Mhastoum Greingohtsyn

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Mhastoum Greingohtsyn
Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolf
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 29
Name Day 24th Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon
Guardian Rhalgr, the Destroyer
Free Company The Gullwings
Occupation Bodyguard

Baseline Information

Server: Balmung

Pronunciation: Mahss-tomb Grine-gott-sin

Height: 7'6"

Eyes: Jade

Hair: Grey

Status: Single

Sexuality: Gay as shit.

Appearance: Mhastoum stands proud and tall over his Free Company, often seen with his hands on his hips, chest proudly puffed out. Previously, he had been seen in midnight blue gauntlets and greaves paired with blue-and-grey shawl and loincloth. Now, he clads himself in ashen grey armour from head to toe, armed with the steel broadsword that ran him through. The Roegadyn's oddly-wrinkled face and greyed hair shows age beyond his years. A swipe of dark grey warpaint lines the underside his right eye, more for show than anything practical.


Mhastoum spent most of his young life in a small village outside Limsa Lominsa working under his father as a fisherman. When the Calamity struck, his father perished along with the land. Forced to seek refuge in Lominsa for two years, Mhastoum suffered as many others had due to Dalamud's fall. Two years was enough - he set foot for Ul'dah, hoping to find better conditions there. He would have been wrong, had he not happened upon an elderly Lalafell lady: Jojoka Joka. He escorted her back to the city, where she took him in. It was unnecessary, but Jojoka enjoyed the company. The journey to his new home had awakened a desire within him - to protect others. To protect them as he could not protect his parents, could not protect his friends, could not protect himself.

For the next three years, Mhastoum studied at the Gladiator's Guild. Under Jojoka's tutelage as well, the Roegadyn quickly learned the art of the sword and shield. He thought he was ready to protect those he cares for. Or, at least, approaching being ready. It was only three years of training, after all.

The excitement of his newfound goal in life led to him adopting his 'heroic' persona, pridefully strutting around Ul'dah for the sake of the Gullwings. This hubris was short-lived, as a quick sojourn to a dangerous artifact left Celiana Snow (a young Hyur Gullwings researcher) dead and Mhastoum gouged right through the abdomen. Since that day, Mhastoum has strived to atone for his grievous mistake, but his resolve is obviously shaken.

As of late, Mhastoum has begun recovering from said ordeal. He still has not forgiven himself, but he bares his abdominal scar openly as a reminder to himself never to let his ego overtake him again. He continues to serve as the vanguard of the Gullwings, proudly protecting all those within who would need it.


Mhastoum is now a rather quiet individual. Though slivers of his previous sarcastic and joking nature bubble up occasionally, the sea wolf is content to rest in the Gullwings estate for when he is needed. If anyone is in need of help or care, he would be the first on the scene to make sure everything and everyone was okay. He cares very deeply for his free company and those within it. Has recently picked up the strange quirk of dressing up in odd costumes to facilitate the spread of joy (and possibly confusion), because who wouldn't love a big buff bara moogle?

Free Company

First and foremost, Mhastoum is allied with The Gullwings. This is where his full loyalty and dedication lies. He is also technically allied with Ul'dah by proxy of citizenship, but his allegiance is undoubtedly with his Free Company.


Aran'sae Dia: His most trusted leader of the Gullwings. Though stern and not easily excitable, Mhastoum holds high regard for his leader, and would do whatever was asked of him. Treasures his friendship dearly.

Yuyuni Yuni: The two have not had too much time to talk, but the casual conversations they share go over quite well. He loves her can-do attitude.

Ivetta Greysteele: A dear friend of both Aran'sae and Mhastoum. Has not seen her around much as of late, but definitely loves her company.

Mipije Papije: They share a thirst for knowledge and exploration, it seems they get along rather well! They shared a rousing conversation over the nature of cactuars, and occasionally discuss the wonders of Eorzea together. Their relations have strained with recent events. Mhastoum hopes that, one day, Mipije can trust him to be the valiant protector he once was again, but he does not expect forgiveness any time soon.

T'kehe Tia: Mhastoum worries about the shy, skittish Seeker. He believes he is doing some good by helping him with his Archery, and it seems to be having an impact. Wants to talk more.

Nathaniel Rhys (L'tehz Tia): Mhastoum almost sees Nathaniel as a little botanical brother. One that's in love with his closest friend, indeed, but that means all the more fun the roegadyn can have at the Seeker's expense.

Naoh'ra Ohndai: Although easily irritable, Mhastoum has found a strange gentleness in the odd Keeper, and enjoys spending time just talking with him in the bath.


V'arae Tia: As their interactions have been limited, Mhastoum is not sure what to think of the sickly little Seeker. He was nice, yes, but did not know when to quit. Generous, yes, but perhaps almost to a fault? He would have to talk more.

Q'iloh Nunh: Unfamiliar with the miqo'te outside of his induction to the Gullwings and his relation to V'arae.

V'yhaar Nunh: Unfamiliar with the miqo'te outside of his induction to the Gullwings and his relation to V'arae.

Livvy Ahtynwyb: Has respect for his fellow shield-bearer, but knows little of her.


None, as of yet.

Other Relations

X'vett Nunh: Apparently accosted Aran'sae in a crowd once, but the whole thing was a misunderstanding. A few choice words back and forth, and now the two have made up.

X'nala Rahz: Bumped into once and offered a fish his friend found in a rock. There's some semblance of a kinship between them now. Some strange form of forehead-fist bumping now serves as their greeting.


"I heard he's the one under that moogle mask."

"I see him brooding sometimes. It's most unlike him."

PC Rumours (feel free to add!)

  • "Mhastoum looks like he will break you into 2, and then break those 2 into 8, and those 8 into 512! However, he is actually not quite so violent! ...or quite so cubed." -Mipije Papije
  • "Mhastoum carries many burdens. I only hope that his back bears the strength to carry them all." -Aran'sae Dia
  • "Big, tall, strong man to chase the monsters away? Mmmm... big, strong man hides his fear... Hides his shame... I can taste the regret like sweet cakes and candies." - Pimrhi Dia
  • "Ah, Mhastoum. What a lovely face. Truly, I can't think of anyone with prettier eyes! One of my favorite patients." -- Shadowy Blossom
  • "-whispering- B I R D S. He has the most beautiful toasty chocobo I've ever seen! I'm a little disappointed he's already bonded that colour is to die for!" -- Nonopiro Yeyepiro

Other Notes/Trivia

His mother died in childbirth, and his father died in the Calamity.