Daerin Roda

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Daerin Roda

"It doesn't matter if it's hard to find. I can get it."

Character Information
Full Name Daerin Roda
Race Viera
Subrace Veena
Gender Female
Sexual Orientation Lesbian
Relationship Status Polyamorous, Single
Nameday 26th Sun of the Fifth Astral Moon
Age 41
Guardian Oschon, the Wanderer
Birthplace Skatay Range
Occupation Importer/Exporter, Entertainer

General Information

An importer/exporter of fine goods, this Viera has made it her personal mission to make her mark on the world by any means necessary. Whatever someone may need, Daerin is usually the person to call upon if you need something quietly, discreetly, and at a moderately fair price. She works within many different circles, under many different names, and prefers to keep her personal life secret from all but the most trusted of individuals.


Daerin is a rather chubby Viera, standing at around 6'5" with quite a bit of curve. Normally seen in darker clothes, she prefers to keep her style consistent, depending on the works she's doing at the time. She's as pale as a Coerthan winter, usually sporting darker makeup on her face. Under each eye is a traditional Veena tattoo, though faded somewhat by the years and sun. Her hair normally is an almost ethereal white, with crimson tips, though it seems to change color based upon her mood and what she has time for.


Personality Traits

  • Passionate
  • Problem-solver
  • Blunt
  • Driven
  • Curious
  • Skeptical
  • Opinionated


Daerin tends to err on the side of caution when it comes to social interactions with those she does not trust, holding her true feelings in while maintaining an pleasant tone. With those she trusts, she tends to pepper her sentences with affectionate terms of endearment, like 'darling' or 'dear', taking on a somewhat matronly tone.

Daerin is an utter hedonist, and wears that title with pride. She prefers to indulge in the finer things in life, whether that's food, drink, intoxicants, or the company of a lovely courtesan. She doesn't shy away or skimp on her meals, and those at the finer eating establishments of Gridania and Limsa Lominsa know her, if not by name, then at the very least, by reputation.

Philosophy & Ideals

Daerin, by nature, is a greedy person. She's a firm believer in holding onto what's hers, and getting more of whatever she desires, whether that's food, comfort, love, or intoxicants. That said, she does have a strict moral code that she operates within, and there are a few things that she will not tolerate, nor tolerate from others that she works with professionally or personally. She abhors slave labor and indentured servitude in all its forms, and ensures that all her business contacts abstain from such practices. By force, if necessary.

That said, she does throw her gil around like it doesn't matter, and has been known to donate towards those in need. However, this is not out of some altruistic notion, but out of a desire for validation and admiration that she lacks in her personal life.

She's also a firm believer in love, even if she herself is woefully single. How a woman so greedy can believe in true love and exalting one's partner over all things is a paradox, but Daerin has never been one for sense and logic, even at the most calm of times.

Personality Tidbits and Random Facts

  • Daerin is more than capable of getting people what they need, so long as they don't ask too many questions on its origin.
  • She has an eye for detail, and refuses to accept less than the best.
  • Daerin has an incredibly keen sense of smell and taste, given her status as a gourmand and hedonist.
Likes Dislikes
  • Lavender and Vanilla scents
  • Getting exactly what people need
  • Strong drinks
  • Well-coordinated attire
  • Learning new skills
  • Pet names (Darling, Dearest, etc.)
  • Arrogance without merit
  • Overwhelming odors
  • Racists
  • Cheats
  • Circuitous answers
  • People who lack conviction
  • Slavers
Skills Education
  • Trade
  • Goldsmithing
  • Mining/Botany
  • Iaijutsu
  • Fishing
  • None, formally
Strengths Flaws
  • Fair Trader: Daerin is known as someone with actual scruples when it comes to her dealings, and doesn't seek to screw over her trading partners. In fact, many would consider her to be overtly gregarious in her business dealings.
  • Keen Senses: Daerin has rather keen senses, specifically in hearing and smell. She's able to discern when all but the most skilled are lying to her, and can usually pick out a liar from a group with naught but her nose.
  • Hingan-Style Swordswoman: While no one in Hingashi would ever compare her skills with a katana to, say, a member of the Sekiseigumi, she is quite skilled with the sword, preferring a single-stroke style to more flashy approaches to combat.
  • Desperately Lonely: Daerin's failed relationships weigh heavily upon her mind, leaving her focused more on matters of the heart than business, leaving her operations somewhat vulnerable.
  • Something Lurks Below: Daerin has a rather vicious bloodlust within her, dubbed 'The Beast' by herself and a few around her. When she snaps, she becomes cruel and sadistic towards those around her, willing to pick at wounds emotional and physical, to ensure her enemies don't come back a second time.
  • Spendthrift: In a desperate attempt to seem likable to those around her, Daerin is frivolous with her earnings. While never in true jeopardy of being destitute, she usually spends far more than she should, especially on those she's attempting to woo.
Fears Favorites
  • Being Alone: Daerin can't stand the silence of being by herself, the constantly turning thoughts, always whispering to her about all her flaws and sins.
  • Bunnies Don't Swim: Thalassophobia plagues Daerin. While not afraid of most rivers and some ponds, the Veena freaks out if forced into a situation where she has to swim for any significant distance.
  • Who Are We?: Daerin's relationship with her own mind scares her more than anything. Plagued by doubt and insecurity, she knows how tempting, how easy it would be to give in and let the Beast take over, and she fears the day that ever comes.
  • Pass the Blunt: Daerin's affinity for Moko is almost religious in nature, and she's one to offer prayer at that altar whenever possible. She's worked on crossing various strains in her spare time, searching out that perfect, euphoric high.
  • Courtesans: The Veena's crushing sense of loneliness is usually offset by how often she visits various clubs and brothels. While no replacement for an actual loving relationship, if the gil she earns can go towards helping deal with the physical aspects of being alone, then all the better.
  • Me? On Stage?: While Daerin would never admit it, she adores being on stage, and being the center of attention.

Early Life







Recent Times


Common Uncommon
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Relationship Status Key

  • Loved One
  • In Love
  • Attraction
  • § Complicated
  • Friend

  • Good Standing
  • Poor Standing
  • Neutral
  • Uncertain
  • Deceased
Partners Friends
  • Zozola Zola

    Daerin met Zozola Zola at the Whispered Wish, and life was never quite the same after that. Where others saw a spoiled brat who didn't know the value of a gilpiece, Daerin saw potential, untapped and raw, requiring focus. As she mentored her newfound protegé and learned more of her family history, she grew closer to Zozola, wanting to ensure that her life was her own to do with as she wished.

    The Veena got to put her money where her mouth was when she formed a band to rescue the Lalafell songstress from her cousin's nefarious schemes. As time has gone on, she's grown to respect Zozola as an equal, no longer calling her protegé, but friend. She's one of few, if not the only person, to earn Daerin's complete trust, without reservation.

  • Lily Nibelung

    Daerin's relationship with Lily Nibelung has grown more complicated as time has marched on. While their relationship started as a simple friendship and mutual allies, it has grown in ways not readily apparent to those around her. Daerin positively adores Lily, not out of lust or love, or even aesthetic attraction, but for how she makes her best friend Zozo smile when they're together. While she does have a modicum of attraction towards Lily, she keeps a bit of distance for two reasons. The first is obvious, she's her best friend's beloved, and she doesn't wish to step on toes or make anything too terribly difficult.

    The second reason is the bond that they now share, Lily's destiny to become the World Tree, and Daerin's choice to become bonded to her as her eternal Guardian. While Daerin made the choice willingly, she did so out of love for Zozola and wanting to ensure that the duo would get many long years together. While she does hold a lot of care for Lily, she tries her best to ensure that those feelings aren't entirely selfish (for once).

  • Lalamune Zazamune

    Lalamune Zazamune (aka Zaz') is one of the most simultaneously inspiring and infuriating people that Daerin deals with on a daily basis. On one hand, Zaz's intellect is second to none, and she respects his wealth of knowledge when it comes to ancient civilizations, aetherology, and the classics. On the other, she doesn't understand how a man so smart can behave so rashly. Between the betrayals of trust towards Zozola, the outright cheating on Seselia, and his apparent need to be the hero in every situation he finds himself in, she has a number of complex emotions about Zaz', to the point that she threatened to remove his manhood with a knife and nail it to a bounty board in Mist if he didn't get his shit together.

    Now that he's a father to be, she's become even more scrutinizing of his decisions as of late, and refuses to let him continue down this self-destructive cycle. It also doesn't help that the soon-to-be mother of his children is someone Daerin fancies and has business dealings with...

  • Mynne Rosalia

    Mynne Rosalia, Lily's pupil in the conjuring arts, was once a bitter enemy to Daerin. She didn't appreciate how the confident Miqo'te could continue to take advantage of Zozola, and at one point, in anger and a defensive gesture for Zozola, Daerin threatened Mynne's entire operations. This did not elicit the reaction that Daerin expected, instead causing Mynne to lash out verbally, in her own defensive posturing.

    As time has gone on, though, Daerin's developed a significant crush towards 'Rosie', which culminated with the two of them sharing a passionate kiss, under the guise of confusing Zozola and Lalamune, but was truly spawned by Daerin's desire to find some requited love. Now that Mynne has seemingly disappeared amidst the chaos of Ul'dah, Daerin's mind is focused on one thing: bringing the catte home.

Business Contacts Acquaintances
  • Rasho

    Daerin's made a friend out of the Confederacy in the Ruby Sea, given her willingness to not only pay the Ruby Tithe, but also line their pockets in other ways. Make no mistake, Daerin's business dealings are entirely for her own benefit, but Rasho knows one thing about this Viera: she runs a tight operation, and if her plans put coin in his pocket, all the better for it.

  • Koyano Mihata

    Koyano Mihata was one of Lolorito's secretaries, and a constant thorn in Zozola's side. The Raen woman made Zozola's life a living hell in her imprisonment, and then extorted a recommendation out of Zaz' to go to Sharlayan. She knew that there was something awful about Koyano, and it became a sticking point between her and her friends, including La'nette, her ex. Her suspicions were proven all-too-right when, after chasing the Raen down, Daerin was killed in cold blood by Koyano, so the Raen could make her escape.

    However, Daerin was saved by Lily Nibelung, irrevocably twisting their two threads together and, after much heartache and misery, Daerin managed to cut her down atop the Mana Fortress, putting an end to this horrid woman's life.


Likely Locations Affiliations
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