Evening Fist

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 Evening Fist
Ffxiv 12062017 143529.png
Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolf
Citizenship Ul'dahn?
Server Balmung
Nameday 7th Sun of the 1st Umbral Moon
Age 54
Orientation ?
Guardian Questionably Rhalgr? Maybe Kami
Alias Evening Fist, Muscle Queen, Furious Harvest, 'Fisticle'
Evening Fist
Born and raised in a small fishing village in Vylbrand, Evening Fist's life is rich with story and travel. After many a moon spent travelling abroad, he has returned to Eorzea to 'settle', perhaps.
Though what 'settling' means is a bit nebulous.



  • A good scrap
  • People with conviction
  • A nice night out


  • People with no conviction
  • People who view anyone as just weapons
  • Fire


Foods: He'll try anything once!
Drinks: He'll drink anything once! But in moderation.
Colors: Red and gold, or blue and silver, or any combination of the four.


  • Lots of exercise
  • LOTS of exercise


Hair/Fur: Blonde, graying
Skin: Ashen grey
Eyes: Blue
Height: Seven fulms, four ilms
Weight: That's not polite to ask!
Build: Stocky, muscled

Evening Fist is a large roegadyn. Built like a brick shithouse, he's evidently no stranger to combat judging by the myriad small scars lining his face. And he's evidently no stranger to pain, judging by the fact that almost from the neck down appears to be painful-looking splotches of formerly burnt skin. Perhaps he was in a fire at some point. When seen without a helmet, his face has one of two emotions; stoic calm, or endless joviality.


  • Alignment

    Chaotic Neutral, at best
  • Motivation

    The never-ending search for peace
  • Disposition

    Jovial, occasionally reserved
  • Outlook

    "It is only today, there is always tomorrow."
  • Positive personality traits

    Dutiful, brave, kind.
  • Negative personality traits

    Occasionally cynical, angry, bitter.
  • Miscellaneous quirks

    Occasionally slips from a solid, recognizable Limsan accent to something best described as 'formless'.


Romantic Interest, Sexual Interest, Platonic Love, Good Standing, Neutral Standing, Poor Standing

Good Standing

Subtle Raptor - Evening views Raptor as an extremely close friend, and seeks to make sure she sees a bright future.
Shizu Moshroca - Having met Shizu at the Grindstone, Evening considers her one of his greatest, most trustworthy friends.
Flameson Hammersmith - Hammersmith is not so much a 'friend' so much as a 'force of nature Evening considers reliable'. Though he'd call him a friend, too. Hammer is one of many people on Evening's 'would kill a man for' list.
Hannah Castille - Hannah is someone Evening admires, and considers her a good friend (and one hell of an audience member for his fights).
Warren Castille - The Arbiter is viewed as trustworthy and reliable - someone Evening would fight for, if necessary.
Berrod Armstrong - An associate of Evening's, he's fought him once and is eager for more. Evening considers Berrod reliable, if a bit idealistic - but it's that idealism that makes him so noble.



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