Mynne Rosalia

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Mynne Rosalia

"How much ya willing to pay...?"

Character Information
Full Name Mynne Rosalia
Race Miqo'te
Subrace Seeker of the Sun
Gender Female
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Relationship Status Single
Nameday 13th Sun of the Sixth Umbral Moon
Age 22
Guardian Azeyma, the Warden
Birthplace Ul'dah
Occupation "Item Acquirer", Information Gatherer

General Information

Mynne is the quintessential street waif of Ul'dah. She never knew her mother or father and grew up in the dark alleyways of Ul'dah in squalor and poverty. A survivor of the harsh circumstances of her birth, she has fought tooth and nail to cling to life in a world that never wanted her. Surviving by any means necessary and using every onze of guile and instinct inherent within her, Mynne carved out a niche for herself in the seedy underbelly of Ul'dah's darker corners. Having grown up into a woman without the experience of a true childhood or the loving nurturing of a family, Mynne is a bitter individual. Her carefree demeanour conceals her harsh view of the world, seeing it as a cold and uncaring place where the powerful control the weak.

These days, Mynne is typically found out and about looking for easy marks or easier work. She is ever willing to snatch a purse, rob a noble's house, or perform other such activities as these are the only skills she learned in her time as an urchin. Always on the lookout for ways to make gil to support her burgeoning network of contacts, Mynne has begun to branch out to the other city-states in pursuit of opportunities. Recently, she has begun to take up a variety of jobs locating people or objects and has been instrumental in the success of several operations. Her ability to get the job done has begun to afford her the grudging respect that she has always craved, though her caustic attitude often sours those she would impress.


Mynne is rather skinny and lithe, a combination of her life with minimal nutrition and careful cultivation of her body proportions. Her snow-white shoulder-length hair is relatively well-maintained, primarily to keep strands of hair out of her eyes for maximum ability to see when needed. Her forehead has strips of leonine markings, a heredity quirk from an unknown mother.

Mynne primarily wears loose fit clothing, seeking to show off her form to maximum effect in order to manipulate her inherent attractiveness to get what she wants. Cocky and confident, Mynne regards most folks who approach her with a mixture of curiosity and anticipation; are they a customer or a mark?

A socializer by nature, Mynne can be loud and attention seeking... when she wants to be. She enjoys getting in people's business just to stir the pot and has little time for those who can't "take a joke".


Personality Traits

  • Cocky
  • Confrontational
  • Flirtacious
  • Bitter
  • Sneaky
  • Manipulative
  • Crude
  • Skilled
  • Survivalist
  • Cute
  • Apathetic


Mynne is a button-pusher, often actively antagonizing people who are otherwise leaving her alone. She does this typically as a way to alleviate boredom, but also as a method of gauging a person's ability to react to the situations around them. If one proves themself a fool or an otherwise mirthless person, Mynne will likely mark them as a target for later, seeking to relieve them of their Gil purse.

Mynne looks at the world from the perspective of one who never had a childhood, instead seeing the world as a place where the predators feed on the weak. Determined to never again be that vulnerable girl in the alley, Mynne goes out of her way to present herself as a capable and confrontational woman so as to keep the bullies away. A tad cynical and always suspicious of one's motives, Mynne is slow to trust, and even slower to forgive.

Generally when she is out and about, Mynne is a mingler - seeking to find those willing to buy her drinks and otherwise keep her entertained. Such relationships rarely last though, Mynne typically growing tired of these people and abandoning them for something new and fresh. Still, for those willing to put up with the woman, they can find themselves enjoying their time in the company of the fun-loving Miqo'te.

Philosophy & Ideals

Mynne is severely critical of wealth and those who flaunt it. Having experienced and seen the hardships of poverty firsthand, she sees those with excessive wealth as gluttonous blights on society and she typically will do everything in her power to cut them down to size. While she would never outright murder somebody, more than one nobleman has found themselves waking up in a dark Ul'dahn alley, naked with bruises all over their body.

Despite her sharp and caustic nature towards society in general, Mynne does have a tender side hidden underneath all the layers of bitterness. Recent events have given her a brief taste of conjury, and she enjoys the feeling of being able to help those she feels are deserving. Unlike many practitioners of the art though, Mynne is perfectly fine with withholding it from those she feels are undeserving - mainly those who "brought it on themselves" or did some wrong in her eyes.

Mynne has seven 'siblings' that she supports, and most of the money she gets in heists and jobs typically goes towards these seven in an attempt to spare them from the fate that she endured growing up. Rarely does Mynne speak of her life, but given enough alcohol and the rare acquaintance that she actually enjoys the company of, Mynne is willing to lower the barriers slowly. Those who get to know her and earn her hard-to-win respect will find that Mynne is a steadfast and reliable ally to have.

Personality Tidbits and Random Facts

  • Mynne loves to manipulate others into buying her things, using her charm and good looks to get free drinks and other luxuries.
  • Mynne is no stranger to more base pleasures and is often found carousing in cheap taverns or taking her pleasures in brothels.
  • She enjoys taking on challenges that others would shy away from, especially where gil is concerned. Mynne often adopts an attitude of "having nothing to lose" and is fond of high-risk high-reward scenarios.
  • Mynne fights dirty, not above cheap shots and dirty tricks when backed into a corner. More than one aggressor has found themselves seeing stars after a well-placed blow to their lower regions when Mynne feigned surrender.
  • Mynne would never admit it in a hundred years, but she has a fascination with cute clothing. She often spends her time near the tailor's guild, watching folks who wander in and out with new trends and fashions.
  • Always on the lookout for a quick score, Mynne frequently can be found in and around adventurers guilds; particularly when she sees a posting that she thinks she can finagle. (Usually by stealing the requested item in question)
  • Mynne never knew her mother or father, and often has a hard time reconciling bonds of familial affection. She has begun to slowly understand as she tends to her seven charges, though.
  • Mynne has no idea what her true surname was, and has adopted the surname 'Rosalia' rather than adhere to typical Miqo'te surnames. She is so named due to her nickname on the streets where people would comment on her rosy cheeks, often nicknaming her "Rosie".
Likes Dislikes
  • Gil
  • Simple Pleasures - Drink, Drugs, Coupling
  • Putting Prideful people in their place.
  • Interesting People
  • When a plan comes together
  • Cookies
  • Excessively Wealthy people
  • Nobles
  • Those who would take advantage of less fortunates
  • Feeling helpless
  • Ghosts/Spirits
  • Stinging Insects
Skills Education
  • Socializing
  • Acquisition/Theft
  • Sleight of Hands
  • Conjury
  • Information-Gathering
  • Entry-level Conjurer's Guild
Strengths Flaws
  • Down and Dirty - When it comes down to it, Mynne is simply adept at doing what others aren't willing to do themselves. She'll steal, lie, cheat, and otherwise do unsavory things to make ends meet. To her, this is just another facet of her life, a niche that she has carved for herself in a world full of those who don't want that darkness on their hands.
  • Sleight of Hand - Few are more adept at procuring items that others have kept under guard. Mynne always seems to find a way to get her hands on whatever it is that she needs.
  • Information Seeker - Daughter of the alleyways that she is, Mynne has contacts in every major city that help her to acquire information that she needs for heists. She is also rather adept at finding people, with those same eyes and ears on the lookout for her.
  • Unexpected Conjurer - A talent Mynne has recently started to cultivate, Mynne is capable of doing minor conjury in a pinch. More than one companion hurt on a job has found themselves flabberghasted when the rude and crude Mynne performs first aid with the gentle touch that one would sooner find on a nursemaid than a rough n' tumble rogue.
  • Troublemaker - There's no mistaking that wherever Mynne goes, trouble will follow. Whether its the vengeful lordlings she wrongs or the folks who take offense at her jibes. Mynne is a drifter, often moving from place to place after she has worn out her welcome.
  • Bitter - Mynne is no optimist, having seen the cruelty of the world in all of its ugliness. She tends to see the worst in people, often expecting people to have selfish motives for the things they do.
  • Slow to Trust - She does not make friends easily, seeing drinking buddies and partners more as one-night stands rather than any sort of long-term commitment. She expects that these type of people are only out to take advantage of her and would sooner not form attachments to people rather than allow herself to become hurt.
  • Infuriating - Mynne has a definite tendency to make the wrong sort of first impression. It is not unusual for the woman to irritate or annoy new people, and can sometimes find herself staring at a room full of hostile people.
Fears Favorites
  • Mynne's childhood was one of exploitation and misery, and she would sooner die rather than go back to that type of lifestyle. More than anything, she fears a situation where she will once again be rendered helpless such as being a prisoner or getting caught in a trap where there is nothing she can do.
  • One of the few groups of people Mynne allows herself to care about are her seven adopted siblings on the streets. She worries that if anything were to happen to her, some of her charges would end up in a similar situation to hers; selling themselves on the streets to make ends meet.
  • On one heist gone wrong, Mynne was caught and knocked out by a group of guardsmen for a prominent Ul'dahn Syndicate member. Expecting to awaken to a jail cell and an inglorious death, Mynne instead found herself awake in a bed inside of a rather unremarkable inn. She has no idea how she ended up there, but when she went to leave, she found a note tacked to her door that stated: "You owe me one. I will come calling, one day. -H". She has no idea who 'H' is, or how he got her out of such a hopeless situation, but she fears what such a debt might entail.
  • Drinking - Mynne enjoys carousing at low-brow establishments, mingling with other lowborn folks like herself and generally allowing herself to let loose.
  • Lily - One of the few people Mynne has allowed herself to be open around is her conjurer mentor Lily Nibelung. Originally marked as a target for her coinpurse, Lily won Mynne's respect when she opened up that same coinpurse to feed a group of hungry children on the streets of Ul'dah before Mynne could make her move. Since then, Lily has taken Mynne under her wing to a degree, teaching her conjury and otherwise being a confidant that Mynne never had. Mynne will never admit it to anyone, but she loves Lily like a sister.
  • Treasure - Mynne loves acquiring new treasures. She appreciates the beauty inherent in things like jewels, fine crafted items, and magical treasures though she sees such things as temporary things to briefly admire before fencing them for gil. Secretly aware of the hypocritical nature of her hatred of the wealthy and her admiration for beautiful things, she nevertheless allows herself to enjoy treasure she finds.
  • Cute Clothing - One of Mynne's guilty pleasures is seeing the newest trends and fashions in clothing. One day, she would like to learn to weave her own clothing.
  • Baths - Used to bathing in streams and other 'free' alternatives, when Mynne was finally able to afford a warm bath, she was in heaven. Now she'll occasionally indulge in such, though she feels guilty doing so - seeing them as a opulent luxury where money could be better spent elsewhere.

Early Life


Mynne isn't quite sure how she ended up in Ul'dah, or who her mother and father were. Most likely, her mother was a woman who sold her body on the streets for coin and abandoned the babe as soon as she gave birth. Her infant years are a blur of lost memories, shadowy figures passing the babe from hand to hand with dark motives and darker intentions. Barely kept alive by scraps of moldy food she would find outside restaurants and trash cans, Mynne eventually turned up on the streets as a small child having run away from whatever dark hovel she had been kept in. The memories aren't quite clear to her, though the agony of the beatings and sharp hunger were feelings she could never forget. Begging for gil on the streets, the little cat did whatever she could to scrounge up food to stave off hunger. Occasionally she would get so desperate that she would try to steal coin or food from the market stalls though she was often caught and brutalized for her troubles. Still, despite the odds she managed to survive into young adulthood and learned how to get by unseen and unheard.


The girl would grow up into a grungy street waif and for the first time in her life, she found herself with an asset she could peddle for the night's meal: her own body. Using her bodily charms to her advantage, Mynne began learning the subtle art of manipulation and socialization that would become the backbone of her adult skillset. She learned how to control those that she slept with, fleecing them with honeyed words and touches in all the right places. With the information garnered from those she found herself coupling with, she would go on to find relatively easy scores that would offer her a somewhat comfortable state of living for the first time in her life.

Still, even with the newfound source of income life was not easy. Mynne found herself growing more and more disillusioned with the world, finally beginning to understand the colossal disparity in wealth between Ul'dah's poorest and wealthiest citizens. Growing increasingly bitter, Mynne found herself taking on more and more dangerous heists. She saw each mark as an opportunity to "stick one" to the nobles and merchants who would sooner let the poor starve than mildly inconvenience themselves. Incredibly, she kept succeeding. Always seemingly one step ahead of certain disaster, Mynne had quite the knack for staying beyond the reach of authorities.


Mynne's adulthood life has not differed much from the way she has lived the rest of her life. She still seeks out heists and marks, looking for information on potential sources of income. Had she known any other way, Mynne might have found a more honest way of living at this point, her unique skillset likely being of use to those who needed a scout or a spy. Instead, the woman continued as she always had: looking to dupe and steal from those she found lacking in wits.

Early into her adult life, Mynne chanced upon a group of young street urchins in a back alley one night, their sunken eyes and hungry faces leering out at the catte. To her utter astonishment, Mynne found herself giving the group of children her own coin, not able to bring herself to abandon them. Perhaps she saw herself in those sad little desperate eyes, or perhaps it was simply on a whim. Whatever the case may be, Mynne pseudo-adopted the septet of children, doing her best to at least make sure they had some food in their bellies and a safe place to stay. She continues to watch over these children as any devoted guardian would, the kids being the lone exception to the otherwise wholly self-serving machinations of the Miqo'te.

Another significant milestone in Mynne's life was meeting the conjurer Lily Nibelung. Lily had travelled to Ul'dah on her way to meet friends, and had happened to stop in the markets for some shopping. Figuring the tourist was an easy mark that wouldn't miss her coin purse, Mynne was preparing to liberate the pouch from the naive woman when a pair of hungry children approached the woman. To Mynne's astonishment and confusion, Lily gave the children enough gil for more than a few meals. Intrigued, she approached the woman looking to find out who she was and perhaps see if she could get her hands on some of that gil for herself. The two spoke for some time, and Mynne found herself respecting the serene woman's heart. (Even if she thought it foolish.) Perhaps sensing some of the pain and desperation of Mynne's past life, Lily offered to take Mynne under her wing on the side and teach her some of the art of conjury. Seeing nothing to lose and figuring she could at least rob the woman if it was all a trick, Mynne agreed. What followed were several weeks of Mynne learning to control and commune with the elementals - she even had a knack for it. Still, Mynne had mouths to feed back in Ul'dah and took her leave from Lily. Mynne had seen enough from the woman to be confident of the type of woman she was and did something she had never done in her short lifespan: she allowed herself to become friends with Lily. Nowadays, the two women are more companions rather than mentor and pupil though Lily still does what she can to help support Mynne.

Recent Times

Mynne's most recent activity of note has been affiliated with Lily's network of contacts. Primarily, she was responsible for helping to track down and narrow down the search for a woman named Zozola Zola who would later become Lily's lover. She also was instrumental in finding the voidsent Lydaea who had usurped control of Lily's corporeal body from her. In tandem with a coalition of Zozola's friends, Mynne was able to both locate and help free Lily from Lydaea's clutches. Nowadays, she is just waiting for the next Eorzea-shaking event to happen so that she can capitalize on the opportunities to make gil from such an event. She spends her days in Ul'dah for the most part using her network of contacts to acquire information... for a price.

Common Uncommon
These are rumors that are easily overheard or public knowledge. Use them freely!*
  • "Hey! My Gil Purse! It's gone! It couldn't have been that white-haired... ...Hells take this infernal city!" - A merchant on Ruby Road street
  • "Why yes my docile little kitten, I do happen to have quite the collection of gold necklaces... I keep them in a oak chest in my mansion that perhaps I could show you some day... now come here and show me those lips of yours again..." - Yuyufulo Zuzufulo, Syndicate Merchant
  • "If you've got th' coin, then I can introduce you to somebody who can find him for you. Her services don't come cheap though." - Fiery Horizon, Roegadyn Adventurer
  • "I -demand- you do something about that woman! She called my wife a pig and said unflattering things about my family! Is there no justice in this city anymore?" - Ul'dah Noble, speaking to an Immortal Flame Guard

* Some rumors may be partially or entirely untrue.

These rumors may take a little digging to find. Use sparingly or ask permission before use.*
  • "Truth be told, I have no idea where she came from. Mynne has always just sort of been... around. Don't remember seeing her with any family. She's just kind of... existed back as far as I 'kin remember." - Adam Brenner, Hyur owner of the Split Barrel tavern
  • "I know she makes decent enough coin these days with her mischief, but she still never seems to have enough gil. What could she possibly be spending it all on?" - Bruto Orasis, Ul'dah Tavern-goer
  • "She's had a tough life beyond what I can even begin to imagine. Please... forgive her for the things she says sometimes... there's a good woman buried underneath all that street grime." - Lily Nibelung
  • "You'll never believe what I saw yesterday. You know that street cat, Mynne? Yeah, that's the one. I caught her at the Weaver's guild, pretending to try on a fancy dress when nobody was looking. Can you imagine? A street rat like that with a dress like that? Ha!" - Larauntche Checlair, Elezen Gladiator

* Some rumors may be partially or entirely untrue.

Rare Player Descriptions
These rumors are very difficult to find. Ask permission before use.*
  • "I know her type. She craves power. And who can blame her? When you've lived in a helpless situation for so long, you eventually start to crave the ability to dominate others. I can respect that almost as much as her ability to find me the ingredients I need for my magic." - Belzabar the Great, Thaumaturge
  • "You owe me one." - - H, ???
  • "I teamed up with Mynne a few times. The story I like to tell is when we broke into Laurocho's Manor, I got hit by a dart trap I overlooked on a locked drawer. I felt the sting of poison burning in me veins and figured I was going to be a goner. You can imagine how surprised I was when Mynne just gave me a look, and put her hands on the wound. Not only did it stop bleeding, but th' poison stopped burning too! I know she's full of tricks, but that one surprised even me. I owe her one." - "'Tanooki', Ul'dah Cutpurse
  • "There is absolutely nothing to fear from Mynne. You should totally trust her with all of your secret valuable locations and where you keep all your gil. She's also super attractive, too." - Suspicious Rumor heard on the streets, Female Miqo'te voice.

* Some rumors may be partially or entirely untrue.

These are descriptions of Mynne made by other player characters.
  • "I realize not many people can say this but...I trust Mynne completely. Ever has she proven to be a wonderful friend to me. I will always support her." - Lily Nibelung.

Relationship Status Key

  • Loved One
  • In Love
  • Attraction
  • § Complicated
  • Friend

  • Good Standing
  • Poor Standing
  • Neutral
  • Uncertain
  • Deceased
Partner Close Friends
  • Lily Nibelung

    Lily and Mynne met when Mynne was about to relieve Lily of her Gil purse on the streets of Ul'dah. The generous white mage earned the respect of Mynne before she could make her move, and the two talked with each other instead. An unlikely pairing, the two nevertheless became fast friends, and Lily taught Mynne the basics of conjury, hoping to give the woman a more honest skill she could utilize to make a living. While Mynne proved adept at it, she did not embrace the vocation like Lily had hoped, instead treating it more like a hobby rather than her future. Still, Lily has a soft spot for the Miqo'te, recognizing the tough life she has lived, and so she has proven to be a good friend and one of the very few supportive sources in Mynne's life. Mynne cares for Lily and sees her as the big sister support she never had.

    Lily's Bio

Family and Friends Acquaintances
  • Zozola Zola

    Mynne first heard of Zozola when Lily desperately asked for Mynne's assistance in finding the woman who had gone missing. Accepting the job as a favor to Lily, Mynne began tracking down Zozola by looking into her life circumstances. She did not like what she saw. She learned of Zozola's wealthy upbringing and found herself detesting the woman for having grown up in such luxury. As she learned more and more about Zozola's family, she grew to despise the woman both for what she saw as excessive opulence as well as a bit of jealousy in seeing how much Lily cared for Zozola. When the two finally met, Mynne made her opinion well known, insulting Zozola and generally talking down to the lalafell. Later when it was Lily's turn to go missing, Zozola pleaded to Mynne for help in finding her lover. Mynne would have done it in any case, but the woman pounced on the opportunity to humble Zozola - requesting an exorbitant amount of money as well as a night together in bed with her. Mynne cared little for the gil, but relished the idea of dominating the woman, perhaps seeing it as a way of humilating Zozola whom she saw as party to excessiveness. Lily was later returned per the contract, though Mynne has yet to claim her prize. It is unknown why she has delayed in claiming her spoils, though it is likely that she is simply enjoying the thought of Zozola worrying about it.

    Zozo's Bio


Likely Locations Affiliations
  • Ul'dah: High Likelihood
  • Limsa Lominsa: High Likelihood
  • The outskirts of any major city: Medium Likelihood
  • Lily's Apothecary Shoppe: Low Likelihood
  • None

RP Hooks

  • Street Urchin

    A survivor of the streets of Ul'dah, Mynne grew up in squalor on the streets. If you have any time living on the streets in the desert city, you might have glimpsed her at one point.

  • Acquirer of Items

    Need something lifted? Something burgled? Something broken into? Mynne is willing to do it all... for a price.

  • Lowbrow Entertainment

    Mynne enjoys carousing during her offtimes, drinking and partying. She frequents brothels and other venues where she can blow off steam as well as gather knowledge on her next mark. If you frequent these locations, you might run into her... just make sure you don't become her next mark!

  • Student of Conjury

    She had a brief stint as a conjurer, visiting Gridania once or twice at Lily Nibelung's behest. Perhaps you met her there briefly? It's hard to forget the saucy catte, after all.

  • Bear-poker

    Odds are, even if you don't know her and don't feel any need to approach her... Mynne will approach you. Fond of causing mischief and mayhem, she delights in bothering those who don't want to be bothered.

  • Enemy of the Elite

    She despises nobility and folks with extravagent displays of wealth. If you have a plan to cut them down to size and perhaps relieve them of some wealth in the process, she is all ears.


RP Preferences:

I'm open to roleplaying with just about everyone - Veteran or novice RPer alike! Walkups are welcome and encouraged. My only three real requests are:

First - That you try to keep OOC and IC interactions separate when possible. I really prefer trying to keep character interactions in-character, and trying to differentiate when I'm talking to your character and *you* is difficult when someone constantly switches between the two without a warning. So trying to use "(( ))" tags when possible is greatly appreciated! :)

Second - I welcome almost all backstories and roleplays. If you'd like to do some sort of life-changing collaboration storyline involving Mynne, please clear it with me first so I can think about the story a bit ahead of time and make it an awesome experience for both of us! That being said, I almost never turn down playing a role in your character's development.

Third - Regarding character relationships, while I am okay with Mynne becoming - slowly - involved with somebody romantically, It would need to be something that would be built up upon many roleplaying sessions. I also want to stress that it would be strictly IC and would have it not bleed into the real world. Please respect that I prefer to keep the boundary in-game and will respond negatively if you try to make it go beyond that. Thank you! :)

Other Information Credits

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