Anton Borneheld

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 Anton Borneheld
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age 30
Marital Status Yes
Occupation Chef, Monster Hunter
Height/Weight 5'8, 180lbs/pnz
Orientation Yes
Guardian Oschon Icon.png Oschon, the Wanderer

(Updated as of 7/24/2018)

Once a struggling bandit of a child, then an orphaned survivor stranded in the jungle, he is now one with the pan and axe, a well-progressed triumph over his former lives.

Basic Info

This is the place where basic information goes about Anton. Problem is, that 'basic information' is scattered all about that page instead. ENJOY.


Strange clothing
Teasing, pranks, etc.


Pointless abuse
Burnt food
Sexually aggressive people
Being ignored
Useless people


Alignment: Neutral Good
Vice(s): Hats, cake, teasing his partner(s).
Favorite Food: Sandwiches.
Favorite Drink: Rolanberry tea. Dangit, Lily!
Favorite Color: Purple or silver.
Favorite Weapon: His axe, that doubles as a large meat tenderizer.
Favorite Climate: The beach. Sun. Maybe rain.

Appearance & Personality

Commonly seen these days wearing what looks like a black bodysuit, though closer inspection shows a parting at the midsection and wrists, just clothing of a similar material. Over that, a purple or silver jacket, complete with tie. Outside his home, he always has a mask on, a seemingly magitek piece that he makes a lot of bold claims about, though whether those claims are true or not remains to be seen.
During company affairs, he represents himself with a professional-looking knee-length silver coat, complete with a birdlike hood and mask combination that covers his head entirely. The Might & Magitek logo stands out proudly on his chest.
Green eyes, black hair, and a ton of scars all over his tanned skin make up the rest of his appearance. Each scar bears it's own significance, and he'll likely tell the story if asked. His hair still retains the purple highlighting that Aurelia left as a prank, though he's since renewed the coloring, remembering a happier time. These days, he prefers to hide his scars, wearing only reserved clothing in public, even down to the fully face-covering mask. Even in friendly company, it's all or nothing--No mask or identifying clothing, to the point that he's dressed in some sort of swimwear... or the mask and full outfit.
His experiences in the past few years have left their mark, and as a result Anton is a much more carefree individual, having decided to mostly retire from the dangerous monster hunting business... To settle down and become the tavernkeep he'd wanted to be. In this instance, it's a cafe--Not a tavern, but the end result is the same: Anton is happier, free to pursue his recipe experimentation and charity-work, and ultimately build a solid relationship with his partners.
In all, this new life has left him so much less stressed out on a daily basis, though the addition of two students in his work retinue do throw a wrench in things... Good or bad, only time will tell.


Early Childhood

Reasonably unknown at present. Recent information suggests that his father was an Ala Mhigan refugee, his mother an Ul'dahn prostitute. Father disappeared, unknown causes--Assumed dead? Mother resorted to an endless routine of work to make ends meet.

Late Childhood/Teenager

Only partially known at present. His mother became sick, almost definitely due to work habits. With his father out of the picture, Anton turned to thievery to help make money, to try and pay for medicine, but although he was able to pay off the fee for the medicine, he was required to work for the man who provided it in order to acquire it at the reduced price. Unfortunately, though, the medicine was a placebo, a fake, nothing but sugar pills--His mother died anyway. Anton tried to get revenge upon the dealer for giving him the shoddy medicine, but even more tragedy was thrown at him: His childhood girlfriend was forced to pay the price for his transgressions, first captured, then tortured to prove a point, and ultimately killed. Her death was kept a secret from Anton to try and keep him working for the dealer--Ever curious, though, Anton figured out what had happened fairly quickly, two of the dealer's thugs commenting on how one had 'gone too far'... And he left. He fled the city under the first caravan out, only revealing himself on arrival to Horizon, which gave the dealer, later, enough information to find that he had taken a boat out.
Anton's time in La Noscea was an interesting one, starting with the cleaning crew at the Bismarck, where he was eventually promoted to acquisitions, one of the guys handling ingredient procurement, trips out to the outlying settlements to trade. During his time he learned plenty of recipes and a good amount of methodology during those years, which lead to experimentation in his private time--He even accepted lower pay in order to gain time specifically to learn more. To accommodate the lessened pay (so that he could make rent and meals) he turned back to what he had learned earlier in life: Thievery. The problem there, though, lay in the fact that there existed a ruleset for thievery in Limsa Lominsa, and Anton quickly learned what that way of life meant. His time with the rogue's guild cut into his ability to keep a steady job at the Bismarck, and learn about the culinary world, so he chose to abandon the former amicably, and take on more lessons in between jobs of roguery.
He only had so long, though...


The dealer had decided to expand his business out to La Noscea, and unfortunately for Anton, that meant he only had a limited amount of time before he was found out--Certainly he'd be remembered! Under cover of night, he left. Untrained as he was, though, he didn't know how to survive outside the city, and headed first for Costa Del Sol to try and gain meaningful employment as an apprentice chef out there. He was brought on as a trial, a temporary hire to see how he would do--And was found to not make the cut. From there, he ran into the jungle, the wilds, the nigh untamed greenery.
It wasn't long before he started getting chased by the wildlife. At first it was easy, small birds and the like, but that didn't last: a coeurl had begun stalking him, and though it may have been a younger beast, and unsure of itself, it was still more than a match for the equally young knife-wielding ex-chef-learner. After two close encounters, Anton had managed to get himself up into a tree... And that was that. The coeurl was waiting, essentially starving him out, and the poor kid was sure he was dead, a goner, without any sort of reprieve.. But no, relief came in the form of a large roegadyn man, who not only dispatched the young beast with style, but helped Anton get down without breaking anything, and fed him nonetheless.
The roegadyn called himself Inquisitive Mentor, and after listening to Anton's story, he took the young man home with him, a tribe--clan? Group? Tiny village? of other roegadyn up further into the jungle, into the mountains. There, for what felt like years, he stayed with them, learning how to survive in the wilds, how to distinguish between medicinal and poisonous plants, and most importantly, how to fight. He'd seen the gladiators fight, even tried to learn how to use a shield, not that it stuck with him. He could use those knives of his, but that wasn't exactly a great weapon against larger beasties that lived in the wilds of La Noscea. Anton was paired up with Mentor's son, Knotted Iron, as he was the best fit as a training partner for the hyur, being a smaller stature, younger roegadyn. They trained extensively on archery and axework, and the midlander even made an effort to show off how to use a shield... But it wasn't exactly a professional quality demonstration.
Knotted Iron and Anton became fast friends, and regularly went on forays out into the wilds together, both to explore, to learn about the surrounding area, and to hunt. It was on one of these trips that they returned to the village... Only to find that it had been ransacked. No survivors that they could find, and anything that hadn't been taken was trashed, burnt and destroyed beyond any chance of recovery. Anton's time with the rogues suggested it was a band of pirates, and the village was near a river, with tracks leading to and from... But not who the pirates were.
The only survivor they definitively knew about was Iron's father, Mentor, who had gone on one of his regular trips far out across the world, and was not due to return for over a month yet. They didn't know where he'd gone, but prior to leaving the big man had expressed interest in two areas: Kugane, in the Far East... And the Cataclysm damage site known as the Burning Wall. The two decided to split up, try and find Mentor to inform him of what had happened with Iron heading to the Far East, and Anton to Thanalan, as he already knew the area there. Anton... Did not mention his past to Iron, and had in fact figured he'd be mostly forgotten on his return there, given the time that had passed them by.

The Return to Thanalan

Anton's first stop on his arrival back in Vesper Bay was to pick up supplies and a chocobo, putting his thievery skills to great use amongst the denizens of the small town to quickly and quietly secure himself passage up to the Burning Wall... But there was no mention, not even a whisper, of Mentor having come through there. Disappointed, Anton headed back to Ul'dah to see about finding himself any more information. Instead, he found himself more misfortune: The dealer did indeed remember him. He was taken, tortured and... Once more, turned into a worker for the deranged lalafell. Anton didn't know any better, and was still afraid of the little man and his crew. He worked as a thug now, a debt collector, a thief, and on occasion.. A hitman. On more than one occasion, he ran into a mischevious miqo'te thief, but never got a name out of her, but over time her pranks helped break his conditioning to the lalafell, and when the dealer found that he'd been trading sugar cubes for scant conversation, Anton was brought back in for further breaking.
All Anton remembers of that time is a quantity of body parts, blood everywhere, and the definitive, unquestionable knowledge that the dealer and his two main officers were dead.

Recent Past

Turns out, that the thief had a name: Tikka Swift. After his final incident with the dealer, she pulled yet another prank on him, an attempt to steal his sword. She stuck around for an actual conversation this time, and in the end, invited Anton to join her free company, the Radical Dreamers. A name that assuredly makes not a lick of sense to him, but he didn't particularly care--He gained friends there. He gained family there. His experience with the dealer killed what memory he had of his prior life, and he fully embraced his new one. He worked as a melee instructor and chef for the most part, occasionally playing nursemaid to those with only superficial wounds when the true medical heroes, such as his adoptive sister, Kiipa Nulstat, were busy. He regularly clashed with Gen Quickpaw, the leader of the company.. Generally over matters of simple nature, yet unable to come to a simple conclusion. One minor facet that he enjoyed, though not an official position, is his job of wrangling the new folks in for a drink and an introduction. Between cooking and tending bar, treating wounds, and teaching, he was a regular in most walks of the estate life.
He managed to gather himself up a girlfriend. This, unfortunately, didn't last nearly as long as anyone was hoping--Even bystanders had high hopes for the two, Misha Jinhri and Anton, but after only a month, Misha left on a quest of soul-searching, to find herself. When she came back, things had changed... And the two, while remaining pleasant friends, were no longer a couple as a result of the findings of that journey, and the time apart. His love-life has remained relatively shattered from then on, progressing onto a helpless puppy love over his best friend, to constant flings with folks from around the company and his side job with the Obsidian Coterie. He thought he'd found something in his boss, Sumari Polaali, but that had turned south when she refused to believe that she could ever come out from under the shadow that Kiipa left.
He'd tried to mend fences with any number of previous relationships, even trying his damndest to love the smith, Katja Hoax, the person who helped keep him steady after Kiipa abandoned him.. But it was all for naught. His friendships had dwindled to a shadow of what they were, as had his romantic relationships.. His sister barely gave him the time of day, though her daughter, Inelaa Locte seemed to adore him.. In all of this, he managed to find a blooming flower of a girlfriend in Suna Rokuyari, all by telling her to not take drugs from strangers..
He was distraught when his sister fell ill, and pledged himself to doing anything and everything he could to find a way to free her from the voidsent infesting her body, but in the end, he felt helpless, and relegated himself to instead making sure her family, his nieces and nephews, were well taken care of.
Multiple incidents related to his poor manners Anton was fired from the company, now known as Might and Magitek, and was left in a momentary lurch. He turned to sleeping in dark street corners, hunting larger and larger beasts to keep his mind off of life in general. Over time, Aurelia Aerowind the tiny cake-gobbling Au Ra murderlizard he'd met during an incident where he had to protect a student from a crazed swordswoman, dragged him to her friends.. And her friends brought him into their company. As a whole, those friends shoved Aurelia and Anton together as a couple rather hastily. During this time he still regularly visited his sister, sneaking around her guardian when necessary... But it did not last much longer, the sleeping sister or the relationship with Aurelia. Happily, Kiipa woke up, though a vastly changed person... And less happily, Anton and Aurelia broke things off. Neither of them were ready for a relationship.


For a while, Anton wandered from place to place, generally serving as an odd-job chef for people, a cook on the go. There was an attempt made to run a moogle-themed bar with some friends, but it didn't pan out very well. He kept up his martial teaching lessons, and one such student came back to bite him--In a good way. Lune Vormold, the avid lance learner he'd taken on so long ago, who'd kept up with her lessons non-stop, decided that she wanted to go on a date with Anton, and from there a happy relationship blossomed and still, to this day, kept growing--He'd even proposed to her. At the moment, she was still stuck under contract with her job, but... Things change. With the money he'd made he eventually managed to establish a home of his own near the beach in the Mist, originally intending it just as a place to live, for him and Lune. An executive decision was made after some time, and he turned his new home into his own place: A cafe on the top level, with hidden living quarters underneath for himself. The cafe was originally established as 'Born to Hold Eatery'... But before it's doors even opened for the first time, while he was offering lessons out of his home still, an old acquaintance showed up at his door.
Emmette Stringers, the person who'd hired him to work for the Obsidian Coterie, once upon a time.. And then, subsequently, fired him without any sort of proper cause, only to offer his assistant at the time his job.. And then some. That's who was now just inside his home, asking about cooking lessons. They had a long talk, but eventually came to an agreement: Yes, he would teach her, but he was not going to go easy on her. He didn't think she'd take the lessons seriously, and figured he'd get rid of her that way.
He was wrong. She not only took to those lessons seriously, she signed on to be his assistant at the newly branded Purple Pom Parlour cafe. Anton's luck was moving on up in the world. To compound things, the prior executive's demeanor had changed dramatically. She was a bountiful source of happiness, and flirted heavily with Anton regularly, to the point that issues arose between her and Lune... Only to be settled by the latter deciding that, if things were going to be like that, she would share.. But only with Emmette.
Of course, as yet, nothing has come of that but ridiculous teasing and flirting, as Emmette was now engaged to one Ramius Raske.


Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"He keeps saying he's an axe murderer, but I see no axe..."
"He just won't stop staring at me..."
"Is he.. Even there? He's not paying attention."
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"Where did that axe come from? He wasn't holding it a moment ago.."
"He looks, but doesn't touch. So odd.."
"Hey! He stole bread from me a while ba--Wait, is it him? He looks so well kept.."
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
Those with a criminal history may know of his prior history with the dealer.
Those who have met Mentor, or know of the tribals he visited, may see something similar in Anton.
For someone that claims years of Bismarck training, he's not been listed on their rosters as a chef.. Ever.
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)
"He has a mustache, and everyone knows that mustaches mean you're evil. I keep waiting for his sinister plot to unfold, so that I can be there with a smug 'I told you so.' Well, unless his sinister plot involves blowing up Eorzea. ...Gosh, do you think his sinister plot involves blowing up all of Eorzea?" - Tikka Swift
"Things have changed between us. I hope we can move on from the past and still be friends." - Misha Jinhri
"Anton? There's too much to be said, and not nearly enough time. There are moments I feel a deep sadness for him, because I watched his loyal heart break. Things could have been different... and I know things are hard, but he doesn't run. For that, if nothing else, he will always be my dearest friend." - Kiipa Nulstat
"He's... kind. I-I know he doesn't look it, and he looks more... well, he's intimidating. But under that... he's got a good heart, I think." - Lune Vormold
"Hm, who? OH! That adorable little shite! One o' those Dreamers. Makes a damn fine meal, stuck up for me an' mine, and doesn' much mind m' drinks on his tab! Or, I think he doesn'... Not that ye mention it, no' quite sure he even knows they're there..." - N'herys Kavvah
"Anton!? I-I could go on and on about Anton. He's the best cook there is and he is very nice. He's also quite playful, he can lighten the mood with his sunny attitude...that's my favorite part about him!" - Suna Rokuyari
"Funny guy, whole lot he knows, plenty he can do. Nice to be around, hard to see why anyone would dislike him, but uh. Well, I dunno. Either way, spend some time with him and I think the day will get a bit brighter for it." - Alasarnil Harrison
Chef Anton by Suna Rokuyari


Romantic Interest Sexual Interest Platonic Love Good Standing Neutral Standing Trainee Poor Standing

Lune Vormold : One of the most dutiful of his students, she still trains with Anton regularly--But he does not consider her a trainee anymore, instead a friend... And then some, given that he's since proposed to her at least once, and has stolen her away on many dates. Stolen indeed, as she was still under contract with the boss that had originally sent her off to Anton for training, the same boss who was oh-so-very strict about her whereabouts... Not that Anton cared, as he regularly kidnapped her off the manor grounds, an agreement in place with the head of the guard core hired to that building. Occasionally, Lune even works at the P3 cafe to help him out.
Emmette Stringers : Once upon a time, he worked for her as a temporary chef to get her culinary house in order. She fired him after a month, citing his inability to accomplish anything or even show up as her reasoning, when in reality he had worked with her company just about every day to get things in order, even going so far as to plan out and teach an entire new menu line that more fit the skills of her chef. After some time, the tables turned, and she came to Anton seeking, ironically, culinary instruction. She'd lost her company and her demeanor had changed to a much more meek individual.. At least at first. Over time, the two grew rather close, enough to threaten a hazard in his romantic life with Lune... But the lovely little spearwoman offered to share Anton with Emmette if it came to that. At current, no such thing has, but Emmette still works at the P3 cafe as Anton's assistant.
Kiipa Nulstat : The woman who's done so much to help Anton live a fulfilling life, and the one who he always feels the burning need to make proud. She was his sister, not by blood but by choice--And he loved her fiercely, knowing full well that if ever there came a time where a choice had to be made, her life or his, he'd not hesitate to keep her safe until his end.
Aurelia Aerowind : The little lady who kept him sane after he lost his job with the Radical Dreamers, they met in a bar, working together to take down a particularly murderous swordswoman... And were pushed together as a couple recently by one of Aurelia's friends, Mayuri Kotonoha. They dated for a while, but mutually decided that they weren't fit for each other, though Anton very much adores her still, the angry little cake-monster that she is.
Suna Rokuyari : All he'd said was that she shouldn't take drugs from strangers, no matter what they said the drugs could do. The side-effects could be terrifying... And sure enough, they were. The little lizard girl came to visit Anton at the Dreamer estate regularly afterward, eventually signing on as his assistant in chefliness... And from there, his lover. The relationship did not last long, unfortunately, as she felt that he deserved better than she could offer--But they are still great friends, nonetheless.
Attika Nianu : Attika was Anton's star student--Whether that's because she was the only one that stuck around, or because she actually does a good job controlling herself, who knows. She has since traveled to Ishgard and back, occasionally studying with Anton on further combat techniques.
Inelaa Locte : At first, she was just the target of his retrieval mission into the Shroud. As he started adding things up, though, it became more and more clear.. Inelaa was Kiipa's daughter. Being that Kiipa had adopted Anton as her brother, that made Inelaa his niece.. And he hasn't taken a single moment extra to start showering her in gifts, ranging from giant stuffed animals to clothing and a book on combat arts--Specifically, around archery. The teenager has done a ton for his self-esteem, and has on her own proven that she's already enough of a woman to handle a crowd of horny people at a poetry slam! She's even surprised him with her skill at entertaining, performing a monster-class spooky song to a large crowd of onlookers with ease... And apparently, now has children!
Sumari Polaali : She was, and still is, his boss. For a while, they had a romantic thing going on, until she couldn't take it anymore and.. Basically bailed out of it. He wanted to keep things going, but she couldn't believe that Anton would ever love anyone aside from Kiipa, and so couldn't handle the relationship. He gave her time, and tried again months later, but though she was momentarily receptive, it was not to be.
Tikka Swift : The mischievous little brat who'd essentially saved his life, through and through again so early on. He became a reliable source of sugar cubes for her, and joined her free company when she invited him in. As far as he's concerned, if anything ever happened to her or any of her gaggle of children, he'd go on a rampage. Initially, after that original invitation, he considered an attempt at a relationship of sorts with her, but decided against it rather quickly, understanding just how young she was in actuality, and what her life was like--He didn't want to add to the complications.
Katja Hoax : Once upon a time, they fucked like bunnies over a contract deal. That broke, as did their relationship afterward--One that Anton tried hard to mend after he realized his errors. He failed in that endeavour, his own mind messing him up time and time again... She has since found herself in a relationship with a dragoon from Ishgard, who he has great respect for.
Gen Quickpaw : Gen was one of Anton's favorite people to have around. He respected the man, even with as much shit as they threw at each other--He's now Kiipa's side-man, though it's more seeming like she's just been absorbed into Gen's family all in all. Gen is, for all intents and purposes a brother-in-law of sorts, being Kiipa's lover... And over time, Anton and he have figured things out between themselves, and are.. Friends, though not exactly best of.
Tallera Weaver : Crazy voodoo sorceress. Anton ran across her one day, and since then, every time they meet up, somethin' crazy happens--Or they count the whores inside the Quicksand. One or the other. She seems fair convinced that she's a zombie, but he's not convinced--He does know, however, that she /really/ likes watching the stars. Of course, this became quite a bit more clear when he realized that the woman was, in fact, an Ishgardian Astrologian--A star-mancer-mage-wizard. He's got quite a bit of respect for the girl, and what she's been able to pull off, lately. On top of all that, he now works with the crazy woman as his side job, hunting down exotic beasties for parts--And in turn, he hires her for jobs regarding more magical skill.
Misha Jinhri : Misha, Misha, Misha. They met as a result of Tikka jumping off a balcony and Anton following her, but they hit it off easily. And, with Leif dodging out of getting a drink with the three of them, they realized that they clicked fairly well... So, they went on a date. And then another one. And decided that, regardless of how fast they were or weren't going, they'd try their hand at being a couple. It didn't work out, but the two are still friends. Or.. They were, anyway. After a long stretch of nothing but disrespect, he's not sure what to do with her anymore.
Felix Cyprus : One of the first people he met in the Dreamers. A stoic guardsman, now turned.. Stoic fistfighter? He wasn't sure what to make of the tall, dark, and lovely man at times, but he did try to call the man a friend.
Sarantuya Avagnar : Generally solemn, but inquisitive Au Ra lady who regularly sampled the crazy recipes Anton produced from the FC kitchen. Lengthy conversations about the world and what was in it.
Jeros Redd : Jeros. Technically? Jeros was his superior in terms of both free and grand company. Anton worked with the Maelstrom--So did Jeros, only for much longer. Same, too, with the Dreamers. Nonetheless, Jeros is helping to get the big guy back into fighting shape, after a nasty run-in with a particularly devastating voidsent. Indeed, they very much teach each other. Recently, he's been helping the man put together his past, and helping him unfold his future as a trainee armorer.
Runa Sweet : After some time without a trainee, Anton happened upon Runa at a beach party for Emmette's company.. And, one thing lead in to another, and the company leader essentially asked him to help teach Runa how to swing a sword, and perhaps get some finesse training while he was at it. Runa, as it was, seemed to be an attentive student and followed direction with minimal question... So far.


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