Adeya Evenar

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Adeya Evenar
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 25
Profession Scholar
Nameday 7th Sun of the First Astral Moon
Guardian Thaliak, the Scholar
Server Balmung



Originally hailing from the Twelveswood, Adeya turned up in Limsa Lominsa one day with little more than a beat up spellbook and the clothes on her back. Since then she has been trying to make a name for herself as a mage and scholar. Her current focus is on Nym, specifically Nymian magic.


Standing at about 5 fulms, Adeya is of average height for a miqo'te. While the more charitable might call her build lithe, scrawny is perhaps a more accurate description, as lithe implies a grace that Adeya tends to lack. This, combined with the fact that she usually keeps her dark denim hair short, has in the past occasionally resulted in people mistaking her for a boy, even without her trying to appear as one. Despite having lived under the Vylbrand sun for the past several years she is still rather on the pale side, in stark contrast to her dark eyes which are the color of carmine. Almost directly below her eyes are a pair of grey facial markings sometimes seen in miqo'te, while above her left eyebrow is a small, faded scar. In addition to this, past events have caused her to pick up several scars, the most notable of which are two, one on each arm, that cut horizontally across her forearms, as well as one on her chest caused by a thrown dagger. Finally, her back was recently badly burned on a job, leaving several new scars behind.

As a general rule, she dresses in the styles typical to Limsa Lominsa. Her clothing tends overwhelmingly towards the practical, with a clear emphasis on function over fashion. It is a rare sight indeed to see her in a dress or bothering with makeup, and even then it's clear that she's not completely comfortable in more formal attire. Even rarer still is seeing her without her dark red grimoire at her side.


Like many a Keeper of the Moon, Adeya can be seen as reserved. She tends to be somewhat guarded with her thoughts and emotions, a fact which has occasionally been known to make her appear to be detached or even cold. It perhaps doesn’t help that she can be a bit blunt when dealing with people and has a tendency towards sarcasm. Furthermore, Adeya’s view of the world is a fairly cynical one. Her upbringing taught her to be wary around people, especially Gridanians, a tendency which was later expanded and reinforced during her first few years in Limsa Lominsa.

Still, around close friends or those who share her interests she is much more open. When discussing something she is passionate about, such as anything to do with aether, she can be quite animated and, if not stopped, rather long winded. At the end of the day Adeya is extremely curious, and she is always eager to both acquire and share new knowledge. This quiet enthusiasm is something that she brings to pretty much everything; when she has made a decision about something it is very difficult to change her mind. She takes both her word and commitments very seriously, and hates to break either. For her, being called stubborn is a compliment--one that she tends to hear rather frequently. In spite of her cynicism, she does seem to genuinely care about those around her, especially her friends, and typically attempts to look out for their best interests as best as she can, sometimes regardless of whether or not they want said help.

Romantically, Adeya is interested in both men and women, with a preference towards women. When it comes to anything serious, she tends to be concerned less about gender and more about whether or not the person in question can keep up with her intellectually.


  • Is a terrible, if enthusiastic, cook.
  • Seems to possess no talent for conjury despite being a decent arcanist and passable thaumaturge.
  • Tends to have trouble sitting still and will pace when upset or thinking hard about something.
  • Has trouble seeing her carbuncle as just a tool and has been known to give them names.
  • Has been known to keep a torn grimoire page in her pocket. Just in case.



Aether: Anything to do with it, though new spells are a particular favorite

History: One of her true passions. She's perfectly happy sending all day scouring through old ruins or staring at part of an old spell.

Books: Adeya is a consummate bookworm, and finds it hard to let any book pass by her without at least skimming it.

Stargazing: While skeptical of astrology's emphasis on fate, Adeya has nevertheless taken an interest in the stars themselves.

Alchemy: Though she is only a beginner when it comes to this craft, she finds the entire discipline fascinating, and would like to one day learn to make more than just inks.

Fine Wines: Adeya has a bit of a hedonistic streak, and it shows in her preferred drinks.


Flattery: She has no time or patience for it. Either say what you really think or say nothing at all

Tribal Miqo'te Both Keepers and Seekers, though for very different reasons. Her views regarding her own people are complicated, and she's not even sure where she stands all of the time.

Wood Wailers: While Adeya isn't a fan of Gridanians in general, she seems to have a special dislike of Wood Wailers in particular.

Slavery: Having seen some of the effects of it, Adeya can safety say that she finds the practice abhorrent.

Yarzon: Their legs are too long, they show up in weird places, and one bit her once. If she never sees another she'll be quite happy.


Determination: Adeya firmly believes that you never give up, no matter what.

Levelheaded: Adeya isn't prone to making rash decisions. She knows how to stay calm and come up with plans during a crisis.

Loyal: While Adeya doesn't have many friends, the ones she does have she cares about deeply, and is willing to go to extreme lengths to ensure that they are safe.

Arcanima: Arcanima, and the math that goes along with it, is second-nature to her.

Inquisitive Adeya is always eager for new knowledge, seemingly regardless of what it is about. She knows many things about many topics, and is always picking up little obscure facts and ideas.


Stubbornness: The flip side of her determination. When Adeya gets an idea into her head, it can often be very hard to change it.

Impatience: "Something needs to be done, and it needs to be done now." Adeya doesn't seem to understand the concept of waiting, and always feels the need to be busy with something.

Blunt: Adeya has trouble reading people. While she generally wants to do the right thing, her inability to pick up on subtlety can make her appear uncaring, awkward, or just plain rude.

Physical Combat: Take away her magic, and suddenly this scrawny, five nothing mage becomes much less scary.

Conjury: In spite of her talent with the other branches of magic, conjury continues to elude her, to the point where she's never even managed to conjure up a simple rock.


Growing Up in The Twelveswood

Ask a Gridanian the right questions, and you might hear about some of the other residents of the Twelveswood; specifically, the Keepers of the Moon. While over the years some Keeper groups have made their peace with the city-state, to this day there are still others that have refused to follow suit. The Padfoot Clan is one such group. Fiercely independent and proud of their traditions, they shunned all opportunities to make peace, instead choosing to retreat into the most remote part of the Twelveswood, where they would never have to fear falling under the control of outsiders.

Or so their stories go anyway.

The reality of the matter paints a much bleaker picture. Already small and insular even by Keeper standards, over the years the conflict with Gridania and their own dwindling numbers began to take their toll on the clan. At some point it became clear to their leaders that they had a choice: abandon their absolute isolationist stance, or die out. They chose the former, and not long after the Padfoots emerged as players in the fur trade. Ever since it has been a constant struggle to balance their traditions against the pragmatic necessities of survival—and even then it’s never been quite clear whether they succeeded or merely delayed the inevitable.

It was into this uncertainty that Adeya was born. The unplanned result of a tryst between a young huntress and a Gridanian, she never met the man who fathered her. Instead she was raised solely by her mother and the rest of the clan, a story that wasn’t terribly unusual amongst their kind. What was viewed as somewhat odd turned out to be Adeya herself. Smaller and clumsier than her cousins and clanmates, she seemed to have inherited none of her mother’s hunting talent. Instead what she did have was a keen mind, but with no ability to hear the elementals or talent for weaving or the like, it seemed likely that the most that she would be good for was balancing books and perpetually asking awkward questions.

As the years went on Adeya began to distance herself slightly from the rest of her family. Taught the basics of how to read, the few books she had became an escape, a window into the possibilities offered by life outside of the Twelveswood. Eventually she even began to covertly defy the strict rules laid down by the clan’s matriarch with regards to outsiders. Despite the risk to herself and potentially the others, occasionally she would sneak off to the smaller settlements in the Twelveswood; after all, she was curious about the non-Keepers also living in the forest.

But everything changed the day she was caught. Fortunately for her, it wasn’t by a Gridanian, though at the time she would have thought that was preferable to being dragged before the matriarch. But even worse than that was the fight that followed afterward with her mother, where the truth about who her father was finally came out. Shaken by this realization, over the next few weeks Adeya gradually came to a decision: it didn’t matter who her father was. She would prove that she was just as good as the rest of them.

Driven by this resolution, things would finally come to a head during her coming of age ritual. Several times a year, a group of fifteen and sixteen year olds from the clan would be given the chance to prove that they were ready for adulthood. The final test was to be sent out, alone, into the forest for several days and to return with something of value—typically a pelt, herbs, or other supplies they needed. While Adeya knew when she set out that she could have easily captured a rabbit or something like that, she ultimately had her sights set on bigger game. After all, while a rabbit would have been acceptable, she also knew that there would be no recognition in it. No, she needed something impressive, something that would get everyone's attention.

Afterwards, Adeya would never really talk about what happened while she was gone, though it was obvious that something had. What was made quite clear to everyone, when she returned several days late and empty handed, was that she had failed. What was also obvious was that her failure had hit Adeya hard, so much so that it almost wasn’t a surprise when everyone woke up one evening and found that the young Keeper had disappeared - and had taken her belongings with her.

Leaving for Limsa Lominsa

The first few days after she left her clan were the most difficult for Adeya. Afraid to go to either the Gridanians or other Keepers, she eventually took the risk and tracked down a trader she had heard was in the area. The furs she had taken with her earned her just enough gil to get her to her ultimate goal: Limsa Lominsa. After hearing the (somewhat exaggerated) stories of the city’s arcanists, there was nothing she wanted more than to study with them.

Though it took a bit of persuasion, she did manage to convince the Guild to give her a chance to learn. Eventually her talent with geometries lead to her getting taken under the wing of one of the older arcanists, an Elezen man named Alexois Vallerin. For the next several years, her days would be spent tracking down smuggled cargo and contraband, while at night she dived into books concerning magical theory, history, and language. And as time went on, she became quite certain which of the two she preferred.

Fueled by this and a growing restlessness, when she got a chance to focus more on research than customs work she took it. Her interest was on the ancient city of Nym, specifically the ancient spells used to keep it aloft. It was clear to her that there were links between modern arcanima and Nymian magic, ones that she could use to crack Nym's secrets given enough time and resources. Yet in her current position those were the two things she lacked, forcing her to begin to seek out other options and, eventually, getting drawn up into more adventure than she could have dreamed of.


Color Key
In a Relationship Crush Family Friend Positive Negative Neutral Unsure Deceased
Family & Clan
  Kiht Evenar ( ) - Mother
Growing up, Adeya and her mother had a rather rocky relationship. The two haven't spoken since Adeya ran away from home, a situation which at the moment is unlikely to change.
  Rhiki'to Nelhah ( ) - Father
In truth, Adeya doesn't really know much about the man that fathered her, having never actually met him. That hasn't stopped her from disliking him though, as she feels that he is at least partially responsible for how she was treated growing up. Still, there is a part of her that is somewhat curious about him, even if not to the point of deliberately seeking him out.
  Kiht'a Evenar ( ) - Brother
Adeya's half brother and one of the very few family members that she stays in contact with. The two aren't exactly close, owing partially to their lives having taken very different paths, however Adeya can still be very protective of him and is willing to drop everything at a moment's notice to go and help him.
  Rhaya Evenar ( ) - Aunt
The bookkeeper for Adeya's clan and the source of many books and lessons in math. Adeya is still grateful to her for indulging her interest in numbers and reading, especially when it seemed that no one else would.
  Pahja Vhetki ( ) - Old Friend
The daughter of the clan's matriarch and Adeya's best friend from childhood. Believed to have died during the Calamity.
  Rhela Vhetki ( ) - Matriarch
The matriarch of Adeya's former clan. Despite years having gone by Adeya still carries a deep, abiding grudge towards the older woman. She suspects the feeling is mutual.
  Synn Heolstor ( ) - My Knight
A Hyur adventurer that Adeya met during her time with the Illustre Alliance and who joined her and Asheloux after they formed the Mythril Wings. Though the two of them didn't really get along at first and still occasionally butt heads, Adeya has come to care very deeply about him. Though their lives may be dangerous and the future uncertain, Adeya knows that the two of them can face anything together.
  Asheloux Thalantos ( ) - Frustrating Friend
When the two of them met, Adeya would have never thought that she would have considered the prickly Elezen mage a friend. Yet, after all of the weird and dangerous situations they have been in together, it's hard for her to think of him as anything less. Even if she does find his tendency towards keeping secrets from her, and his reasons for doing so, absolutely infuriating.
  Kurt Steel ( ) - Headache
A Hyur adventurer that Adeya once taught basic arcanima to. While it eventually became clear that that wasn't really working out, the two managed to strike up a friendship, albeit a rocky one. Recent events have made Adeya somewhat concerned about them, though she's keeping that to herself. For now.
  Michaux Vidal ( ) - Fellow Historian
Despite only having spoken to him a few times, Adeya has taken a certain liking to this Duskwight. As a fellow historian she finds his work fascinating and himself easy enough to talk to. Plus, he also helped rescue Asheloux, which says pretty much everything about him that she needs to know. All that said, she never intends to accompany him into Gelmorran ruins ever again.
  Solenne Lagarde ( ) - Gridanian Healer
Despite her general distrust of Gridanians, Adeya has found that she has a certain amount of respect for this Wildwood. Though they practice different forms of magic, their methods for dealing with problems are surprisingly similar. She might hesitate to admit it, but she considers her a friend.
  Soren Shieldbreaker ( ) - Cave Addict
Originally hired to help gather information for the free company, over time Adeya has found herself taking a sort of liking to this Duskwight. His easy going manner is enough for her to drop her guard around him a little; in addition, recent events with his sister have caused her to feel rather protective of him and his choices.
  Therese Orycia ( ) - Helpful Dragoon
Despite not being a fan of either Ishgard or many Ishgardians, Adeya and this dragoon have managed to strike up a rather unlikely friendship. Adeya feels like she understands her, especially her devotion to her homeland, and relates to an extent to how she grew up. Even if she finds the whole idea of nobility confusing and a bit backwards.
  Tuli Qalli ( ) - Former Student
A chance and very confusing encounter somehow ended up with Adeya taking on the Xaela as an apprentice. Since then, Adeya has found both her and her cheeriness perplexing, even by the standards she has for Au Ra; however, after getting to know her a bit more she has come to realize that the cheerful attitude might just be a mask after all. In a way their stories are similar, and Adeya has found that she can empathize a good deal with her, even if she never admitted it. And given what happened at their last meeting, she has good reason to suspect that she will never get the chance to.
  Xavarian Mystrife ( ) - Fellow Bookworm
A weird Duskwight with an even weirder aether problem that makes being around him interesting at times. In spite of that, so far Adeya has found both him and his knowledge of ritual magic very nice to have around. In addition to them sharing a love of books and curiosity about all things aether-related, she also owes him more than one favor for all of the help that he has given her lately.
  Ari'ya Mhoki ( ) - Quiet Keeper
Almost despite herself, Adeya has found that she's taken a liking to this Keeper. His knowledge of magic and herbs continues to impressive her, and though she wishes that he would speak and stand up for himself more, she's started to get the sense that he might be far tougher than he lets on.
  Darturu Torlan ( ) - Curious Seeker
Despite appearing like a Seeker Miqo'te, Adeya is fully aware that there is more to him than meets the eye. She finds him and his story somewhat intriguing, even if she still is somewhat unsure of how much of it is true. Regardless, she is more than happy to help him if he needs more help with magic. Or messing with Garlean plans.
  Mael Archevauliere ( ) - A Mystery
A mystery. And a very intriguing one. Adeya finds this strange Hyur fascinating, and is more than happy to help him attempt to recover his memories and figure out just where in the seven hells he came from. On a personal level he's a bit more timid than she'd normally like, however his arcanima ability and intelligence, along with their similar interest in Nym, more than make up for it in her eyes.
  Shushulo Shulo ( ) - Brilliant Drunk
Adeya finds the ideas of this particular Lalafell fascinating, though she can struggle to follow them when they move into the realm of magitek instead of pure mathematics. She's slightly less fond of her drinking habits; however, as long as the work she needs gets done she'll tolerate them.
  Viotteaux Pairair ( ) - Mhach Scholar
Adeya has taken a liking to this polite Ul'dahn thaumaturge. The two of them share similar interests in magic and history, and Adeya is quite happy to help him further his research into the War of Magi.
  Ziek Kazuto ( ) - Odd Wanderer
A very odd Hyur that calls himself a wanderer. Adeya can't quite make sense of him, though she's hoping to run into him again. If only to get a chance to try to figure him out.
  Aika Yukitsuna ( ) - Trouble
Despite the fact that they work together, Adeya has serious reservations about this particular Raen. She's far too impulsive for her tastes, as well as far too happy to attack first, ask questions never. Plus, Adeya can never quite tell when she's lying to all of them. All in all, Adeya considers her extremely unreliable, and potentially more of a liability than an asset.
  Dash Dazkar ( ) - Hothead
Though they work together, Adeya isn't quite sure that she trusts this Xaela mage. While admittedly good in a fight, he seems to believe that every problem can be best solved through the liberal application of fire. In addition to this, he doesn't seem able to take anything seriously, a fact which when combined with violent tendencies leads her to believe that he's unreliable at best.
  Isarmont Sorel ( ) - Solenne's Friend
Adeya doesn't know much about this Duskwight, having never really talked to him when Solenne wasn't present. However, she's curious about him, partially because he's so quiet, and partially because she wants to know why someone like him would be spending so much time with a Gridanian.
  Surge Dravorgas ( ) - Strange Explorer
A Hyur explorer that Adeya once shared a drink and interesting conversation with. While he can't seem to stay on one topic for more than a minute, some of his ideas seem to show promise. That is, assuming they don't blow up in his face first. Literally.
  Xander Rifaire ( ) - Apprentice...?
Despite serious misgivings about taking on another student, Xander managed to talk her into it (mostly by appealing to her sense of pride). Recent events have caused her opinion of him to suffer, as she feels that he betrayed her trust. However, she still retains a certain amount of sympathy for him.
  Marielle Beaumontaire ( ) - Manipulative She-Devil
It would be hard to overstate the amount of hate and contempt that Adeya feels towards this Elezen merchant. Having started off on rather a bad note, things only became worse as Marielle's true intentions were revealed and her plans set into motion. Now, after all of the things she has done, Adeya is determined to ensure that she does not get away with it. No matter what she has to do in the process.
  Orrin Halgren ( ) - Damned Dragoon
An Ishgardian Hyur who once employed Adeya for a trek into the Wanderer's Palace, one that left the group with more questions than answers. The pair used to have an agreement to share information with each other; however, after a recent confrontation Adeya has lost whatever good will she had towards him. While she will work with him if forced to, she certainly doesn't trust him, and will not hesitate to use whatever means necessary to stop him from hurting her friends again.
  Dionyr Faulkner ( ) - Summoner
Adeya has rather mixed feelings about this Hyur mage. While he seems likable enough, even if too timid by far, being around him brings up memories that she would rather not have to deal with.
  Zephel Balthoux ( ) - Strange Rogue
An Ishgardian former slave turned rogue, Adeya can never quite tell where she and this rogue stand. Furthermore, while he does seem to be good at getting into places, some of the things he does afterwards can be questoinable as far as good sense goes.


NPC Rumors

Some of these may be untrue or greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors
  • "I've seen her around. Tends to keep to herself though. Always with her nose in a book. Gives you the most awful glare if you interrupt her too."

  • "Watch out if you ever play cards with her. Underneath that quiet bookworm act she's utterly ruthless."

  • "Don't ever ask her about Nym or anything history-related if you don't have a few bells to kill. I did it once. Never again."

  • "I heard she once set a carbuncle on someone who called her a Gridanian. Poor bastard still has the scars and everything."

◢ Uncommon Rumors
  • "I got a look at her notes once. Weird stuff. I didn't even recognize half the formulas. And if that's just her notes, what's she got in her grimoire?"

  • "Evenar? That entire family are poachers and bandits. There's not a lot of them, but they've managed to be a thorn in the Wood Wailers' side for years."

  • "That healer keeps some interesting company. Mercenaries, pirates... hells, I heard that she once offered a job to a wanted criminal! Stood up to the Yellowjackets for him and everything!"

◢ Rare Rumors
  • "I saw her get angry—no, furious—this one time. For someone who claims to not be a thaumaturge, she sure is good at calling up flames. Looked like she was gonna burn the whole building down."

  • "I'd stay away from her if I were you. She says she's just an arcanist, but she asks some very odd questions for someone who's "just researching magic". Plus I'm almost sure she was wanted for questioning about heresy a few moons ago."

PC Rumors

Feel free to add one.

◢ Player Character Rumors
  • "Miss Evenar? She can be rough at times, but she seems to have my interests at heart, even if they do conflict with my own. She's a good friend, and very smart. And when things get dangerous I am glad she is around. But that temper sometimes. And the carbuncle..." - Soren Shieldbreaker

  • "I made the mistake of underestimating Adeya at first, but I have since truly come to appreciate her intelligence, determination, and magical skill. I am pleased to count her among my allies... and my friends." - Solenne Lagarde

  • "I cannot speak highly enough of Adeya. She had little reason to trust me when we first met, and yet she welcomed me into the Mythril Wings without hesitation. I now have a family of sorts for the first time in years. I don't know how I will ever repay her kindness, but I will happily spend the rest of my days trying." - Michaux Vidal

  • "You meen Adeya? I think she might not approve, but I certainly see her as our matriarch. She's a point of clarity for me, when things get too much, or too complicated, I know I can speak with her, and then I'll know how to proceed." - Ari'ya Mhoki

RP Hooks


Your character may have a tie to or interest in Adeya if:
  • They are an Arcanist: Adeya was trained and worked for the Arcanists' Guild for several years. If your character has spent any time there, they may have gotten to hear some of the rumors about her, or maybe they even know each other.
  • They are interested in history: Specifically Nymian history. Adeya has been actively studying the ruins for several years and has done a decent amount of writing on her work recreating Nymian magic, so there's a chance they might have heard her name or even read some of her work.
  • They are a Yellowjacket: Before becoming a historian, Adeya was involved in the customs officer side of the Arcanists' Guild, so there's a chance they could have worked together at some point.
  • They are a smuggler: Maybe she almost caught you once. Maybe she actually did. Either way, having someone turn up with a grudge would be awesome.
  • They are a Wood Wailer: While it's unlikely they would know of Adeya personally, the name Evenar is known to be tied to a group of Keeper poachers and black market fur traders.
  • They are a traditional Keeper: Adeya's clan was very isolationist, but there's always a chance they could have run into each other at some point, or even just heard of each other.
  • They can see or sense aether: Thanks to a teleportation accident, Adeya's aether appears slightly off. It could be enough to catch their attention.


While by no means an exhaustive list, these are the things I'm particularly interested in:
  • More mages: Having another person to geek out about magic with is always fun.
  • Other scholars: Both in the job and actual profession sense. So far she hasn't really gotten to compare notes with anyone yet and it'd be cool to change that.
  • Strange spells: Adeya is very good at figuring out what spells do. If you need someone to make you a geometry or you need to figure out what a ward does, she'll be happy to help.
  • Weird relics and experiments: Adeya is very curious. Please, let her help you figure out what the strange artifact you found in the creepy ruins does.
  • Dungeon delving: Or you can just drag her to the creepy ruins with you. That works too.
  • More Gridanians: Adeya has never quite gotten over her distrust of them. You could help her with that. Or make it worse. Your call.
  • Other Keepers: Adeya's feelings towards her people are complicated. Actually running into other Keepers, both traditional and non-traditional, might help give her a new perspective.
  • Trouble: Nothing like a bit of conflict to keep things interesting. Steal from her, attack her, whatever. Just be aware that sometimes scrawny mages fight back.
  • Friends: Adeya knows quite a few people, but very few of them are close. Not that getting to be her friend is easy, but it'd be cool if it happened.






Always up for more RP, either in-game or on the forums. If you've got ideas don't hesitate to send me a PM or tell.

This page is and most likely always will be a WIP.


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