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"If I left you all alone, would you still pick up the phone? It's iffy you miss me.”
― Childish Gambino, Telegraph Ave.

9/28/2018: I have retired Arata as an in-game character. You are welcome to request her for Discord RP, but I will no longer play her in-game.






PRONUNCIATION: Uh-raw-tuh Maht-soo-oh-kuh.

NICKNAMES: Ara, Owlet, Ice Queen.

RACE & CLAN: Au Ra, Raen.

GENDER: Female.

AGE: Twenty-four (24).

NAMEDAY: 28th Sun of the Fifth Umbral Moon.

HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 5 Fulms 2 Ilms, 96Ponz. Thin, almost dangerously so.




RESIDENCE: Apartment in Shirogane.

GENERAL HEATH: Ill, but her symptoms are managed.

OCCUPATION: Healer, scholar, and maid.

PATRON DEITY: Dawn Father.

ALIGNMENT: Lawful Neutral.


SERVER: Balmung (NA Legacy).

Arata Matsuoka, simply called Ara by some, was born on the 28th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon. Arata grew up in the nation of Doma, living a peaceful enough life. However, like the other Domans, she was forced to flee to Eorzea when the Garlean Empire came and destroyed her home. A novice Arcanist and something of a scholar, Arata is best with healing magic, believing there to be 'enough people who are capable of causing hurt in this world'. While she is still learning the ways, she is competent, and it seems that she will be a strong Arcanist someday.



Eyes Hair Skin Body Type Voice
Light gray with cyan limbal rings. Cyan with periwinkle tips. Porcelain blue. Frail. Looks possibly ill. Very thin. Higher pitched, though deeper than most Raen.
Laterality Scars Tattoos & Piercings Style
Left-handed. None. None. Usually wearing an oversized coat.

Arata is a rather pretty Raen, blessed with very symmetrical features. She has a sharp, triangular jaw, covered in the beautiful white scales of any Raen. Her lips are thinner, as well as her nose, its bridge also hidden by her scales. Her icy gaze is angular, somewhat sultry in appearance. Her horns curve neatly around her head, coming toward her chin. Near her temples sit two small, black horns, poking out of her hair. She has bangs which sit on her brows, cut straight across. Along either side of her face rest two longer locks, the rest cut into a layered sort of bob which tapers off at the nape of her neck to meet more scales.

Arata is an alarmingly thin, not physically intimidating in the slightest. At 5 fulms and 2 ilms, however, she stands tall her her gender and race. On her thighs, twisting around her calves and onto her feet, lie more scales atop porcelain skin. Arata is incredibly pale, her skin with a faint grayish-blue tint to it. Her movements are always seeming calculated, as if every step she took was planned; as such, she keeps her head held high with an air of mystique and confidence around her. The woman tends to keep to herself, though.

Her voice is deeper than most Auri females, and it doesn't help she tends to speak in a fairly monotone, disinterested voice. Her speech is always formal, no matter the situation, and she seems to always be thinking of what to say. Arata is incredibly inquisitive, though her tone would never give it away. She asks many questions, and expects just as many answers. If she can't find an answer, she'll simply find it later.

Due to her company typically being books, the Raen often smells of them -- like the scent of a library, a bit dusty with a hint of glue. She takes to burning cinnamon incense in order to keep such a smell away, and typically smells like a mixture of smoke and the spice.



Detached. Inquisitive. Eccentric. A peculiar young Raen, it is rare that Arata approaches someone unless it is to ask a question. She has an odd tendency to be overly formal and socially awkward, due to her upbringing. Arata tends to judge others harshly for their actions, seeing things as very black and white, and from a purely logical approach. The Raen genuinely does enjoy speaking to people, though she finds it difficult to do so. She tends to observe over interact, unless something about someone is notably off.

Getting to know Arata is a long process, and one that requires extensive patience. She has been previously described as a frozen lake -- icy on top, with deep waters below -- or perhaps akin to a defrosting ice queen. There is plenty that goes on in her mind, and she describes it as simply 'being loud in her brain'. It is difficult for her to communicate her thoughts effectively, and those she considers dear will find a strange, though loyal, friend.



A little about yourself.


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I will

Combat RP. One-shot RP. Long-term RP. Dramatic plots. Heavy, feeling-driven plots. Romance. Sexual Tension. Serious injury. Temporary injury and incapacitation of mind or body. Temporary captivity or imprisonment. Assassination attempts. Rivalries. Deep platonic friendships.

I Will Not

ERP. Allow Lore Breaking. Allow my character to be killed. Injury that will leave my character incapacitated. Allow godmodding. OOCly planned romances, except under special circumstances.


Torture that leaves behind lasting, long-term effects (aka, longer than 3 months). Long-term and/or permanent injury. Long-term captivity or imprisonment. Significant tampering of the mind. Anything that is dramatically character-changing, or may have extremely negative implications for my character.


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