Gen Quickpaw

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 Gen Quickpaw
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age early thirties
Marital Status In a Threelationship
Occupation Treasure hunter/"Archeologist"/Dusk Dancer
Height/Weight Taller than Pyha'to / 174 lbs
Orientation Straight
  • W'tharo Tia (Father)
  • W'Rana Melos (Mother)
    • Shiro Quickpaw (son)
    • Tarra Quickpaw (daughter)
    • Sumi Vee Quickpaw (daughter)
    • Rana Ari Quickpaw (daughter)
    • Aitana Quickpaw-Locte (daughter)
    • Genji Quickpaw-Locte.(son)
    • Khaala Quickpaw-Locte.(daughter)
    • Cherry (adopted daughter)
    • Isaac "Zack" Quickpaw (Son, possibly, probably.. most likely, by mystery mother)

I want to be the kind of person you all seem to think I am.

Basic Info


Training and exercise
Jokes and teasing




Has a very strict, if odd moral code
Highly polyamourous, though has tried to tone that back
Despite his martial proficiency, he prefers cunning and wit
Big lightweight and shouldn't be allowed to drink much.


If one would ask Gen what he does, there's a pretty good chance one'd be given a shrug, a smile and a "You know, bit of everything really." But the truth is as usual a bit different depending on who you ask.

Some would say a loving father, caring husband. Devoted to his family and his training. Some would say, a reckless hero, constantly trying to push himself to his physical and mental limits to do what's right. Then, Some would say an unrepentant scoundrel and womanizer who can't handle his drinks. And they'd pretty much all be right.

At his worst, Gen has been a drunken fool, pretty content to take any woman into his bed, damn the consequences, and prone to rushing headfirst into battle to prove himself. At his best. He is a selfless, caring and thoughtful man who just wants peace and quiet to raise his children and support those in his employ. With the weakness of loving a bit too much.. and many.


Gen doesn't have any features that would immediately draw anyones eyes, and at a first glance he doesn't appear to have much bulk either, but strip him down to his undies and one can see that constant training has built his body for a near perfect balance of strength, agility and speed. His recent years in Ul'dah and the Goblet has darkened his skin as well. His brown/red hair is usually in a calculated mess atop his head. The one feature most would take not of is that one eye is golden, the other, icey blue, almost seeming to glimmer like frost in the right angle.


Half-good carpenter, and somewhat of a tinkerer. He may not understand the workings of machinery, magitek or otherwise, but he has little problem making copies of parts, having helped company members make rifle barrels, gears and similar, he also enjoys goldsmithing, often taking up the tools when he needs to clear his mind. Has a fair grasp on history and archeology, as he's supported his mother in that field for most of his adult life. Also quite fond of making jewlry for the women in his life.


Gen has been trained since youth, and keeps training in his familys style of martial arts Most likely something that has been developed from monks as it incorporates both spirituality and training regimens not unlike theirs. Although Gen's more keen on the physical side of things and only skims the spiritual, still he has an above basic grasp of chi and chakras, and is able to use it to empower himself.




Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"Don't bother talking to him when there's a pretty lady entering the room, he won't hear you."-Various friends
Often shows up dusty and tired at the Quicksand.
Rarely angered.
Gave a man a concussion for badmouthing his girlfriend.
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"Says he's a calm fella, only lookin' after his family and company.. do hope he found that peace"
"The man's got a bloody clan.. or tribe of lil ones. But he looks real pissy if ya call'im a nunh."
Some say his mom taught him how to fight.
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"I saw him in an alley, surrounded by unconcious.. or -dead- men, a black haired Miqo'te girl pulled him away from them!"
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)
"His name's short for 'General'. He's actually secretly an undercover warlord, and head of a soon-to-be-marauding faction of renegades that plan to rampage across all of Eorzea and claim it for the homeland. Lock up your wives and daughters!" -Tikka Swift
"Gen did it." - Arianne Soren
"Gen definitely did it." -Tikka Swift
"Gen?, not sure who that is but I don't think he did it" -Some guy who was definately not Gen in disguise.
"The man really can't hold his liquor, and doesn't really weigh his odds before placing a wager. He does mix a good drink though. ...I think. I can't quite remember. Um, what was the question? Oh, Gen? Yes, I'm reasonably certain that he did, in fact, do it." -Sumari Polaali
"I like to think Gen is my new drinking buddy!" - Mimiko Miyuki
"Gen is a great guy. He's always been there for me, lookin' out for me ta' make sure I'm well. I couldn't ask for a better friend than him." - Misha Jinhri
"Gen seems really nice. Surprisingly nice, actually, I was not expecting to find someone that would help me. Not with the mess I've gotten myself into." - L'nessa Kasah
"Tha' man is a blessin'. Willin' to defend me an' mine, when I'm still not quite certain we weren' th' ones who started the argument t' begin with. He's fierce and protective, far as I can tell, and damn fun t' be around at a bar. Has humour for malms and enjoys runnin' off old bruises. I'm lookin' forward to gettin' t' know 'im better." - N'herys Kavvah
"It's rare that I change my mind about a sandcat, let alone one with Gen's history of first impressions... but the friendship we have now is something valuable. Make no mistake, there are times I want to grab him by the ear and twist until the point is made, but I'm glad we've come as far as we have. I trust him, and I'm glad he trusts me." - Kiipa Nulstat


Romantic Interest     Platonic love      Good Standing     Poor Standing
Star Flicker :

The mother of his son, and although they've separated, Gen will always hold the woman dear. And regrets that he couldn't be the kind of man she needed.

Arianne Soren :

Gen senses a kindred spirit in Ari, both of them having a practical approach to morals, while still staying on the side of "good" Even if Gen is more in the grey zone than she seems to be. They share interests such as alcohol and women. Gen pretty much considers Ari his closest friend, and knows he can go to her about anything, even if it's just to tell him he's an idiot.

Tikka Swift

Tikka is Gens mate, his wife, and the air he breathes, despite the pairs earlier hedonistic tendencies, they've both come to settle down with one another in a -- not completely monogamous relationship.. just a slightly less polyamorous one. He's utterly devoted to his little firecracker, and their three children.

Misha Jinhri

Once a brief aquaintance, and not much more, Misha slowly entered his life as she offered to listen to his troubles, and by being there for him when Tikka disappeared. A favor he wanted to return when she entered a rough patch in her life, the two of them growing close though hardships and some lighter moments as well. He cares deeply for her. Counting her among his closest friends, and is probably a bit overprotective around her, not wanting her to get hurt again.

Oksana Vankraft

Gen met Oksana, or "V" through the Free company. They didn't have much interaction until recently when V was attacked by a man, carrying an cursed ancient dagger Gen had unearthed. This resulted in V being cursed herself, and later possessed, something Gen felt an awful amount of guilt for. The possession also shook Gens own memories, remembering his past, and making him sympathize even more with the woman, and their friendship just seem to keep growing. And even as she has departed to whereabouts unknown, he often finds himself looking up to the skies with a smile. Certain that she's doing well out in the world.

Mia Sasano

"Sis" Gen found himself discussing his martial arts, and Mias magical skills outside their old company house. Since then they've both been seen talking to one another on several occasions about just about anything, life, philosophy, their pasts and what the future might hold. Through hardships and trials, Their closeness has just grown and he now considers her a sister.

Pyha'to Polaali

Gen met Pye the day Tikka was kidnapped, and was initially suspicious of the young lancer. But when Gen learned Pye was Tikkas older brother, Gen instead felt awkward, due to his ongoing relationship with her. Things have mellowed out somewhat and the raid at L'kharjas volcano did even more for their budding friendship. He does think the young keeper is a bit to serious for his own good, but if Gen ever recognized someone as a brother, it'd be this man.

Sumari Polaali

Lovely Sumi, Tikka's sister and Gens closest working associate. The girl has been indespensable in his efforts to structure the company from the ground up. And as a friend and part of the family. They've been close since Tikka's kidnapping and can now often be found working late nights together, almost certainly planning for whatever comes next for the company.

L'nessa Kasah

Gen doesn't know where he has the young seeker at all, and has begun to think that it may be for the best, as she never really seemed to adapt to his life. Still, he misses her, but wont chase her down anymore, feeling it might just lead to heartache for either party.. or well, that was the plan til Nessa showed up at his doorstep again, after an awkward moment or two, they both got along swimmingly again.

Jeros Redd

Jeros was probably the man Gen had known the longest in his close circle, he respected the mans experience, and while he sometimes thought the old codger could be a bit of a stickler for rules and regulations, he was his friend. Sadly, Jeros fell in battle while fighting for his, and in a way, Gens own homeland. Ala Mhigo. Aside from an initial response of beating the shit out of a traning dummy and a certain poor Ishgardian knight in a sparring match. He just has not said much since then.

Kiipa Nulstat

Kiipa.. from the start she seemed to come from a completely different puzzle from the one Gen was laying, but as time went by, both realized just how well they got along despite their differences. Then, through a slow process of being friends and confidants, to lovers. To becoming the mother of his triplets and essentialy another wife together with Tikka, something the red-headed thief only encouraged hoping for more babies to the evergrowing family.

Anton Borneheld

Constantly opinionated, stuck-up knowitall.. that's pretty much Gens thoughts on Anton.. and while he does know the man has a point every now and then, for some reason, Anton has a way of making Gens temper flare easily.

Glory Delmyr and Sarantuya Bairon

The two sort of flow together to Gen, a heroic pair of misfits of diminuitive intelligence. Gen ahs taken both girls under his wing, and has gone from reluctant boss to straight up overprotective big brother for the two. Wether it is to lend a calm ear to Sara or to rein in Glorys rampant heroical tendencies. .. Or to pull their tails as a proper big brother would.

J'muya Sihgu Quite the surprise as Gen got the letter from his father. "You have a cousin in Ul'dah, and I've sent her your way through her father." Gen has heard little of his fathers siblings to begin with, so to learn that he had am actual swarm of them in the J' tribe was a welcome shock. For now he's only met 'Muya, but the initial meeting was amicable and he'd looking forward to learning more about her.


"Shot to the heart"