event, but the emotional damage went far beyond that for the budding seeress who not only had the privileged of knowing those that died but knowing she could have warned them. She had dreamed it after all. For months she was inconsolable, isolating herself from everyone in her clan, she had to force herself to come to terms with that guilt or bury and as before...she buried it, leaving it a deep wound with only a thin covering to keep it from reopening but covered it was. She returned to the clan and her studies but her confidence was shattered and so her skills suffered more until her mother could hardly look at her without shame, that's when Shota was given a way out after hearing of tradition that other clans employed, pilgrimage. She would toss the girl into the wilds with a vague idea of what she was doing and hope for the worst, that her daughter would never return regardless of if it was due to death or misdirection.

Siha had no idea the pilgrimage her mother gave her with shining eyes was anything less than honest and a chance to prove herself so she took it eagerly and had every intention of fulfilling her mother's expectations.

But things didn't work out that way and it has been at least two summers since her departure from her clan, and over time and experience she has grown beyond her limitations, though they still plague her. She has since renounced her clan and no longer returns home, knowing that her mothers affections would be hollow and for her own gain now. Instead she takes comfort in the friends that she has come to call family and her new life trying to spread as much hope, light, and aid that she can. Pursuing knowledge in all things related to aether, dark or light, with a fervor to rival that of a zealot in most cases.


Presently Siha has mastered more than her fair share of Aether manipulation, successfully having delved into both light and dark magics in her quest to save her brother and then ultimately bring him back from his 'death'. A similar crusade to save yet another Red Wing from Nald'Thal finally netted her the attentions of the Empire over her brother, and it is now -she- who is entertained to be the threat just as much as he is. Her near deaths have proven that she has yet a rough road to travel but she's prepared to fight to her last and utilize every moment she's given. Most recently she settled a score with one of those tasked with hunting her and though she came back victorious knows that her struggle is not done. A new enemy has put her in their sights instead.

PC Standings and Rumors


Remember that some of these may or may not be true. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!
◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"Lady Xinkei? Yea' if you're lookin' for relief she and her company have a place up in the Goblet. She'll help if she can."
"She's a kind one, pretty quiet, but if you get her talking I hear she's easy to embarrass. Loses that pretty composure. S'cute."
"You could swindle the clothes right off of her if you had a good enough sob story!"
"She always seems to be hanging around with one man or another when she's not know what that looks like."
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"I hear she's on some sort of pilgrimage to master the aether"
"She's got a lonely look in her eyes these days. Not sure why."
"If you're lookin' to hurt her I wouldn' recommend it. That little family she's collected aren't a bunch to be messed with!"
"I hear her family's trying to hunt her down, snubbed 'em she did, and their matriarch didn't like tha' too much!"
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"I hear her clan exiled her for being an embarrassment, they just sent her out to let nature run its course"
"I heard she blacks out sometimes, spouts a bunch of nonsense under her breath before snappin' out of it too"
"I heard she's got a foul aether about her, wind aspected and savage..."
"I hear 'er father is a pirate, I know a man, looks just like 'er...might even act like her, kind of a big ol' kid. Crazy man"
"I saw her use her magic once, summoned something that looked like a primal right out of the ground! Scared the bells out of me!"
"They say she's a thief that steals right from the mouths of gods, snapped up two men's souls from Thal and planted them right back into our realm. I don't want to know what you have to do to get that kind of power, but I can bet it's nothin' good. I'd stay away from her if I were you."
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)
"There are people in Ul'dah who share the same dream, like a copse of trees that share the same root. And then there's this girl, Siha. Her dreams are like that, but she dreams them while she's awake. What's the connection?" - C'kayah Tia, overheard talking with an unidentified Miqo'te in Ul'dah.
"She is my sister in heart and oath. So much has happened of late, I would like nothing more than to just sit with her and talk. I miss her." - Roen Deneith
"Strength hides even beneath meek hands." - Kahn'a Ohditra
"Erik's sister? Well she's trusting, dangerously so for her own sake. I almost kidnapped her once simply by tricking her to travel with me and she only got away cause the guard I was with stopped me. She's nice though. And easy to socialize with, but she certainly isn't as dangerous as her brother. Least I don't have a reason to assume so anyway." - Askier Mergrey
"Tower? Ha. Hahahahaha! Listen, if I'm a ruttin' tower, then Siha Xinkei is the whole gods-damned Grey Fleet. Just you wait 'n' see." - Osric Melkire
"I used to adore this woman, but when I noticed her desire to be with those of the underground - I lost hope. Her vision to see what is right is entangled by the false emotions that she carries for the others who hold nothing but malice. Alas, the darkness that sweeps over is brought upon herself. I will not speak more of her any longer." - Bartolomeo Filangieri
"I barely know her, yet I find myself wishing to know more. However, what I do know? She is beauty made flesh. She is perfection." - Aerostein Epitaph
"I first saw her outside the Quicksand. She didn't know I was watching her and that later that evening I was going to kidnap her. She was fortunate in the way things turned out. Now that the whole mess is sorted she won't leave me be. Every time she sees me she stops me. Hells damn it all." - Grieving Hound
"So much of my life is a secret, or false, or lonely. She is the only person, the only person in this whole world that knows me. On paper she is an oath-sister, some cheap label used by my people to adopt or be adopted into a family, but to me she is every bit my true sister as my Tietra. For the longest time I was alone, a terrible thing for a anyone, but in her I found home. An unconditional love that surprises even me. She will always be my star, and I her sky. She is the light of my world." - Erik Mynhier
"Siha? She's a level-headed woman from what I've seen. She's well-liked by her peers and is friends with alot of people I hope to be friends with myself. I like her. B-B-BUT I don't -like- her, like her. N-n-not that she isn't lovely! Wait, no, that came out wrong! She's.....that is....I mean..." - Zachary Evans-turning red with embarrassment
"The lovely blonde Miqo' girl? I've met her...! She seems so quiet and sweet; I hope she comes around again!" - Aya Foxheart
"Oh, aren't there just interesting things said about her? There is talk that she has dabbled in some unholy things. Successfully dabbled, if you would believe it. I did not at first, but... well. There he was, walking about the reception! And people want me in chains!" - Delial Grimsong
"There was one time I was to sing a song for her. Well, ended up being me after all the bards that night left... I failed to do so. Was something Sir Evans asked help with. Otherwise I met her once during the eclipse, very kind and polite woman taking care of her nervous kin." - Jancis Milburga
"Too nice to a Captain that owes her nothing. A woman of many kind words, she is. I'm on the lookout though, I think she's watching my every step in case I scrape a knee." - Orenji Kharn
"She... she didn't run from me. Tha woman knew what was wrong an' instead 'o lookin' at me in disgust, she vowed ta help me. Heart 'o gold, that one." - Nahare Mergrey


Romantic Interest     Attraction    Platonic     Ally     Neutral     Poor

Askier Mergrey : Siha's opinion of Askier has ping ponged more than once since she met him, she's gone from liking him, to hating him, to feeling sorry for him and finally back to liking him again. Until recently. There are few that can actually drive the Keeper woman to want to strangle someone but Askier is one of the few, maybe the only one really. He deliberately tries to anger her and for all her efforts it works. She's not sure if she'd like to kill him or hug him most of the time.
C'kayah Tia : A Seeker of the Sun that started off as a good friend but whom Siha has developed strong feelings for. She's always kept these feelings to herself, unsure of them at first, but with the threat of death looming over her head she decided it was finally time that the male knew how she felt. His reaction was positive but due to miscommunication and lack of time on both of their parts, they were unable to find one another, and both took it for a lack of interest. Now she's recently discovered that C'kayah has officially mated and her feelings for him skewed somewhere between broken love and hate for a while. Now it's faded to mere discomfort and she's not one who plans on finding him if she can avoid it.
Endemerrin Rosethorne : She had worried over him for moons, but she had left it alone, and it is one of the biggest regrets she will ever have. Her affection she felt for the man will never abate but he lies now with Nald'Thal and she will forever lament not saying that last goodbye and assuring him that in the end she'd felt for him no different than in the beginning.
Erik Mynhier : Siha's older oath brother, the two have been as close a blood siblings since their first meeting together. Siha has saved him in return for him saving her and devoted herself to him unlike she has for any other. Recently however she has not seen him in moons and no longer know where they stand, if anywhere.
G'renn Jin : Once an amicable acquaintance this Seeker male has uncertain footing with the girl now. While she has fought at his side a few times recently she's unsure of where to stand with him due to his loss of memories and...what she can only describe as possession. She's afraid of what he might do if given the time and freedom.
Grieving Hound : Hound has saved Siha's life twice so far and the girl has a feeling there will be many times more the way that her luck runs. Ever since Hound kept her from getting kidnapped Siha has developed an affection for her that has only grown as the two have spent some time together. She feels safe whenever the Roe woman is by her side and enjoys her company, even as silent as she usually is, she's determined to convince Hound she IS a good woman and to learn as much about her as possible. Though the two finally admitted the feelings they held, such things came too late, and after a bloody mess of cat and mouse between Hound and the Flames Siha has lost the woman to a 'reformation' program in return for the Roe's life.
Ja'rhem Khalaa : A golden thief. Siha found herself meeting 'Kingsley' by chance and he promptly swept her off her feet, all while neatly robbing her of ever gil she owned. Coming to look for him after figuring it out she found a broken soul and thus found herself wanting to protect and help this man. She goes looking for him often but it's hard to see her in his company as she always seems to find him at the worst times. She has not seen him in moons now and she fears for the thief.
Kahn'a Od'hilkas : A member of The Red Wings, under her brother's command, Siha thinks the world of this male Keeper. She's come to see both the soft, caring side of him as well as the brave and valiant side. What was once a crush has faded and Siha now sees Kahn'a as another brother to her, she'd do anything for the male and knows that he would do the same. She misses him sorely these suns.
Kanaria Melkire : The wife of Osric, Siha finds herself not knowing much about Kanaria despite having been around her for almost her whole time in Ul'dah, the woman is as quiet as Siha is and kind to a fault as far as she can tell. She hopes to get closer to her in the future and really learn the woman whom Osric has pledged his life to.
Nahare Mergrey : Nahare is a recent acquaintance, step mother of Mikh'a and Ki's mate, but Siha has already pledged to protect and save her. Their first meeting showed the blonde how crazy the woman could be, albeit nice to her, and now she's seen her at her worst. After a long talk, pledges, and lulling the woman to sleep she can safely say that anyone wishing to hurt Nahare would have to go through her first. She's looking forward to finding out more about the woman, even if she does scare her just a bit.
Orenji Kharn : Another recent acquaintance from the Claws that Siha is eager to learn more about. She sees a kindred spirit in this boy and laments that he carries so much on his shoulders at such a young age. She has decided to do her best to give him what advice she can and try to be his personal healer should he be too stubborn to seek aid elsewhere. The more she speaks with him the more she learns how much he hides and hopes she can continue to foster hope in him. She has not seen him in moons.
Orpheus Arkouda : Orpheus was a Seeker that Siha had met only on occasion whenever he showed up to protect his charge, Ros, or at her behest. The two never spoke until Siha was thrown into turmoil and in her wandering happened to come upon the establishment that he ran, The Laughing Lady. Drinks and soft talks rendered the two inseparable after a time, Siha coming to his aid and the like as the moons wore on, until her gift imparted upon her his most intimate knowledge. This only reaffirmed her assumption that he needed her and though she's never openly told him she feels strongly for the pink haired male, knowing his own feelings are the same, she is careful with him.
Osric Melkire : Though the road has been rocky Siha counts Osric among the many people she calls family, and she deems the man someone she can trust, with invaluable wisdom. She can't help the slight image of him that she's built in her head of a man who is immovable by any threat, no matter how dangerous or tricky, Osric is simply stronger or trickier to her and it'd be hard to convince her otherwise. She worries about him but is glad to see him finally happy with the woman that he loves.
Roen Deneith : Yet another oath sibling to Siha, the young Miqo'te looks up to the red haired Roen and loves her just as deeply as if they were born of the same blood. She doesn't hesitate to confide anything to Roen and when she feels there is no one else to turn to knows that she can and will be able to turn to Roen for whatever she had need of. She worries after the woman like any sister and does her best to protect her despite the other woman's independent and strong streak. Yet another presence she finds herself missing sorely these suns.
Sasazi Sazi : A sweet, shy girl that Siha has grown fond of over time. She sees potential in Sazi and a kind heart that she hopes to shield from anything harmful, even if she doesn't think that will happen with her involvement with the Dauntless.
Seitsuda Gladepetal : A meeting by chance brought this Au Ra to her, and she thanks Nymeia each day that she crossed the strings of their paths. Seitsuda has become a strong, kind, and warm presence to Siha. She trusts him far more than she has most, even relenting when it comes to his requests to accompanying her or asking him along when she knows there will be danger. The two are still learning about one another and Siha finds herself interested to know what keeps him at their side. She laments not finding that out before the Au Ra went to find his own way but she is happy for him and his happiness with his mate, Narii.
Y'amra Tia : A stubborn yet charming Seeker. Their first meeting was 'rocky' to say the least and to date the two have had a string of meetings that seem to always be with one of them flat on their backs or hurt. After spending more time with the impulsive man and a fateful night of fun with their family that left them on their own the two have found themselves a pair. While she still thinks him brash and wild she has come to love that about him and she cannot see herself without the Seeker at her side. He has shown a far greater caring for her than she'd thought possible and she cherishes it. Woe to anyone who ever wishes him harm.
Zachary Evans : A hyur that first became a bodyguard and then a friend, Siha cares about him just as deeply as the rest of her family. Her feelings for him leave her confused as of late and she's not quite sure of her footing around him, but she knows no matter how she feels her caring will never change and her opinion of him will be unwavering. She firmly believes the man has a heart of gold and wants nothing more than to be a hero, she only hopes that one day he'll realize that he's good enough as he is.



Hiroki Kikuta - Secret of Mana (Main Theme)
NieR OST - This Dream (Main Theme 2)
Lizz - Ventus's Theme (Lullaby for Askier)
Amanda Seyfried(cover) - Lil Red Riding Hood (Grieving Hound's Theme)
Gregory & The Hawk - Boats & Birds (Erik's Theme)
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Amy Grant - Eye to Eye (Bartolomeo's Theme)
Reba McEntire - I'll Be (Roen's Theme)
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