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 Asheloux Haton
Ashe 60.jpg
"You cannot put a price on knowledge"
Gender Male
Race Elezen (Wildwood)
Clan Unknown
Citizenship Ishgard ; Limsa Lominsa, by affiliation (former) ; Gridania (former)
Age 29
Guardian Halone (Actually indifferent)
Namesday 19th Sun of the 6th Astral Moon
Title Head of House Haton and Head Scholar
House House Haton under House Fortemps


General Character

Name: Asheloux Thalantos Haton (Ash-low Tha-lan-tose Hah-ton)

Nickname: None. He dislikes it when people call him anything other than his given name. His nickname is not "Ashe" and he will get annoyed if you address him as so

Birthplace: Gridania

Age: 29: Born in 1550

Marital Status: Seeing someone...

Sexuality: Bisexual - preference goes towards men.

Class: Ninja. Uses black magic incorrectly and risks blowing self up for incorrect use.

Beliefs: While he was brought up to revere Halone, Asheloux became interested in Thaumaturgy and, thus, Nald'thal. However, once uninterested in their limited magic and becoming more interested in the void and darker magics and beyond, Asheloux's faith in the twelve technically is absent as he strives for something more than what the twelve gave to Eorzea.


Ninjutsu When Asheloux got lost and ended up in Limsa instead of Ul’dah, he found himself in a position where he was able to train with the Ninjas. He became very skilled for someone who had lived his life indoors up until that point and only trained as a dragoon with his father for a brief amount of time, and can execute attacks using the 3 mudras. He prefers Ninjutsu to Black Magic. His aether abilities are mostly reserved now for research and has excelled as a physical fighter.

Black Mage Asheloux is a fake Black Mage and is not naturally gifted at casting. He was brought up to be a physical fighter and mostly resorts to the techniques of Black Magic to actually cast. His usage is dangerous and if used too much he could risk self-incineration. Asheloux isn’t one to do the fighting on any expeditions he may partake in, so not many get to see his skills. If he does find that he needs to fight on an expedition, he's most likely to take two daggers along.


Knowledge. Anything pertaining to just about anything that can be of use.
Obedience. He really likes people who listen to him.
Anything pertaining to Aether.
Competition. Asheloux loves to test his theories and ideas against other, like-minded individuals.
Cleanliness. A disorganized workspace is a useless workspace.
Over aspected crystals.
Allagan Technology
Drawing and Art
Peace and quiet


Indecisive people. If you're going to do something, do it with meaning. Beating around the bush isn't cute either.
Liars. Asheloux hates lying and people who cover up the truth.
Fidgeting. Just stand still.
Alcohol. He is not a fan of it and prefers not to drink it.
Gridanians and Ishgardians--especially Ishgardians who try to push their faith in Halone on others.


Aether research and research on the applications of magic for practical uses as well as the possibility of discovering and bringing about newer magics. Think magiteck but further.
Although there is no practical use for it, Asheloux is a fairly decent story teller.
He is an incredibly fast learner.
Very observant and hard to trick.
Makes jewelry as part of a hobby. He's trained with the best so his work is high quality and sells for quite the sum...he needs to fund his research somehow.
Surprisingly a good artist. Makes his notes and detailed sketches for research much easier to follow.


Functionally blind in his right eye due to a failed experiment. He can, however, visualize the flow of Aether and analyze Aetherial flow--very much like the goggles that the Scions of the Seventh Dawn wear but not as powerful/clear and it is his right eyes.
He is very cautious about new people.

Appearance & Personality


Asheloux, while very tall compared to most races, is actually on the shorter side for an Elezen. While he would tower over most, those of the same race tend to over at around half a head taller than him. His complexion is incredibly fair and reflects his indoor lifestyle. His face is also on the thin side, but not emaciated. He has the very lean feature very common of his race. His left and right eyes are mismatching, the right one being stark white and the left one is a deep red. This is impart due to an expert with Aether that went wrong. The experiment left Asheloux visually impaired in that eye, but also allowed him to visualize aether flows to the extent that he can more easily analyze aether. He usually covers his eyes with a pair of tinted glasses as to hide the oddity of his appearance. He isn’t self conscious about it, per say, but he doesn’t liked being asked questions about it. The accident also left white streaks in his otherwise jet black hair. His hair is short and relatively choppy and unkempt, but not sloppy. He cuts it himself with more than average skill but at the same time it is still rather uneven. His uncle made him dye over the white parts of his hair so he could be presentable. May go back to white form time to time.

His limbs are long and lean, pretty standard for an Elezen. He’s not exactly muscular but not fat. He is characteristically thin but since his speciality is in academia and magic, with some dual wielding training, he doesn’t have the body of say a seasoned swordsman. His hands are usually covered by some kind of glove, as though to prevent touching other people. He adorns himself with jewelry to boost airs about himself and wears casters’ robs of different varieties. For more fancy gatherings and important meetings, he will most likely show up in his artisan clothes.

He also has multiple scars along his back, arms, and hands, which is why he is usually covered from head to toe. The scars come from the beatings his father would give him, including the final one before his father's death.

He usually carries his mage staff with him as a precaution. Asheloux is a very mistrusting guy. He wouldn’t want to be caught without it.

There are times when Asheloux will go without his staff, and in that case he will usually be in the company of the Captains of his Alliance’s fleet. The other case would be when he has reasons to hide his identity. In that case, he will wear rogue attire. This isn’t that often though.


Asheloux is sharp-tongued and generally not sociable with people he deems are below him. Due to his upbringing, his lack of respect for others could solely be based on a person’s race. This is especially true for Miqo’te, Lalafell, Roegadyn, and Duskwight Elezen. For Hyur, it depends on mostly on his mood at the time. He is pretty straight-laced due to his academic upbringing and prefers formalities over pointless frivolities. That is not to say that he cannot enjoy himself in the right company. He gets along well with those who are like minded to him. He also is more relaxed around those who he doesn’t feel threaten his current existence in any way. He isn’t one to randomly strike up a conversation, but if he finds himself in a position conversing with a stranger, he knows how to put on airs to seem relatively normal. He not the type of person who one would ever be able to call their best friend.

He likes to make quips about others and is generally impatient with those who are slow or unwilling to try new things. Another interesting thing about Asheloux is that he will drop his stiff persona in a heartbeat if a conversation genuinely interests him. For example, if he is discussing a serious research passion, he may start to smile and talk more quickly. He is definitely a nerd through and through, but acts tough and has the strength to back it up.

Romantically, Asheloux is rather uninterested in most potential partners. He has found himself attracted towards both men and women, but more-so men. He can admire either gender’s beauty, and mostly leans towards men because of his lack of ability to properly communicate outside of people who are similar to him.

After his most recent incident of watching a close associate-friend-almost die, he has mellowed out--a lot. Still arrogant, but mellowed out a lot.


Arthurioux Haton was an Ishgardian Dragoon and, much like all Ishgardians, was deeply devoted to his faith in Halone, The Fury. As a successful, high ranking official whose family is known for their distinguished weaponries research and development, Arthurioux had many men in his unit and would go on to fight bravely in the war against the dragons. He was even betrothed to a beautiful Elezen woman by the name of Elecotte Dauremant. Right before leaving for what would be his last time on the battlefield as a Dragoon, Elecotte informed Arthurioux that she was pregnant with his successor. Arthurioux was thrilled and vowed to come home victorious and he would come back and they would be wed. However, that did not go as planned. With the knowledge that he now had a future son and wife to come home to, he faltered on the battlefield. When his men needed him most, instead of doing what the good Ishgardian would do, and sacrifice himself for their cause, he deserted. Arthurioux was banished from Ishgard for his cowardice, along with his wife Elecotte. They traveled to the next safe-haven for their kind, which was Gridania. Arthurioux changed his last name to Thalantos and started a new life there.

Asheloux was born in Gridania and had a fairly normal upbringing. His father and mother instilled their Ishgardian teachings on him, and his father tried to get him to pick up the spear, but but Asheloux was not talented in the art like his father. Frustrated, his father had Elecotte school him on the teachings of Halone, which he enjoyed. Despite living in Gridania, he was very much a caged bird growing up. Although wealthy and noble in every right, Asheloux’s parents kept him and their family separated from the rest of society unless necessary. He grew up around books and his parents tough lessons and that grew to be normal. Their home was a large mansion on the edge of the Lavender Beds. No one really approached them and they kept to themselves.

When he was around 14 years old, a few neighborhood children started teasing him on the way home from running errands for his mother. While this was a normal occurrence for Asheloux, he never bothered to question his lifestyle with is family until something just clicked. When he got home for dinner that night, he inquired on the subject and his parents were furious that he would question their teachings. Asheloux’s curiosity started to peak and that is when he started wandering to the conjurer’s guild and other academic places in Gridania to learn more about the life outside of his home. The more he learned, the more enraged at his parents he became. He spent three years harboring these feelings, collecting books and information in secret and learning all he could about the cage that his parents had built for him. He grew towards the teachings of Nald’thal, and longed for the Thaumaturges of Ul’dah. Furthermore, he was drawn towards the void. He would practice in secret and had a natural affinity towards the magics but with no real training, he felt as though something was missing. He wanted to go to Ul’dah.

One day, Asheloux’s father discovered his secrets and that was when everything changed. He and his father got into a heated argument about honoring his Ishgardian roots. Asheloux on the other hand called his father out on being a traitor to his own people. The fight moved from verbal to physical. His father beat him senseless and would have probably killed him if it wasn’t for the Thaumaturgy he practiced in secret. Using his practiced talents, he focused all of the Aether in and around him on the conduction tool he had been using to practice one blow, accidentally casting Flare and destroying his home and part of the surrounding area, killing both of his parents and injuring himself.

Asheloux escaped from Gridania, with all the bitter memories of the place he had, and headed to where he thought was Ul’dah. He wasn’t penniless, so he wasn’t worried about his future. He just wanted to train with the mages. Having never traveled outside of Gridania, he found himself crossing into La Noscea. It was there that he got involved with a Ninja clan who, instead of killing him, trained him in the art of subtly and espionage. He found their connection to the elements through their mudras to be fascinating and enjoyed his time spent learning under them. From there, he started to travel all over Eorzea. It took him almost two years, but he finally reached Ul’dah. During that time, he had self-taught himself much of the basics of Thaumaturgy and was rather unimpressed with what the Coco brothers of the guild had to offer. He wanted to learn the black magics and it was there that by chance he ended up with the connections he needed to make that happen.

For the next 6 years, Asheloux taught himself how to use Black Magic, knowing the risks of spontaneously combusting. He learned other trades and fighting styles here and there, and learned more about the world than he could ever know. At the end of his training, Asheloux started experimenting with new magics and new ways of channeling aether and casting. During one of his experiments, something went wrong, damaging his left eye completely. The eye turned white and became functionally blind. However, it was able to see and help him visually process aether flows and magics. While the ability is not perfect and he does not know if it is just temporary, it has become useful to him in his research and hasn’t bothered to try and fix it.

Once he turned 25, Asheloux set out to travel the world and learn even more through experience and collection books. He established the Umbra as a group of researchers and informants and later allied himself with the Illustre Alliance as one of its leaders.

He has left Illustre Alliance to reform as Mythril Wings.

He is currently conducting research to exact revenge on Ishgard and all of the other city states that have caused him distress throughout his life. If you've found weird journals and dragon parts along with allagan tech fragments nearby, better call the authorities! He was later found by a Dragoon named Orrin who ended up capturing him and severely injuring a friend of his.

After being captured in Coerthas under suspicion as a heretic (which was true), Asheloux's uncle's family came under suspicion as well for heresy. In order to clear their names, they presented a case that Asheloux was part of their family and conducting research for the sake of Ishgad and that any weapons technologies he had developed would go to them. While Asheloux agreed and had lost his reasons for revenge. However, he continues to plot--planning to use his new-found power on the inside to help fund his Company's efforts to make Mythril Wings the safe haven he intends for it to be. He wants to give heretics, deserters, and exiles, along with others in need of shelter, a safe place to call home and out of the reaches of the law.

After earning the trust of the Lord Commander and others in Ishgard, Asheloux was granted leave explore the library and Sharlayan to find records to help expand his research. After obtaining such records and continuing to make a positive impression on his peers, his cousin grew jealous and started to go out of his way to thwart him at every turn. Everything from psychological torment to physical violence was fair game, for Theosoix knew that Asheloux was supposed to be the heir to the Haton family and he felt incredibly threatened by his cousin's presence. While waiting for a grant to explore Azys Lla, Adeya Evenar and Asheloux Thalantos set out to do some exploring on their own time in secret. Theosoix found out about it and lived up to every threat by having them arrested. Asheloux challenged Theosoix to a trial by combat--ultimately winning and decapitating his cousin. Theosoix's nightmare became a reality and Asheloux is was now set to inherit house Haton.

Soon after, Asheloux's company was thrown into turmoil with the appearance of one of his company member's (Soren Shieldbreaker) siblings, Marielle. She terrorized the company and started working them apart by their weak links on the inside. It slowly tore Asheloux apart, causing him to be become more aware of the members of Mythril Wings and their activities, as well as protective of a certain few. While this was going on, Asheloux had been working hard with the Holy See to secure funding and travel to Azys Lla. Eventually they made it, but not without a certain Dragoon on board along with Marielle herself. Despite a few setbacks, the mission was ultimately successful, though a report was submitted about him leaving details out from the Hinterlands expedition. Before the Holy See could intercept him, he was taken prisoner by Marielle and held captive for three weeks. He had injured her lover, Damien, and (according to her) stollen her brother from her. She broke him down during this time and he almost ended his own life. He was rescued in very poor condition--nearly starved to death and psychologically broken. He recovered and after some time realized his feelings for someone close to him and now him and Soren are in a very complicated relationship with each other.

After many arguments after his recovery, Asheloux returned to Ishgard and hid away to deal with personal issues. One specifically was regarding his marriage. With his fear and disgust of women (due to his hatred of his mother), Asheloux had been running away from marrying and having an heir. He has since adopted a child off the streets though doesn't exactly care for the boy and mostly has his servants handle the boy's education and upbringing in hopes that the house would pass sooner to the boy rather than himself.

As the torment and guilt of many of his actions and much of what had happened to him built up, he ended running away from Mythril Wings completely. He left without notice and went off to let willingly drain his own aether in an attempt to continue to end his life. He is currently missing and presumed dead.


◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"Asheloux Thalantos? He's mellowed out a lot but he's still so arrogant"
"I hear he was recently adopted into a noble family...his uncle's? Wasn't he arrested for Heresy?"
"That man is hard to approach, but strike up a thoughtful conversation if he'll come out of his shell."
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"I hear he would do anything for his studies, even torturing his assistants."
"That man is so strict about research practices...he practically becomes a demon if you anger him. But he really does care about the safety of his assistants so I understand why, but..."
"That man can't hold his liquor to save his life. He is a pretty angry drunk, too. Not a good drinking partner."
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"Isn't he the Gridanian boy who killed his parents some odd years ago? The bounty is probably still valid."
"Asheloux Thalantos? His parents were traitors to Ishgard."
"Didn't a scholar in the Observatorium get in trouble because of him and he walked free? I haven't seen her around lately..."
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)
"Oh... him~ So are you one of those researchers tangled in that 'noose of rules beneath his iron fist' as he'd say, or do you find the idea of such restriction just as dreadful as I do~? I must admit, though, he certainly seems to have Knowledge of some things, and a number of intriguing interests in Aether~" - A lilting Xavarian Mystrife
"He's so easy to annoy, and he gives the best reactions! I frequently mess with his things to see if he'll notice. It's best when I get him to threaten to kill me. Please don't ever get this man drunk though; if he is he might actually kill me." - Soren Shieldbreaker
"He is easily one of the most stubborn, impulsive, and downright frustrating people that I know--and one of the few that I am glad to call a friend. Even if he doesn't listen to me as much as he ought to." - Adeya Evenar

Please feel free to add your own rumors!


  Color Key
 ♥  Romantic
 ♥  Familial
 ♥  Friendly
 ●  Good
 ●  Neutral
 ●  Negative

  Arthurioux Thalantos (  ♥   ●  )' - "Father"

Formerly Haton, father, deceased--killed by Asheloux

  Elecotte Thalantos (  ♥   ●  ) - "Mother"

Formerly Haton, Formerly Dauremant, mother, deceased--killed by Asheloux

  Oscarlet Haton (  ♥   ●  ) - "Uncle"

Uncle, Adopted Father

  Theosoix Haton (  ♥   ●  ) - "Cousin"

Cousin, adopted older brother, deceased--killed by Asheloux.

  Synn Heolstor (  ♥  ) - "Associate"

Punching bag. He now works with Asheloux in Mythril Wings. They are supposed to be equals to some extent, but he is more like a butler...a butler who packs a pretty hard punch

  Adeya Evenar (  ♥  ) - "Associate"

While Asheloux isn't too fond of Miqo'te and was skeptical about Adeya before meeting her, her research impressed him him beyond expectations. He would be happy to assist her in her efforts and is genuinely fascinated in her work.

  Xavarian Mystrife (  ♥  ) - "Associate"

He has grown to like Xavarian quite a bit--at least on Asheloux levels of "like." He finds him useful to say the least and as much as he would hate to admit it. He enjoys the man's company long as he doesn't try to take his books from him.

  Orrin Halgren (  ●  ) - "Hateful Dragoon"

The dragoon who arrested Asheloux and almost killed Adeya. The start of a very bitter relationship. Asheloux has thought of multiple plots to kill him...

  Soren Shieldbreaker (  ♥   ●  ) - "Freeloader"

Member of Mythril Wings who currently is freeloading in his room...and is also going out with secret. A surprise to most since Asheloux is generally a private well as hateful. Who knew Asheloux was capable of caring about someone? Though it took a lot for him to get this far...

  Aiden Samidare (  ●  ) - "Associate"

An irritating Garlean ninja. Ashe despises him and would’ve kicked him out of the company a long time ago if he wasn’t working for Adeya.

  Dash Dazkar (  ●  ) - "Associate"

A Xaela with a gambling problem. Also a member of Mythril Wings. After some shady business, Asheloux doesn’t entirely trust him. The man helped save his life though so he can’t be /that/ bad.

  Isarmont Sorel (  ●  ) - "Associate"

An interesting Duskwight in Mythril Wings. Not sure what to make of him but will admit he's a decent fighter--at least capable of having his back against pirates.

  Michaux Vidal (  ●  ) - "Associate"

An interesting Duskwight in Mythril Wings. The man played a big roll in saving his life. For that, Asheloux sees him rather positively. The man is also a scholar which is bonus points in his favor.

  Sahena Epocan (  ●  ) - "Associate"

A blind miqo'te in Mythril Wings. He isn't exactly sure what to make of her. Her betrayal put him on edge...he is interested in her least he likes her more than her...lover? What is Aiden to her?

  Solenne Lagarde (  ●  ) - "Associate"

An interesting Elezen (Gridanian?) in Mythril Wings. They've spoken once and she at least has...character? There's definitely more to her than he smiles and wit.

  Marielle Beaumontaire (  ●  ) - "Nightmare"

Soren's sister. She kidnapped Asheloux and tortured him for three weeks. She attacked his friends and forced him to listen. She starved him and brought back demons from his past....Needless to say that Asheloux hates her...


Always looking for RP!
Ways your character would know of Asheloux or be able to connect with him would be:
- Similar Research interests
- Interested in strange aetherical happenings, accidents, or, anything to do with aether haha
- You would know his father (and his disgrace) if you were Ishgardian
- You'd know his uncle/adopted family in Ishgard
- If you're of someone in power in Gridania, you may know that he started a large fire/murdered his parents

Places you will never find him:
- Anywhere in Gridania or the shroud unless the utmost importance or company business

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