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Garlemald Flag.jpg Chachanji Gegenji
The Littlest Hero
Adorable Art by Ayaka Yatsurugi
OOC Character Information
Main Job(s): Paladin
Main Tradeskill: • Armorsmith
• Blacksmith
Preferred Role: Tank
Server: Balmung
Alignment: Lawful Good
Reputation: Pretty Popular?
Occupation: Hero Wannabe
Education: Home-schooled
Marital Status: Dating
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Guardian: Byregot, the Builder
Free Company
The Coral Sea
Items Carried
• Self-crafted blunt Mogblade
• Self-crafted Usagi Armor
• Cactaur Earring
• Single Lalafellan Bracer
Race: Lalafell
Clan: Dunefolk
Age: 18
Height: 2 fulm, 10 ilm
Weight: 67 ponze
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Green with white highlights
Complexion: Lightly tanned and freckled
Physical Build: Surprisingly burly
Notable Features: Muscle tone on a Lala!?
   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity

Chachanji Gegenji (21st Sun of the 6th Astral Moon (November 20th)), also known as "Chachan," is a young Dunesfolk Lalafell from Doma who ultimately seeks to become a great hero and, in doing so, protect all those he cares for - along with everybody else if he can manage it. While not the sharpest sword around, his childish determination and almost completely selfless goodwill towards others seem to be able to bring a smile to even the most cynical of people. Couple that with his surprising strength and constitution, and you have a kind individual who is more than willing to overcome any obstacle in order to see his friends smile.

Basic Info

Wonderful commission piece by Berrod Armstrong

Chachanji Gegenji is the youngest son of Zozonji Gegenji, the most recent head of a family of Doman weapon and armorsmiths, and Jijinya Jinya, aspiring daughter of a middling Ul'dahn merchant family who seeks to spread knowledge of the family's wares throughout all of Hydaelyn. He is preceded by his older brother Gogonji Gegenji and his older sister Nininya Ninya, leaving him in the position of spoiled youngest child with not much expected of him.

Chachanji, like his siblings before him, was trained since he was old enough to hold a smith's hammer to follow in his family's footsteps. As such, he is surprisingly muscled and tough for a Lalafell, along with being quite the competent smithy. However, his rugged form is offset by his baby-like face and his childish, almost romantically-minded beliefs. He firmly believes that he would rather use what he crafts himself and protect others, rather than merely foist them upon those selfsame people for coin. And it was this belief that ultimately resulted in him traveling to the tumultuous city of Ul'dah, where the plights of the downtrodden there has only served to strengthen his resolve.

One can now often find Chachanji running to and fro about the desert city, usually running errands tasked to him by the Adventurer's Guild by way of the Quicksand's own Momodi. When he's not doing that, he can most likely be found in the company of the surprising number of friends that he has accumulated thus far during his stay. With his eagerness to help and genuinely caring disposition, it's no small wonder that so many would count the Doman Lalafell amongst their allies. Not to mention there are a few that he stubbornly considers his friends, whether they like it or not.

AMAZING Gran pic by Elicoidali

At Chachanji's side often enough is stalwart, little Gran; a baby behemoth that has quickly become the Lalafell's heroic sidekick-slash-mascot. Originally an oddity that was handed off time and time again between vendors and easily-tricked consumers across Eorzea, the little purple porker has somehow wound up under the Lalafell's care. He's not complaining, though, considering the ample supply of entertainment and treats. Whether or not he's actually a baby behemoth or a piglet made up to look like one is still up in the air.


Playing the hero.
Helping others.
Playing with his baby behemoth, Gran.
Just hanging out with friends.


Seeing people in trouble.
Not being able to do/know things.
The Monetarists.
Being left out.
Taking medicine.


Alignment: Chaotic Good
Favorite Food: Yellow Drops
Favorite Drink: Champion Chachan
Favorite Color: Yellow

Appearance & Personality

Elicoidali strikes again!


  • A bit of an oblivious dork, zeroing in on things that catch his interest and often missing things that haven't. Due to his training as a smith under his father, this often include focusing on someone's arms or armor.
  • Speaks with a cobbled-together "Eorzean accent" that he's picked up to hide his Doman heritage. While it slips when he's suitably distressed, he's gotten quite used to using it and maintains it more often than not due to finding it "fun" and thinking people enjoy hearing him talk that way.
  • While relatively fluent in Eorzean thanks to the Garlean occupation, he has a harder time wrapping his head around more complicated words (and names) and often breaks them down into oversimplifications, like "in-keg-neato" and "thundermentals." Others he mispronounces as part of that "Eorzean accent," and has stuck to them out of habit - "halp" and "swording" being two of the most common. Frequently likes pointing out corrections with "That's what I said."
  • As a little hero to be, Chachan often jumps in to try and "halp" people whenever there's a problem, even if he can't solve it. This has included an incident where he tried to talk a thief out of being a thief. This often leads to him taking on more than he can handle, and is likely to lead to him getting frustrated and throwing a fit.
  • Despite his smithing skill, it's almost entirely focused on the making of weapons and armor to an almost ridiculous degree. If it's not related to the crafting of either, he is likely to be unfamiliar with it. He can replicate the look, but would have difficulty making it fit its purpose - such as a frying pan that would be better suited as a mace.
  • Strengths

    • Energetic and positive, always eager to go out and make things better.
    • Always willing to lend a hand, which often leads to him doing all sorts of tasks and errands.
    • A loyal, if oddball, friend who will always try to be there for them.
    • Surprisingly knowledgeable about armor and weapon materials, and knows his way around a smith's hammer.
    • Stubborn desire to protect means he oft refuses to give up when the chips are down.
    • Weaknesses

      • Terrible decision-maker, usually going for what seems like the easiest or "most helpful."
      • His friendliness and willingness to help also makes him easily fleeced and taken advantage of.
      • A bit of a crybaby, and can shut down if things go south for him.
      • While he's been learning how to use sword and shield to protect people, he lacks any sort of combat skill or the willingness to draw blood.
      • A bit of a dumb when it comes to anything beyond his smithing profession.
      • His desire to see his friends happy can often lead to him becoming a bit of a worrywart, and frequently gets upset if the best option to help is to "do nothing."

      • Biography

        Adorable art by Lunie, a Starlight gift from Jancis!


        Chachanji, like his siblings before him, was born in Doma and taught by his parents in the ways of business and metallurgy. However, it was silently understood that the eldest - Gogonji - would take over as family head once Zozonji and Jijinya stepped down. However, he was still expected to aid in the smithing of the arms and armor that was his family's lifeblood, so any slacking on that front met with strict discipline from his father. As such, his skill in smithing so no less than his siblings, though most of his economic and business lectures were oft spent daydreaming about fighting dragons and saving princesses.

        Such heroic ideals extended to what little free time was afforded to him between his lectures, where he liked to play hero - swinging around a stick or one of his smithing hammers to defeat whatever dastardly shadow or bush that dared to cross him. Such adventures often resulted in him breaking something or injuring himself, ready to be pounced upon by his dour-faced father. However, more than one punishment was dissuaded by his elder brother Gogonji, who sought to protect the freedom that he lived vicariously through his younger brother.

        As such, Chachan latched on to his older brother more than anyone else, often seeking to remain as close to his eldest sibling during lectures and nagging the future head of the family into playing with him. He was not unlike a Chocobo chick, always pattering along a couple steps behind his brother. For in his young eyes, Gogonji could do no wrong, and the mental acuity of his older brother - a trait inherited from their mother's side, though it was a resource that seemed exhausted by the time Chachanji was born - always left the little Lalafell in awe and wonder.


        So, it should come as no surprise that the most shocking event in Chachanji's young life was when he overheard a heated argument between Zozonji and Gogonji. The normally quiet and studious Gogon was suddenly voicing his disinterest in taking on the family business! He believed that simple weapons and armor paled before the might of tactics and knowledge, which had the added benefit of having uses outside just combat. He spoke of the Arcanists of the south seas, he described tales of the Scholars of Nym. Spearheading the manipulation and control of information, he argued, was a better goal than stubbornly relying on antiquated weaponry - already dated against Garlean's magitek advances, even as the Garleans themselves snapped up the family's wares.

        Tarot Card by Rhea Zaheela
        Chachanji retreated as the fight continued, afraid of being discovered or - worse - dragged into it. All he knew was that, shortly after that, Gogonji disappeared from their demesne, leaving naught behind but one of his two Cactaur earrings on Chachan's nightstand. The upset young Lalafell tearfully approached his father for clarification, for any information on where his older brother had gone to, but was gruffly dismissed and ordered to redouble his efforts on his studies. For after all, which Gogonji gone, it fell upon the second (and only other) son to take up the family business.

        What little free time Chachanji possessed before then all but evaporated. From dawn till dusk, he was either at the forge learning how to bend metal to his will or trapped behind a desk to droning and confusing lectures on proper business practices. And, while Chachanji would still dream of being a hero, he found himself frequently wondering where Gogonji was. What he was doing. If he was happy.

        As such did the next five years pass, with Chachanji's mind often drifting to thoughts about his wayward elder brother. His mental deficiencies continued to harangue his parents, and the matters of finance were soon hefted upon his older sister Nininya, who showed much more mental aptitude for it, though she bemoaned her fate nonetheless. As such, the forge became the center of the youngest Gegenji's world. Until, after a particularly vivid recollection of the argument between Gogonji and their father, Chachanji decided he had suffered enough.

        Like his brother before him, Chacha confronted his father in within the smoky confines of the family's forge. However, his complaints were much more whimsical than calculating, more fanciful than fiscally sound. To the bright-eyed youngster, it was obvious the Domans held no love for Garlemald, so why not support the Eorzean Alliance more openly? Why not take up the arms they so lovingly crafted and defend Doma, Ul'dah, and the rest of Hydaelyn from their oppressors rather than just turn around and sell them to the highest bidder!? Buyers who included the Garleans themselves!

        Chachanji remembers little of how the rest of the argument played out, either too upset to remember or having actively refused to commit it to memory. All that he knew that he was on a ship to Ul'dah, to the land of his mother, to do more to help people than just offer them a fine blade for a price. Once there, the gap between the haves and the have-nots only inflamed his passion. He quickly found work with Momodi, taking tasks to try and make each day a little bit better for the locals - all the while dreaming of doing something bigger and better.

        And yet, every once in a while, he'd look out through his bedroom window and wonder. How was his family doing? Where they okay? And what of Gogonji, who had still heard naught of even in the rumor-laden bustle of the Quicksand?


        Ul'dah Small Things
        Imagine Chachanji's fear, then, when he heard of the razing of Doma. While he and his father had separated on less-than-friendly circumstances, those nightly musings were proof enough that he still truly cared for his family. So, when the refugees came to Ul'dah, Chachanji dropped everything to go see them - only to find they had been barred from the city just like the Ala Mhigans. Chachan himself almost ended up being ejected from the city along with them due to his heritage, but it was Momodi again who came to his rescue with paperwork proving the young Lalafell a properly registered adventurer under her employ and thus exempt from the ousting. Of course, the Doman Lalafell has still managed to end up in a poor spot or two due to this, and he quickly learned to keep his heritage quiet to avoid any more unneeded complications.

        Despite that, the decision to travel to Ul'dah seemed to be mostly prosperous for the little hero-to-be. He's managed to make many friends during his stay there (with an oddly disproportionate number of them being Sultansworn), made a bit of a name for himself as an able hand around Ul'dah, and even began his training to become a Paladin under the watchful eyes of Warren Castille, Roen Deneith, and (hopefully soon) Ser Coatleque Crofte. He's even found a sort of pseudo-family in his "adopted big sister" Leanne Delphium, and slowly came to see the Hourglass as a sort of second home to replace the fallen Doma.
        Shocked Chachan! by Elicoidali

        However, it was not all sunshine and rainbows as Chachanji would often try to make it seem. With his family trundled off to Revenant's Toll with the rest of the Doman refugees, he often found himself wondering if he should rejoin them and help them recover before following his own dream. Not to mention that his penchant for wanting to help as many people as he can leads to its own litany of problems - from dealing with a duel between Evangeline Primrose and Aiden Church to Romy Leonhardt's losing of an arm and subsequent requesting of a reinforced gauntlet. His overwhelming desire to help as many people as he could, coupled with his often lacking ability to do so, resulted in two rather childish tantrums - one turned against his own adopted sister, who was slowly spiraling into depression.

        Even his childish dream of heroism through becoming a Paladin has had several unexpected snares. Most of it stemming for a conversation with Ser Crofte when he sought her council as a third mentor. Her insistent questions poked obvious holes in his childlike dream, yet revealing a curious determination beneath the veneer. She tasked him with a Trial of Purpose - to find out why he desires so much to become a Paladin and defend people - and it has led him to having deep conversations with both Ser Warren and Ms. Roen. Conversations that forced him to re-evaluate his reasons, and seek out why he was so dead-set on still fulfilling his childish goal.

        Why did he need to become a Paladin above all else? Couldn't he continue helping people as he did through Momodi and the Adventurer's Guild? It had been fine enough, but at some point he had wanted more. And he knew finding out when that point was would be important for understanding his tempered desire for Paladinhood.

        Coral Me, Maybe?
        In a bid to get away from Ul'dah, what she believed to be the source of her growing depression, Leanne Delphium retreated to the sanctuary of her Free Company "The Coral Sea": their manor in Mist. At her own request - along with his own desire to try to cheer her up - Chachanji began to make frequent trips to the Coral House. Without even noticing, he began to integrate with the myriad of interesting folk there and even got invited to attend the wedding between their First Mate Dhemgeim Shyrdoenwyn and Tausenadel Geispyrsyn. At some point, he quietly approached them and applied to join their ranks.

        But even before he was inducted amongst their number, he had a hand in aiding them. He stepped forward when they asked for help in dealing with a cult of madmen who sought to use people as little more than cattle to have aether drawn from. His journey into one of their hideouts to save the captives would be his first bonding moment with Jancis Milburga, who seemed the only one in their four-man team that seemed to agree with his non-lethal preferences. Together they all reached the deepest depths, and apprehended a crazed Lalafell and his harp.

        He stepped in again to help after he learned of a great tragedy that had befallen the Coral Sea. Not long after the wedding, Dhem took a turn for the worse due to a pre-existing condition - and the desperate bid to save her resulted in the loss of her life. Having just won the Grindstone a sun or two before learning this, Chachanji took a large chunk of it and proffered it up to the widower Tau to aid in funeral preparation along with his condolences and a somber request to be there at the funeral. After they had so openly accepted him and invited the little Dunesfolk to their wedding, he felt it was the least he could do.

        It was also through Coral House where he crossed paths again with the bombastic pink-haired Lalafell Memeli Meli, who had he encountered what seemed like moons before in a one-off incident at the Quicksand. She seemed to be just as energetic and carefree as ever - until the day after he had been tricked into attending Meli's all-girl slumber party and forced into pajamas and makeup. What started as a covert operation to her room to reclaim the clothes left there, he stumbled upon a drained and disoriented Memeli and quickly learned of her aetheric imbalance and the danger it presented to her. His fears for her health and welfare only grew stronger when she had a second such "attack" in the Quicksand. He interjected then, offering his help and nearly demanding that the pink-haired Lalafell seek help for her problem.

        Their relationship slowly deepened as Memeli's condition grew worse - she began losing days at a time to slumber and her aetheric imbalance ate away at her hair and skin, the latter being something unknown to him until he finally convinced her to show him the reason behind her sudden interest in hats and hoods. He refused to leave her side, and continued to press for her to seek help along offering whatever he could himself. It's no small wonder then that, even despite his kinda-sorta relationship with Yukumazi Mikazi that had been borne from a timid kiss at the slumber party, the two would fall into a more serious relationship. Chachanji officially started dating Memeli after a quiet conversation out in front of Coral House, after a surprisingly touching Pie Swap.

        To add to this rapidly spreading web of relationships and connections, another individual entered his life during all this - on a trip back to Ul'dah to continue his mentorship under Ser Warren and Ms. Roen, no less. This was the Doman-raised Plainsfolk Virara Wakuwa, who he found seeking the Holyfist at the behest of her Master... in order to kill him. Shock gave way to worry and then concern - not for the Holyfist, but for Virara herself - as he learned of her past and her stubborn belief that one could only rely on one's self. He has since been seeking to show her the strength in helping others, and to teach her the power of friendship starting with offering his own. She was originally hostile to his views, but has become much more open to his words after their fateful duel outside the walls of Ul'dah over their differing opinions - even going so far as to take on one Dren Ghonne much in the same way he did her.

        The roller-coaster of fate still had much in store for the youngest Gegenji, however. Not suns after the Pie Swap, he learned that the cultists had returned and kidnapped both Ms. Jancis and the masked fortune-teller Iskierka Stormspeaker to be used as their latest captives. While he was visibly upset about being detoured into dealing with the many aether-draining machines first, Chachan joined the fray and aided in setting back the cultists' plans. Shortly after that, he would head once more into the breach, this time with the Coralites successfully seeing the return of both their kidnapped members.

        Amazing arts by Shadottie!
        And the hits didn't stop there, though they did begin to turn much more positive. A bit of the conversation between Meli and himself after the Swap came to mind when fellow Coralite Sigurd Rainecourt announced an expedition into the Wanderer's Palace. The little Lalafell tagged along and, in doing so, learned from the enslaved tonberries that his older brother had once come through there - in fact, having aided in freeing them from the yoke of oppression under their horrible King. In seeking more information, Chachanji echoed his brother's path, though this time he was rescuing them from the Mamool Ja. While he learned little on his brother's current whereabouts, the youngest Gegenji took solace in the fact that his brother was still alive.

        Bolstered by such news, Chachanji finally executed his plan for a surprise cheering-up party for his "adopted" sister Leanne, who had started getting help for her worsening depression. It turned out to be a rousing success on many fronts, not only did the Miqo'te seem to start smiling more and being an all-around happier person, she and Chachan adopted the wayward Virara into their little oddball "family." In addition, who should attend but Ser Coatleque Crofte, allowing Chachan to finally approach her about the findings of his Trial of Purpose. While initially nervous, the following meeting with the Sultansworn in her Ul'dahn office resulted in his official recognition as a Free Paladin.

        Pink-Convenient Truths
        With the return of Jancis, along with the help of a few others within Coral, Memeli managed to recover from her aetheric imbalance and returned to her normal, bombastic pink-haired self. While this would be cause for celebration, this also meant a sharp uptick in her pranks and antics. Which led to Chachanji being witness to one, but two duels that followed her recovered strength, wherein he learned just how out-of-hand she could become in the heat of battle. One was a (initially) more friendly match between Meli and Virara where he intercepted a flaming claw that would've pierced the latter's chest, and the other a much angst-ridden clash against the spurned Koporo that almost ended tragically via fireball overkill. While the youngest Gegenji managed to step in and prevent both potentially fatal blows, the fact that Memeli always seems upset about his doing so has become a bit worrying. And that issues are not just between the Lalafellan couple.

        In fact, the fallout of the fight betwixt her and Koporo has actually soured Chachanji's relations with the Lalafellan Sultansworn, with the latter going so far as to blame Chachanji personally for all the recent downturns in his life. Tensions have arisen even with Ser Warren and his newly wedded wife Sei Castille, with their warning of the boy's favoring of his sometimes-violently erratic girlfriend. Sei even went so far as to consider their relationship a mistake and that Chachan should seek to control Meli's wild tendencies, much to the Dunesfolk's chagrin. He adamantly believed that he wasn't favoring Meli over anyone else he cares about, and would certainly rather guide her to more responsible decisions over an out-and-out attempt to force his will upon her.

        Such concerns came to the fore as Little Lady's Day drew ever closer, an event that was nerve-wracking enough for the little Lalafell considering he planned to give both Memeli and Virara gifts in return for their Valentione's Day chocolates (Meli's gift requiring the assistance of fellow Coralite Jajara Jara). A misunderstanding over one of Meli's numerous teasings and flirtings resulted in confusion over the state of their relationship, confrontation over what both Lalafell wanted out of it, and an eventual reconciliation. However, the other subject of the teasings - Virara, whose understanding of love and relationships was even worse than Chachan's - didn't quite come out so unscathed. In fact, before she declared the events of the day never happened, the youngest Gegenji discovered that the soft-spoken Plainsfolk may have feelings for him as well.

        Memeli had demanded that Chachanji to give her gifts when her heart wavered, to talk with her when they had disagreements. Most of all, however, she had demanded that he not be willing to let her go - even going so far as to be willing to fight for her - which raised concerns in the little Doman until the situation with Virara was resolved through a heartfelt discussion in Meli's room. So, it should come as no surprise that - after an altercation with a spirit resulted in the stealing of the pink-haired popoto's face - he would do all he could to help her, even if it meant suffering such strange events as getting his mouth wired shut after failing the ghost's riddles. However, be it due to this strange, confidence-crushing situation she found herself in - or perhaps just a bit of that devil-may-care whimsy that attracted him to her in the first place - Meli seemed to heel-turn on her prior desire for staying together and broke off the relationship with the little green-haired Lalafell, claiming lost interest and a desire not to be tied down given her situation.

        It had been Chachanji who had broken up with Yukumazi in his first ever relationship, so he had only seen the fallout from the side of the instigator. Being on the receiving end was... less than pleasant for the little Lalafell, and it took a bit of quiet introspection in front of the forge to come to grips with it. However, Meli had at least stated that she still wanted to remain friends, so he was able to take some comfort in that, along with an enigmatic hinting that he was free to keep "fighting" for her if he so wished. And yet, he still worries about imposing on that free spirit of hers he enjoys so much, and certainly does not wish to tread the same path Koporo did when she broke up with him. Which left him at an impasse.

        He certainly wanted to stay friends, to maintain the odd little trio they had developed along with Virara. Yet bits of confusion and sadness about the sudden event made doing so difficult. Jancis' "Meli Day" only exacerbated such feelings and, to avoid going down the same route as Koporo, the little Lalafell decided to heed the words of newly joined Coralite Lilithium Rinannis and spend some time away from Coralhaus. He returned to his family up in Revenant's Toll, and was immediately put to work by his father - though he still found plenty of opportunities to sneak away and help with (and ultimately be a part of the resolution of) Meli's missing face.

        Wake Me Up Before You Gogon
        Gegenji Brothers by Sasha Rochester
        Amongst matters of face-stealing spirits, stealthy attackers after Virara to get at her Master, and the fallout from the whole cultist situation where Jancis was initally kidnapped, a more personal matter arose once more amongst all the others. Perhaps by chance or a fate spun by Nymeia's wheel, Chachan's "adopted sister" Leanne happened across Chachanji's missing older brother at the Bobbing Cork in Fallgourd Float. And it was not a pleasant meeting.

        A conversation turned into an altercation upon the arrival of Annunu Nunu that resulted in a shattered linkshell, a temporarily paralyzed hand, and a disturbing bit of information. For some reason or another, Gogonji believes his brother and his family to be dead and sees Garlean threats on all sides. Are they real or are they merely figments of a paranoid mind? After all, he accused Leanne herself - a rather notable bard and adventurer in her own right - of being little more than a Garlean spy before escaping into the night, his retreat covered by Annunu.

        It could only be fate, then, that Chachan himself would stumble across his brother during his stay at the Toll. A shout and the briefest of chases led to a conflict that left the little Lalafell reeling - in more ways than one. His brother refused to recognize him, even going so far as to accuse him of being a Garlean spy and attacking him! This left little Chachan burned, injured, and with little to go on regarding his brother's mind beyond a map riddled with shorthand notes.

        It was his friends that rose to his aid in the matter. From his fellow Coralites coming at his father's behest to tend to the injured boy, to deciphering the notes and the meaning behind the map, to over a dozen of them turning up to stop the crazed plan of his brother to reignite the simmering flame of war between the Eorzean Alliance and Garlemald. Together, they chased after the commanders of Khamja - his brother's organization of revenge-hungry Eorzeans and Domans - and captured them before they could cause too much damage. And, together, they delved into Castrum Centri to stop Gogonji from trying to sneak into Garlemald itself and murder their newly-crowned Emperor in the name of revenge.

        What awaited them was not just a revenge-stricken Doman and the doll-faced Lalafell who remained steadfast at his side, but a tale of loneliness and desperation. Annunu was defeated and she retreated to the final confrontation, where they all witnessed the depths of Gogonji's madness - wrought from the spirits of the Soul Crystals he had collected and technologically forced to obey him. Together, Chachan and his friends overcame the might of ten ancient heroes manifested in one Lalafellan form... and Gogonji was left unconscious after a brief moment of mental clarity.

        The following days were worrisome for Chachanji - and not just from fretting over his brother's long slumber in the Free Company's Medical Ward. A fledgling primal lodged in Memeli was spurred to life - possibly incited by Gogon's actions - and overtook the pink-haired Lalafell. So, while the elder Gegenji was recovering, the younger was caught dealing with a False Phoenix that ultimately left Meli in a coma upon its first defeat, and another Coralite badly injured after hopping host and being subsequently laid low again. During this time, Gogonji regained some degree of awareness and mobility, and Chachanji found himself laden with new questions.

        Stop, Hammer Time
        In the battles with the False Phoenix, Chachanji was forced to come to a realization about himself. As much as he wanted to be a hero and protect others - he was not without his many, many flaws in that regard. The most obvious was his combat prowess - which was wrought solely from moons of training with Ser Warren, and not from any sort of natural talent as clearly displayed in his numerous Grindstone attempts. Secondly, and possibly more pressing, was his lack of any sort of "killer instinct" like what Virara possessed; when faced with situations where someone might die, he froze up in stutters and inactivity. All he had was his stubborn desire to help and - perhaps the only real concrete thing he could bring to the table - the weapons and armor he crafted.

        And it was the latter which had barely managed to squeak by with. While the Primal's weakened essence had been captured in a rod of his make, his armor had been torn to ribbons under its fiery talons during the final battle. If all he had was the things he could make, what good was he if they failed to meet the requirements? Such worries forced his attentions back to his profession, seeking to improve his skill at the smithy. Days of study and practice turned to frustration and mulling over fruit juice as he hit a plateau.

        Things seemed to come full circle, with aid coming from Virara as he had aided her back when they first met. She too had seemed to have hit a wall in her own martial training, and sought the lands beyond Ishgard for a fresh outlook. At first hesitant and worried, little Chachan was eventually turned to the idea and possibly using the purple-haired Plainsfolk's training as a way to hone his own skills as well. Calling in a promised favor by the Lady of the Red Wings - Cliodhna Eoghan - to provide the stymied Lalafell the wings to reach these foreign lands - the smallfolk spent much time honing skill and technique, from combat to Chachan's aiding one V'aleera Lhuil in the restoration of an ancient Doman naginata.

        In what seemed like no time at all, the Lalafell returned home to the Still Shore with their respective skills greatly improved. However, Virara would seek to continue returning to the North to hone her abilities ever-higher, though her first attempt to return there started rather ignobly with a panicked flight that left the ever-worried Chachanji with nearly-broken legs that required ample healing magic - and a week in braces - before he could walk properly again. This, of course, drew the ire of his older brother - who hunted Virara down along with others of Chachan's Free Company in order to bring her home. When she displayed little remorse for what she had done, however, the conflict between Virara and Gogonji's views on what was best for the youngest Gegenji came to a head, resulting in Gogonji forbidding the two ever being in contact again.

        Little Chachan attempted to heed his brother's words at first, but so suddenly and sharply severing the bond of friendship he had made with Virara was a painful and ultimately impossible task. The two came to blows on the beaches of Mist, in a strange reversal with Chachanji seeking to show how useful he could be compared to Virara's complacent display of what he had already shown her. The two made up and resumed their friendship, and Virara even bade the boy resume his unique combat training so that he could be at her side when they ultimately faced off with her Master. Yet while that solved part of the problem, it set the seeds for another when a visit from Annunu led to Gogonji learning of his younger sibling's disobedience.

        The meeting between the two Gegenji brothers was doomed at the start, which Gogonji verbally berating his younger brother for his actions - naming not only Virara but the entire Free Company he was a part of as being nothing more than dangers to the boy's safety. He demanded that Chachanji permanently sever ties with Virara in accordance to his earlier edict, and even ordered him to come stay with him and Annunu to further protect him from the inherent threats of the Still Shore. Chachanji, for the second time in his life, defied his brother - refusing to heed his words and even going so far as to inform his elder sibling of his disinheritance. The result of their heated argument and the revelations therein was Gogonji blacking out - the situation giving the remaining fragments within him a window to assault his mind - and little Chachanji forced to shoulder the weight of his actions both figuratively and literally as he carried his sibling to Annunu.

        The two spoke at length as Gogonji slumbered, Chachanji defending his actions as best he could against Annunu's berating. However, in the end, the boy was forced to admit that there was truth to the words of both his brother and his now-mate: he still acted much too childish for someone set to be the next heir of the Gegenji family, with his veritable tantrum at his brother's demands the latest proof of that. While he still refused to give up his friends at the Still Shore, he conceded that he needed to act more appropriately of someone his age and position. And now he faces quite an adult burden indeed: how to prove to his older brother that he is fit to fill the role their father has given him, and ensure that he will bring honor to the Gegenji name instead of childish disgrace...

        Inci-Dentra-l Reports
        And so little Chachan turned even more focus towards improving both his smithing skill and his standing with his fellow smiths. The boy who had been so against "just making weapons and armor" when he first came to Eorzea was now making regular visits to Limsa to aid in the workload. He took jobs that he would've turned up his ideal-driven teenage nose at before, and started receiving more distinguished projects: making new chain shirts for the Yellowjackets, and his work with Cyneler's refitting got the Sultansworn coming to him now and then to do further customization work for their Paladins.

        That was not to say that he had forgotten his promise to Virara. During his breaks, the little Lalafell could be seen at the Free Company's training dummy - strangely draped in weapons and armor of both his own and other's make. There he'd practice his still in-progress fighting style, seeking to damage and break the gear while leaving the dummy itself as unharmed as possible. While his skill at the technique grew from moons of practice, there was still a flaw: this sort of combat would have little to no practical use against pugilists and others who relied little on arms and armor. However, a chance meeting with former-Coralite Valentinoix Thibault provided a solution - the knowledge and skill of one Berrod Armstrong - who, on meeting with the Lalafell, bequeathed him with a scroll on pressure points and the sage guidance that lethality in combat was dependent on the user's self control and technique. The new combat style - which Virara has taken to calling the "non-killing sword" - is still very much in the developmental phases, but is continuing apace.

        Another amazing piece by Ayaka, commissioned by Zhara!
        And such skills would be tested in short order, for a strange misshapen ingot brought to him by the kindly Jancis Milburgia cast the both of them - along with Virara and Jancis' close companion Barengar Armsbreaker - into a deadly puzzle indeed. Hidden within the tin shell was three other ingots - one of silver, one of magnetic iron, and one of mythril - with a message to "seek their kin." A visit to Poor Maid's Mill to seek the smith who gifted the strange item to the lady Conjurer resulted in few answers but further intrigue as the man was found dead suns later, drifting down the river and the entire crew with a feeling of being watched. Such eyes also began to follow Chachan's newfound friend Tiroro Roro after speaking on the matter at the Grindstone, bringing the other Lalafell into the fold as well. Things only got worse as the group investigated the mines where the ingots originated - dealing with attempted poisonings, mind control, open conflict, and even Jancis herself being used as an arcane bug to keep tabs on their comings and goings. In the end, however, they overcame the red-earringed rogues and Chachan found himself bequeathed the title of Seneschal of House Dentra - and with it, proprietary control over their smelting guild and various patents.

        Suddenly being thrust into the position of figurehead for an Ul'dahn organization that held claim to mining facilities as far as La Noscea added a whole new pile of responsibilities onto the young Lalafell, further complicated by his mother's insistence that all aspects of House Dentra's operations be double and triple-checked to ensure all was working as it should. Combine that with his personal obligations as a smith, and such tasks quickly ate up a lot of his free time. In a desperate attempt to try and reclaim some of his freedom, Chachanji sought to enter his Draught Chocobo Avenger into the Gold Saucer's sanctioned chocobo races. And it was there he crossed paths with then-Saucer employee and aspiring performer Y'zhara Zekial, and repeated meetings ultimately led to the two entering a relationship with the two supporting each other in their new endeavors. Zhara helped with managing Chachan's now sizeable workload, and the Lalafell in turn supported the Miqo'te as she debuted along with three other girls as the band WYNG.

        Maintaining a personal smithy, serving as figurehead to a smelting guild, developing a non-lethal fighting style, and now in a relationship - little Chachanji certainly has his hands full.



        ◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
        "An easy mark, that one, if you need some coin. Jus' be quick outta there before th' waterworks start, eh?" -- Pearl Lane denizen
        "That goofy little green-haired kid running around? I think he helped me with my groceries once. Was suspicious at first, worried he was gonna nick an apple or something." -- Sapphire Avenue regular
        "Oink!" -- Gran, the Baby Behemoth
        ◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
        "Now you ain't heard this from me, but I heard that there's a couple Domans still 'round here, even after they were told to shove off. We've got it bad enough without them trying to sneak their way back into our city!" -- Rumormonger
        "Who, Chachan? He's been makin' trips up here ta Revenant's Toll now 'n again. Methinks he jus' tryin' ta catch Papa's eye, he is." -- Nininya Ninya, Older Sister
        ◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
        "You know, I think I've seen another Lalafell that looks like that one staying at the Quicksand. Green hair, purple eyes, everything." -- A Limsan merchant
        ◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)

        Please feel free to add your own rumors!

        "Well he's okay guy to talk to infact he helped me once by Fitting my Armor". Cyneler Fenrir
        "I can't say I'd do different, but I hope I would." Warren Castille
        "He used to be my student, but he never needed someone like me. He has likely exceeded all expectations by now, and hopefully has found more worthy teachers." - Roen Deneith
        "...I want to steal Gran." - Steel Wolf
        "It's my sincere hope that one day, Chachanji will be one of the finest heroes of his generation, so I can get the perks of having known him in my old age." - Artemis Newton
        "He's so sweet, as his little pet! He really seemed to adore Mikh'a! Never seen a man get so smitten over a baby." - Lilithium Altair
        "He don't need it from me, but I'll watch his back. Ul'dah needs more people like him, that really care about other people without nothing in it for them." - Ha'uruh Nunh
        "He's just like the drink we named after him! Fizzy, sweet, and just tart enough to make you notice! I think he's Madam Momodi's favorite champion!" - Aya Foxheart
        "Sir Gegenji is brave and has the rare sight to see value in everyone. I admire him greatly far before he came for me. Even reminds me of Cici a little... except shorter. And manly. Younger, too. But, ah, he has a lot of heart and hides it not. I would follow him anywhere in wish his hopes would be fulfilled. - Jancis Milburga
        "He worked really hard to save a woman he never met before for me. Still has not met Lady Dentra, but he carries on her legacy. I am so blessed to know him." - Jancis Milburga
        Rare Rumor: "It moves me so much when his eyes lower in that sad look, repeating his determination to help people. He takes on wounds for others, he does not stand down. Reminds me that what I feel in my heart is not vain. He makes me want to be stronger; that I can do more than follow others. - Jancis Milburga
        "... He's strong... And kind. My hand remembers the day we fought. An unforgettable will to protect. I want to face him again." - Virara Wakuwa
        "He's a sweet lad. As much as I enjoyed their display, I can't deny that I'm quietly pleased that Chachanji beat the musclemen tae the title of Mr Eorzea. Heh. Although with that said, he's fairly built himself, particularly for one of the smallfolk. 'Tis a bit odd tae see." - Brynhilde Wulf
        "He proved himself a true hero to me when he rescued me from Louvel's cult. And here I used to think he was a naive fool. His kindness humbled me, and made me rethink how quickly I judge." - Iskierka Stormspeaker
        "He made a small speech at the Celebration of the Builder. A foreigner who does not even acknowledge the Divinity of the Twelve struck me as an odd choice for a speaker, particularly one who, by all appearances, had never spoken publicly in his life. Perhaps the organizers were short on volunteers for the event. Hopefully during his time in Eorzea, his dispassionate appreciation for the Builder may grow into a more sincere form of worship, but time shall tell." - Lilia Lia
        "Ser Chachanji? -Ah, he may have asked me to drop the 'Ser' once, but his ideals alone are enough to put him at a station above mine." - Jana Ridah
        "Lil' hoss is a third my size an' became three times the man I am ta win the Mister Eorzea competition. I won't lie, real glad he beat that blusterin' Duck fella." - Berrod Armstrong
        "I have not had the honor of speaking to him overmuch, but he seems to be a kind and straightforward man. How he puts up with Memeli’s and Virara’s mischief, I know not." - Edda Eglantine
        "Little Chachan...hmmm, like a young brother to me. Love him in more ways than one, his heart, his idealism, his straight as an arrow moral compass...I wish to protect him from anything that brings potential harm, and yet I must refrain from doing so...lest I hinder his growth any further." - Leanne Delphium
        "He really is so cute and awkward! Though I doubt he would like to be described that way..." she purses her lips and looks thoughtful, "He's big and strong for a Lalafel! How's that?? Oh! I also hear he is a smith of some skill! Maybe that's why his muscles are so amazing..." - Aya Foxheart
        "Little Chachanji! He's actually a neighbor of ours! He's an excellent blacksmith, you know. You'd think someone so small couldn't wield such a big hammer as well as he does! He's also pretty adorable. [giggles] He's easy to get along with." -- Shoshopu Shopu
        "He grew up on a big beautiful mountain overlooking a prismatic valley. We took a trip to visit there. It was hard, but I am so glad we went." -- Jancis Milburga
        "There is a guest room in his Smithy house. Also, I think a fish lives in his laundry." -- Jancis Milburga
        "Rumor!" -- Rumormonger


          Color Key
         ♥  Romantic: Chachan's significant other. While he's still learning to get comfortable around girls, there's still a few that even he can tell are something special.
         ♥  Familial: These people are either family or like family to Chachan. He will go to amazing lengths to see them happy and/or safe.
         ♥  Friendly: Frands! Chachan loves frands! Though, while he considers many his friends, these are the ones that jump immediately to mind.
         ●  Good: Chachan Frand status obtained!
         ●  Neutral: Chachan doesn't really feel either way about this person. Either due to "dropping" from a higher status or just not being able to get a read on them.
         ●  Negative: Pouty Popoto ire! This person has said or done something to really upset Chachan, leaving his opinion of them quite low indeed!

          Y'zhara Zekial (  ♥  ) - "M' Hime"
        Chachan's second - and current - girlfriend, who just recently hit the music scene as part of the pop idol group WYNG. The two met at the Gold Saucer by chance, and continued interactions developed into a relationship. Cheerful on the surface, but with a myriad insecurities and worries underneath, the two make for quite the pair of kindred spirits. He is supportive of her career to a fault, and makes a point to try to make it to every one of her performances - with WYNG or solo.
          Leanne Delphium (  ♥  ) - "Ms. Hat"
        The two of them have kind of "adopted" each other as siblings, and care for each other deeply as such. When she's happy, he's happy and seeing her distressed upsets him - so the consecutive blows to her life and overall outlook have been extra hard on the little Lalafell. As such, he'll do almost anything he can to cheer her up and try to remind her that there are many people out there that really care about her. Her "little brother" definitely included. Best frands forever, Ms. Hat.
          Virara Wakuwa (  ♥  ) - "Virara"
        Even among all the various characters that Chachan readily calls friend, Virara still manages to stand out. Possessing a monstrous strength (and appetite, he's come to find...), she seems more focused on fighting and relying on one's self. Yet, when he hears her talk of her Master, as much as she says she wants to kill her, he can't help but think there's something more there. Various other interactions with her have solidified that view - that Virara is a good person deep down.
          Warren Castille (  ♥  ) - "Ser Warren"
        Chachanji's arms teacher, who saved him from assault by angry bee outside Ul'dah, and long served to teach him how to fight with sword and shield. Even after moving away from Ul'dah, he often likes to drop in on his mentor if he's able and see how the Highlander's doing. If he knew what it meant, the Lalafell might even admit to having a platonic man-crush on the Free Paladin, whom he sees as both strong and righteous.
          Roen Deneith (  ♥  ) - "Ms. Roen"
        Met by happenstance through Gran bumping into her, Roen has become Chachan's second teacher, the "Free-Sworn" having that heroic heart that the Lalafell so admires. Whenever he sees her, she seems to be helping people, which is exactly what he wants to do. She's also been teaching him how to ride his Chocobo, Avenger. It's been a while since they last spoke, though...
          Memeli Meli (  ♥  ) - "Mel-chan"
        The overly cheerful demeanor and seemingly boundless self-confidence of this bombastic pink-haired Lalafell initially grabbed Chachanji's interest, and a series of incidents involving her aether going wild made him realize how scared he was to lose her. While their sudden relationship seems to have ended just as abruptly as it began, he still cares for her - even if it's just as a friend.
          Jancis Milburga (  ♥  ) - "Ms. Jancis"
        One of the many "princesses" of the Coral Sea, Chachan honestly considers Jancis a wonderful person and a good friend. The Conjurer's gentle and friendly nature is so very admirable to the little Lalafell, and he would do much to ensure that she can continue to help others unhindered. He went so far as to prove that point when he sought to rescue her and another Coralite from a band of cultists and their aether-draining machines. To this day, he finds her presence comforting and enjoyable.
          Flickering Ember (  ♥  ) - "Ms. Ember"
        While their first meeting was a bit of a terrifying one - the Roegadyn having reverted to a feral state - Chachan felt a strong desire to help calm her down so that she could be helped by the Coral medical staff. Ever since, he's tried to keep an eye out for his much larger new friend, doubly so since she lacks sight. This has been made all the easier due to her endearingly friendly nature and general lovability. If she ever needs help, Chachan would certainly be among the first in line to give it.
          Valentinoix Thibault (  ●  ) - "Mr. Val"
        A fellow Coralite, Chachan first met the Duskwight in the same cultist lair raid group as Jancis. The man's manner of speech continually perplexes the little Lalafell, but Mr. Val has always stepped up when people needed assistance. Upon learning of the Elezen's light-sensitivity, the Doman hunted down a pair of smithing goggles - to better help Val see the world around him. After all, there's an entire world for him to see and enjoy during the daylight hours! Seize the day, Mr. Val!
          Ha'uruh Nunh (  ●  ) - "Howl"
        Chachanji met good ol' Howl through Ser Warren, and has quickly forged a friendship with the guy. Though the man's brief stint as the opposite gender confused the little Lalafell, the reasonings for it and the Miqo'te's more subdued nature as of late has little Chachan trying his best to bring a smile to Howl's face and bring him in closer into his circle of friends. The Miqo'te's trip north to Ishgard put a bit of a damper on those plans, but the little Lalafell eagerly awaits seeing him again.
          Aya Foxheart (  ●  ) - "Ms. Aya"
        The cheerful barmaid of the Quicksand seems to be friends to many, and Chachan happily counts himself among them. Though he's continually embarrassed by her referral to him as "Champion Chachan", he is quite fond of the drink she has made of the same name. His interactions with her have been a bit more awkward as of late, though, having seen her in a bathing suit more than once now and possibly falling victim to the charms of "Eorzea's greatest heartthrob."
          Coatleque Crofte (  ●  ) - "Ser Crofte"
        Chachanji originally had his eyes on this predominant Sultansworn to be his third teacher. Her calm and collected approach, along with her apparent ability to always know what to say or do, being something he wants to emulate. He approached her about this and was instead given a "Trial of Purpose," which lead to his eventual recognition as a Free Paladin. The Lalafell is still uncertain of how he stands with her, but she did send a Paladin-hopeful his way for her own Trial...
          Shas Tarry (  ●  ) - "Ser Tarry"
        A Sultansworn that Chachan met through Leanne and has come to see as quite the friend, not to mention another shining example of how close Paladins in general were to his heroic ideals. She's been there for him almost as much as Leanne herself, though she had fallen out of contact for a quite some time. However, with her return from the North, Chachan is ready and willing to continue their friendship! And apparently there's a "Josie" she wants him to also keep an eye out for.
          Artemis Newton (  ●  ) - "Ms. Artemis"
        One of the first folks Chachan met in Ul'dah, and one of the first to attempt to improve his swordplay and point him on the path to Paladinhood. Her myriad skill sets and knowledge on multiple matters (either personally or knowing someone who does) has been helpful to the little Lalafell to learn more about Eorzea in general. Her mannerisms can be a bit off-putting at times, but the fact she used to be a Hyur and is now an Elezen is likely stranger still.
          Ninifae Nira (  ●  ) - "Ms. Nira"
        Met through Ms. Artemis, Nira helped Chachan through his first few days in Ul'dah almost as much as the Hyur-slash-Elezen! He's always in awe of her seemingly vast amounts of knowledge, and is most likely the first person besides his own brother that he'd think of when it came to booksmarts. Though, with the return of his brother to his side, the elder Gegenji has more or less supplanted her as the go-to person for knowledge. She's still a very strong, second, though!
          Kage Kiryuu (  ●  ) - "Mr. Kage"
        A fellow Lalafell that both got Chachan accidentally entered into his first Grindstone, served as his adviser when he had his first big fight with Leanne, and was a brief partner in crime in researching into the strange stones many adventurers recieved. The guy seems a bit distant at times, but Chachan thinks they're on a good track to becoming fast friends and smithy buddies! The Doman even got surprised by the Fat Cat kitten that was given to him by Kage, which he named Cake.
          Alexaria Whiteraven (  ●  ) - "Ms. Alex"
        Helping save a Lalafell from freezing to death from being a dumb post-adopted-sibling-fight is a great way to gain some measure of respect in his eyes. She's also helped Chachan with the strange rabbit stone he received in the mail, though she was a bit dodgier in her advice than Kage was. While he's not completely sure of the lady and her intentions, he likes her well enough and she seems to echo the sentiments.
          Roysia Stone (  ●  ) - "Rose"
        A Sultansworn-in-Training that started her training at the same time Chachanji started his own. First they were "rivals" to see who would complete their goal first, though Rose ultimate won that particular race. She and Leanne dated, and the subsequent breakup that left his "Big Sister" depressed and heartbroken immediately soured the Lalafell's opinion on her. She took his promised shin-kicking relatively well, but further lack of interaction has left Chachan's feelings on her nebulous at best.
          Koporo Aporo (  ●  ) - "Mumbles"
        Meetings with the apparently much older Dunesfolk almost always seems to turn sour. Conflicts over Chachan's pet baby behemoth Gran led to personal jabs to Koporo's strange self-appointed mentoring to toughen up "Rabbit-Ears." Beating the older Lalafell at the Grindstone ceased some of the more overt conflicts, but interactions continue to be troublesome at best. And after Koporo's outburst at the Halone pilgrimage, it's unlikely Chachanji will ever really see him in a positive light.
        Beautiful sketch art piece by Liriell



        Tumblr: The Super Gegenji Brothers Super Show

        * Chachanji's cactuar earring is part of a matching set, with the other belonging to his older brother Gogonji. Both earrings originally belonged to Gogonji, and we given to him as a Namesday gift by their mother after a return trip to her home city of Ul'dah.
        * Chachanji has won the Grindstone exactly once - on January 3rd, 2015. Unsure what to do with the sudden influx of gil, he put it instead towards helping pay for a funeral for a fellow Coralite and later to booking the Bismarck to cheer up his depressed adopted 'sister.' Nearly two weeks later, on the 14th, a drink appeared on the Quicksand menu that consisted of sweetwater and a random mix of fruit juices - a Champion Chachan.
        * Chachanji's very first girlfriend ever was Yukumazi Mikazi, who kissed him on a dare at Memeli Meli's slumber party on January 10th, 2015.
        * Chachanji was crowned 2015 Mr. Eorzea on April 14th, despite a grand showing by Highlanders and Roegadyns. He was purportedly talked into entering by his then-girlfriend Memeli Meli.

        Opening Theme: A Day to Remember - Naivety
        General Themes: Bartender OST - Bloddy Caesar ~Kenka~ | Breath of Fire III - Waking Up In the Morning Leads to All the Encounters
        Dramatic Theme: Digimon Adventure Tri - Brave Heart
        Combat Theme: Undertale OST - Hopes and Dreams/Save the World
        Ending Theme: Stan Bush - Dare
        Smithy Theme: Atelier Rorona OST - The Weapon Shop's Old Man
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