Flidais Locte

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Flidais Locte
”Somnus & Sorrow”

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Alias... Deadtail
Birth Name... Flidais
Age... Early 30’s.
Gender... Female.
Race... Miqo'te.
Clan... Keeper of the Moon.
Orientation... Straight.
Marital... Complicated.
Deity... Menphina.
Personality & Appearance

Particularly unfriendly and somewhat cruel, Flidais is not an easy person to know. Even once befriended, her xenophobic and racist ways tend to come to the front in sharp relief, especially toward those of the Seeker and Xaela sub-races. Most commonly found in the company of an enormous wolf, it is often believed that she is far more beast than she ever was a woman, and most tend to steer clear of her. Those who choose to go against the grain and win the woman’s respect, however, find themselves on the positive end of a loyal companion who may not entirely be loving, but certainly trustworthy and far more faithful than one would originally expect.

Flidais strikes a powerful figure, standing taller than a good number of her male counterparts at nearly six fulms tall. As befits a fighter, her body is littered with scars and faded injuries of varied severity, some of the worst twisting muscle or resulting in her limp tail - the limb is unable to move, save for two - three ilms near the base. The scarred limb lays slack against the back of her legs, otherwise. She favors her right leg when walking, a limp evident in her walk that gives her a lope of sorts when she is walking quickly, though she tries her best to hide it. Without her axe, a weapon glamoured to remain invisible inside it's halter, on her back, she is prone to moving much slower and her balance issues become far more prominent, frequently resulting in her fighting on all fours; a far more feral combat stance that often heralds a full 'zerk.

Like a good number of her direct kin, Flidais bears the darker skin of a Shroud catte, with an overall theme of blue. Her navy/denim colored hair is often pulled back out of her eyes, and has begun to silver - likely not from age, but perhaps stress, instead. She favors clothes that she can maneuver in, with even her main combat garb crafted from enhanced cloth and flexible leather that offers her protection and flexibility. She is not a catte that seems to enjoy color, her own outfits comprised almost entirely of black and/or brown leather.


"Bloody beast of a woman. I've seen the bitch work with that wolf of 'ers to bring down bigger game, but you'd never think her civil if you saw 'er. I swear, all the 'umanity is just gone from 'er in those moments just after a kill." -- Shroud Pelt Merchant.

"You don't want to be between that one and her smokes. I don't know what happens to be in 'em, and knowin' the work she does, I think that may be to my better fortune. Just know that when she starts growling, you move or lose skin - and that's if'n you're lucky." -- Ul'dahn Barfly.

"Never seen her cry, but I know she's in pain. She's got that rigidness to her, like she expects any extra touch to hurt deep. That wolf of hers doesn't go very far from her, either. Friendly thing, though. I don't mind giving him a few scraps, and she seems to appreciate the kindness given. She might be wild, but you treat that wolf right, and she'll warm up!" -- Limsan Butcher.

Kiipa Nulstat - Sister
Inelaa Locte - Niece
Gen Quickpaw - Brother-by-Mate
Tikka Swift - Sister-by-Mate
Mune - Questionable Friend
Fayre'a Tayuun - "Friend"
Vasir'li Solhu - Scoundrel
Abrenard Rondelet - Memory
Katja Hoax - Trouble
Rhysa Verkoh - Little Sister
Aati Fashonti - "Niece"
Anton Borneheld - "Brother"

Regarding Relationships: Flidais has something of a skewed sense of friendship, with her positive relationships regarded distinctly as pack/family, and the neutral relationships as friends and trusted others. There is no middle ground between trusted and negative - which doesn't necessarily mean that there is outright hate toward the character, simply that they aren't in Flidais' admittedly small circle. If you aren't listed but you have interacted, chances are Flidais is still sniffing you out and has yet to decide where you are. Not all relationships are listed for sake of space, but the important ones will be.

Interaction Warning: Flidais is 'not' a nice character! She is a bitter and racist addict who lives every day in immense pain. She absolutely despises most Seekers and Xaela, and will make absolutely sure that they know they are subhuman in her eyes in any way that she can. There 'is' a chance you'll catch her on a good and pain-free day, but please don't approach hoping for sunshine and bubbles. She's 'not' a sweetheart. She's 'absolutely' that feral cat that 'might' let you near it, but one wrong look and she's aggressive.

Wiki made by D'lyhhia Lhuil. Base layout taken from Atreus del Alumet.

Communication OOC is absolutely okay for this character, and is encouraged. The character is a bitch, the player is not - if you are uncomfortable at any time, please message me to get it dialed back!

Mature/Grim themes are okay and encouraged, but please do not kill my character without my express permission.

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